Justin shivered with delight as Mark's sucking mouth plunged right down to the base of his rock hard shaft again into his pubic hair with a wet slurping sound. Straining to push his throbbing penis even deeper down Mark's throat Justin gasped as Mark then concentrated for a moment on his engorged purple cock head whilst also massaging his fat semen bloated balls.

It was a naked foursome.

The youths had planned this sexual escapade in fine detail to each obtain the most awesome ejaculation possible and attempt to shoot their loads at precisely the same moment.

Justin lay back on a low canvas deck chair with Mark kneeling in front of him between his wide spread legs. Each of the other youths had vied to be the one to suck Justin off because he had the biggest prick and really fat balls which always delivered a huge load. Also because Justin was particularly good looking, had a stunning lean body, and even his fat penis could be called 'beautiful'! As they had done many times previously, each of the boys desired to suck and wank Justin off and watch his strongly bucking cock squirt his spunk out powerfully. This was fine by Justin! He couldn't get enough of it and let them work his cock anytime and anyway they wanted.

Mark though was voted the best cock sucker. To their delight he had sucked off each of his friends to a shuddering climax on numerous occasions and they reckoned that he could make a lot of money offering this service! He could deep throat even the longest and fattest penis and had the knack of setting up an awesome sucking rhythm that soon made each of the boys shout out in desperation to come. Mark loved to swallow cum and craved to taste a guy's fresh hot semen squirting down his throat as he sucked the boy's spunk out of his quivering dick. His friends were very glad to oblige on a regular basis! Mark was the obvious choice to suck Justin off.

Positioned behind cock sucking Mark was Simon who steadily arse fucked the kneeling Mark as he leaned over to work on Justin. A gifted arse fucker, Simon had an uncanny instinct for precisely locating a guy's prostate with his very large cock head and pumping against it so that semen oozed copiously from the boy being fucked long before he actually ejaculated. Simon knew when to thrust in hard and deeply, when to use short strokes. He sensed when to stop pumping almost entirely, except for a very slight in and out motion just nudging the guy's prostate, which had the boy begging Simon to fuck him hard and let him shoot his load.

The fourth youth was muscular Andy who was straddled legs wide across Justin's chest. With Justin laying back in his low deck chair Andy stood with each leg on either side of Justin with his penis straining upwards just above Justin's upper chest close to his face. This created the perfect position to enable Justin to jerk Andy off. Justin could stroke Andy's cock with one hand and easily massage the boy's hanging balls and probe his butt hole with the other. Andy was keen on this position in the foursome as pretty boy Justin was voted the best wanker. Almost obsessed with wanking himself or other guys off, Justin had masturbation down to an art form. No matter the size or shape of a guy's cock, cut or uncut, Justin just knew exactly where to grip an erect penis, how hard to hold it and how fast to wank it. He knew that each boy preferred a way of being wanked – some liked it hard and fast, others more softly with slow languid strokes, each guy being brought to shoot his cum with a combination of techniques. With this instinctive understanding Justin practiced a bewildering variety of strokes and wrist movements which he used dependent upon how the boy he was wanking was responding at any given point in the wank off session. Justin could grip or massage a boy's balls with the right pressure and hand movement to stunning effect and boasted that he could make a guy come just by massaging his balls. The other youths never yet had the will power to prove this claim because as soon as Justin got to work on them they were just desperate for him to grip their cocks and wank them off to an intense orgasm as only he could. Justin's long fingers would expertly probe a boy's butt hole, sliding in and out as he wanked a boy to a screaming ejaculation as he came hard and shot his cum with great force. Justin used all of these techniques on himself and held the long standing record for shooting the furthest distance.

It was an awesome set up:

Justin, being sucked off strongly by Mark, was wanking Andy in a way that had the muscular youth weak at the knees.

Simon was fucking Mark so expertly that they were both panting towards powerful orgasms.

A bonus for Andy was that as Justin wanked him off he could reach back to fondle the hairy root of Justin's thick cock and feel Marks wet lips as they buried into Justin's pubic hair on deep down strokes. Wow, such an awesome feeling!

It was clear from the gasps, cries and rhythmic squishy noises that all four youths were rapidly nearing their point of no return.

Justin shivered again, this time violently, as Mark, continuing to suck his cock, slid a finger into his butt hole nudging his prostate. Justin writhed in pleasure as he felt prostate prodded semen leaking from his quivering prick, which of course, Mark gleefully gulped down.

Mark groaned loudly through his cock filled mouth as Simon fucked him with a devastating combination of short and long strokes. Simon would withdraw his cock until there was just the bloated head left buried inside Mark and then plunge almost brutally inwards until his balls smacked against Marks buttocks. Then for a few strokes he would find Mark's prostate with his cock head and do short, rapid pumps, milking it beautifully. Mark tried desperately to control his ejaculation knowing that if he even touched his own cock he would immediately shoot strongly.

Andy's eyes flew open wide, very nearly coming, as Justin's own imminent ejaculation caused him to grip Andy's pulsing dick tighter and stroke it faster. Luckily Andy made Justin stop wanking him the very moment he felt his cock buck strongly to shoot a first ball aching squirt and just managed to arrest that almost unstoppable process of coming. Pre-cum was pouring from Andy's cum slit and dripping down his shaft over Justin's grip. Justin saw this and pulled Andy forward by his thick cock and licked all around the boy's massively engorged sensitive helmet head. Again Justin had to let go of Andy's cock for a couple of minutes or the youth would shoot too soon. Waiting for a moment, breathing heavily, Andy admired his big cock straining upwards throbbing strongly with each fast heart beat. Dripping sticky pre-cum onto Justin's chest, with the deep red imprint of Justin's wanking hand around his shaft and balls drawn up tightly, Andy had never been more ready to shoot his hot creamy load.

It was Justin who felt an unstoppable quivering deep inside him and the first to gasp that he couldn't hold back any longer. Even with Mark's lips only lightly around his cock head and his finger not moving inside him at all, Justin knew that he would shoot within seconds. Seeing Andy's fat cock in front of his face so totally primed to pump out its load and feeling it drip warm pre-cum onto his chest pushed Justin over the edge.

There was a frenzy of movement and sound then - sucking, fucking, wanking, slurping, ball slapping, gasps, shouts and ecstatic cries.

Justin shuddered pumping his hips up and down as he blew an enormous load into Mark's sucking mouth. His cock shot out cum with such force and volume that creamy spunk almost exploded from Mark's mouth even though he was gulping it down as fast as he could.

As Simon's balls smacked against Mark's butt on a hard, deep in-stroke, Mark felt Simon's prick bucking inside him as he started to come. With Simon shooting strongly, Mark wanked his cock a few strokes and almost immediately began to ejaculate, his cum pumping out in long sticky ropes. Simon continued to fuck Mark as both boys came. Mark's powerful ejaculation spasms caused his arse muscles to tightened and loosened around Simon's shooting cock milking the cum out of his balls.

As predicted Andy screamed out in ecstasy as Justin wanked him to a violent ejaculation with short strokes just below his cock head. Andy's first squirt hit Justin full on in the face. Justin quickly opened his mouth and managed to catch a couple of creamy mouthfuls savouring Andy's warm sticky semen on his tongue. Andy's balls emptied onto Justin's face, neck and chest.

A collective, "Oh, oh, aaaah, oh yeah!" rose up as the four boys collapsed onto one another. They lay for a while with semi-erect plump cocks still dripping cum and the erotic strong odour of four big loads of freshly ejaculated youth spunk permeating the room.

Almost perfect, a different combination next time perhaps?



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