'Simon, perhaps you would be good enough to re-join us?'

That bloody woman again, she's always on my case! Just because I tend to drift off a bit during a lecture doesn't give her the right to make a laughing stock out of me in front of the others. I mean things are embarrassing enough when you're a 17yr old boy without this sort of crap. Everyone's gawking and so I'm trying to appear cool. The girls always gawk at the best of times, just about throwing themselves at me at any opportunity to be exact, they think I'm a babe. Well, yeah I'm good looking and have a pretty impressive physique even though I say so myself. Soccer and tennis are my thing which I play at top level for my age and that keeps me athletic and lean. My parents say the blonde hair and blue eyes which runs in our family are in our genes because our ancestors were Vikings who invaded England, boring!

If the truth be told, and it's not something anyone knows but me, I'm not really into girls (excuse the pun). To confirm it recently, Jackie Whatshername enticed me to finger her a few weeks ago. I thought she was just being friendly at the time. We went over to her house one afternoon supposedly to watch a new music DVD her mom had bought her. We were no sooner inside the door when she virtually threw herself at me, kissing me and rubbing my crotch through my jeans. Shit! It did absolutely nothing for me but I didn't know how to back away without appearing weird. She backed me onto the couch and I sort of groped her a bit and somehow ended up with my hand inside her panties feeling her up. Crap! It was so messy! Wet, hairy and really yucky. She misinterpreted my groan of near nausea and was about to strip her panties off when thankfully the door-bell rang. I took the opportunity to jump up saying, 'Oh no, is that the time?!' and with much relief rushed out the door. Look don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Jackie, she's a really nice and attractive chick, if you like that kind of thing. But I've known for quite a long time that I don't.


In my younger teens I had a favourite masturbation fantasy which I used most nights. I imagined that I was held against my will, tied to my bed, and totally ravished by this mystery person. In those days I didn't identify the perpetrator of this deed as male or female. I just lay there on my bed, supposedly unable to defend myself as this person stroked my body all over, eventually massaging my balls around and around until my throbbing penis was straining upwards painfully for attention. Then he/she would grip my quivering cock really tightly and pump it steadily until I was at the very brink of coming. This 'person' would torture me by bringing me almost to the point of no return again and again until I screamed out, (quietly so my parents wouldn't hear), begging to be allowed to come. Stupid hey? At last, shivering with need, I would masturbate myself to a strong, amazing climax. Already having been brought to the point of coming a few times by then already, I would stop pumping one final time, just before shooting for about 3 seconds, and then really go for it until I had milked out every last drop. Wow! That made me shoot violent squirts everywhere. How to cope with my cum was a pretty major problem. I couldn't just shoot onto my naked chest and stomach - how would I clean it up? Even if I wiped my spunk off with loads of bog paper and let the residue just dry on me, my bed always smelled strongly of semen the next day. I tried laying tissues, bog paper, even serviettes on my body to catch my load. This was no good either as the ropes of cum would shoot powerfully all over the place, very often missing me and the paper altogether and landing wetly on the mattress or somewhere to leave those stiff tell-tale stains. I've always produced a lot of cum, even when masturbating once, or even more often, a day. The best but rather unsatisfactory answer was a sock. I wasn't that keen on the sock really as my stiff prick felt sort of restricted. I much preferred my penis to feel totally naked, in the open, and able to shoot without restriction. Feeling those powerful squirts spew forth cum unhindered from the very depth of a pair of tight balls was all part of a really satisfying ejaculation. Also the fabric of the sock was often too much for my sensitive cock head. On top of that of course the sock became encrusted with dried spunk very quickly and had to be thrown away. I couldn't put it into the laundry for my mom to discover so I went through a lot of socks! In desperation I even tried bending my body into a u-shape at the moment of ejaculation to catch my cum in my mouth. Rather fancied the idea actually, but I only managed to catch a small amount in my mouth leaving a hell of a mess on my face. The only positive spin off was that I thought my fresh semen tasted pretty sexy. Ever since then I often lick up some nice warm slippery cum at the end of a good wank. Oh, the trials of growing up! When I got a bit older I was given a pen for my birthday. It was pretty cool, a real fountain pen can you believe, with a sort of old fashioned tortoise-shell design on it. It was a fat torpedo shape and became a regular part of my masturbation fantasy. The shiny plastic pen had a round tapered end which I would lube up with Vaseline and of course I was regularly 'violated' with this. Oooh it was incredible! I would thrust almost the full length of it in and out of my butt hole as I wanked feverishly. I preferred my final pumps just prior to coming to be less frantic and I timed it so that I pulled the pen right out slowly just as the first spurt shot powerfully from my throbbing cock. Oh yeah!

