My best sexual encounter involved a pair of underwear. It was

last summer, on a day that was so hot and sticky you couldn't bear to be

outside for more than a minute or two. At 38, no one would ever accuse

me of being a 'mall rat,' but as hot as it was that day, the mall was straight

where I headed. I can still remember the feeling of relief I had

walking inside into the air conditioning.

I went straight to a pretzel vendor and was talked into some deal where

you got a free pretzel if you purchased one of those monster sized drinks.

Since it was such a hot day, I'll be damned if I didn't slug the whole

thing down in about five minutes.

I'm a guy watcher and I love to look at other guys when the weather

is hot. Half the guys in this mall were dressed in tight shorts and

tank tops. I'm pretty bold sexually, and the type to walk around

in public with a full-blown hard-on in my shorts. Some of the guys

I saw while walking around were nine or ten on a scale of one to ten, so

my shorts were tented in no time. I tend to enjoy (visually

and sexually) guys ten to twenty years younger than I and this mall was

the perfect place to enjoy them. All that college aged flesh on display.

I'm a sucker for tans and big arms. I nearly creamed my pants when

a kid who had to be just out of high school walked passed me and flexed

(not for me, he just happened to do it) his arms. He was wearing

a dark tee with the sleeves torn out, his muscular bare arms golden as

roasted marshmallows. This little jock had me so worked up, I knew

I had to get off.

By then, that mega-drink had worked its way through me and I had to

take a killer piss. I checked the mall directory and tracked down

the nearest men's room. It was off the beaten path and took me about

ten minutes to reach it. By the time I pulled out my cock, I thought

my bladder was going to explode. I don't know how long I stood there,

draining my cock into the urinal.

A kid came in while I was having my piss. He was about twenty,

twenty-one and dressed just how I like them. He was wearing a baggy

tank top that revealed most of his lean upper body and a pair of black

nylon shorts. You know, the kind with the little holes in the fabric

that breathe real well. The young guy took a urinal two down from

me and stared at the wall ahead. I shamelessly looked at his crotch,

eager to see what kind of cock he had.

He wasn't going to let me look that easily. His hand was blocking

his rod; all I could see was his underwear, which were bright red and really

low cut. At that point I figured it for a thong, narrow elastic straps

around his waist, high cut on either side of the pouch. Nice tight

cotton basket with a good sized bulge where his nuts rested.

I was done pissing by now, but I wasn't in a hurry to step away from

the toilet. I jacked my cock a little, working it up into a hard-on

again. I made sure to exaggerate my hand movements, wanting to catch

the kid's attention. He wasn't taking a piss. Maybe he was

pee shy, but I had a feeling he was in here cruising. Finally I got

him to turn his head slightly, looking down toward my cock. I was

fully hard now, and as soon as I had his attention, I stepped back, moved

my hand and gave him the full view.

He staggered a little when he saw how hung I was. I'm pretty big

and get a lot of good reactions the first time guys see it. His eyes

drifted up and met mine, then he quickly looked away. He pulled up

his shorts and flushed the toilet. I jacked my cock for a few more

seconds, then walked (didn't pull up my own shorts) over to the stalls

and took the one on the end. Not only did I not lock the door, I

left it half open, so the kid would be able to look in when he walked past.

He pissed around at the sink for a minute, then pretended to dry his

hands with a ton of paper towels. Sure enough, he inched closer and

closer to the open door and peeked inside my stall. I was on the

toilet, my shorts down around my ankles.

I let him watch for about thirty seconds then said, 'You can watch me

beat off, but come into the stall and shut the door. I don't want

anyone to walk in and see.' It took him a minute to make a decision,

but his desire to see me jack my big cock won out in the end. He

slid into the stall and I reached over and turned the lock.

'Do you suck?' I was pulling off my shirt when I asked him this.

I think he was a little freaked out. Here we were in a public bathroom,

locked inside a stall together. I was almost twice his age and a

big hairy muscle stud that could easily overpower him. He merely

shook his head. 'I want to fuck you then.'

This really freaked him out, but his cock was so hard, I could the bulge

against his black shorts. I put my hand on the front to confirm it.

Yep, he was harder than I was. I slid both my hands up under

his tank top, savoring the creamy smooth skin of his belly and chest.

