I checked my wristwatch as I rang the doorbell of the third floor apartment. Over an hour late. For a guy who prided himself on punctuality, it was a bad start to the afternoon. I could only hope Greg was as friendly as he had sounded on the phone.

A moment later, the door opened and I found myself face to face with a well built guy, in his mid-thirties, dressed in tight blue jeans and a white tee shirt that clung like a lover to his well formed torso. His dark blonde hair was shoulder length and his clean-cut features would not have looked out of place in a Hollywood movie idol audition.

He flashed a perfect smile. 'Michael. I was afraid you'd got cold feet.'

'My girlfriend's damned car,' I replied. 'What can I say, except sorry?'

'Forget it,' he said. 'You're here now. That's all that matters. Well, come on in. You look like you could use a cold beer.'

As I followed him through to the living room, I feasted my eyes on his firm ass and found myself wondering what he was wearing under those butt-hugging jeans. If I were lucky, I would find out, before the end of the afternoon.

Sitting back on the black leather covered couch, I unzipped my jacket and stretched my legs, allowing my faded blue Levi's to tighten around my crotch. The effect was obviously not lost on Greg, who seated himself in the armchair opposite.

'Did you get many replies to your advert?' I asked.

'Over two dozen, so far,' he answered. 'I never realized there were so many good looking guys out there, just dying to strip off for the camera. You're the first one to own up to having a girlfriend, though. Most guys that do this sort of thing are gay.'

'I've always preferred to keep my options open,' I smiled. 'Shelley knows I swing both ways and it's never been a problem. Nothing like a shared interest to add spice to a relationship.'

'Sounds like you two have a pretty wild sex life.'

'Pretty wild,' I agreed.

He picked up a thick photo album from the coffee table and handed it to me. 'I don't have any pictures of girls, but these are a few of the guys I've done already. See what you think.'

I decided not to comment on his suggestive turn of phrase. The guys he had already 'done' were indeed impressive. All three featured in this particular album were in their early twenties - just like me - and obviously free of inhibitions. They had been photographed individually, in swimwear, briefs and a mouthwatering variety of nude poses that left nothing to the imagination. I stared for several minutes at one particular picture of an oiled and muscular black guy, whose zipper busting cock was spewing creamy cum over his chest and belly.

'You sure know how to bring out the best in a guy,' I commented, reluctantly replacing the album on the table.

Greg smiled. 'We can get started, whenever you're ready.'

I was ready!

Following him to the bedroom, I ogled his ass once again. I longed to bury my face between those firm cheeks and take him to Heaven on the tip of my tongue.

The bedroom was already prepared for a photo shoot, with the heavy blinds drawn and lights strategically placed. Greg checked his camera, then asked me to stand by the window, in a casual 'come and get it' pose, with my open jeans tugged just far enough down my hips to show a tantalizing eyeful of my white cotton briefs.

'Give me that mean macho look,' he said. 'Yeah, that's it. Pull your jeans down your thighs a little more, maybe put your hand down the front of your briefs. Squeeze your cock. Is it getting hard?'

Instead of answering, I decided to show him, pushing my swollen shaft through the left leg of my briefs, so that it rested against my thigh.

A few shots later, Greg instructed me to turn around and lean against the wall, arms and legs apart, ass thrust towards the camera. Kneeling behind me, he tugged my jeans down to my knees, then adjusted the waistband of my underwear, so that my clenched cheeks were displayed to maximum effect. The session was barely ten minutes old and I was already as horny as a cocksucker at a gay orgy.

'You may have been late, but you were worth waiting for,' Greg smiled. 'You're a natural. I'd like to take a few shots of you in just your leather jacket and underpants.'

Though I had posed for quite a few gay photographers, few had managed to make me feel like I was fucking the camera. Greg played my body like an erotic instrument, without even touching me. Having seen enough of me in my jacket and briefs, he suggested I try on some different underwear.

His collection of briefs and swimwear could have stocked a small store. Allowing me to choose which particular items I would like to display my assets in was like letting a glutton loose in a cake factory.

I spent the next forty-five minutes strutting my stuff in a sensual selection of G-strings and sexy briefs, with my cock throbbing rock hard.

'Now for the really hot stuff,' said Greg, reloading with a fresh roll of film. 'I think I'd like to have you on the bed.'

'You can have me anywhere you like,' I grinned, stroking my boner.

Lying back on the cool pink sheets, I became the star of my favorite fantasy, displaying myself on stage and teasing my audience with a performance of naked exhibitionism. Greg's camera flashed almost continuously and I responded like a slave to his every instruction.

'You're horny, Michael. You want to be fucked. Tempt me.'

Even as he spoke, I was moving onto all fours and thrusting my ass at the camera, my puckering pink fuckhole begging for a hot, hard length of cock.

'You've got a beautiful ass!' he enthused, moving in for a close-up. 'Push your cock and balls back between your legs. I want to see everything.'