I had a lot of exposure to male on male sex when I was in my earlier teens. Of course all of us boys were besotted by anything sexual. There was an older guy, very good looking, must have been about 20, who was unfortunately a bit simple I think. He was perpetually randy and spent the whole time trying to get us to wank him off. He fascinated us because he was totally insatiable being able to come seemingly endlessly. He was the first guy I ever wanked off. We would go behind some bushes near our place or wherever was suitable at the time. One of us would wank him as the others watched fascinated. We remained standing as he unzipped. I helped him sometimes because he was shaking with need and fumbled too much, plus unzipping him was a big turn-on I thought. He didn't wear underpants and so his cock just plopped out already semi-erect. It was really big and fat and dripping pre-cum by the time we got it out. He liked his trousers to fall to the ground so that his balls could hang loose as we wanked him off. There was something about gripping a semi-erect penis that excited me and I thrilled to feel it stiffen quickly as I stroked it. His cock started out a bit soft and rubbery and ended up very hard and throbbing. He made these really loud, almost keening noises through panting breath, as we pumped his length. He was so intense! His mouth hung open and he dribbled onto his chin thrusting his hips back and forth like he was fucking. Grunting and groaning loudly he always came with impressive long squirts of glistening cum. A few times I stood at the other side of him, as he was being pumped by another boy, and cupped his balls. He went crazy for that. I had to rush home for a wank myself after those episodes! I wonder why we didn't masturbate each other, we all had big bulges in our pants by the time we were finished with him? It would have been totally hot.

Another guy, about 18 maybe 19, had the biggest cock any of us younger boys had ever seen, certainly compared to us. I remember the first time we wanked him. I say 'we' because four of us all had a hand in it (excuse the pun again). There was a lot of countryside close to where we lived on which stood an old abandoned barn. This guy was like the pied piper as we followed him in, usually at night, so we used candles. He just lay on his back on some straw and pulled his jeans right off grinning all over his face. Naked from the waist down his gigantic cock strained upwards as our eyes came out on stalks, it never ceased to amaze us. It must have been 9, even 10 inches and so fat our hands only reached around half of it. Truly a wonder and the subject of many of my own masturbation sessions. He was cut, exposing a nice purple helmet shaped head, which lubed up with pre-cum almost immediately one of us gripped it. Wow, I loved pumping that cock! I can see it now, throbbing fat shaft with his cock head glistening with pre-cum in the candlelight, a bush of black curly pubic hair at the base leading down to his heavy balls bouncing around between his open legs as we wanked. Talk about come! We joked that we should wear raincoats as his spunk seemed almost endless as we tried to milk his penis dry. Even his pre-cum ran copiously down over our pumping fists onto his balls. During a single session we all had a go at wanking him and then took turns in finishing him off at different times. He would sigh with frustration as one boy let go of his cock but then grunt with pleasure as the next one in turn gripped it and continued wanking him, the squishy, slapping noise of pumping increasing, as he neared his climax. Some of us even tried using both hands so we could grip his cock more completely but it wasn't very easy to keep up a steady rhythm like that. Most times one or more of us would have a go a rubbing his lovely big balls as one of our other mates was wanking him off. He so loved it and so did we. Feeling or just watching that big penis buck as he came, along with his usual final cry, 'Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck', again made me want to wank myself off then and there. We pulled up his T shirt so that he ejaculate onto his stomach and chest and loved the distinctive smell of his hot spunk. I thought about bringing along my pen.

