Jason wasn't sure what had caused him to wake with a start from his near alcoholic stupor.

Perhaps it was his own feint moaning but more probably the tight grip around his erect cock!

19 yr old Jason lay naked across his bed on his back, his stiff cock gripped tightly in the left hand of his equally naked friend Gareth who was wanking himself off vigorously with his right.

'What the fuck . . . . . . . ??' Jason struggled back to consciousness propping himself up on one elbow.

Gareth's face was stricken with shock, 'I wasn't . . . . I thought . . . . . . I didn't . . . .' Clearly he couldn't think of any explanation suitable for the occasion.

Understanding what was going on Jason wasn't perplexed in the least. His handsome smile lit up the room, 'Hey, calm down Gareth, no problem mate. What's happening?'

Gareth tried to explain in as few words as possible.

Their group, all first year students from the London School of Architecture were on holiday in the Spanish resort. After a hectic night out on the town, room-mates Jason and Gareth had staggered back to the hotel with the rest of them. Once inside their shared room Jason had stripped off quickly and practically passed out on his bed. Gareth could hardly verbalize everything that had followed. He didn't even fully comprehend all of the dynamics and emotion himself. The sight of Jason's amazing, beautiful naked body stretched out on his back showing his awesome cock and balls had stirred something deep within Gareth - more than lust, greater than desire. He had ended up licking the sleeping Jason's penis, weighed his heavy balls in his hand and begun to pump his friend's cock to hardness as he wanked himself. Almost at the point of coming Gareth had gripped his friend's penis too hard causing Jason to wake.

The two 19yr olds stared at one another for a minute.

Jason couldn't help but choke out a laugh at his friend's stricken face but felt immediately sorry.

'Shit Gareth, come here mate.' He pulled Gareth down to him hugging him tightly. 'I know some of the turmoil mate but it's okay pal, it's cool man really it is.'

Jason's face broke into another smile as he tried to break his friend's mood, 'Jeez Gareth, you must so need to come, you were right there, but we'll soon get you sorted mate.'

With that Jason eased Gareth onto his back across the bed and took position between his legs.

'What are you . . . . .??'

'Lighten up pal, just lay back and enjoy, this isn't going to take long!'

Jason opened his friend's legs wide and stroked his butt hole with lubed fingers.

'Aaaah! Oh, oh, oh yeaaah.' was Gareth's surprised response, both fists gripping the bedcover, his eyes wide, his cock still wet with pre-cum throbbing strongly back to full hardness. Jason gripped it firmly as he slowly inserted a finger into Gareth's puckered hole. Wow, so tight! He set up a steady in, out rhythm as he wanked his friend at the same time.

'How's that Gareth? Is that good mate? Am I wanking you the way you like it? How's it feel to be finger fucked for the first time? This is just what you need my pal. Oh yeah, your balls are pulling up already, I think they're about to shoot a really awesome load. Mmm, I can feel your cock building up. Raise your hips off the mattress, push your cock up for me. That's it, oh yeah I can feel your prick bucking, let it go pal, here it comes, shoot your cum Gareth.'

Gareth couldn't even speak, at best he managed a sort of gurgling sound, but then the thrusting of his hips up and down along with Jason's probing and pumping said it all.

Jason's second finger entered Gareth's ass just in time to feel the strong spasm of his friend's ejaculation start.

Gareth shouted, 'Oh fuck!'

Gareth's hole tightened and loosened around Jason's fingers as his cock jerked strongly with his first shot of warm spunk. Gareth shuddered and would have screamed if his teeth weren't so tightly clenched as he shot again and again long ropes of creamy glistening cum. Jason wriggled his fingers around in Gareth's virgin hole and continued to wank him slowly until he had milked out every drop. Gareth just about collapsed, still panting.

'Oh wow, shit man! I have never come like that . . . . I've never experienced . . . . ' He was lost for words.

Both guys were actually exhausted and desperate for sleep.

Jason yawned and smiled again pointing at his friend, 'You owe me Gareth, tomorrow is definitely another day!'


The next morning was total chaos. Both guys overslept and had to forgo breakfast in a mad scramble to get dressed in time to catch the tour bus. The student group had organized to spend the day sightseeing, mainly the more ancient parts of town. Mainland Europe was very different to the UK. They enjoyed a boisterous lunch at a seafood restaurant at the beach front. One of the guys ordered a seafood pasta with an unpronounceable name. He could understand why it was unpronounceable when it arrived! Nobody could identify the seafood bits and in the end the guy didn't really want to know. But it was delicious. They were readily distinguishable from the locals when they stripped down for the beach in the afternoon - some with very white bodies, others red from too much sun too quickly. Jason was an exception, even the locals couldn't help but admire his beautiful lightly bronzed body. Their evening meal was pizza in the pub at their hotel washed down with plenty of Spanish wine. They made plans to split into various groups and meet up later in the evening depending on which activities they preferred.

