Andy had been flirting with me since I'd moved into the apartment complex. I wonder if he knew he'd end up with my cock in his ass flirting with me like that. Probably he did.

The building was a tall tower with twelve floors. Living on the tenth floor meant I'd have a lot of long elevator rides to look forward to. But that was okay.

I'd noticed Andy early on, maybe even the first day I got there. He was a thin young man, shorter than my 5'9', with a head of curly dark hair and a lot of tattoos. They almost completely covered his arms - intricate, beautiful work - and depicted a menagerie of sea creatures: fish, octopus, dolphins, sharks and whales. He also had both of his ears pierced several times.

Whenever we rode in the elevator together, he'd stare at me. I imagined what he saw when he looked at me...chiseled facial features, my eyes shiny and blue like the ocean. A well-trimmed goatee framing my mouth with the same auburn hair that covered my head. My body not lean like his, but more bulky and muscular. My chest hairy, my biceps big and rounded, my legs long and strong.

I wasn't sure of his intent at first when he stared at me, and not being shy, about the third or fourth time it happened I decided to break the ice.

'Hey,' I said as I got in the elevator. Andy looked a little surprised at being spoken to.

'Hi,' he said. 'I've been seeing you around.'

'Just moved in,' I said, 'My name's Chris.'

'I'm Andy,' he said, now seeming almost shy. It was strange for him to be bashful after staring at me for the past few weeks, but it was sort of endearing. And he was certainly cute.

'You've been looking at me,' I said. Again, he looked surprised at my forwardness - but being inhibited never got me anything.

'Sorry,' he said, 'I just...'

'Yeah?' I asked. Now it was his turn to be forward.

'I just think you're really sexy.' He said. The elevator reached the fourth floor. 'This is my floor.' He said. 'See you later?'

'Sure,' I said, 'That'd be great.'

The next morning Andy and I shared the elevator going down. We were both dressed for our office jobs. Andy looked cute in his dress shirt and slacks. I knew there wasn't much time between the fourth floor and the ground floor, so I had to make this fast.

'What would happen if I kissed you right now?' I asked.

He gave me a big smile.

'I'd like it very much.' He said. I smiled back at him, and leaned over until our faces were close. He smelled nice - clean, like soap and shampoo - and being this close to him was getting me excited. I gently touched my lips to his. It was a nice kiss - tame but tantalizing, evocative of future passions. Andy closed his eyes while I kissed him. I liked that. It showed me he was fully there with me, not distracted by other thoughts.

All too soon we'd reached the ground floor. I broke the kiss and had another smile for him as soon as he opened his eyes.

'Have a good day,' I said.

'I will now,' was his answer. We reluctantly left the elevator, each going our own separate ways. I thought about Andy all day at work. I had daydreams about making love to him. When we were naked, I imagined all the sea creature tattoos on his arms coming to life, leaving his body and swimming all around us while we had sex.

I hoped that we'd get back to the apartment building around the same time so we could ride together, and luckily we did. We looked at each other, both tousled and worn out from the day. But the energy and attraction between us was just as alive as it had been that morning.

I'd been invited to kiss him once, and felt no need to ask again. As soon as we were alone in the elevator, I gently pushed him against the wall.

'Hi -' Andy started, but I smothered whatever else he was going to say by kissing him. This time I was more bold, and stuck my tongue in his mouth.

His own tongue was shy for a second, but soon was brave enough to rise up and meet mine. Little noises of excitement escaped Andy's lips as we kissed.

I put one hand on the wall on either side of him, closing him in, sort of making him mine. The elevator reached his floor, but when the doors opened I didn't move.

'Should I -' Andy started to ask, but I interrupted him.

'You're not going anywhere,' I said, 'This time you ride up with me,' The doors closed and we headed up the rest of the way to my floor.

'I like it when you tell me what to do,' he said quietly.

'Good,' I said, 'Kiss me,' He leaned in close and touched my lips with his own. Andy was a good kisser - a little tentative, but with fire and passion behind it, ready to be awakened and called out. I raised one hand to his chin and held it gently, tipping his face up a tiny bit so I had ever better access to his mouth.

