It was weird really.

It was only when I heard that one of my best mates was involved in a serious relationship that I realized I was actually quite lonely. This latest news concerned one of the last of my unattached friends to commit to a partner.

It hadn't come home to me before then. My many friends and I, males and females, had sort of gone around in a pack for so long that I hadn't thought much about serious relationships. Of course many of them had flings, whatever, now and again, but it wasn't until now that I realized I was probably the only one left.

The truth is I had never had a serious relationship, ever! Here I was, 22 years old, and still a virgin. I even woke up to the reality of my sexuality fairly late. Oh, I was a fervid masturbator from about 13 like most guys but strangely that had always been enough for me. It wasn't until I was well into my 17th year that I began to wonder if I was gay because I always wanked off to fantasies about guys but I sort of went into major denial.

I could not however deny the life-changing incident that made my sexual persuasion clear once and for all the following year. Although the exact details remain a bit of a fog, enough is clear to leave no doubt.

I was only just 18 and we had all been at a party at a friend's house, loads of people, lots of my friends plus many I didn't know. After a few drinks I was still on my feet but nevertheless sort of detached and floating, that lovely in-between place. Time skipped here and there. Although I knew the layout of the house perfectly well I became disorientated whilst looking for the bathroom and found myself in one of the bedrooms. The bed looked so inviting I thought it would be great to just lay down for a couple of minutes.

I have no idea how long I lay there flat on my back but I came to my senses feeling my soft bulge being massaged nicely through my jeans. Beyond nice, it felt totally amazing and, not thinking straight enough to wonder what was going on, I just lay back and groaned with pleasure as my prick hardened. I've always found the action of rubbing my cock while it's still soft, feeling it get more and more plump until fully erect, particularly enjoyable. In fact if I take my time and restrain myself by stroking lightly and really slowly my pre-cum is usually starting to dribble out already by the time my penis is totally stiff and ready for a good hard wank. Anyway, time skipped a few beats and the next thing I remember my zip was down, jeans wide open and a fist tightly around my rock hard cock pumping full length up and down strongly – uuhhh oh boy, up over the sensitive rim and then plunging right down into my black curly pubic hair hard enough to squash my fat balls almost painfully, but oh such a delight! Yes, yeah! Beyond awesome, nothing like a good hard wank! I thrust up with my hips in time with each hard down stroke savouring every delicious pump, my balls wobbling. Copious pre-cum made an erotic squishing noise as it frothed around my engorged purple cock head and dribbled wetly down my quivering stiff shaft. It still hadn't registered that I wasn't jacking myself off! Nobody but myself had ever made me come before and perhaps that's why it felt so unbelievably fantastic. Again my memory lost a few minutes. The next scene in my mind though is totally vivid, colours, smells, feelings, everything - my jeans and boxers around my ankles, my legs spread open with an unknown guy kneeling between them massaging my large balls as he sucked strongly on my throbbing dick! I squirmed with pleasure and groaned. His one hand still gripped my thick penis tightly, wanking me, as his tongue lashed my cock head and probed my cum slit. His other hand lifted my low hanging bobbing balls and a moist finger rubbed around the outside of my butt hole with the promise of plunging inwards. I love to finger myself or use something to thrust in and out when I wank. I gasped as his finger entered my butt hole, my cock quivered, a deep shiver ran through me and I opened my legs as wide as a I could raising my hips so that he could push his finger deeper. Balls tight now I was building up really quickly as he wanked me faster, slide his finger in and out as he sucked on my balls. I knew that my first spurt of hot spunk would be awesome and squirt powerfully. I opened my lips certain that the first rope of cum would shoot onto my face and hopefully into my mouth, I loved that.

But then the penny dropped!

Eyes wide, totally startled, almost unable to fathom the reality of what was happening, I lurched sideways almost falling off the bed to stagger out of the room trying to pull up my jeans. My still erect cock bobbed heavily dripping pre-cum as I ran making it impossible to do up my zip until I made it into the bathroom.

I stood shaking with confusion and lust, my throbbing cock refusing to soften. Did it really happen? Was it some sort of booze created dream? Dazed and not a little confused on many fronts I made it downstairs, downed a couple more drinks in quick succession and remember no more about that night.

