There's an incredible commotion coming from number 43, next door. Not unusual. The couple who live there are both heavy binge drinkers and get into fights and shouting matches all the time. Their son, 19 year old Jamie, is a really nice, totally hot guy. He's only just out of high school because he failed a year or so along the way, but that's hardly surprising considering his home situation. The racket from next door is pretty frequent but as it's 11 at night I peer through my curtains.

The door of number 43 flies open, Jamie stumbles out and the door slams shut. Jamie sort of staggers to the step at the front gate and slumps down with his head in his hands.

I'm wondering what to do. As a 26 year old gay guy, I try to live a pretty low profile existence and don't get involved much with neighbours, other than an occasional greeting. I've got my own place with 2 bedrooms and a study and nicely set up. I've had a couple of conversations previously with Jamie though and feel that I can't ignore what's happened and go over to him.

"Hey, man, what happening?"

Jamie takes a while to respond, doesn't even look up as he slurs thickly, " . . . thrown out . . . . bloody folks pissed as usual . . . . shouting match 'cause I wanna go (hic) college."

"What you going to do?"

"Du'now." (heavy burp).

"Look, I've got a spare room, you're welcome to come to my place for the night and I'm sure it'll all get sorted out in the morning."

"Yeah?" looking up through squinting half shut eyes.

"Of course, come on." with difficulty I help him to unsteady feet.

He's exhausted and maybe even more pissed than his folks, probably how he had the guts to speak out. He's very unstable on his feet but I manage to get him next door and into my spare bedroom. Of course he doesn't have any luggage and just stands there in a sort of a daze, hardly knowing where he is or what to do. I take control.

"Come on Jamie, let's get you into bed, you can borrow something of mine to sleep in."

He slurs, "No problemo . . . . always sleep nude . . . ." and tries to strip off but fumbles ineffectively.

I step forward and pull his tee shirt up and over his head. First time I've been up this close. Oh boy, really handsome guy, darkish complexion, thick almost pitch black hair. Shit! This is majorly awkward! This young guy is so totally hot and my cock is already beginning to stir as he stands naked to his waist and I'm confronted with his stunning body only a couple of inches from mine. Surprisingly his torso is almost hairless, completely smooth, athletically slim but with well defined pecs, and a sexy six pack hard stomach. Hmm, oh, oh my, a lovely warm, sweaty guy smell sends my senses reeling and my lust level soaring! He loses his balance and tips forward into me so that his firm warm teen body presses heavily against me bringing my cock to immediate full erection. His head rests on my shoulder intimately and I can feel his hot breath on my neck, his full red lips gaping open slightly drooling wetly. Ooooh, oh yeah, how I want to plunge balls deep into that lovely wet mouth, fuck that handsome face!

His beautiful brown eyes with long, almost feminine lashes, try to focus, "Sorry man . ."

With great restraint I utter hoarsely, "Don't worry Jamie, let's get these jeans off." I walk him backwards hesitantly until he can sit on the edge of the bed where he tries without any success whatsoever to undo his jeans.

Kneeling in front of him, my face level with his crotch, my trembling fingers undo the large button at his slim waist. My mouth goes dry as I focus on the tantalizing dark hair trail leading from his naval into the promising mysteries below. Oh, there's no zip fly, but metal buttons. My lips tremble as I fumble with the first button. Success, his jeans flap open a bit to expose his dark pubic bush showing above tight blue briefs The second button is even more difficult because this guy has a really impressive fat bulge straining against the fabric of his jeans, really fat! Oh boy, oh boy, his large bulge is soooo warm and sooooo spongy soft as I press into it struggling to get the next button undone. Jamie can't remain upright any longer and flops heavily down onto his naked back giggling softly, "Hey, . . . . tickles Andy . . ."