I stuck my tongue into him again and as I did I pushed him into the corner of the elevator with my body, not breaking the kiss as I did. It was fun to hold him there, only letting him move when I wanted him to. He was in my power.

As the elevator climbed I held Andy there in the corner, kissing him hard, and I could feel my cock grow stiff, stretching in my pants. I pushed against him and I could feel his dick get hard in his dress slacks, as hard as mine. We reached my floor but when the doors opened I ignored them. Andy tried to say something but I stopped him.

'Shut up,' I said, 'I'm not done with you yet.' When the doors closed again, I pulled the emergency stop button on the control panel. There were two elevators, everyone could use one for a while, I didn't give a shit. Then I knew we wouldn't have any more interruptions. On a sudden impulse I hit off on the light control, too.

Andy let out a little squeak of surprise (and fear?) when darkness surrounded us. I grabbed him with both hands and lifted him up off the floor against the wall.

'Whoa!' he said with a giggle.

'You like that?' I asked, 'You like being in my power, don't you, Andy?'

'Yes,' he said, 'I like it a lot.'

'Good,' I said, slowly lowering him back to the floor. I put one hand on his shoulder, the other I ran through his hair. Even though it was dark, I could feel my way around Andy's body. I ran one hand gently down his face, tracing his features - forehead, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips...

I paused at his lips and he kissed my fingers. This excited me even more and I pushed one of my fingers into his mouth. Andy sucked my finger like a baby with a pacifier. I stuck another finger in, and another, and soon all of them were in his mouth, and he was sucking them like there was no tomorrow. I got down on my knees in front of him and used my free hand to touch the bulge that was Andy's cock through his pants. It felt good - not as big as mine, but with lots of potential.

I took my hand out of his mouth and used both hands to hold him in place at his hips. Then I brought my face to his crotch and nuzzled his cock with my nose and mouth. I licked the fabric of his pants, tracing the shape of his dick. I heard him murmur above me. When I couldn't resist any longer I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks and pulled them down with his shorts.

With my hands I felt his boner sticking out from his body, jutting towards me. I opened my mouth and engulfed his cock. Andy gasped in pleasure as I did, and I felt his hands in my hair, stroking it, running his fingers through it.

Sucking him off was great - I knew I was making him feel good, and that made me feel good. I reached down and felt my own stiff rod, rubbing it a few times. I licked Andy's shaft up and down, wanting to give him maximum pleasure. I tongued his cockhead, teasing his piss slit. His whole body quivered as I blew him, and he started moaning quietly.

'Oh, dude,' he whispered, 'That's so intense, it feels so good.'

I let his dick slip out of my mouth long enough to say 'Yeah, you like that, huh?'

'Oh man I fucking love you sucking me,' he said breathlessly, 'It's the fucking best!'

'Show me how good it feels,' I told him as I stood up, 'Get down on your knees and suck my cock like I did yours.' Andy dropped to his knees so fast I felt the air move. He undid my belt and pants and what a relief it was for my cock to be free of the confining fabric.

He licked my shaft, his slippery tongue caressing it all the way from its root to its head.

'Yeah, man,' I said. 'Take that cock in your mouth! Blow me, man! Suck me like I know you want to!' He obeyed, letting my hot rod slip right into his mouth. It felt fantastic, especially when he started some serious sucking - taking as much of my eight-incher as he could, then sliding it back out to the head.

I put my hands on his head and guided him on my dick, now I was the one getting maximum pleasure! For some reason having all this happen in the pitch-black of the darkened elevator made it even hotter. My balls were throbbing with man-juice, wanting so badly to expel it out through my cock and down Andy's willing throat.

But I couldn't shoot yet - we'd just begun! And I knew he wasn't ready yet, he knew there was more to come. I pulled Andy off my cock and pushed him down lower, burying his face in my hairy crotch.

'Suck my balls, Andy.' I said. 'I know you want to. Suck them like the good boy I know you are.' He obeyed and kissed my hairy ball-sack, then tenderly took one ball in his mouth. He held it gently there, safe in the warmth of his mouth. Then he let it slide around inside, every move sending thrills of excitement through me.

'Oh, it feels so good,' I groaned. Andy took my other ball into his mouth then and I almost experienced pleasure overload! I heard him moan, a long murmur of satisfaction and excitement as he sucked my balls. With one hand I felt my dick, which was hard as a steel spike by now, seeming to pulse in time with my heart.