However I couldn't hide from the truth. It had definitely happened and I confessed that I absolutely loved what that unknown guy had done to me. Even as images and feelings flashed into my consciousness the next day my cock stirred longingly and my balls ached. It was then that I knew I was gay. But knowing is one thing, taking it a step further is another. However it was as if my sexuality had finally fully awakened with a vengeance! I masturbated with even greater fervor from then on, the memories of that night driving me to powerful orgasms. After I had come I would lay sweating profusely with glistening warm spunk drenching my stomach and chest. The distinct smell of my fresh semen often caused me to harden again. I would spread spunk around my chest and stomach and lube up my stiff cock with it for another good wank. I loved to lick it off my sticky fingers realizing that the guy who sucked my stiff prick had enjoyed my pre-cum in his mouth, that he knew what my hot hard cock felt and tasted like. Then I would pump again. Oh yeah, the memory was more vivid with each stroke! He had gripped my stiff penis loving its fat hardness, wanked it oh so beautifully, sucked it, licked the pre-cum from my swollen cock head, massaged my big hairy balls and pushed his finger up my butt hole. Aaah! Oh boy, oh yes, yes! I would feel my cum surging in my balls, my throbbing cock tingling more and more with each pump and soon shoot again. I so wanted, desperately needed, a guy in my life. I hadn't even felt another boy's erect cock before and wanked off endlessly to pictures and videos of other guy's wanking, sucking and shooting. Oh those cocks! If only I could get my hand around one of them, suck one into my mouth, taste that warm spunk – fuck a guy, hearing him groan as I thrust my big prick in and out! Sometimes I was nauseous with need and very agitated even after jerking off.

Fortunately our band of close friends kept loneliness from being a reality. But now this, 22 and feeling very much the odd man out. Couples generally don't want an unattached friend hanging around too much. Of course there were still plenty of invitations and I still had enough of a social life but I couldn't shake this lonely feeling. There just wasn't that special someone I could confide in, share my life with in any meaningful way at all.

The trouble was I couldn't think how I could change the situation. Wanking off was one thing – a major thing certainly! But where would I find someone of my own?

It was a few months later, when I was doing something as boring as walking around the supermarket with a trolley, that it happened. I was standing next to my trolley at the end of an aisle looking at the various car cleaning products when another trolley veered around the corner and bashed into my ankle. The pain was unbelievable, actually brought tears to my eyes and I had to crouch down. Above the mist of pain and my cries, "Ow, oh, oh, ow!" I heard a voice, "I am sooo sorry!" A guy about my age stooped in front of me trying to take my arm as if to help me up saying apologetically, "Damn trolley has a mind of its own."

As I got to my feet his concerned voice said, "Look, let me take you to the doctor."

"Won't be necessary, it's just sore, you know how bloody painful a bashed ankle can be."

"Well, at least let me buy you a coffee, or a drink maybe?"

"You don't have to do that, I'll be fine."

"But I want to." Almost a plea (what's that about????)

I looked at him more closely for the first time. Hmm, cute guy. Nice build wearing a tee shirt and jeans, a two day beard, dark hair hanging over smiley brown eyes.

Although interested I felt obliged to say, "Really, you don't have . . . . ."

"I know, but I want to, I really do."

My heart was thumping - think fast, think fast - what do I do? Oh what . . .what . . . should I? Why not, can't hurt?


After brief introductions, I'm Matthew and he's Sean, we hobbled off to the coffee shop around the corner. Well I hobbled, with Sean walking slowly beside me sort of assisting me by holding on to my arm. Didn't really need assisting I suppose but it felt pretty hot!

We sat at a small table for two next to the window. It was so nice, the sun warmed us as we talked, the delicious fragrance of fresh coffee wafting around us mingling with the smell of tasty food. We got on really well. You know how sometimes when you meet a person for the first time there's a stunted awkwardness? There was nothing like that at all. We chatted easily without hesitation as it became obvious that we were compatible in so many ways. We liked the same sports, enjoyed similar food and were both a bit extrovert. He worked for a publishing agency, it was so invigorating to find someone with a similar breadth of literary interest as myself. We spoke about friends and family. Eventually he confessed that the reason he was so keen to have coffee with me wasn't just a response to the accident but also because I look amazingly like his brother with whom he was obviously very close.

"How old is your brother?"

A short hesitation, "He was a year older than me."


Tears came to Sean's eyes as he struggled to say, "He died nearly 6 months ago."

A wave of deep feeling came over me and without thinking I placed my hand over his.

"Oh Sean, I'm so sorry man, was he . . . . ?"

"It was a motorbike accident."

