I sip my drink contentedly thinking that I've done pretty well for myself. I'm only 24 years old but already considered such an asset to the company that they've entrusted me with this senior client portfolio. It's my first solo business trip and I'm staying at what they call a 'boutique hotel' which in this case means, an old manor house which has been converted. Each room is self-contained with an en suite bathroom and all one would want on a business venture. I've been fortunate to get a downstairs room with a door opening onto a swimming pool terrace. Swimming is my thing so it's great to be able to amble to the pool without much hassle whenever I like, which is frequently because the days are hot and the temperature doesn't drop too much even in the evenings.

Pulling myself out of the pool yesterday a nice looking girl hit on me asking me what the water is like. After introductions, I'm Josh, she's Amy, I see she's looking me over as we chat. I'm 5'11 and lean from regular swimming. The girls always comment on my piercing blue eyes which are fairly unusual with dark hair, so they say. I don't consider myself to be particularly handsome but obviously there's something about me that is attractive because it draws attention, even from guys, which is good because I'm gay.

There's another guy heavily into swimming, can't be more than 16, who never misses an opportunity to flaunt his stunning good looks and amazing physique. I'm not in a serious relationship at the moment and don't necessarily get drawn to young teens but this guy so blatantly makes an exhibition of himself that he's difficult to ignore. No doubt about it though, male beauty is demandingly eye catching no matter the age of the guy, and this boy is so in your face you'd have to be blind to miss him.

I've gathered that the youngster's name is Greg and that, although here with his mother, he has a room of his own just two doors from mine, also opening onto the terrace. Greg's mother is clearly the parent with some Mediterranean genes somewhere down the line. The boy takes after her, olive toned skin, black hair, and sparkling white toothed smile. He has very dark, almost fluid doe like eyes extenuated by sexy upturned eyebrows. Like many teens who look after themselves physically he has a naturally lean muscled body honed beautifully by his swimming. He's stunning and he knows it. No knee length surf shorts for him. He struts around the pool in a tight skimpy Speedo costume which clearly reveal an impressive package even for a 16 yr old. He lays on his towel on his back with the expected response from the females and of course, myself. His bulge rises impressively with a thin tantalizing hair trail leading up from the waist band of his Speedo to his naval. When he's just out of the pool, with the water glistening on his body and the wet clinging fabric of his costume leaving little to the imagination, it's pretty breathtaking. He lays with his arms behind his head revealing black tuffs under his arms but the rest of his torso is hairless. There's a light covering of fine black hair at the top of his thighs just below his costume leg line suggesting what's under the fabric and I can imagine that his genital hair is fairly bushy, running down between his legs and around his butt hole.

It's a warm night again and although fairly late I spend a good while cooling off in the pool. As I pad wetly back to my terrace door I pass the boy's window. His light is on but although the curtains are closed a movement catches my eye. The curtains, held up by those large wooden rings on a rail don't quite over-lap, so leaving a small gap. Through a very narrow chink I can see quite clearly into the room. Greg's bed runs sideways the length of the window with the bedside lamp almost up against the curtains I'm peering through. This makes it almost impossible to see anything but blackness looking out from inside which makes it safe for me, especially so as nobody ever passes on this section of the terrace. The youngster stands stark naked next to his bed stepping into a pair of sleep shorts. It happens very quickly and I just catch a brief glimpse of his flaccid cock swaying as he moves, a lovely pair of plump balls and a flash of black pubic hair before he pulls his shorts right up. He jumps into bed and the light goes out. Such a tantalizing glimpse, enough to show a nice fat cock, cut I think, of surprising length for a 16yr old.

The next afternoon after a hectic day at work I lay around the pool staring at him intently through my sun-glasses with renewed interest. The same tight Speedo, the same bulge, but now I know something of what's actually hidden there. No doubt about it his cock is both fat and long showing clearly as it lays plumply across the thin fabric of his costume. When he turns from lying on his stomach onto his back there's a definite increased swelling from the pressure created between his bulge and his towel. How I would love to grab it and give him real cause to get a full bloated erection. I would make that young boy's prick so throbbing hard he'd cry out, beg to be rubbed and sucked, desperate to shoot his load! Oh boy, I'm so horny right now.

