Alice's sexy body began to dance on my inner eyelids. I had met her at a party my new college roommate Booker had taken me to. Neither one of us managed to score but I had a great time particularly with Alice. Now, back in our small room with only Booker's black light on, I was horny as hell. I'd been in college a week and, for various reasons, hadn't yet jerked off or got laid. My hard-on was throbbing beneath the sheets. I glanced over at the other bed. Booker was still on his back with his eyes closed. I waited a few minutes, until I thought he was asleep, and then reached into my underpants. My cock had been waiting for the touch, it nestled hot in my hand. As I began to stroke the silky skin, Booker's voice startled me.

' A small room is no place to hide.'

I opened my eyes and they nearly fell out.

Booker was still on his back but he had removed his red bikini underpants. His long, uncut cock was standing tall and proud. His pale body was glowing in the black light. I was speechless.

' Carl, I'm not going to go the whole year without jerking off. It certainly appears you're not going to go the whole night without jerking off. It seems we got two choices. We can try to hide it or we can accept that it's gonna happen. I'm not really into guys but I'm going for it on my own. You want to stay stuck under those stuffy covers, fine. You want to come out in the air, also fine. Look or don't look. Curiosity is natural, I don't care, I've got some snake wrestling to do.'

I finally managed to find a few words. ' You planning to leave that black light on every night?'

' Nah, I knew we were both horny tonight and figured it was a good time to get it out in the open. I'll usually do my jerking off with the lights down low and my imagination turned up high.'

I giggled at that. My imagination was running pretty bright with Alice's fine body running through my brain.

' So, we cool with this?' he asked.

I looked back at him as I kicked off the covers. My briefs were down around my knees. I kicked them off and turned on my side, facing him. My six hard uncut inches were pointed toward his bed. I had tanned well during the summer but the areas protected by swim trunks and shorts now glowed white, making the brown bush around my pale cock even more prominent. I finally dared to let myself smile.

Booker rolled over to face me, his foreskin already parted enough that the red eye was now staring in my direction. I don't think that I've mentioned that I was still a virgin back then. This was the first time that anyone had ever seen me naked with an erection.

Booker returned my smile. ' Cool. Let the games begin!'

I closed my eyes and again nestled my cock in my hands. I was slowly running my hand up and down the shaft, bathing in the sensations, when I heard Booker's bed creak.

My eyes sprung open. Booker was still facing me but his eyes were closed. My hand continued it's warm pleasure dance as I watched him stroke his long, thin cock. His pink foreskin contracted as he moved towards the head and expanded as his hand slid down toward his balls. The boy was definitely a natural blonde.

As I watched his hand pump his cock, my hand seemed to pick up his rhythm. His pace was a little faster than mine, the strokes were a little longer. I had jerked off many times before, this way felt new and different. My hips began to gently rock with the beat of the room.

Booker's eyes opened but he didn't miss a beat. We stared at each other's groins as our hand and hip motions began to intensify. My breathing was starting to get heavy. I saw Booker lightly bite his lower lip as he moaned softly. His hips pushed his cock a little closer in my direction.

My back arched as I stuck my thick hard prick out toward him. Though the heads of our pumping cocks were still several feet apart, it seemed as if I could feel the heat coming off of his groin. His balls were dancing to a steadily quickening song as his hands slid up and down that long shaft.

The strong sensations churning within our bouncing balls, straining cocks and sweaty young bodies now had us in their grasp. We were locked in a mutual rhythm that was out of our control. Both of our beds were now softly squeaking, the squeaks timed so close they were almost in harmony.

My chest hairs were wet from the exertion. Even in the black light, Booker's pale skin seemed to blush red. We were both beginning to pant. Booker's cock looked red and raw as his hand pumped it even faster, his hips rocking in time with his hand. My nostrils were filled with the mixed tang of our boy sweat and musk of our precum. My rapidly pumping hand was both sticky and slick as I spread the fluid up and down my thrusting prick. Over my heavy breathing I could hear squishing sounds as the fluid rising from the bright red head lubricated Booker's cock.

As if on a signal, we stared into each other's eyes. Booker's forehead was flushed. I could see wrinkles across his brow. My balls were boiling, churning up a massive load. Our bodies were now frantically pumping toward each other. For some reason, I didn't want to come first, I didn't want to leave Booker alone in this wave of hot lust that was rolling through our small room.

Together we groaned and grunted, somehow still locking eyes, as our bodies thrashed on our beds. It seemed to go on forever, painfully, blissfully on the edge, sweat pouring off our bodies, both holding back the onrushing release we knew would consume us.

Words were moans swimming in soft guttural grunts. Over our noise, I mad out one I recognized.

' Gonna...'

' Yeah...' I gasped in response.

The cum rushed up from my balls, it rushed down from my brain. My spinal cord sent my hips into spasms as my cock shot forth in violent bursts. A handy tissue received some of the load, as did the sheets, as did the carpet. I might have blacked out for a second or two. I fought to regain control of my breathing.

I heard Booker muttering, ' stubborn prick' and opened my eyes to see him cleaning the head of his cock. I wasn't sure whether he was talking to me or to the organ he was wiping but knew that something new had happened in my life. Something I would remember the rest of my life.




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