16 yr old Jason stood naked in front of his full length mirror looking at his reflection as he pumped his swollen erection slowly. He was an extremely handsome lad with longish blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a smooth slim, virtually hairless, athletic body.

He turned to the side enjoying immensely the side view of his hand stroking the full length, wondering if his penis had grown over the passed few weeks or so.

Such a lot had happened since he had embarked on an exciting journey of sexual discovery with his much loved 18yr old brother David. Just thinking about David caused Jason's teen cock to swell in his hand even more. David was powerfully built, with a beautiful 8 inch cock, so fat that Jason's fist couldn't fit all the way around it. Oh yeah! Jason pumped the full length of his own penis remembering vividly how David's cock looked and felt whenever he masturbated his brother - so hard yet spongy, throbbing hotly and then bucking powerfully as David ejaculated his delicious sticky spunk again and again. Yes, it was definitely delicious, Jason had tasted that lovely warm viscous semen often. As Jason watched himself in the mirror stroke his plump manhood he recalled the exquisite sight, and amazing sensation, of having David's big fist gripped around it, stroking relentlessly up and down until every last bead of thick semen had been milked from it. Soooo awesome! Jason turned front-on to the mirror, his legs open wider, aiming his pumping hand upwards towards his naval, so that he could see and feel his balls better as they rose and fell heavily with each stroke. He totally loved his hot looking balls, which began to tighten up nicely now. David had kissed and sucked his younger brother's balls so tenderly before probing below them into his butt hole, in and out, with his slick finger. How he longed for that thrusting finger to be his brother's fat cock! Jason was so ready for that. David had explained how Jason could prepare himself by sliding a candle in and out of his butt hole as he wanked himself off. Doing this had caused the boy to experience the most intensely powerful climaxes of his young life. Many nights he had fucked himself with the candle as he wanked, almost screaming out loudly, as he began shooting frantically. He knew that he always made too much noise because the next morning, David, who had the bedroom next to his, would greet him with a knowing smile. He just couldn't help it though - pumping and thrusting, Jason would hump up and down making his bed squeak, panting, gasping and uttering expletives out loud, as his hot spunk squirted high into the air. He came so powerfully that he could actually hear the squishing noise of that first squirt shooting from his cock slit, and then loved the feeling of the long ropes of warm cum falling across his naked torso and merging all gooey with his light brown pubic hair. Jason wanked himself harder as he watched in the mirror, turning this way, sure now that his cock had indeed fattened up recently. He soon felt that familiar intense, exquisite tingling, beginning to course from his balls, into his butt and up his fat cock shaft which dripped pre-cum.

Oh, what was that? Oh no! A noise behind him! He hadn't expected anyone to come home!

David's reflection quickly came into view in the mirror. He had obviously returned from an early lecture and taken in the situation immediately. Without saying a word David stepped closely behind Jason cupped the naked boy's nice rounded buttocks in his left hand whilst reaching around to grip Jason's stiff cock with his right. His hand was big enough to cover his young brother's butt and probe with his middle finger into Jason's crease. David kissed Jason tenderly on the neck as his finger probed Jason's butt hole. The 16 yr old groaned out loud as he felt his brother's probing finger and his quivering penis being pumped firmly. 'Oh, oh yes, grip my cock tighter Dave, wank me faster, oh yeah, that's it, oh yeeeah!' Jason panted with short breaths as he leaned back into his brother. Both brothers watched in the mirror at David's fist pumping Jason's erection strongly for a few minutes, noticed the boy's smooth balls tighten more and more under his stiff shaft. 'You can come now Jase, let it go my bro,' David encouraged pumping a bit faster, seeing and hearing the clear signs of his brother's imminent climax.

'Fuck, oh fuck' young Jason hissed in almost a whisper as the first spurt of his creamy cum shot thickly onto the mirror. Again and again Jason's cock bucked strongly in David's pumping hand, shooting out powerful squirts, which glistened wetly on the glass before running down the slippery surface.

David continued to probe Jason's butt hole and milk his brother's teen cock until the last drop of cum had dripped from his swollen cock head. David stretched forward and scooped up a big glob of Jason's warm cum onto his finger and sucked it off with his lips. The older brother's cock twitched at the smell and taste, 'Mmmmm'.

David thrust his hips forward hard against Jason's fat naked butt cheeks so that his brother could feel his huge erection straining inside his jeans.

'Feel that Jay? That's all yours tonight my little bro.'

Jason had a pretty serious school track meet that afternoon and took advantage of some of his pent up energy to clock a pretty impressive time. Although he had ejaculated powerfully that morning at his brother's hand, David's promise for that night continued to make his young loins stir. Anyway, at 16, coming more than once a day wasn't a big deal, but what would happen that night was a very big deal indeed for Jason, he'd had wet dreams about it already. He had never been fucked, if the candle wasn't taken into account! That was going to change that night. Rounding the last bend of the track Jason put on an extra spurt, his beautiful young body responding immediately to the demands. Jason wore tight running tights under his track shorts but even they couldn't entirely restrict the friction as his penis flopped up and down with his exertions. His cock wasn't entirely soft either. The friction of his under-shorts, plus flash images of David wanking him so amazingly earlier in front of the mirror, kept his penis in a plump state. Jason knew that the other boys would gawk as usual at his impressive looking manhood when he joined them in the showers, especially now that his cock was slightly aroused, but he was used to being admired by both males and females alike. He was a stunning good looker in every respect and he was comfortable with that.