Sean didn't take his hand away but then he was obviously embroiled in the grief of losing his brother. We sat in silence for a long moment and then Sean surprised me by tightening his hand around mine as a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Thanks hey Matthew, you've really helped me this morning. I was going through such a hard time and suddenly, there you were looking just like Jamie, and then we, you know have hit it off so well – haven't we?"

It was my turn to have tears in my eyes. I so felt for Sean. I was an only child and couldn't begin to imagine what it must be like to have a brother, love him so much and then lose him. Funny thing was, ever since I realized I was gay I had wished I had a brother. A very good looking straight friend of mine I secretly fancied had confessed after a good few beers that he and his brother had frequently wanked one another off during their teens years and he'd had the best blow job ever from him. Wow! It was a major turn on for me and I still fantasize about it often as I jack off.

Now however, as I observe Sean's grief I feel really guilty and not a little confused. In fact I'm wracked with a complexity of conflicting emotions. My heart totally goes out to Sean but at the same time his hand in mine causes a disturbing degree of physical desire. I so want to be the person there for him in the way he needs instead of being wracked with my own sexual need - my cock is stiffening for heaven's sake! My feelings for Sean's grief are genuine though and I attempt to offer some words of comfort knowing that there aren't any words that can really help. Eventually the moment passes, the cloud lifts and we finish up making arrangements to meet again the next evening for a meal.

"I really do like you Matthew, it's not just because you remind me of my brother, I think we can be close friends."

"I feel the same way Sean, it feels like I've known you forever already, I'm so glad you bumped into me!"

We part hesitantly.

My heart quickened constantly throughout the rest of the day as I thought about cute Sean, still feeling the touch of his hand, strong warm and masculine. I would so love that hand around . . . . oh no, don't go there! We're the same age and just about the same height and build. We even have similar colouring - olive skinned and dark haired. A difference could be that I don't have a lot of body hair but I could see black hairs peeking above the neck rim of Sean's tee shirt. Mmm, I bet his . . . . . oh no, don't go there!

Of course I can't refrain from going there that night as I wank off but I'm determined to be a good friend to Sean and genuinely want him as a pal and not just a sex object – sort of – no really, I do.

The next day Sean gives me a ring. As soon as I see his name identified on my phone my heart sinks just knowing that he's going to back out of our arrangement to meet.

"Hey Matthew, I was just thinking, instead of going out to eat why don't you come over to my place? We can get in take-away and I'd love to show you some pics of my brother on my computer – I promise not to get too morbid!"

"Brilliant thought Sean, I'd like that."

Sean gives me his address which I can put into my GPS and we arrange for me to pick up Chinese around 7pm. Even our favourite take-aways are the same and I had this major excited feeling going through me. Things had certainly changed for the better within just a few hours.

It took me forever to get ready to go out. I'm not usually too fussy about what I wear but I tried on this shirt, those pants, until I realized how pathetic I was being, threw on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and leave. I'd phoned through the take-away order in good time and it didn't take long to get to Sean's place. Wow! Suddenly I was majorly nervous and my heart going full pelt as I buzzed Sean's intercom. The door clicked and as I turned into the passage towards Sean's door my nervousness immediately dissipated. He was standing in the open doorway with the most welcoming smile and beckoned me in. Phew that smile made me weak at the knees! Open, inviting, honest – sort of crooked in a very sexy kind of way.

"Hey man, how's it going?" says Sean as he puts his arm halfway around my shoulders and leads me inside. Typical young guy bachelor pad. Nothing matches much, things obviously picked up here and there at random, no real concern for how it looks. Comfortable and practical.

Sean soon gets to work arranging the take-away packets on a coffee table in front of a couch, "I'm starving - too busy -missed lunch - got home late - haven't even had time for a shower yet."

We sit next to one another on the couch and get stuck into the food. Sean opens a couple of beers which we drink straight from the bottle. I couldn't help it, I just found the whole thing such a huge turn on. The warmth and smell of Sean right next to me as he devoured the food with much gusto. I watched as the neck of the beer bottle entered his mouth. Oh boy, such full lips wet and sucking left nothing whatsoever to my imagination.