Back in their hotel room Jason and Gareth chatted about the day as they got ready. It was a hot night again and both guys wore only their underwear as they sorted through what to wear. Gareth had on his green stretch fabric boxes - 'to match my eyes man' he had declared - and Jason, pale blue briefs snuggly hugging his promising soft bulge.

'Those Spanish girls were fucking awesome hey Jason?' Gareth remarked. 'Lovely olive skins, and those mysterious dark eyes.'

'And the guys.' Jason added.


'What about that young guy you were eyeing Gareth?'


'Yeah you. You were such a slut the way you looked him over, he couldn't have been more than 16.'

'I fucking was not!'

'You were so.'

'Which one?'

'You know fucking well which one my pal. The skinny boy with the long black hair. Tight short tank top, showing off his mystery trial. Jeans so bloody low on his hips most of his boxers were exposed. If anyone was asking to be well and truly fucked, it was him'

'Now who's the slut Jason, clearly you're the one who was taking in all the detail!'

They both laughed and wrestled good naturedly eventually falling onto the bed.

Gareth tried to wriggle free but Jason caught him by his foot and dragged him down towards him.

Jason pulled Gareth closer, placed his hand over the nice fat bulge in his green boxers and rubbed it.

Gareth stopped struggling.

'Like that pal?' Jason asked as he continued to massage his friend's genitals feeling them stir. 'Say you like it or I'll stop.'

Gareth almost whispered, 'I like it.'

After a couple of minutes Gareth quickly moved so that he was in a side by side 69 position with Jason and grabbed his friend's cock through his blue briefs and stroked it.

Jason responded by putting his thumbs in the waistband of Gareth's boxers and pulled them down to his knees. Gareth's now fully erect cock slapped against his stomach as it was released and Jason eagerly gripped it and gave it a few pumps. Gareth followed suit sliding Jason's briefs down and was rewarded by the sight of a thick 7 inch cock straining above his friend's naval. Gareth couldn't help himself but remark, 'Jason, that is one beautiful cock.' He gripped Jason's thick manhood tightly and wanked it slowly.

Both guys were cut but had sufficient foreskin to enable a good hard wank without much lubrication, usually pre-cum was enough.

'Your cock is like the rest of you pal,' remarked Jason, 'very cute, and in fact, good enough to eat.'

With that he bent his head forward and took Gareth's penis into his mouth.

Jason sucked Gareth's cock head strongly, swirled his tongue around the sensitive rim and then plunged down until his nose was buried in Gareth's balls.

Gareth gasped and likewise took Jason's penis into his mouth. Oh how could he describe it! Warm, spongy, silky, hard but soft - and alive! throbbing and twitching as he sucked it. He hadn't sucked on a boy before but made a valiant attempt to swallow all of Jason's big cock.

Still in the 69 position, keeping Gareth's cock in his mouth Jason turned him onto his back so that Gareth was beneath him. He clasped his friend's butt cheeks with both hands and worked Gareth's hips up and down as he sucked his penis in and out his mouth. At the same time, with his knees on the mattress, Jason was able to thrust his own throbbing cock in and out of Gareth's sucking mouth, fucking his face.

Slurping and sucking sounds filled the room along with grunts, groans and heavy breathing.

Eventually Gareth had to quickly remove Jason's cock and cry out, 'I'm going to come!'

'Not yet you're not,' said Jason, 'I told you last night that you owe me.'

With that he deftly repositioned Gareth across the bed and knelt between his legs. He bent Gareth's legs at the knees and opened them wide.

'What are . . . . .?'

Gareth's question was answered as Jason bent his head forward and sucked his friend's balls. Sucked, licked, kneaded them with his hand, sucked some more, until a copious amount of pre-cum flowed down Gareth's quivering cock shaft. No more questions from a shuddering Gareth! just, 'Oh yeah, aaaah, oh that's so fucking good pal.'

Jason pulled away, lubed up his fingers with Gareth's copious sticky pre-cum and rubbed around his puckered butt hole. Then Jason pushed his hips forward and started to probe the entrance of Gareth's wet hole with his cock. Slowly he pushed in.

'Ooooh, it hurts man.'

'Breath deeply, try and relax your muscles as much as you can, no pain no gain, you'll see,' sliding deeper.

'Oh!' exclaimed a surprised Gareth.