I go out for my evening meal making sure I'm back in good time to keep watch on Greg's room. He's also been out but eventually his light comes on. I wait a short while and amble over to his window where, sure enough, the chink in the curtains allows me to see in clearly. The teen's already laying stretched out on his bed naked except for his sleep shorts right in front of me. He's stunning beautiful alright - that lovely olive toned skin, lean muscular body, pretty boy face, and I reach down to feel my already growing erection. Then he seems to hesitate, and the light goes out. Damn! I just know he was about to wank off, and of course I can hear nothing. Frustrated as hell I turn away to return to my room when suddenly his light goes back on. I hurry back and look in. He's still half leaning back but stretching over the side of the bed retrieving something from underneath. It's a porn mag! The youngster settles onto his back, head propped up by a couple of pillows, tugs his sleep shorts right off and begins to flick through the magazine. I can't make out exactly what the pages illustrate but they are definitely pictures of couples involved in sex acts of differing kinds. He holds the mag in one hand and strokes his nice cock languidly with his other. He lets go, just to turn the page, and then grips again. As he turns each page his erection rests rigidly on his stomach throbbing strongly with his pulse. His penis is about 7 inches and slightly darker in colour to his olive toned skin. He's cut but has enough foreskin to half cover his cock head and his pubic hair is hardly curly at all but almost bushy straight. As I thought, he's pretty hairy between his legs right under to his butt. His balls are fat but fairly hairless. As I watch him masturbate it's clear that some pictures provoke a stronger response than others and he pumps his rigid cock more vigorously at times. This process goes on for about five or six pages by which time his pre-cum is flowing more and more copiously. I fumble with excitement to open the front of my trousers and tightly grasp my stiff cock, trying to wank myself in time with him. Suddenly the boy turns a page to a picture he immediately finds even more stimulating than some of the others and starts to pump furiously. He opens his lean athletic legs much wider, grips his cock tightly and wanks faster pushing his cock upwards stroking the full length of his powerful erection. His bouncing balls becoming almost a blur as they jump up and down deliciously below his hairy shaft. I can't hear anything but his face shows clearly that he's groaning, panting, his mouth hanging slightly open in concentration, a drop of dribble falling onto his chin. He moves the magazine slightly to the side wanting to stare intently at his throbbing cock as he wanks breathlessly, thrusting his slim hips up and down as he pumps. He suddenly lets the mag drop to the mattress. Greg is obviously close to shooting his load and quickly lets go of his straining penis. His fat cock stretches hotly above his naval dripping a copious amount of pre-cum onto his sexy flat stomach. He wants to delay his ejaculation. The picture that has caused such excitement is almost clear from my viewpoint. I think it's a close-up of a huge cock fucking a very wet and red vagina from behind, doggy style. The boy fondles his balls and massages his nipples as his long penis continues to jerk strongly with each heart beat as if having a mind of its own. Again he takes up the mag examining the picture intently, but this time he wets a finger with his slick pre-cum and reaches between his legs to probe his butt hole. He's lifted his hips up and I can clearly see his finger rubbing around his puckered hole and thrusting in and out like the picture. Wait a minute - it's clear now, the cock in the magazine is fucking a guy's butt! This boy loves cock! No wonder he prances around so blatantly showing his manhood off. Greg grips his 16 yr old cock in earnest now and wanks himself vigorously clearly abandoning himself to the spasms that are causing his whole body to shudder violently. I can even hear his moaning from outside the window. He's lifted his legs up and bent them at the knee so that he can finger himself more deeply as he wanks. In and out of his butt hole he thrusts his finger, up and down his penis he pumps his fist. Suddenly he grimaces, eyes tightly shut, and stops wanking for just a split second. Then his eyes fly open and roll back as the first spurt of creamy cum squirts from his cock and lands in a wet rope across his chest. The boy stares intently at his penis ejaculating again and again in rapid succession long ropes of glistening cum. He wants to see how much cum he shoots and how far it squirts. Removing his finger he grabs his balls and with his pumping hand slowly milks his cock until every last drop of sticky spunk drips from his purple cock head. Finally he scoops large amounts of cum onto his finger a few times and sucks it off with his full lips, just about eating it all. Oooh I would so love to taste that boy's fresh warm spunk! Wow, I feel like applauding. But I'm too busy finishing myself off stroking vigorously and come hotly against the wall of Greg's room, trying very hard to not cry out, as I come particularly powerfully. Weak at the knees I almost stagger back to my room.