We soon finished and Sean asked if I would mind if he took a quick shower showing me his cd collection and telling me to make myself comfortable. I stood for a while looking at the cd's hearing the shower in his en suite bathroom. Imagination took the better of me and I casually inched towards his bedroom. The door was ajar enough to give a clear visual into a large part of the room. The shower stopped and within seconds a totally naked Sean stepped into view. Wow! Such a cute guy with a truly beautiful body. Trim and athletic and I was right about his body hair. Not masses but a good covering of black hair fanning out across his chest and flat stomach with a lovely curly bush, his stunning plump cock swaying heavily above low hanging balls as he toweled himself off. My erection strained in my jeans and I felt short of breath. Sean took no time to climb into jeans and tee shirt though and I just made it back to the lounge as he came out still pulling his shirt down giving me a quick glimpse of his hairy happy trail disappearing into the waistband of his jeans.

"Sorry Matthew but I really needed to shower so that I can relax".

"No problem, I've kept myself well entertained." Phew! no lie for sure.

I was now beyond agitated and struggling with a major boner as he collected his laptop and sat next to me on the couch smelling freshly masculine.

"Would it be okay if I showed you some pics of my brother, I promise not to get too emotional again?"

"Not at all, in fact I would like that." It was obviously important to him and I genuinely wanted him to show me something of his history with Jamie.

Sean had loads of files with Jamie and himself at various ages.

It really was remarkable, almost eerie, how much Jamie and I looked alike from childhood right up to recently. I could totally understand how taken aback Sean must have felt when he saw me in the store.

Sean added detail as we looked through together with lots of laughing. It was so obvious how close the two brothers had been. Many photos showed them together with their arms around one another's shoulders or looking at one another with unbridled affection. A particularly lovely photograph showed the two rather skinny brothers in their mid-teens hugging at a New Year beach party clad only in swim suits. They must have just been wrestling as they were covered in sand and Sean's baggies hung way below his prominent hip bones clearly showing some pubic hair. I supposed it would have been natural for the two brothers to discovered things of a sexual nature together as they grew up, their birthdays were only just over a year apart. I'm sure they must have awakened to the delights of masturbation together and eventually wanked one another off frequently - even more perhaps? My mind quickly drifted to a possible scenario with a 16 year old Jamie sitting on his bed naked from the waist down proudly showing his younger brother how big his cock had grown seemingly overnight. For a few seconds my fantasy grew as Jamie pumped his lovely teen cock a few strokes and I almost heard his voice, "Feel how fat and hard my cock is today Sean, oh boy I could shoot forever. Come on, my balls ache, give me a good hard wank like you do so well and see for yourself, then I'll do you. You won't be sorry, you know I'll milk your prick of every drop of spunk!"

Trying to bring myself back to reality with difficulty I felt so guilty and made an attempt to push such thoughts and images from my mind. What was going on with me? 22 years old and I was acting like an out of control teenager! I realized that I just had never encountered anything like what was developing between Sean and me before. To make matters infinitely worse of course he really turned me on, big time!

Sean carried on through various files and I was increasingly envious of the relationship he had experienced with his brother. Not jealous, that's being negative about a beautiful thing, but as a single child I hadn't known the love that could exist between siblings or in fact the affection one friend could have for another. I realized that I had friends, lots of them of which I was extremely fond, but it just wasn't in the same category. Jamie had clearly been a special person and I had an inkling of the loss his passing meant to so many, especially his younger brother. As Sean reveled in remembrance I became increasingly sad.

Alas, many photo files later, the whole thing came to a shuddering halt.

A picture came up on the laptop which caused Sean to gasp out loud. It was a picture of Jamie on his motorbike waving goodbye.

"I hadn't realized . . . . I forgot that . . . . I . . . I . . .I . . I didn't think . . . . . oh . . "

Tears quickly formed in Sean's eyes and rolled down his cheeks. His hands went to his face as he tried to stifle an anguished cry. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this was the last picture Sean had taken of Jamie before he rode off to his death.

A huge sigh followed by a sob wracked Sean as he leaned over and buried his face in his knees. I didn't know what to do. Whatever can one do in such a situation? The best thing I figured was just to be there for him. He tried valiantly to pull himself together but the whole scenario and then meeting me who looked so like his dead brother was too much for him.

Tears rolling, breathing in sobs which gave anguished expression to something of the pain he felt, Sean shot up and put his arms around me in a strong hug resting his head on my chest.

I felt totally wretched for him, guiltily trying to ignore the warm feeling of his firm body pressed against mine, even as tears formed in my own eyes. Sean sobbed on my shoulder as I held him tightly. I stroked my hand across the back of his head again and again telling him that it was okay. Of course it wasn't okay but what else could I say?

His eyes blinded by tears Sean lifted his head towards mine as if to kiss me whispering so softly I could hardly make out what he was saying, "Jamie."