It wasn't until about 8pm that night that Jason and David were left alone in the house.

David sat comfortably naked at his computer when Jason walked into his room. Their parents were a liberal couple and totally happy for the older brother in particular to keep his room exactly how he wanted it. David didn't hide his porn stash or any other things concerning his more intimate life. David was busy on a favourite gay web site which offered hot pics and videos. He wasn't a fan of poses that blatantly looked staged preferring web-cam type shots showing guys in more realistic situations. He had a few guys on his chat list and often enjoyed mutual real-time wank off sessions. David was wanking his big cock in full view of his web-cam as Jason entered his older brother's room and a guy on David's monitor was doing likewise. Jason was sure that those who watched David wanking came extra quickly at the awesome sight of his brother's huge cock spurting strongly. Jason himself was already half erect at the sight before him.

David spoke a few words to the guy on his screen, broke the connection, and turned to Jason, 'Just in time my bro!'

There was no hesitation between the brothers anymore. Jason walked straight over to David who still sat at his computer, kissed him on the neck, bent over and, gripping his brother's hard penis, pumped it. David leaned back enjoying immensely as always his big cock being wanked by his younger brother. His large balls hung fairly loose over the front of the seat and flopping up and down as his brother stroked. Jason had such a great technique. He held David's shaft just below the cock head and stroked its full length steadily, up over the sensitive rim and then right down hard all the way to his thick hairy root. 'Oh yeah Jase, mmm, yeah, I love the way you wank me!' When Jason wanted to build David up quickly, he would pump very short fast strokes just above and below the cock rim, gripping as tightly as possible. David would squirm and pant, hump up and down in unison with his little brother's pumping, and be ready to come in no time. The fact that Jason's fist couldn't fit all the way around David's fat throbbing organ made it all the more erotic somehow. But tonight wasn't about coming as soon as possible.

Jason was naked except for his favourite faded blue jeans. In his sitting position David's face was about level with Jason's waist. David easily reached up and undid the top button of his brother's jeans pulling the zip down. Jason's jeans flapped open to reveal his pale blue tight fitting briefs. 'No surprised there then!' remarked David hooking his fingers in the waistband and pulling down. Jason almost always wore tight pale blue briefs. Blue was his favourite colour and he loved to feel his genitals hugged snuggly. There was the added benefit that the tight briefs created an impressive looking soft bulge in the front of his jeans. He often noticed males and females eying it, involuntary licking their lips. The bulge wasn't at all soft now though as David pulled jeans and briefs down below Jason's buttocks to his knees. The younger boy's erect cock was pulled down for a moment, caught in his clothing, and then slapped upwards against his firm stomach on release. Jason's lovely penis strained upwards towards his naval throbbing hotly in front of a sexy golden fuzz trail. 'I don't think I'll ever get enough of looking at your beautiful cock Jay,' remarked David as he rubbed his young brother's balls with his left hand and held Jason's manhood out from his body with the other and stroked it. Jason looked down intently as his brother wanked him slowly thinking that he was going to take pictures of scenes like this with his new digital camera, to use when he masturbated on his own. Still gripping Jason's cock with is right fist, David then reached behind his young brother's waist with his left hand and cupped his firm buttocks. He gently pulled Jason's towards him until he had the boy's penis right in front of his face. David held its hard length against his cheek loving its spongy but hard warmness, smelling that exotic strong boy aroma of young cock mixed with pre-cum. He licked the full length of it up and down, held it up as he sucked on Jason's balls, eventually swirling his tongue around the boy's sensitive cock rim. Jason was almost beside himself wanting his cock sucked. 'Suck my cock hard Dave, pleeeze!' he begged. The older brother was so glad to oblige and took the 16 yr olds throbbing manhood into his mouth and sucked strongly. Jason shuddered, 'Ohhh, oooooh yeah! Oh, that's so awesome Dave, suck harder!'

David sucked Jason's lovely young cock up and down, concentrating on the head one moment and then plunging right down to the youngster's balls the next. In between he wanked him, rubbed his balls and deftly worked his fingers between his brother's butt crease. Jason had a really amazing muscular, rounded butt, testimony to his athletic prowess on the school track team. David knew that Jason had been following his instructions about the candle - he was kept awake often enough by the noises coming from his brother's bedroom. Many times David had lain back on his own bed listening, his legs open wide, vigorously pumping away, trying to pace himself with Jason's wanking. When his brother's muffled voice cried out in final ecstasy David would also loose all restraint and enjoy an amazing ejaculation, his spunk spurting strongly in long sticky ropes onto his naked body. Lovely indeed!