His nipples tightened immediately after only a couple of pinches.

I stripped off his tank top and pulled down his shorts. He was acting

all edgy, but my mouth on his skin seemed to ease it a little. I

started with his tits, nickel-sized nipples that felt hot against my tongue.

My hands kneaded his tented underwear as I licked him. A small wet

spot began to form just under the waistband. It got bigger by the

second. His cock looked so hot under the skimpy briefs that I didn't

want to pull it out. Instead, I spun him around and made him put

his hands up against the door of the stall.

'What if someone comes in?' he whispered. I told him not to make

any noise, that we would get arrested if we got caught. I didn't

think he was going to take off, since I'd stripped him almost naked.

I cupped his firm little ass in my hands. The red underwear wasn't

a true thong. They had a full seat, cradling his round buns.

I rolled down the waistband in the back. He wore a size small.

Someone, probably his mom, had written his initials in permanent marker

on the tag. He probably had a brother or maybe a slender dad who

wore the same size.

I peeled the underwear back and played with his buns for a couple of

minutes. He was so clean, he still smelled of soap. I pulled

his ass open and blew some cool air onto his pucker, which twitched of

course. He had a bit of fur around his hole, but his crack was mostly

smooth. I had no idea if he'd ever had a guy rim him before, but

he nearly punched through the stall door after the tip of my tongue brushed

against that little dark knot in the center of his ass.

I pressed my face in his crack and went to town, varying the speed and

pressure with my tongue. He loved it all. When I rubbed the

front of his underwear, it was wet and sticky with precum. His rosebud

fluttered against my lips. He needed to be fucked before he erupted.

I spun him back around and made him straddle my lap. My own cock

was jutting out, so I guided him down onto the tip. He winced and

I covered his mouth, reminding him to keep his yap shut. We both

froze as the door to the bathroom opened. I tried not to move, but

he was already in position. Little by little, I could feel the young

guy sinking down onto my cock.

It was pretty much a turn on to be fucking a guy in a public place with

someone else taking a leak just a few feet away. While the intruder

finished up, I studied the face of my bottom boy. His eyes were scrunched

up in agony as my cock burrowed up inside him. I pulled him close

and began to kiss him, trying to get his arms wrapped around my neck.

I felt the remainder of my cock bury itself and as soon as the other guy

left the bathroom, I began to rock back and forth on the seat of the toilet.

The kid was an animal, chewing on my lips and licking my face.

I've fucked a lot of guys, but this one was a born bottom boy. His

ass hungrily pulled me inside him and the walls of his male pussy quivered

around my shaft. His joyspot must have been supersensitive, because

every time I slid into him he ground his body against mine and went a little

more nuts.

I'd left his underwear on, but the top couple of inches of his cock

had popped out. I had to bend his shaft a little, but I was able

to tuck it all back into the pouch. Of course, the seat of his underwear

was pulled all the way down, his bare ass rocking back and forth against

my kneecaps.

The door opened again and he bolted upright, slamming his smooth chest

against my hairy one. His mouth found my ear and he gasped something.

He must have told me he was cumming, because his ass suddenly gripped my

cock and began to milk me. I gritted my teeth and felt myself explode.

I held him, trying not to make any noise, as my cock began to fill his

tight hole with cum.

His own load had come, flooding the basket of his red underwear.

The entire pouch was soaked through. I couldn't resist pulling back

the waistband and peering down into the pouch. His cock and pubic

hair were soaking in a ton of jism.

Of course after you cum, you realize just how foolish it is to have

sex in a place like a mall restroom. I eased him off my cock (yeah,

there was a wet pop when I pulled out) and pulled his underwear back up.

There was already a growing wet spot on the lower part of the seat where

my load was draining from his ass. I grabbed my shirt and yanked

up my shorts. I managed to slip out of our stall just in time.

A mall security guard came into the bathroom just as I had finished pulling

my shirt back over my head. I washed my hands and nodded to him as

I left. I sat on a bench outside and waited for the young guy to

come out. It took him about five minutes (maybe he was jacking off?)

and he didn't even look my way as he staggered out of the mens room and

out of the mall. He could barely walk straight. And I got hard

again. Mostly from thinking of the cummy mess in his underwear.

I wonder if the person who does his laundry is going to notice all that





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