At the rate he was hitting the camera button, he would have enough of me to fill several photo albums. While I fisted my cock, he lay beneath me on the bed, shooting straight up between my thighs. He photographed me finger fucking my asshole, while I was doubled over, with my outstretched tongue only inches from the oozing slit of my hard-on. I knew I couldn't take much more of this, before the inevitable happened.

'Now for the big climax,' he said, as if reading my mind. 'Just lie back and pump that beautiful cock. Tell me when you're about to cum.'

'You won't have to wait long,' I panted.

Gripping my cock in my right fist, I masturbated aggressively.

'Now!' I shouted.

A fountain of jizz erupted from my boner, globs of hot, thick cream splattering my chest and belly and dribbling down over my hand. My fist continued to pump, until I had milked out every last drop. Greg snapped several shots of me drenched in my own cum and licking the mess from my hand.

'That was quite a performance,' he said, finally laying down the camera. 'Now to get you cleaned up.'

Kneeling beside me on the bed, he began licking up my cum, starting at my chest and working downwards with his tongue. My eyes were fixed to the impressive bulge in his jeans. As he slurped cum from my belly, his right hand reached for my cock.

Though I had just emptied my load, my lust for him was undiminished. When he had licked me clean, he kissed me. As I tasted my cum in his mouth, my right hand unbuttoned his jeans and crept inside. Through the damp silk of his G-string pouch, I squeezed the bulge of his boner, confirming my suspicion that he was exceptionally well hung.

While he peeled off his tee shirt, I removed his shoes and socks, then kissed his feet and sucked each of his toes in turn. His soft moans showed his appreciation of this particular form of foreplay. Pulling down his skintight jeans, inch by inch, I kissed and licked his firm thighs. Greg lay back, hands folded behind his head and enjoyed my loving ministrations, manfully resisting the urge to take his cock in hand.

When my mouth finally reached his shiny, cream silk pouch, he spread his thighs invitingly. I stroked and kissed him, tasting him through the thin fabric.

'Suck me!' he pleaded. 'Suck my fucking cock!'

Hooking both thumbs in his G-string, I pulled it down over his hips. Nine inches of thick, bulbous veined cock reared up to smack my lips. Squeezing his balls with my right hand, I roamed my tongue over every inch of his hot shaft and smeared my face with his pre-cum, before finally wrapping my lips around his length.

In the space of the past two years, I had posed for over forty guys. Sex was never strictly part of the deal, but it always happened. However, sucking Greg's big cock was an exceptional pleasure.

I brought him close to the brink, then briefly abandoned my meaty feast, to lavish the attentions of my tongue on his balls, before progressing downwards. Moaning in ecstasy, he fisted his cock, while I buried my tongue in his hot, tight asshole.

I spent ten minutes rimming him and sucking his ass, then took his cock in my mouth again. This time, there was no brinkmanship. I deep-throated his full nine inches, until he was shooting a hot and heavy cum load down my throat.

By the time I had sucked down every drop and licked his cock clean, I was even hornier than when he had been photographing me. I had no intention of taking a break.

I licked and kissed my way up along his firm-muscled body, licking up his sweat, with one hand gripping his sticky cock. He hugged me tightly as I nuzzled the light blonde thatch of his chest hair and sucked his nipples. When I kissed him again, his cock was already swelling in my fist.

'I want your cock up my ass,' I whispered, several minutes later.

There was no need for further discussion. It took me about five seconds to get into fuck-ready position. Greg crouched behind me, spread my buttocks with both hands, then began stabbing at my asshole with his tongue.

He rimed me as eagerly as I had done him and probed my hole with two fingers, until finally I was begging for his cock. Reaching back between my legs, I gripped my own cock in my fist as he pushed the fat head of his cock into my ass.

He fucked me with the full length, banging my painfully stretched asshole just the way I loved it. This was what made being an amateur model so rewarding. When he was finally pumping my ass full of cum, I pushed my own hard on back between my legs and milked my load over his balls, thighs and thrusting fuckpole.

Several hours later, we staggered to the bathroom, to wash off the sweat and cum of an unforgettable afternoon. Soaping one another in the shower got us hard all over again, even though we had already sucked and fucked each other until we thought our balls were drained. Kissing beneath the steaming spray, we masturbated to yet another breathtaking climax.

'Maybe you'd like to come back and look at the photographs, when I've got them developed,' Greg suggested, when I was dressed and ready to leave. 'Bring your girlfriend, if you like.'

'Are you sure you wouldn't mind?' I asked. 'I know she'd love to see the pics.'

'She might suspect I did more with you than just take pictures,' he cautioned.

'By the time those pictures are ready, Shelley will know everything,' I assured him. 'In fact, she might just want to witness a repeat performance.'

'That could be arranged,' Greg smiled. 'There's nothing like a little healthy exhibitionism between friends.'




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