The next morning Greg and his mother are seated at the breakfast table just next to mine. I'm quite besotted with him unable to get the visions of his hot jack off session from last night out of my mind. I wonder what they have planned for the day as both are dressed smartly. The boy looks awesome in a red golf shirt with thin white trim around the collar and greenish jeans. Red is definitely his colour going so well with his pitch black hair and olive toned skin. The shirt is tight fitting enough to exhibit his muscular but lean physique and the jeans fit around a nice full bubble butt and of course his considerable bulge at the front. It's erotic to sit so close to him as I can take in more detail - the way he smiles, his sexy teenage voice, his hands with long fingers and well manicured nails, the little scar just above one eye. I would love to kiss that, and then of course move down to the rest of him! I can even smell his deodorant and a picture of what he must look like in the shower flashes into my mind - him rubbing his firm body all over, lathering up his cock and balls until he gets an erection, feeling into his butt hole. I really lust for this guy. I imagined myself falling to my knees between his legs right now, yanking open those green jeans and sucking fiercely on that fat dick of his. And yeah, how about a spoonful of his warm, freshly ejaculated, teen cum? My lustful imagination is running so wild I eat fast enough to give myself indigestion. I had better get to my client!

I'm pretty exhausted by the time I get into the pool that afternoon. I am so close to telling the client exactly where to stick his account! But it is going well and a couple of more days will see a successful conclusion. Greg isn't around and I'm wondering if they've left, oh what a let down that would be! No sign of the boy or his mother the whole evening and I turn in for an early night. I'm not asleep before I hear a noise on the terrace. I sleep naked so leave off the light and tip-toe to my window. It's Greg, completely naked, creeping down to the poolside obviously going for a skinny dip. He keeps the terrace lights turned off so it's hard to make anything out. Except that he is clearly naked. His cock sways around as he walks and I catch a glimpse of his tight bubble butt just before he dives under the water. He's in for about 15 minutes and, glistening slightly in the moonlight, he makes his way stealthily back to his room. I give him 5 minutes and peek around my terrace door. His light is on. Yes! With just a towel around my waist I take up my usual position in front of the chink in the boy's curtain. Greg's toweling off in front of the mirror admiring himself. He turns this way and that and then concentrates on drying his genitals off with some vigour by which time he's half-erect. Dropping the towel he looks at himself side-on to the mirror and fondles his balls around and around until his erection is pointing straight up. Still looking in the mirror he grips his hard cock in a full fist grip and pumps slowly up and down the full length. He pulls his foreskin right down gripping the base of his shaft tightly and admires the swollen helmet head of his penis which is red and shiny with engorged blood. He pumps some more a bit faster obviously liking the look in the mirror of his full length being stroked and his balls jumping up and down with each pump. I certainly like it! Pre-cum appears as he milks his cock head with a few slow shorter strokes and then swipes some off with a finger and licks it. A sticky wet thread clings to his finger and then breaks off just as he puts it into his mouth. This boy is really into eating his own cum. Yum! He turns and walks to his bed letting me have a full-frontal. Awesome, breathtaking! His lean athletic body moves almost cat-like across to his bed and there's a lustful look on his pretty-boy face. His cock, pointing strongly upwards, looks almost painfully stiff and hardly sways with his walk. He pulls downwards on his balls a couple of times - I think he needs to shoot his load pretty desperately. The boy reaches under his bed for his porn mag and flops straight down onto his back. He turns immediately to the page he wants. It's a large picture and so I can see it clearly this time. One guy is sucking another one off. The guy doing the deed has managed to insert a finger in the other guy's butt hole and hold onto the guy's hairy balls with just one hand. Ooooh, such long fingers, such a large hand! With the other hand, he's gripping the large rock hard cock, pulling the foreskin right down and sucking on it hard. The guy lying back being sucked off, his legs open wide, has that lustful, almost dazed, needful look, obviously loving it. Who wouldn't?!