'Yeah, that's my cock nudging your prostate as I push deeper. Nice tingling in your cock hey?'

Slowly but surely Jason's cock entered deeper and deeper.

'If you go any deeper you'll get caught in my throat,' remarked Gareth, a pleasurable feeling beginning to spread through him.

'I wish!' Jason grunted with his cock in Gareth's ass almost up to his balls. He held still for a moment and then pulled out a few slippery inches, held still and then back in, out again, back in. Short thrusts to let Gareth get used to it - oh yeah, his friend's virgin butt really was beautifully tight around his cock!

'I feel totally stuffed!' exclaimed Gareth breathing in short gasps as Jason fucked him more vigorously. A rhythmic sucking noise kept in time with Jason's thrusting.

'You are stuffed dude, you've got all of my big fat cock in you. There you go, take it, take it all. I love fucking you. I love your tight hole. Feel this' Jason thrust almost viciously up Gareth as far as he could go, his balls squashing against his friend's buttocks. His cock was being beautifully sucked and squeezed by Jason's butt hole as he fucked in and out and he knew he was about to shoot his load.

'Aaaah yeah! Oh yeah, oh yeah, here it comes Gareth, I'm going to fill your butt with my spunk!'

Jason's cock bucked strongly as the first spurt of cum shot into Gareth. He thrust in again and again as he came, until his spunk began to ooze out of Gareth's ass and dribble down onto the mattress. At last he finished coming, pulled out and collapsed gasping onto the bed.

Gareth didn't know what he wanted at this stage. He was totally overwhelmed. It had been bloody sore, but also amazing, awesome, unbelievable. Had it really happened even? Immediately he moved he knew it had and wondered if he would ever be able to walk again!

Jason had recovered his breath, 'Whoa, you are such a fuck Gareth!' He lowered himself on top of Gareth and kissed him. He kissed his eyes, sucked his ear lobes, tenderly kissed each side of his neck. Jason kissed Gareth passionately on the lips probing inwards with his tongue. Gareth kissed back hungrily, kissing, probing, sucking, exchanging saliva until it dribbled down his chin.

Jason continued on down to Gareth chest, kissed and sucked his nipples, followed the hair trail down to his naval probing it with his tongue. Downwards he went licking the more definite black hair trail until he reached Gareth's pubic hair. Jason sucked some into his mouth breathing in deeply the smell of him. Jason held his friend's stiff cock upwards from its hairy base as he travelling further down and sucked Gareth's sweaty balls. He sucked and licked them and because they were so fat, took them into his mouth one at a time. Gareth squirmed and thrashed around desperate to come, hoping that Jason was going to suck him off. Pre-cum poured down his quivering shaft.

Jason did then take Gareth's penis into his mouth and sucked hard, swirled his tongue around the swollen head and took it down his throat until his nose nuzzled his friend's thick bush at the base of his shaft. When Jason removed his mouth, Gareth's cock was slick with saliva and pre-cum. Jason held his pal's penis so that it stood straight up and positioned himself above it, facing Gareth, with his legs open in a squatting position on either side of his friend's hips. Supported like this and by his strong arms he lowered himself slowly onto Gareth's straining cock. Jason sighed with delight as Gareth's penis entered his ass allowing it to slowly slide in deeper and deeper until he had taken it all.

Gareth shuddered as his penis entered Jason, his foreskin pushed tightly back exposing his cock head to the full friction of Jason's butt hole. As Jason moved up and down, his hot butt hole squeezed and sucked Gareth's throbbing penis.

Gareth gasped, 'Aaaah, this is so totally awesome, oh yeah, oh yeah, take more!' as he pushed his hips up straining to enter Jason deeper. He had never felt anything like it. His cock was being sort of sucked and wanked as it fucked Jason. And what a glorious sight! Stunningly beautiful, total babe Jason with his large fat cock bouncing around as he bobbed up and down on Gareth's stiff prick!

Jason set up a steady pumping rhythm loving every stroke as the room filled with the noise of their sex - wet sucking and lovely squishing noises, gasps and pants and sighs and groans.

Eventually louder cries, 'Oh yeah, oh, oh, oh. Fuck! Oh yeah . . . . oh I'm coming!' heralded Gareth's climax.

Over and over he felt his cum pumping strongly into Jason draining his tight balls. Jason kept up his short up and down strokes, milking Gareth's cock with his tight butt, until he felt his pal's penis lose some of its hardness and Gareth's warm cum oozing copiously from his fucked hole. He could have come again but thought to himself, 'this is only day two, a whole eight days to go!' and fell onto the mattress next to Gareth smiling broadly.

Fuck yeah, this was going to be some holiday!



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