The first boy who wanked me off was about a year older than me. I had a sort of crush on Keith, you know the way younger boys do. He liked me a lot also, called me 'a babe', said that I was really special looking and that the chicks would go wild for me. My eyes were constantly drawn to the big bulge that always showed in the front of his jeans. I knew what that was about! He and I used to kick a ball around on the open field across the way and have to take a slash in the bushes. He would flop out this truly beautiful circumcised cock. It was long and fat with a particularly large helmet shaped head - reminded me of a horse. After taking a leak he somehow managed to stuff it all back into his jeans and get the zip closed. I'm not sure what led up to our first mutual masturbation session but I do remember gripping Keith's cock for the first time! Awesome! Truly beautiful. Actually Keith had a thing about having his balls massaged. He just loved it, couldn't get enough of it. He would drop his jeans to his ankles or kick them off, open his legs wide allowing his large, fairly hairy balls, to hang there invitingly. He would lay back propped up on his elbows watching intently as I rubbed his balls around and around. He would sigh and say over and over, 'oh yeah, oh yeah, that's sooo good, oh yeah.' I think his testicles were ultra sensitive or something. Funny thing was that they never drew up as tightly as mine when he was about to come, maybe because they were so fat or because they were so low hanging. They did get a lot closer to the base of his hairy cock shaft when he began to shoot but remained pretty loose. I couldn't get enough of wanking that beautiful cock though. After rubbing Keith's balls for a good while I would eagerly grip his amazing looking penis and pump like crazy. His cock was so long, at least 8 inches, that I couldn't wank it too fast, but fast enough to make his balls jump up and down heavily in unison with my pumping. That looked awesome! One time I got so carried away at the sight of his cock, so big and quivering, squishing loads of pre-cum everywhere as I wanked it firmly, that I took that large helmet head into my mouth. I had no idea how to do it but it seemed instinctive. I just sucked it as hard as I could up and down like a lollipop. Within seconds Keith let out a loud gasp and began to shoot. I was so shocked by the first hot spurt into my mouth that I quickly pulled my head up, and spurt after spurt of Keith's creamy cum shot into the air. Luckily for him I had the presence of mind to keep milking his cock until he had finished shooting. I wasn't sure about swallowing his semen though and spat it out. I know better now.

The first time he wanked me I think I came within about two minutes! I had no idea how amazing another guy's hand would feel gripping my cock. As he favoured, Keith also rubbed my balls for a while first. I liked it a lot and it made me totally hard but I really, really needed his fist around my stiff prick. I had my jeans down to my knees and was laying on my side so that my spunk wouldn't shoot all over my T shirt. I had a decent sized penis even then but Keith's hand seemed so big around it, bigger than mine anyway. He gripped my cock tightly and, at his suggestion, I thrust it out as much as I could as he started to pump. 'That's it Simon push your cock out so that I can wank you off really good, I'm going to make you come big time.' Oooooh! Oh boy! What an amazing feeling! I gasped as he wanked me, all sensation sort of rushing to my stiff prick making it throb and quiver and drip pre-cum. I thrust my hips forward more and more as Keith stroked my penis, his fist deliciously pummeling my balls at the down stoke. Up and down, up and down the full length he pumped strongly. I wanted to come but at the same time didn't want it to end. Just the sight of Keith's pumping fist around my straining stiff penis was enough to take my breath away. He pumped me steadily, very firmly, but not too fast. I felt that deep tingling in my balls which ran through my butt and up and down my throbbing cock until, shivering with pleasure, I came powerfully. My whole body shuddered, my toes curled, my legs jerked, and I think I held my breath until the first ball aching spurt shot strongly from my cock. I often feel an intense shiver go right through my body when I come. Well, whenever Keith wanked me off, that shiver would pulse through me again and again just before I ejaculated, always causing me to cry out as I shot my load. Keith really knew how to wank and never stopped milking my cock until he was satisfied that he had stroked out every drop of spunk.


