Everyone thinks I'm this 20 year old straight hunk whom girls practically fight over to chat up. And yeah, there's truth in that. I'm 6ft with sandy blonde hair and piercing ice blue eyes. There's no point in denying that I am good looking and have a particularly hot physique, but I certainly don't take any credit for it! I don't work out and not really into sport. I was just born this way. The more important truth is, although I have had sex with girls, I get my nuts off far the best by wanking myself looking at gay porn! So, I'm certainly capable of having heterosexual sex, but basically I'm gay.

I know I'm still young but at a deep level I'm very lonely. I have never in my life had even one friend with whom I dare, in truth, really be myself. I am trying to find the friendship I need but it just hasn't happened. I have an active social life, go to lots of parties, but don't know what else I can do without being a lot more blatant about what I want.

Anyway, it's a beautiful early morning and I'm walking along the beach, a favourite place of mine. Apart from the obvious attraction of the sea and sand, it's the one place I can ogle half naked guys without drawing attention to myself! However, the crowds won't pitch up this early and I virtually have the beach to myself. I couldn't sleep and a deserted beach is a good place to think and find peace. Oh, there is one person here, a young guy almost staggering into the surf with his jeans still on. He's only taken his shirt off. Perhaps he's a bit hung over after sleeping it off on the beach and now plunging in to try and sober up. Waist deep now, he throws himself forward and disappears under the surf. He's under a long time and I'm impressed that he can hold his breath for so long. Suddenly he bobs up to the surface, not swimming, just floating face down. Shit! I think he's drowning! I rip my shirt off and run towards him in my shorts shouting, "Hey! Are you okay? Hey!" I'm not going to win any medals for swimming but he's not too far from shore and it doesn't take me long at all to reach him. I easily lift him up, he's about my age but a lot smaller boned and a bit skinny, his longish black hair trailing water as it hangs around his face. Quickly turning him over I try to decide if he's breathing. Not sure but knowing that speed is major and that I can't afford to wait to get to the beach, I place my mouth over his rather full lips. Another time this would be a turn on but all I care about is breathing life into him. By the time we reach the sand he's coughing, vomiting up water and other stuff. I lay him on his side with a hand on his shoulder as he gasps for air.

Eventually I ask, "What happened? You fall? . . can't swim? . . pass out . . . . wha . . ?"

He's shivering, in shock I think, looks up sheepishly ever so briefly with large dark brown eyes, but immediately drops his head again.

"Hey, hey, you tried to drown yourself!" He begins to sob.

"Oh man, we've got to get you to hospi . . . ."


"Well, at least to a doc . . ."


"But . . . . where do you live, I'll take you . . . ."


Shit! What do I do? I can't just leave him. I suppose I could call the police and they'd take control of the situation but I don't feel comfortable about that option.

"Okay, look man . . . . . what's your name?"


"Will, I'm Darren, . . . look, let's go to my place, get you sorted out a bit and we can take it from there."

No answer.

"Hey, what do you think?"

No answer.


He's just propped up on the beach looking exhausted, like he hasn't eaten in a week, shivering and sobbing. My heart goes out to him. I take him by the arm and lift him to his feet. Half carrying him, my arm around his naked shoulders, I get him to my car and into the passenger seat. He still hasn't spoken a word other than his name and, "no."

My place isn't that far from the beach, just a small place, a bed-sitter. This basically means one room with everything in it and a bathroom. I've got one double bed, two recliner chairs, a small table with three upright chairs, a TV, computer and DVD player, and the usual stuff in an alcove I call my kitchen. I'm only 20 and can barely afford this even with the help of my parents.

I reckon the way to go is to get Will out of his wet clothes, into the shower, into some of my stuff, albeit much too big, and a stiff drink.

I tell Will the plan but he makes no attempt to do anything. He's depressed or in shock, whatever, I don't know, so I take the initiative. He really is too skinny, I don't even have to undo his soggy jeans, they just fall to his feet over bony hips with little resistance. Nothing underneath. It's the first time I get a proper look at him. Good looking guy, nice body if he wasn't so thin, about 5' 10, my age. Black hair fanning out sparsely on his chest, trailing thinly all the way down to his stomach to fan out around his belly button, thinly down again into bushy curls of pubic hair. Hmmm, his hairy body is so sexy. Will's long uncut cock hangs in front of tight balls, probably the cold. Nice! What isn't nice are the bruises at various places on his body. I thought I had noticed the beginning of a black eye earlier.