Still kneeling between his legs, I lick my lips even more fervently, as I go for the third button which is right on top of his tantalizing bulge. I deliberately press down much harder than is necessary this time to be rewarded with an awesome feel of his plump young cock and warm balls nestling snuggly inside his briefs. Shivering with excitement I just about rip the next two buttons off to get them undone which allows me to open his jeans wide. Oh, oh yeah, the youth's genitals are fully exposed now straining heavily against the thin blue, almost transparent, tightly stretched fabric of his thin briefs. I can't help myself, I roll and massage his soft spongy penis around and around and cup his warm testicles in my hand. My heart races madly. Well, no complaints from Jamie. He's hasn't passed out yet but what's going on doesn't seem to be registering with his foggy brain. Here goes - I grab his low slung jeans at the waist and quickly pull them and his briefs down over his rather bony hips and slip them all the way off. Jamie is totally naked now apart from a pair of socks! I can hardly believe it - I'm kneeling between the open legs of this beautiful nude19 year old boy as he lays back with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed, my face mere inches from his manhood. What an awesome sight! A stunning athletic body, smooth olive skin, almost hairless but for his dark mystery trail running from his naval into his pubes. The boy has a surprisingly large bush of very curly black pubic hair fanning out around and reaching up the base of his thick cock. Plus a good covering on his fat balls - and they are really fat, hanging low between his open legs. It seems unusual to me that most of his body, from the perspective of hair, is like a much younger teen including a sort of adolescent fine covering on his upper lip, but his genital hair is totally that of an adult male. Oooh, and so is Jamie's beautiful cock, majorly adult male! The sight immediately makes my mouth water - plump, must be 5 to 6 inches, even non-erect. He's cut but sort of in-between, there's no extra foreskin extending beyond his cock head but enough foreskin so that his cum-slit is only just visible. Gulping, I weigh his loose hanging balls in one hand - so heavy, must be full to bursting with semen! Lifting them up I can see the hair trail between his legs disappear underneath him leading to his butt hole. Still cupping his balls, I probe underneath gently with my other hand - oh yeah, yeah, there it is! I can feel his nice butt hole! Jamie's cock twitches strongly as I touch his puckered hole and he makes a brief grunting sound. I think he's about out of it now but still responding at some level to what I'm doing to him. My cock throbs with desire as I imagine burying my rock hard prick, balls deep into Jamie.

I'm in a dilemma. What do I do now? Part of me thinks I shouldn't take advantage of him in the state he's in, but another part wonders if he will be any the wiser when he wakes up, so does it matter? And then of course, will I ever get a chance like this again? I've got a totally hot, stunningly beautiful, 19 year old naked guy at my mercy, for me to do with whatever I want! That decides it, and all other resolve quickly evaporates.

Still kneeling between his legs I lean forward and run my tongue up the inside of Jamie's warm thighs, left, right. Hmm so male, smooth flesh with just a light covering of hair near the crotch, warm, powerfully athletic. My tongue moves upwards and I eagerly lick his lovely spunk filled balls. Oh yeah! They're too big to take both at once so I suck the lowest hanging ball into my mouth first, and then move to the other, sucking and tasting their sweaty muskiness, imagining the creamy, hot semen, churning around inside. I'm not sure if I sense a response from Jamie, but think maybe his legs open wider as I suck noisily on his hairy balls. Still licking and sucking his balls I grip the teen's plump cock, which stretches across his pubic hair to rest on one thigh, and squeeze it. I squeeze and loosen, squeeze and loosen again and again, attempting to pump it to life. Yes, it's definitely thickening! I let go to examine Jamie's cock closely for a moment, my eyes only a couple of inches away, reveling in the very definite delicious boy smell coming from his genitals. Oh yes, for sure, his prick is throbbing, getting stiffer and thicker as his pulse pours blood into it. No noise coming from him though, looks like his eyes are closed. I squeeze his teen prick a few more times whilst rubbing his fat balls and his cock is soon rigid enough to stroke slowly up and down the full length. Half a dozen more nice pumps, from the hairy root right up to the cock head, and Jamie's penis is straining upwards, at least 8 to 9 inches long and about 6 inches in circumference. It's huge! How he must look forward to gripping that cock and wanking it every day until his fat balls empty! I pull his foreskin right down his thick shaft to fully expose an unusually large mushroom head which is already dripping loads of pre-cum. Jamie is clearly one of those guys who produce copious amounts of pre-cum the moment they even begin to think about getting a hard-on! What a delight I flick my tongue out and lick the sticky juice up before taking Jamie's entire large cock head into my mouth. Glorious, wonderful, heavenly, silky and smooth! I lash his hot swollen cock head with my tongue all around the sensitive rim, probe the cum-slit licking up Jamie's delicious juices again, and then suck hard. As I suck on Jamie's amazing prick I grip his fat shaft tightly, stroking it up and down. Oh, now there's a clear reaction from the teen. With a loud, "Aaaah!" he thrusts his hips up to bury three quarters of his shaft down my throat! Almost gagging on the sheer size of the boy's penis I peer up to see what's going on. Trying to prop himself up on his elbows, Jamie's big brown eyes are wide open in surprise. There's a lustful look on his handsome face as he begs, "Oh, oh, don't stop, suck it, suck my cock." Now's not the time to ask questions and I resume sucking and pumping, slurping noisily, taking more and more, deep throating until he is balls deep in my mouth, my nose buried in his sweaty pubic hair. Rubbing his balls around and around, massaging that lovely teen spunk inside them, I suck harder and harder as he thrusts his beautiful cock in and out of my mouth. Jamie is panting and gasping with delight opening his legs as wide as he can. Over and over I draw my mouth upwards to lavish my tongue around his sensitive rim and then plunge down his fat shaft again to his hairy balls. He puts one hand onto the top of my head as he thrusts up and down and we set up a devastating rhythm that is making his toes curl and taking his breath away. Lubing up a finger with his creamy pre-cum froth I reach under his buttocks to feel his butt hole, still working hungrily on his throbbing prick. My finger slips easily inside him. Hey, this is no virgin butt hole! My own stiff cock jerks at the realization, straining painfully within the confines of my pants and wetting my boxers. A second and third finger slip into him quickly and I begin to finger fuck him as I suck his prick. Jamie is gurgling with pleasure and before long reluctantly pulls my head off his cock, saying, "Oh, oh, oh I'm going to come Andy!"

