Since I have a taste for the naughtier things in life, I rent

a box from a mail-drop office near my apartment. I share my

place with a straight guy, and he'd wonder what was up if he

saw all the packages I get from adult video companies, sex toy

stores and the like. The place I receive my mail is just a

small operation, but I love to give them my business since they

have the cutest store clerk who works there in the afternoons.

The guy is probably in his early twenties (maybe five years

younger than I am) and sexy as hell. He's tan year

round, has a great body – which you can see since he rarely

wears anything more than tight tees and tank tops – but what

I love most about him is the fact that he freeballs. In

case you've never heard the term, freeballing means a guy

isn't wearing any underwear. How do I know this guy

freeballs? Let's just say he tends to wear loose

cotton or nylon running pants and is often, well, aroused.

I was running late the day I went in there, and I knew the

store would be closing in less than five minutes. When I

opened my box, I knew I'd hit pay dirt. A telltale

blue slip was in my box, indicating the place had an oversized

package set aside for me. It was sex toys or videos, the prospect

of either making my cock throb a little harder. Of course,

the kid behind the counter had me beat; his cock was jutting out

like a tent pole in a pair of skimpy gray cotton shorts. He

was wrapped up in packing a large box, taking a phone order while

he did so. Since he wasn't paying any attention, I

stood and gawked at his crotch. I was going to be late for

the gym, but the view was too nice to complain. I was

trying to imagine what his cock looked like when he hung up the

phone and spoke.

“You have oversized mail?” I tried not to melt

as his warm brown eyes took a cursory look at my body. I'll

admit I changed into something more revealing before I took the

trip down here. Like the clerk, I was wearing a loose

fitting tank top and a pair of running shorts. I have a

large dick, so I knew better than to tempt fate; my cock was

snugly packed in a jockstrap. I couldn't help but

brush my crotch subliminally, hoping the guy would take notice.

He said, “I'm closing up and have to finish packing

this box. Can you wait? Otherwise you'll have to

come back tomorrow.”

Hell, I could wait. I agreed, and took a seat across

from the counter, brazenly opening my legs so the guy could see

the mesh pouch of my jockstrap... if he looked. He was

preoccupied with the package, so I got up and wandered around the

store. The phone rang again and a FAX machine whirred to life.

I browsed through a brochure on bubble wrap while the kid hauled

the big box out to a rear loading dock. The lights went out

and I heard the front door lock automatically. Fuck!

I hope he hadn't forgotten me.

“I'm getting your stuff now,” the guy said,

unlocking the door to the mail area. “I think you have

two packages.” I walked over to the door and waited

for my things. “Tempting Toys, huh?” The

kid smiled and I had the good graces to redden. “I get

their catalogs all the time. This is a pretty long box,”

he noted. “I guess I'll have to just imagine what's


I didn't know what to say, so I averted my gaze,

concentrating on his crotch, which was completely tented at this

point. There was no one else around and we were locked

inside, so I took the initiative. “You want to see

what they sent me?” I took the box from him and sliced

it open with my car keys. The guy whistled when I pulled

out a box with a huge dildo pictured on it.

“Fuck, can you take that whole thing?” He was

definitely curious, unconsciously patting his swollen shorts with

the palm of his hand.

“Maybe you'd like to see me try sometime.”

I winked, slipping the box back into the package.

“Yeah, especially if you have some great new stuff from

Golden Gods Video.” He handed me the other box, which

contained the videos he was talking about. “FYI, there's

a TV and VCR in the back room.”

I couldn't believe my luck! I let the guy –

and his hard-on – lead the way. The machine was one of

those TV/VCR combos. I tore open the box from the video

company and pulled out a tape.

“Texas Tricks,” the kid read, using a drawl.

He popped the cassette into the VCR and cued it up. “My

name's Brian, by the way.”

“Nick,” I replied, sliding in behind him and

kneading his tented shorts. “Do you always freeball?”

“Always. You wouldn't believe the sex I get

because of it.” He moaned as I slipped my hands into

his pants. His pubic hair was thick, but cropped close to

the root of his cock. I wrapped my fist around his rod and

slowly began to jack him off.

“That feels nice,” he said. “Do you suck?”

Do I? I slid to the floor and crawled between his legs.

I pulled his shorts down and let his cock slap me in the face as

it shot out. I didn't waste any time teasing him; I

wrapped my lips around Brian's glistening knob and took his

cock to the base. He went weak in the knees, moaning as he

tumbled to the floor. As I worked his dick with my mouth,

he tipped his head back so he could watch the Texas studs cavort

on the little TV.

“That feels so fucking fine, Nick,” he moaned as I

bobbed up and down on his rod. As I sucked him, I cupped

his fat balls in my hand, kneading them, coaxing the cum from


“Feel good?” I asked, licking the length of his cock

from tip to balls. Brian trembled as I did, letting me pull

his legs up so I could get at his hole. When the tip of my

tongue pressed against his slot, he shuddered again, helpless as

thick ribbons of spunk exploded from his cock. I rimmed him

for a minute more, and then pulled myself up to slurp his cum off

his belly.

“Do you want to fuck me?” he asked, his legs still

airborne and his hole still twitching. I dropped my shorts

and pulled my cock out of my jockstrap. I tend to carry

condoms in my wallet, so I unwrapped one and rolled it down over

my shaft. Brian's eyes grew wide as he stared at it.

“How big is that thing?” he asked.

I pressed the fat head to his hole and pushed myself in.

Looking right at him as I started to penetrate I said: “One.

Two.” I went deeper. “Three. Four.

Five.” Brian's body jolted, his ass squeezing my

cock as I sank into him. “Six. Seven.”

“Fuck! Isn't it in yet?” Brian's

breathing quickened and he tore off his shirt. I leaned

forward and licked one of his nipples.

Then I pushed more of my cock inside him. “Eight.”

“Stop!” he cried, his lower legs pulling my neck

toward his body. I chewed on his other nipple and pushed

the last inch of my cock into his ass.

“There we go. Nine.” I could feel my

pubes grinding against his tight hole. The way his ass was

contracting around my tool, I didn't even think I'd

need to fuck him. He was going to milk me in no time.

But after a couple of minutes, he relaxed, his ass growing used

to my nine inch dick inside him. I reared up, took his

ankles in my hands and began to fuck him.

“Oh god, that feels so fucking good,” he moaned,

rocking back and forth as I screwed his brains out on the floor.

The guys on the video were making a lot of racket too, and in the

small back room, it sounded like a full-fledged orgy was underway.

I fucked him just how I like, pulling all the way out and

slamming my thick cock back in to the balls. His hole

devoured me hungrily, eager to get me off. I could tell

just by the way he was breathing that he was ready to shoot load

#2. I pushed his lower body off the floor and bent it so

his cock was pointing at his face. He looked up just as he

started to ejaculate, getting splattered in the face with his own


The spasms in his ass were too much to take. I managed

to pull my cock out and remove the rubber just as I exploded.

My load went everywhere: soaking his ass, his belly and chest,

even pouring down onto his face. By the time we were both

drained, Brian was soaked from head to toe in jism. What a


I jumped up and pulled my shorts up, wiping some of the cum

off my clothing and skin. I ejected my video from the VCR

and put the tape back in the original package.

Brian looked up at me, his naked body glistening with cum.

“What about the dildo?”

“I'll let you ride it tomorrow. Same time,

same place.” I gave him a smile and left the store

with my packages. I couldn't wait to see my little

freeballer again tomorrow.




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