We usually sit in about the same places in the lecture rooms. Jackie sits behind me, often whispering suggestively, but in front of me sits this guy I have the total hots for. I don't know what it is about him but I think he is just the sexiest guy. Unlike me I have to say, he's not classically good looking, he's a bit on the skinny side if anything, and quite aloof. Even his name fascinates me, 'Lea'. What sort of name is that? But I find it, like him, mysterious. He's not unfriendly as such but he doesn't seem to have any particular friends and isn't very good at keeping a conversation going. The more I see him though the more I lust after him! I've followed him into the men's a couple of times and tried to get a look as we stand at the urinals but to no avail. The only thing I can say is that we're both the same colour down there! In desperation once I crouched down on the floor and tried to see under the door when he was in a cubicle. I had this wild notion that he was jerking off. Bloody good job nobody came in! I have resolved to make a move on him today and catch him during break time.


'Hey Lea, how's it hanging?' Shit! What a stupid thing to say but I'm a bit nervous.

'Fine man, how's you?'

'Everything's great hey, just wondering if you want to grab some coffee, whatever, later?'

'Can't really Si. Got to get home with some stuff straight after.'

'Si'! Not the usual formal, 'Simon', and he seems genuinely disappointed. Even his voice is hot - sort of husky with maybe a slight Irish lilt. Just standing here so close to him makes me want to pull him to me and kiss him, he's like a magnet. Oh no, my cock's stirring at the thought.

'Well, maybe I can come over to your place?' Keeping my options going.

'Yeah, I'd like that.'



'Hey, come in Simon.'

We walk straight into the kitchen. I see he's already got mugs out and coffee brewing.

'How'd you like it?'

'Black, please Lea.'

He hands me my mug pushing the sugar bowl my way but there's this awkward silence. I'm pretty good with people but this guy is truly hard work. I've got to take the initiative again.

'What's gong down man?'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean trying to get you to talk is like trying to get blood out of a stone.' This is either going achieve something or it's the end of a beautiful friendship!

Tears come into his eyes.

What? Tears? Is this Mr Cool, the aloof guy who never shows any emotion?

'Gee Lea, I didn't mean to . . . . . . .'

'It's okay for you Simon, you're this ultra popular guy, with the girls falling over you, in the first soccer and tennis teams, good looking, but I'm . . . .'

'You're what Lea?' He's looking me straight in the eyes.

'I'm gay.'


'I knew you'd react like that . . . .'

'But Lea . . . . .'

'No, let me finish. I feel isolated, different, confused, and terribly lonely. I just don't fit in. Nobody would want to be my friend if they found out about me'

'That's so not true Lea.' Tears are still streaming down his face and he has such a devastated look. I am totally touched, feel an ache in my chest. My heart goes out to him. I know in an instant that this is someone with whom I'm going to have a special relationship. I'm going to protect him, to nurture him, to lead him to a place where he's proud to be exactly who he is. I'm going to love this guy! And it's not a lust thing.

'Come here Lea.' I pull him to me and put my arms around him and hug him tightly.

'What are you . . . . . . ?'

His words are cut off as I press my lips against his. His body is stiff but beginning to loosen up as I probe his mouth strongly with my tongue, as I suck on his lips gently, as I kiss him some more. Now we're both crying. My own loneliness, longing for someone, is welling up from inside me.

'Oh Lea, Lea, Lea.'

'Does this mean . . . .?'

'Yeah, it means I'm gay. And it means it's okay. It means that together we're going to be able to live the truth of who we are. No more pretense, no more hiding, no more unwarranted shame. We are going to give others the courage to stop living a lie and start to be proud.'