"Who did this? Who hurt you Will? Why . . . . . .?"

No answer.

I strip off and get him into a nice warm shower giving him a superficial rub down. I've never washed anybody before! Soaping up his nice firm butt gets my cock thickening and then lathering his cock and balls around makes me almost fully erect. Will doesn't seem to notice but if he does he obviously doesn't care. Toweling him off has me almost panting with desire, no porn has ever been such a turn on! Kneeling down at one stage to dry his feet, with my face level with his crotch, it takes all my will power not to suck his lovely cock into my mouth!

I decide I can't possibly manage to get him dressed in some of my stuff and just wrap him in a blanket and sit him on my bed with a mug of hot coffee laced with a generous amount of cheap scotch. At last he finishes it and after a while seems to relax a bit. He still looks totally wretched and miserable though and I can't get any information out of him. There's no doubt about it he's bone tired and the warmth and scotch are making his dozy. I don't have a couch, just one bed, so there's no option but to lay him naked on the top of my bed and cover him snuggly with the blanket.

He lays on his side in a fetal position, "I'm afraid." Will whispers so that I can hardly hear and starts to sob quietly again.

"It's okay, it's okay, I'm here." Seems the right thing to say but I have no idea if it's okay. "Don't cry Will."

His misery disturbs me deeply. To comfort him I lay on my side next to him and huggle firmly into his back with my arms around him. I hope he doesn't notice my half erect cock prodding his butt. He sort of whimpers for a while but settles down into sleep.

Will sleeps until after noon. I can't leave him so just sit in a chair next to the bed and spend a lot of the time looking at him. He really is totally cute, almost too pretty for a guy. The blanket has dropped down to just above his waist, yeah he is skinny, but he's got a sexy body alright.

I've never been in such close proximity to a naked guy before, not that I can see much, but I can admire his good looks unhindered. It's such a turn on! I haven't bothered to dress after the shower and have only a towel wrapped around my waist. As I stare at Will the towel tents out at the front as my erection grows. Well, why not. I drop the towel and stroke my cock lazily, focused on Will's pretty face and his nudeness that I can see. I recall soaping up his cock and balls, how they felt and looked, and easily imagine what I could do. Pumping harder it already feels like the best wank I've had in maybe ever and I'm surprised that my balls have immediately tightened. The presence of a real life naked guy so close is awesome! Hmm, breathing faster and deeply I just manage to stop beating off, wondering what to do. I know what I would like! I'd like to stuff my cock balls deep into Will's beautiful full mouth! No, can't do that - can I? No. Well, what about shooting all over him as he lays there? Oh boy, I would come so hard if I did that! Pre-cum is dripping off the end of my dick just thinking about it. My cock is cut and yeah, like the rest of me, pretty impressive. It's over 7 inches and as far as I can make out from porn and seeing other guys, it's fatter than most. I like my balls a lot. They're big, hairy if I don't shave them, and always deliver a huge ball aching load, even if I wank every day - which I do, once minimum. I haven't jerked off today yet and really do need to get my rocks off. I'm scared of shooting all over Will in case he wakes up. I mean, I'll have to wipe my spunk off somehow which is sure to wake him, then what? I know!

I fetch a roll of paper towel from the kitchen, my stiff cock swaying and bobbing as I walk, which feels a bit uncomfortable but pretty erotic and makes it even harder. Back at the bed I lay on my side next to Will facing him, he's laying on his back in the middle. I put down a few sheets of paper towel in from of me to catch my cum – going to need a lot! – and start to wank again slowly. I lean forward towards Will as I wank, with my face just inches from him, examining every part of him closely. His amazingly pretty face, oh those full lips! His chest, pink nipples with hair around them, stomach. Cautiously I manage to nudge the blanket down his body, until it resists too much, uncovering him almost to his genitals. Drat! But I can examine that thin dark hair trail leading from his naval downwards into the top section of his curly pubic hair which is exposed. His pubic hair is totally erotic, I would love to suck on it, draw it into my mouth! I stare at it recalling the images of Will's nice cock and fat balls from the shower. Oooow yeah, oh yeah, that has built me up so quickly and I grip my throbbing dick tighter and stroke faster, shuddering. Ooooh, oh, oh, I am definitely going to come big time, a huge load, and hope I've got enough paper towel down. I'm too far gone to worry about that now as I feel the spunk stirring deliciously in my aching balls desperate for release. Just before I shoot I lean forward over Will's face with my lips almost touching his, just a tiny fraction away. The feel of his breath on my mouth takes me over the edge. My cock jerks powerfully as it begins to pump out a huge load of hot semen. Squirt after squirt of fresh cum lands on the paper towel. I'm in awe at the force of ejaculation which makes me cry out. Amazingly the first three shots land on the paper towel but I'm caught by surprise as my cock delivers the fourth squirt with so much strength that it flies onto Will's face! He stirs but doesn't wake. I continue to milk my shooting cock, pumping and pumping until I've finished coming. Takes a long time, what a load! Glistening pools of creamy spunk soak through the paper towel with that strong smell of fresh hot semen wafting up. I shudder violently and rest for a moment. Picking up the cum soaked paper towel is easy, although my spunk has left a dampness on the bedclothes that will continue to emit that distinctive smell of semen. Cleaning up Will's face is a different matter but I manage it using a soft tissue and slow gentle rubbing. Thankfully Will sleeps on.