David's fingers probed deeper into Jason's butt crease. He was able to keep his brother's cock in his mouth whilst reaching behind to use both hands to part Jason's cheeks. The younger boy suddenly felt the air around his puckered hole and squirmed as David rubbed around it on the outside, causing a strong surging in his balls.

It was time.

David was so strong! He stood up from his seat lifting Jason with him and carried him over to his bed. He lay him down across the mattress, lowered himself gently on top of Jason and kissed him. It was very passionate as both brothers kissed wetly, sucked and probed with their tongues. Jason pushed his hips upwards as David pressed down, their warm bodies attempting to merge. Both cocks dripped copious amounts of pre-cum which was spread around and mingled into one warm slippery wetness on their naked stomachs as they ground together.

At last David gasped, 'I've so waited for this Jason, I'm going to fuck you into the middle of next week my little bro!' He moved off Jason a bit to kneel between his legs. Pushing a pillow under his brother's hips, David opened the 16 yr olds thighs wide, bent his knees and pushed Jason's legs up towards his torso. The boy's puckered hole was presented beautifully in full sight. David bent down, couldn't resist sucking his little brother's balls for a while, and then lapped his tongue around Jason's butt hole. Jason gasped and pushed his hips upwards as his older brother's tongue probed inwards. David was prepared, having a tube of lube on hand, and coated his fat cock with a generous amount of the viscous gel. Hmm, oh yeah, his 8 inch cock throbbed strongly with each heart beat and already his big balls were pulling up tightly around his bushy shaft.

David's lubed finger entered Jason's butt hole. Jason had done a good job with the candle and the older brother was soon able to insert two fingers with ease. He could wait no longer. He positioned himself between Jason's open legs so that his cock head touched against his brother's warm butt hole and thrust forward gently. 'Oh yeah, oh, oh yeees,' David hissed as his fat cock sunk deeper pushing his foreskin right back exposing the sensitive head to the friction and sucking of Jason's butt hole.

'Oh, oh, oh, yeah,' echoed Jason, feeling David's stiffness, four times the diameter of the candle, open his butt and slide inwards and up towards his prostate. Jason's cock twitched and dripped a bead of creamy cum as David's prick nudged the younger boy's prostate on its journey deeper, almost taking Jason's breath away.

'Okay Jase?' David asked breathing deeply, holding still for a moment once he had pushed all the way in to his balls.

Jason looked deeply into his brother's eyes, this act of their bodies merging, confirming their love for one another. His lips trembled, 'I love you Dave.' David replied sincerely, 'I so love you my little bro.'

David began to thrust in and out - not too fast at first, just a couple of slippery inches back and forth. After a while though he gripped Jason's hips and started fucking his little brother more vigorously creating the most awesome sucking noise.

Jason gasped, rolled his eyes, pulled his legs up more, opened them wider, as David fucked. A gurgling noise rose from the younger boy's panting throat.

The older brother felt his rampant cock being rubbed and sucked by Jason's butt, and that familiar but desperate need to shoot, was almost upon him. He knew he would powerfully unload an immense amount of spunk as his balls ached to come. Jason's cock was flopping around on his flat stomach with the vigour of his brother's strong thrusting. David gripped it and wanked it firmly in time with his pumping in and out. Within a few more thrusts David pushed in strongly as he began to fill Jason with his spurting cum. 'Aaaaah, yes, yes, yes,' he gasped as his cock exploded again and again.

Jason felt his brother repeatedly spasm thickly inside him and then a warm wetness dribble out of his butt hole. As David eventually withdrew panting heavily it was like a plug being removed from a leak, his churned up semen gushed from Jason's hole and ran down onto the mattress.

'Oh Jase, oh Jase,' David hugged and kissed his young brother tenderly his breath hot on his neck. David's heart aching with love for him.

Jason was equally moved and totally speechless. David wasn't finished with his young brother yet, and quickly shifted down Jason's body until his face was level with the youngster's groin. The sheet between Jason's legs was wet with David's cum and smelled strongly of fresh spunk. The younger brother's cock was still semi-erect as David sucked it into his mouth, working it vigorously up and down until it strained upwards. Jason thought he would pass out. He had been fucked good and hard and was now being sucked off strongly. It didn't take long for Jason to come. He made almost no sound, just lifted his hips up off the bed as his older brother finished him off. David didn't stop sucking as his mouth filled with his little brother's hot shooting semen, he swallowed every drop. David milked Jason's sticky cock with his sucking mouth until it at last began to lose its stiffness.

Both feeling spent. The naked brothers hugged and kissed again, then, wrapped around each other, drifted off into sleep for a time.

The next morning handsome 16yr old Jason was filled with a new urgent desire. The awesome happenings of the previous night were vivid in his mind. Being made love to by David held such a depth of emotion for Jason, so much more than passionate sex, but profound acts of love. He would treasure his brother for ever and know him as his best friend. Jason knew one thing for absolute certainty though, he was going to make passionate love to his brother, very, very soon!



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