Straining up hotly from a bushy nest of black pubic hair, the cock is particularly big, at least 8, maybe 9 inches and so thick that the guy's fist can barely fit all the way around its swollen circumference. His magnificent heavy balls in their hairy ball sac hang low between wide opened legs. Although a close up, it's clear that the guy wanking himself off is young, probably late teens. His long cock reaches powerfully upwards tracing a thick hair trail and strains up way beyond his naval. A thin coating of finer hair fans out over his flat stomach. Strong thigh muscles tighten and loosen in rhythm as he strokes his fat shaft up and down steadily. I wish the camera would pan out briefly to show more of his body and let me see his face but I'm pretty mesmerized by the huge cock being wanked full screen. The large shaft is riddled with light blue veins and much fatter ones that spiral up and around his cock head. His big penis is uncut but each pounding down-stroke fully exposes the beautiful helmet head with its sensitivity loaded little pimples around the rim of its engorged redness. The boy is stroking his prick a bit faster now and I'm glad there's no music in the background so that I can hear his increased panting and deep groans as the sensations of his masturbation cause him to shudder. Oh yeah, yet another delicious looking bead of pre-cum has emerged from his sticky cum-slit and dribbles down his throbbing shaft, over his pumping fist, and down onto his bobbing testicles - almost a continuous flow now. His strong jerking causes his hairy testicles to jump up and down to match the pumping of his cock at each stroke. His gradually tightening balls, drawing up under the thick hairy root of his fat cock, are witness to his increased excitement. He wanks steadily full length strokes for a couple of minutes and then takes his hand away for a moment to delay his orgasm. The screen is totally filled with his awesome erection, which curves slightly upwards, throbbing and jerking with his quickening pulse as if having a mind of its own. The overpowering feelings produced by his wanking and imminent orgasm are clearly controlling his whole body and dictating his every move. Although he has stopped wanking briefly, pre-cum continues to pour copiously out of his cum-slit. I squirm imagining stroking that fat shaft tightly and sucking the spunk out of the beautiful wet cock head to empty those big balls. He suddenly spreads his legs much wider and pushes his hips forward to expose his puckered butt hole fully to the camera. My stiff cock, which I'm stroking slowly, jerks automatically in response as the tip of a black dildo, the shape and size of a large adult rigid penis, appears on the screen under his now tight ball-sac. Holding his cock again firmly in one fist he uses the other hand to push the dildo inwards. His butt hole opens easily to receive it. He's wanking himself again now as he drives the dildo prick all the way up his hairy ass as far as it will go. His pace quickens, he strokes his cock faster and more purposefully, fucking his ass in and out with the dildo slick with his juices. Erotic, lovely wet sucking and squishy noises mix with his ever louder groans. Creamy dribbles of glistening semen mix with his pre-cum and froth under his foreskin as the dildo massages his prostate. His thrusting hips urgently pump his quivering cock up and down into his wanking fist as his whole body shudders with the onset of his ejaculation. I'm trying to match this boy stroke for stroke but have to stop abruptly to regain control, my pre-cum dripping a sticky puddle onto the seat as I sit in front of the laptop. The guy pumps relentlessly almost feverishly, the end upon him now, his churning semen already coursing its way from his balls desperate to shoot out of his quivering cock. His wanking has become slightly erratic, he keeps the dildo high up inside his butt but holds it still as he sucks in his breath. With a loud gasp and final thrust of his hips the boy pulls the dildo out quickly the very moment he begins to come. His cock jerks and twitches violently as he shoots his first squirt of hot semen. The camera zooms in on his cock head at the precise moment of ejaculation - the swollen purple head flares hotly, his wet cum-slit opens to release his first shot of lovely spunk. The camera zooms out rapidly to follow the first milky rope as the video goes into slow mo. Wow, fluke or not, the first shot lands on his face and drips into his gaping mouth. His tongue darts out to lick the spunk from his lips.Yes, I thought so! Mmmmm, he's a very handsome teen of about 18. Although in slow mo, his second squirts arrives immediately and drips down from his chin onto his neck. I squeal with delight as my first heavy squirt lands on my screen and dribbles down towards the keyboard. Oh, yeah, oh yeah! I redirect my shooting cock to pump onto my stomach as the teen's third squirt shoots high up on his chest. He pants, "Yes, yes . . .!" over and over as he shudders, coming powerfully. His cock pumps a fourth shot, a fifth, sixth, again - oh boy this guy must have been saving up for a week! The camera pans down to a full screen close up of his pumping cock and emptying balls. Sticky cum glistens in pools and ropes everywhere. His shaft and balls are soaked and a large amount of bubbly white froth almost obscures his cock head and drawn back foreskin. Semen is just dribbling out of his cum-slit now as he squeezes his still rigid shaft tightly with a milking action from its hairy base to the end, to make sure every drop of lovely boy-spunk leaves his fat balls.

At last his spunk wet penis softens to become plumply semi-erect and lay across his stomach. The final scene pans out to a full view of his beautiful body and smiling handsome face. His green eyes are puffy, almost slits as witness to his amazing orgasm. They clearly twinkle invitingly, "Come again." Oh yeah, you bet!

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