'Geez, sounds like we're going to save the world Si! Do you think we could take it a bit slower, at least until I've come to grips more with who I am and what's going down?!'

'Talking about coming to grips . . . .' I reach down and rub him through his jeans.

'You are so lovely and soooo hot Lea!' I rub a bit stronger. 'Are you okay with this?'

'Okay? I'm desperate man!' he undoes the top button of his jeans and I help him to unzip. I reach in through the opening of his boxers and feel his naked cock at last. Lea pushes everything down until he's fully exposed. I cup his warm balls in one hand and take hold of his cock with a backhand grip and begin to rub. Lea shudders as his penis quickly stiffens and starts fumbling with the waistband of my pants - I'm wearing a track suit - the pants push easily down over my hips taking my briefs with them. Lea takes hold of my cock in a flash, groans as he grips my manhood more tightly. We both feel a bit weak at the knees, hanging on to each other's cocks as if our lives depend upon it.

'Let's get out of these clothes Lea.'

We both strip off until we're totally naked and walk to his bedroom. I've got to be ultra gentle and very sensitive with Lea because I don't think he's had much, if any, experience. He lays on his back on the mattress and I lay on my side right next to him, facing him.

'Have you ever . . . . . ?'

Lea blushes, 'No Si, like I'm a total virgin. All I've done for the past 5 years is wank off feverishly fantasizing about guys like you!'

I lean right over and begin to kiss and caress his body. Wow this boy is so, so hot! Such a powerful, lovely boy smell coming from him, no wonder I find him so hot. I sniff under his arms, his neck, his chest. And kiss and lick. Suck on his nipples. Hot, hot, hot! My cock is throbbing already. Shit, but no, he's too skinny, rib cage jutting out, deeply concaved stomach.

'What's wrong man, not getting enough to eat?'

I can see Lea's trying with difficulty to focus away from the sensations I'm creating throughout his body and concentrate on what I'm saying.

'I eat like a horse, just don't put on weight.'

I work down to his groin. 'Woah, man, I think I know where all the sustenance is going!'

Lea blushes again but smiles sort of proudly.

His uncut erect cock is really big, perhaps made to look bigger because he's so skinny, but at least 8 inches and deliciously plump. I grab it eagerly and smell the whole length of it. Oh boy, to die for! I pump it up and down for a few strokes and then pull the foreskin right down to expose Lea's cock head fully which is already dripping pre-cum. I sniff, lick and kiss up and down the length, pump some more, suck some of his black pubic hair into my mouth, and then take Lea's cock head into my mouth.

'Oh, oh, oh,' is about all that Lea can manage to pant and then, 'yeah, oh yeah!'

I suck on him for a bit working my mouth up and down until he's squirming around on the mattress with his fists clutching the sheet we're lying on. Holding his now very wet cock up I move down further and smell his balls. Now there's a boy smell to crave! I kiss, lick and suck his balls as I pump his cock slowly up and down. Further down I go. I lift his hips up off the bed, open his butt cheeks and lick his puckered hole. Lick and probe with my tongue. Beautiful indeed, so sweet! His cock is pulsing.

'Aaaah! oh boy, fuck yes Si, oh man, what are you doing?!'

'Those are words I love to hear together Lea, 'fuck' and 'yes'.'

I'm thinking that Lea's ripe for a good fuck about now and I'm totally ready to oblige. My cock is throbbing strongly with need, my balls already tight, and I begin to reposition both of us, when we hear a car in the driveway.

'Shit, I totally lost track of time and forgot that my mom's coming home!'

Lea's almost in a panic like a small boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

'Be cool Lea, we'll just dress quickly and go over to my place.'

Just as we're about to leave Lea's bedroom I step in behind him, reach round and grab the nice bulge in the front of his jeans and rub it around strongly, whispering in his ear.

'Don't worry Lea, I'm soon going to make you spurt your cum like never before.'

Lea presses back into me, kisses my neck and grinds his buttocks into my groin.

'Oh yeah Simon, oh yeah!'



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