Stories by AnonymousMan

  • Black road romp

    His cock was half hard and was growing. It must have been at least 12 inches long and uncut.

  • Fatherly sexual domination

    A fictional story about a father who sexually dominates over his son. my story is not involve rape because no violence is shown and the son ends up enjoying it, and does not cry.

  • Sales Convention

    It was strange for him, to have another man in his room for sex. Last time that had ever happened, he had been a freshmen at College and if his memory served him right, it hadn't been a fun time either. He was feeling the pressure as he dropped his hotel key into the ashtray and turned to look over ...

  • The Reminder

    Josh was one of those typical blond studs. He had the longish flowing hair, the deep blue eyes that could melt your insides if you didn't watch out. He had a face that when it smiled you were certain he was thinking of you, even if he wasn't. He knew the effect he had on people too..

  • Just A Bike Race

    His body seemed to tingle really as he followed Kyle. His eyes were fixed to the tall young man, and kept travelling down to his firm buttocks. He had always admired Kyle that perfect athletic looking body, and now it seemed like Kyle was about to let him taste it too.

  • On A Good Night

    He was a bit surprised to find the man already hard, or so it felt. He let his hand go up and with a bit of effort he undid the pant buttons and then the zipper. Reaching in with his hand he began to once more massage the thick flesh of the man's cock

  • Private Tour

    His body shook and he looked down, to see the man gazing at his erect cock. It wasn't a huge dick, but it was thick. He could see it winking even, as his precum was coming to the cockhead. It made him grin too as he saw the look of desire in Al's face. It was shining actually that made him arch his ...

  • Billys Bitch Boy

    He corkscrewed his fingers into my asshole, spreading it and I could feel first one, then two, then three fingers as he worked my pucker. Feeling him there, in total control of me, it began to be a turn on. I soon discovered that the more I resisted, the harder he worked my butt.

  • Where Do You Want It

    The back of the blonde's tank top was damp with perspiration. They were getting sexier by the minute and I was getting more and more turned on by watching them, watching every movement of the rippling muscles in their backs and arms.

  • Glory Hole Cock Sucker

    The guy turned and took the stall next to me. I leaned back, so he wouldn't think I was trying to steal a look through the hole. My cock was harder than ever. I could see a small wet spot on my tee, growing bigger by the second as precum oozed out of my slit and through the dark cotton.

  • Black Light Jerking

    My briefs were down around my knees. I kicked them off and turned on my side, facing him. My six hard uncut inches were pointed toward his bed. I had tanned well during the summer but the areas protected by swim trunks and shorts now glowed white.

  • Bondage Gangbang

    While a few guys worked my cock, I felt hands on my feet. I was helpless as my legs were pulled back. Someone pinned them to my shoulders, making out with me while my newly-exposed ass was up for grabs.

  • Fourth floor flirt

    He leaned in close and touched my lips with his own. Andy was a good kisser - a little tentative, but with fire and passion behind it, ready to be awakened and called out. I raised one hand to his chin and held it gently, tipping his face up a tiny bit so I had ever better access to his mouth.

  • Fucking is the Universal Language

    He pulled me to him, then bent down and with the other hand slung me across his shoulders. I laughed in surprised delight as Alexander hoisted me up into the air. Carrying me like a wrestler would his opponent, he brought me into his apartment and kicked the door shut.

  • Hot Tub Gangbang

    Pete and Sam had stripped totally naked, I followed suit, sliding into the deliciously hot water and pushing myself up against the opposite end of the large tub. Pete and Sam already seemed to be exploring each other.

  • Last Train to Lust

    I raised my hands to his shoulders and gripped solid muscle, beneath cool, shiny leather. At the same time, his hands reached for my waist. An instant later, we were kissing, lips crushing lips, tongues thrusting hungrily.

  • Mall Fuck

    Finally I got him to turn his head slightly, looking down toward my cock. I was fully hard now, and as soon as I had his attention, I stepped back, moved my hand and gave him the full view.

  • Party Animals

    He reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me close up against him. I could feel that he, too, was stiff as a steel rod. He had to be at least 8 inches. My hands slid to his firm butt and I grabbed to hold on.

  • Picture Perfect

    Greg instructed me to turn around and lean against the wall, arms and legs apart, ass thrust towards the camera. Kneeling behind me, he tugged my jeans down to my knees, then adjusted the waistband of my underwear, so that my clenched cheeks were displayed to maximum effect.

  • Sex in Stilettos

    I knew exactly what she meant. I removed her shoes by gripping the heels between my teeth, then made love to her silk stockinged feet with my mouth. Though she retained her tight grip on my hair, she did not manipulate me in any particular direction.

  • Sex Party

    By now I was completely horny and ready for sex. I wanted to do more than watch; I wanted to find someone to get me off. An older guy with a decent body touched my hard-on as I wandered down the hall.

  • Special Delivery

    I could feel my asshole pucker at the thought of the big tool spreading me open and impaling me like some great, fleshy spear. I tried not to show my excitement and get on with my job.

  • The Bully

    His body was immaculate; huge bulging arms, ripped chest, broad shoulders, the works. He had a sexy face too, partially hidden by long wet locks of hair that hung down over his eyes.

  • The Chat

    I extended my other hand, and using both began to stroke his cock. Pressing firmly against him, his other hand reached for my ass, and I could sense the strength of his desire for my ass as he ran his hand over it.

  • The Freeballer

    could feel my pubes grinding against his tight hole. The way his ass was contracting around my tool, I didn't even think I'd need to fuck him. He was going to milk me in no time.

  • The Sex Muscle

    My hand slides down my tank-top covered chest to my crotch. What I feel there is hard, stiff, insistent. My cock is my sex muscle, and I need to work it out tonight. Gotta see some action before I go home.

  • Three-way Dildo Party

    He took the rubber penis and pressed it up against my ass. I resisted him a little bit at first for some reason, and then started to relax and to take it. He slowly slid it up inside me, and I could feel it filling me, oddly cold but only at first.

  • Tiny Dancer

    As he knelt down his enormous cock thrust forward and it was almost in my face. I ran my hands over the smooth, soft skin of his back as our lips met and then something unexpected happened. His warm, wet tongue forced apart my teeth.

  • Trailer Trash Dan

    'Any chance I might get a piece of that ass?' This he said softly, and took another step towards me, looking into my eyes as he did so. I still didn't know what to say, but could feel my cock getting hard in my pants.

  • Under The Stars

    I turned my head up to face him and our lips met and parted, our tongues roamed each other's mouths. I pulled off my shirt and laid back on the blanket. He slipped his off and we began caressing, kissing, grinding against each other's bodies.