My body stiffened as confusion muddled my mind.

Was Sean emotionally disorientated? Was it really my appearance so similar to his dead brother that made him want me as a friend rather than for myself? If that were the case, how could there be any future in this relationship on any meaningful level, even as a friend because I didn't know if Sean was gay, bi, or whatever.

I pushed Sean away and stood up not knowing what to say or explain how I felt. I managed to utter, "It would be better if I left", as I strode to the door.

Sean's face showed dismay, bewilderment, anguish but I couldn't hear what he said, if anything, as I virtually ran to my car.

The next day seemed bleak even though the sun was shining. I had been so buoyed up by my newfound friendship with Sean but then crashed down bitterly. My sense of rejection was acute and I had never felt so lonely. I ignored repeated calls from Sean the entire day. I hadn't realized how emotional pain could be so exhausting and debilitating.

It was only the next day that I began to see reason. No matter the reality behind what had happened I recognized that I had acted selfishly out of pride and hadn't even bothered to discover the truth. Good advice from the past came back to me - an incident had occurred which had left me angry and indignant and a friend had said to me, 'Get over yourself!'

It was still early and my caller identity showed that Sean was on the phone again. This time I answered immediately and Sean blurted out, probably scared that I would cut him off, "I'm so sorry Matthew, if you would just let me . . . . ."

I did cut him off but with my voice, "Where are you?"

"At home, why . . . . ?"

"Stay there, I'm on the way over"

"But . . . . . ?" I didn't give him chance to finish.

In less than 15mins I was at Sean's place ringing his buzzer.

He stood hesitantly in his doorway with a complexity of expressions crossing his face as I marched up to him. The last expression was almost one of fear, until I smiled.

A smile of relief lit up his face, "Matthew I . . . ."

I put my arm around his shoulder, "Let's talk inside."

We sat next to one another on the couch and both started talking at the same time making us laugh.

"Let me go first Matthew. You have every right to be angry and upset. I admit that I was emotionally unstable and, yes, for a moment I felt as if it was Jamie sitting next to me. But I desperately need you to believe me when I say that in the brief time that we have known one another you have become very important to me. And I have to add, even fearing I may lose you, that you may want nothing more to do with me, I value you as a friend and . . . . ." He gulped and tears glistened in his eyes, . . . . "and, I find you physically attractive."

"Sean, what . . . ?" Could I believe what I was hearing?

Tears flowed freely now down Sean's face, "I'm falling in love with you Matthew."


I was flabbergasted! My mouth opened and shut without sound like a fish.

More silence.

Sean had bent his head not daring to even look at me.

Joy like I had never experienced before flooded my whole being making me feel faint. With a fluid motion I took Sean into my arms, held him tightly planting kisses all over his wet face before finding his mouth. Those lovely full lips of his parted and my tongue drove inwards to be met as eagerly by his. I thought I would come then and there! Our kiss was so passionate, expressing so much, my cock was instantly hard. So was Sean's! My hand was already groping his stiff bulge which strained in his jeans.

It was my turn to speak, "I think it was love at first sight for me, certainly lust!"

We laughed with relief and joy.

What were the chances that this chance encounter would turn out this way, that we were both gay?

We staggered with arms around one another into the bedroom, we were going to need plenty of space. The picture of a naked Sean, firmly etched in my mind from a couple of nights before, came into my mind as I began to undress him as we knelt on the bed facing one another.

It just came so naturally to me. First his shirt which fell open wider and wider as I undid each button revealing that lovely chest and stomach with a fine covering of black hair. I couldn't help but lean forward and run my tongue here and there and around each nipple making him groan and plant a kiss on the back of my neck. He felt, he tasted, he smelt so good! Next his jeans. He wasn't wearing a belt so it was just the top button at the waist. I battled with his zip because his prick pushed so hard against it. I was determined not to hurry though. With his zip finally down I rubbed his erection through the fabric of his briefs and pushed lower to cup and fondle his balls. Sean was clearly becoming more and more agitated, gasping and groaning. I stopped long enough to kiss those lovely lips again as I maneuvered him to a position where I could get his jeans off. Lying on his back but propped up on his arms he lifted his hips up as I pulled his jeans and underwear off the end of his legs. Finally released, his rock hard cock slapped against his firm stomach. What a sight! His cut cock wasn't enormous, fat though and maybe 7inches, but just so beautiful. Throbbing against his stomach, lots of black pubic hair led down to his balls. Sean had a pleading look on his face and a deep sigh escaped his lips as I gripped his penis. I pumped it up and down slowly admiring the way his hairy balls lifted and fell at each stroke. I leaned right over and flicked my tongue over his cock head before sucking one of his balls into my mouth. My intention was to change position so that I could get between his open legs and get that beautiful prick, already leaking pre-cum, into my mouth.