When Will awakes he dresses in some of my stuff, too big, makes him look like an orphan, I'm in my shorts and tee shirt. We sit very close facing one another in my upright chairs. Trying to get him to talk is like trying to get blood out of a stone, he's very reluctant and still traumatized. Hesitantly he tells me his story. To cut a long and complicated story short, Will has never got on very well with his father and it all came to a head when his dad found a porn stash in his bedroom.

"What's the big deal Will? Most guys have them, I bet he's got one of his own!"

Will's embarrassed and doesn't want to say any more but I press him.

"The porn was . . . . well it was . . . . gay stuff." He hangs his head.


Will cowers back as if I'm about to strike him or at least throw him out immediately.

So wonder, Will then tells me that his bruises are the result of his father beating him on discovery of the porn. So my reaction was pretty scary for him and he's still looking at me with frightened eyes.

"No, no Will, don't worry. I'm just so totally amazed because, you see Will, I'm gay."

His eyes widen in disbelief, "You're kidding me . . . I mean you're, you're . ." He's lost for words.

"I know, I'm this straight looking hunk, don't tell me about it!"

"But surely . . . no, no you can't be gay."

I jump up and go to my porn stash and bring back gay DVD's, mags and so on.

"See, look, look here Will."

Will is totally silent for a while shaking his head trying to digest this information and finally let's out a little sob like whimper which expresses deep relief and a hope that he had lost. It almost breaks my heart. We're sitting facing one another so closely that I can just lean forward and wrap my arms around him. I hug him tightly with his head on my shoulder and hear a muffled, " . . . . . hard."

"Sorry Will, are you saying I'm hugging you too hard?"

"No," Will says hesitantly, "You're making me hard."

"Oh!" I straighten up and sure enough there's a huge tent in Will's too big shorts.

"Is it okay if I do something about that Will?"

Will just nods but lifts his bum off the chair as I pull his shorts and underwear down to his ankles and then right off. Oh Wow! His lovely virgin 8 inch erection strains upwards so hard that's it's almost touching his flat stomach. I say virgin because I know that nobody apart from Will himself has wanked it or sucked it and he certainly hasn't fucked anyone with it. His big hairy balls hang down low resting on the seat of the chair. I lean forward and grip his long cock just below the head and draw his foreskin right down. This is amazing, I haven't wank another guy off before and the feeling of someone else's adult cock in my hand is awesome. I've wanked my own more times than I can count but the feel of another guy's erect penis is something else again – so hard but soft spongy at the same time, and throbbing hot! Will's reaction is immediate. He leans back as far as he can in the upright chair and pushes his hips forward so that I can get the best grip of his already quivering prick. I begin to wank him slowly and he lets out a long sigh. Obviously this is something he has dreamed about and needed for a long time. I pump a little faster loving the sight of his balls lifting off the chair on the up-stroke and dropping down again as my fist pushes into his pubic hair on the down-stroke creating a very erotic light flopping sound as his balls hit the wooden seat. As I increase my pace his pre-cum soon dribbles down his shaft adding a wet pumping sound to that of his bobbing balls. "Oh, oh, aaaah, oh Darren, you're going to make me come." Will cries out as the flopping sound of his balls ceases as his testicles tighten up rapidly. This guy is totally primed and ready to shoot in no time at all. My own fat 7 inches is causing me discomfort within the confines of my shorts and jerking again and again strongly with desire. I quickly drop my shorts and briefs and begin to stand in front of Will as he remains seated, pausing on the way up to lock my lips on his and just about climb down his throat with my tongue. Oh, those full wet lips, have I got use for them now! Standing in front of Will, my cock reaches out at the same level of his mouth. Will and I are of one mind as he grips it eagerly. Oh yeah, it's my turn to gasp. I've never had another guy grip my cock before and my senses whirl. "Jeez Darren, this is the fattest cock I have ever seen." Will pulls my cock, like a baby desperate for its mother's nipple, into his mouth and sucks as he wanks my shaft. He's battling with the size but I help by thrusting my prick in and out of his lovely wet lips, putting my hand behind his head to guide him. Will's a natural cock-sucker for sure! Oh boy! He sucks the head, lashes it with his tongue around the sensitive rim and then plunges downwards to my balls. He can feel my cock responding with quivering jerks and tastes floods of pre-cum soaking his tongue. Still sucking and wanking my shaft he reaches up with his other hand and massages my balls. Oh, I love rubbing my balls as I wank off and usually squeeze them, pulling them down even when they're tight, as I come. Will brings me to the brink of shooting my spunk. It'll be my second ejaculation today but I can feel that it's going to be a big load again. There's a delicious wet slurping sound as I hesitantly pull out of Will's mouth before he brings me over the edge.