Greg has floods of pre-cum poring out all the time and, using it as a natural lubricant, he pumps just his cock head with short fast strokes, concentrating mainly on the sensitive rim. He's imitating the picture, probably wondering what it's like to be sucked off. I would so like to suck him off, right now! He would howl with pleasure if I got that fat teen cock of his into my mouth! Jacking strongly he's clearly building up nicely. He's all agitated and squirming around. He opens his legs wider and then shuts them a bit, opens and shuts, pumping himself into a memorable orgasm. First it's short strokes over his cock head, and then long deep, hard pumps, plunging all the way down to his hairy cock root. Like the night before he stops suddenly. This boy sure knows how to stop and start a few times to generate a powerful ejaculation. He lays still allowing his breath to steady, not even daring to touch his balls. He's so close he knows that the slightest stimulation could tip him over the edge to the point of no return. His throbbing cock doesn't stop dripping puddles of pre-cum onto his stomach though. Again he grips and pumps, slower, perhaps not as tightly, battling to hold off his climax, his panting and the occasional shudder clearly visible to me. His balls are as tight under his hairy shaft now as they could possibly be. This young teen's whole being is focused upon, screaming to come. Greg lets go once more and tries to lay as still as possible with his eyes closed, but of course nothing but full ejaculation of his load will cause his swollen quivering hard-on to soften. There's a desperation in his eyes and this is definitely going to be his last attempt to hold back shooting his hot spunk powerfully everywhere. At last he opens his eyes, but what he does next catches me totally by surprise. Like last night, I've been stroking my own cock, following the technique and rhythm of the naked boy in front of me and also expect, no, desperately need, this to be the time to come. Unexpectedly the boy sits up, opens his legs wide and bends right down until his mouth is just above his wet glistening penis head. Wow! He's a self-sucker! Testimony to his youthful dexterity, lean physique and long dick, he bends further and takes his cock into his mouth and sucks, sucks hard! Sucks, bobs his head up and down, just able to take his full swollen cock head into his mouth, and works strongly on it, slobbering wetly. He's pushing his cock up as far as he can by lifting from under his balls with both hands. He's finding it difficult to breathe, not just because he got his fat cock stuffed into his mouth but also because he's panting, gasping, clearly on the brink of coming. He shoots his first squirt of cum and swallows hard but a lot of thick creamy semen still drips down his bucking shaft. As he continues to shoot he tries valiantly to swallow it all, still sucking hard, but there's an amazing amount of cum and it pours down his shaft, into his pubic hair and onto his balls. It must be difficult for him to suck and swallow and breath all at the same time, particularly when his body is quivering with orgasmic spasms. The boy comes so strongly that shivers keep wracking his body. But obviously this isn't the first time he's done this and eventually he straightens his body up somewhat and finishes himself off by wanking his still jerking cock, slowly milking out every last drop of lovely semen. I'm doing the same outside his window, shooting my load. This has been so awesome it feels as if I'll never stop coming and my breath is coming in silent sobs. Back in my room I know that I'll have to wank off again before I can get full release from such powerful sexual tension and get to sleep.

I manage to get through the next day's work but can't wait to get back to the hotel. That evening I swim a lot trying to smooth out my agitation. Greg has been in the pool already and lays back on his towel. I can't keep my eyes off him and my mind replays the amazing scenes of the previous night. It takes all of my will power to stop myself from rushing over and ripping his little Speedo off to wank him, suck him and get my cock up his lovely firm bubble butt. After the evening meal I try to occupy myself until darkness falls and I think it may be time for another performance from the 16 yr old. I creep down the terrace. Yes! His light is on. I peer in but the room seems empty. Maybe he's in the bathroom. I wait but no appearance. I know he's not anywhere else in the hotel and wonder where he's gone when I just about faint when a voice behind me says, 'Are you looking for me?' The question is not asked in anger or indignation, but sort of welcoming, hopeful. I turn slowly. It's Greg!



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