Sean stopped me and almost in a frenzy started to remove my clothes. My tee shirt was off in no time and my jeans only halfway down as his fist closed tightly around my cock. He squeezed tightly, "I love your cock Matthew, I've been wanting to wank it and suck it from the first time I saw you. Even your cock is just like Jamie's" He said this guardedly but I didn't mind, I was beyond caring.

He stroked it a bit too vigorously and I had to restrain him as I kicked off my jeans and underwear, "Don't wear it out first time out, take it a bit easy!"

It was my turn to open my legs and enjoy feeling my balls bouncing as he pumped me. I remembered that time when the unknown guy had wanked me when I was 18. This was even better! Sean jerked me, caressed my balls, licked and sucked on my cock until I squirmed with pleasure.

Time stood still until Sean said, "I want to be in you Matthew, I want to fuck you." It was almost a breathless whisper but probably the most erotic thing I had ever heard.

"I want it Sean, but you'll have to take it easy." I wasn't that concerned actually because I fingered my butt frequently when I wanked off and had used a variety of objects to fuck myself and stroke my prostate, including a dildo.

Sean positioned himself between my wide spread legs as I raised them bent at the knees. We used a combination of my own and Sean's pre-cum as lubrication, there was plenty of it! He lubed up my butt, smeared loads of sticky pre-cum over his prick and pressed his swollen cock head against my hole. We took it slowly, about an inch at a time. I gasped as his erection nudged my prostate. Realizing this Sean thrust back and forward a few times at that depth to stroke my prostate beautifully until a bead of pre-ejaculation spunk oozed from my cum slit. Deeper he went until he was up to the hilt, his balls hanging against mine our pubic hair mingling. Looking at one another lovingly in the eyes Sean was motionless for a minute or so, before starting to fuck in and out slowly. I bent upwards as he leaned down and our lips crushed together. Our tongues wrestled and slurped as saliva ran down my chin. Sean fucked me faster using longer strokes setting up a steady rhythm accompanied by wet squishy sounds and our panting gasps.

"Oh boy, oh yeah, oh yeah!" Sean cried out, "I've never felt anything so awesome. Your tight butt hole is milking my cock and sucking on it. I'm building up fast!"

I knew the feeling! Sean's fat prick filled me up and made me shiver with delight at each thrust. He held himself up on one arm and wanked my cock in time with his fucking and it was clear that we were both close to coming.

Sean let go of my dick to support himself on both arms and set up a steady thrusting. Oh yeah, did he know how to fuck! Definitely not his first time. I didn't know his history but thought of Jamie. He pumped in and out slowly for a few strokes and then pounded right up until his balls squashed against my arse forcing a grunt from both of us. Long strokes then short strokes as he judged his build up and my groaning reaction. I hardly needed to wank myself, just kept up a light stroking so that I wouldn't come too soon. It couldn't last though. I could feel my spunk rising with an almost unbearably exquisite tingling.

"I'm going to come Sean, fuck me hard, fill me with your hot spunk. Harder, harder!"

Sweat poured off both of us and Sean panted with the effort of his pumping.

"Oh yeah, here it comes Matthew, I'm coming, milk my prick with your tight arse!"

He didn't need to tell me. Sean thrust in hard, balls deep and his cock expanded and jerked as his spunk squirted powerfully. He came and came until creamy spunk oozed out of my butt and down between my legs.

We managed to join lips again as my first squirt shot powerfully and dripped off my chin. My butt spasmed as I came milking Sean's quivering penis even more making him cry out with ecstasy. Squirt after squirt pumped out of my throbbing cock all over my chest and stomach and our nostrils filled with the erotic distinct smell of freshly ejaculated semen.

Sean collapsed on top of me spreading warm spunk between our sweating bodies.

"You shot such a huge load Matthew! I want to suck your spunk out of your cock next."

I grinned from ear to ear, "Promise?" Putting both hands on Sean firm buttocks I pressed him tightly against me, my love for him warm and thrilling. "And I so want to fuck you!"

It was weird really.

Within days I had gone from being lonely a pretty depressed to the happiest I can ever remember.



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