Still kneeling between his open legs I look Jamie in the eyes, "Jamie, . . . what, . . . are you gay . . .or . . ?" I don't know where to begin.

He's not thrown by this question at all and clearly sobering up fast, "Whatever. Girls, guys, of all ages, have been coming on to me for as long as I can remember. Frankly, I don't care which orifice I'm balls deep into as long as I can get my nuts off. Can't get enough. I can come 5 times a day and still look for more. So, come on, I'm bursting here man. I desperately need to shoot my load, you can suck, fuck or wank me, you choose."

Is this guy for real!? I just want to keep him in my room, lock the door, never let him out!

I grip his huge dripping hard cock, wank it and suck on it, until he thrashing around, thrusting his hips up and down, groaning loudly that he's going to come. And I stop.

I get up from my knees and quickly drop my pants and pull off my shirt so that I'm naked. I climb up over Jamie's hot body until I'm squatting on his chest with my legs either side of him, my prick pointing at his neck. I lean forward until my balls are hanging in front of his chin and my throbbing cock head is just above his lips. I milk my shaft a few pumps and sticky pre-cum drips into his mouth. The taste spurs Jamie into immediate action. He cups my bum cheeks in both hands and pulls me forward my dripping penis head enters his mouth. Oh, heavenly! "That's it Jamie, suck on my cock, suck my spunk out." His prick is so long I manage to reach back with one arm and easily grip a good length of it tightly in my hand. He responds by thrusting his hips up and down so that his wet cock slides in and out of my fist. Almost overcome with desire now, Jamie's hands cupping my butt push harder, so that my quivering penis sinks deeper into his sucking mouth. I need no encouragement and fuck his handsome face with a good steady rhythm, drawing almost all the way out on the upstroke and then plunging down hard all the way to my balls until my pubic hair presses hard against his nose. Soon I'm shivering with delight, "Oh yeah Jamie, oh yeah, suck my big prick, suck me off hard, suck the spunk out of my balls."

We both keep at it in earnest feeling the delicious tension building with each stroke - I'm pumping Jamie's mouth and he's thrusting his cock in and out of my fist with an almost frenzied vigour. Suddenly I feel Jamie's cock jerk violently. His whole body shudders as he opens his sucking mouth with a gasp, "aaaah!" and begins to shoot his teen load powerfully, spraying my back with his hot cum. My cock plops out of his mouth with a loud slurp as Jamie's balls empty relentlessly with rope after rope of squirting spunk.

I shuffle down Jamie's body, getting covered in his sticky cum as I go, until I'm standing between his legs. He wasn't joking about his capacity to have multiple orgasms. His cock, soaked with freshly ejaculated semen, is still fully erect. I reach eagerly forward and suck off all the thick creamy spunk until his prick is quivering again and just wet from my saliva. Hmm delicious, I so look forward to much more of that teen juice!

Desperate to come now I position myself between Jamie's wide spread legs until my throbbing cock head, nicely lubed with my pre-cum, touches his butt hole, and push forward. I slide in easily, press forward up him, moving with very short in and out motions, until I'm balls deep in Jamie. Oh boy! Oh yeah! This is it! I can feel the awesome sucking of his slick butt hole on my throbbing prick and my cock begins to jerk strongly, desperate to shoot. With my ejaculation only seconds away I begin to fuck Jamie's ass hard, deep strong full length pumps, banging almost violently against his butt at the in strokes.

"Aaaaah, yes, oh yeah, fuck me hard Andy!" Jamie shouts out with pleasure as I fuck him, adding his voice to the lovely wet sound of my cock ramming in and out of him. I grab his cock tightly, masturbating him in time with my pumping.

We're both totally over the edge as my semen shoots powerfully into Jamie. I keep fucking him strongly as he comes again pumping hot spunk onto his chest. My creamy, thick, frothy cum, dribbles out of his lovely hole more and more with each thrust of my cock and drips down between his legs.

Weak at the knees I fall onto his stunning naked body, which is soaked with his fresh cum, and grind my lips into his with immense passion.

This teen may be the boy next door but I think he's going to be spending a lot more time at my place in the future!



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