In an urgent daze of desire I guide Will onto the bed, our rigid cocks flopping around uncomfortable as we walk. Laying on our sides we position ourselves in a 69 position and eagerly latch onto one another's cock. It's the first time either of us has sucked cock, and the 69 position is only something we have seen in porn, but it comes naturally to us. We position ourselves easily. I push Will's legs opens and grab his hairy balls massaging them around and around, kneading them, imagining his semen churning desperately needing to shoot out of his beautiful cock. I'm going to give Will the best, the longest, the most powerful orgasm he's ever had in his life. I'm going to get those balls empty until not a drop of spunk is left. Will follows suit and has me gasping as I suck vigorously on his prick. Delicious pre-cum is pouring from Will's cock mixing with my saliva as his big prick throbs, quivers, and jerks towards his ejaculation. The wet slurping noises coming from Will as he works on my quivering penis urges me on towards an amazing orgasm. I sense instinctively that Will is about to come. He doesn't stop sucking on my prick and working my balls, but there's the almost non-stop jerking of his penis now, and the stiffening of his thigh muscles and tensing of his body, that makes it apparent. I'm just about at the point of no return myself as shiver after shiver fans out from my cock and balls and flows through my entire body. Keeping both of Will's now tight ball's still in my hand I stuff my middle finger as far as I can into his butt hole and push as I suck hard on his cock. His hole isn't lubed but, like me, Will clearly fingers himself often as he wanks off to make insertion easy enough. That does it for Will. His eyes fly open with surprise, glazed with lust, as he shoots into my mouth. I'm ready for the first squirt but it's so powerful and so much that I battle to get it all down my throat quick enough and some of Will's hot semen dribbles out of my mouth. The taste of his spunk pushes me over the edge and I shudder violently as my first squirt bursts from my cock head into Will's sucking mouth. He gags, he's battling to cope with the thickness of my cock anyway and the amount of cum I shoot is beyond his capacity to swallow. A huge load of my cum almost squirts out of Will's mouth. He tries to finger my hole, as I am his, but only manages to massage it around, but it is still sooooo good! I continue to shoot as Will tries valiantly to drink my creamy cum. Will is shooting rope after rope of hot spunk into my mouth and I wonder when he last came! I drink hungrily and long on Will's sticky semen, sucking and wanking his prick, squeezing his emptying balls, probing his butt hole, nudging his prostate. He's in a frenzy, thrusting his strongly jerking cock in and out of my mouth, and sucking on my shooting penis harder and harder until I think I will faint from sheer pleasure.

When we have both finished coming we remain in the 69 position for a while caressing one another's thighs, balls and buttocks, and watching one another's still plump cocks deflate as they drip their last drops of lovely creamy cum. Eventually I turn myself around to face Will and we embrace warmly, press our semen soaked lips together, probe with our tongues relishing the taste of our own cum.

We are almost overcome with the joy that we have found one another. Will's entire countenance has changed, dreadful despair has turned to hope and anticipation for the future. Oh boy, he is so majorly cute when he smiles. Oh yeah, my cock stirs as I lean forward to kiss him passionately some more, here we go again!



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