I knew I could make myself come with only a stroke or two of my hand, but not yet, not yet! But if this kept up, I wouldn't have a choice!

'Get up here and kiss me,' I said suddenly. I had to get Andy's focus away from my cock and balls for a second or I would shoot for sure. He let my balls slide out of his mouth and stood up quickly.

'Is something wrong?' he asked in a worried tone of voice.

'No,' I said, 'It feels fucking awesome,'

'Then why -' he started.

'Shut up and kiss me,' I told him, and pressed my mouth against his. I wrapped my arms around Andy and held him tight. Our kiss was long and heated once again. When we finally broke he laid his head on my shoulder and let it rest there.

It was kind of sweet to share this experience with him. A wonderful intimacy had been created between us, even though we hardly knew each other. I thought about Andy as I held him in the dark, and my thoughts surprised me.

Somehow, I felt as if I sort of loved him. But how could that be, with this being the first time we really interacted? I knew I wanted to have sex with him, and that I felt protective of him. I cared about him. Was all that love? Did it matter? I decided that it didn't. What Andy and I were sharing was special, and exciting. Was that enough, at least to start with?

Yes I thought with finality.

I reached to the control panel and found the light control. Switching the lights back on, I then pushed the emergency stop button to de-activate it, and the doors of the elevator opened.

'Come on,' I said to Andy, taking his hand and leading him out of the elevator. I took him to my apartment, where I left the lights off but lit a few heady-scented candles.

Into my bedroom we went, and I laid him down on my bed. Climbing on top of him, I started taking his clothes off. He did the same for me, and soon we were both naked.

Andy was very sexy with no clothes on. His chest was hairless, his abs defined, his cock thick and hard, his whole body lean and slender. I got up on my knees and looked down at him with a smile.

'You're hot, man,' I said.

'Right back at you!' Andy said, as he saw my cock, stiff and uncut, jutting out from my body and desperate to taste this hunk of boymeat lying beneath me.

'I want to fuck you, Andy,' I said.

'Good,' he answered, 'Because I want you to fuck me.'

'Glad that's out of the way,' I said, and we both laughed. I could hear his breathing, every lungful of air drawn in with a tremor of excitement, blown out with a thrill of expectation. His body seemed to glow in the dim light, and my desire for him was suddenly so strong and intense that it startled me.

I wanted to get inside him, to experience what I saw as his innocence from the inside out. I wanted him so badly - part of me wanted to consummate quickly, to take him and ravage him suddenly, but another wanted to wait and savor every inch of him. To study him in detail and learn every hill and valley of his body, to memorize his every curve, and treasure every quivering breath he took.

But my desire won out, of course. There was no time for navel-gazing when such a fine specimen of ass was being offered to me. Even at a navel as perfect and picturesque as Andy's. He wanted me badly too - all the weeks of being my fourth floor flirt were coming to a climax - and he needed, not just wanted, but needed me inside him.

'Please fuck me,' he whimpered, 'I need you to fuck me!'

'Yeah?' I said, teasing him, 'You need my hot cock in you, Andy?'

'Yes!' he said.

'Want me to take this stiff rod and shove it up that ass of yours?'

'Yes!' he said desperately, 'Please!'

'Okay,' I said, 'You're just lucky I can't resist you any longer, you're such fucking choice meat!'

'I'll do anything you want,' he said.

'Yes,' I said, 'I know you will.'

'I'll let you fuck me any way you want to.' He said, as if needed to convince me I should screw him. That decision had been made weeks ago, when I'd first laid eyes on him in the elevator.

'Get on your stomach,' I told him, and he obeyed. 'Hand me a rubber and some lube.' He did and I slowly unwrapped the condom and rolled it down over my hard shaft. With the lube I got myself nice and ready to screw some ass.

I laid down on top of Andy, and he murmured when I rested my weight on him. My cock nestled between his buttcheeks, and he wiggled his ass a little for me. It felt good, sort of like being tickled. I rubbed my crotch into him, and it was delicious to feel the friction we made together.

I slid one hand between our bodies and found his asshole. With some leftover lube I played with it, teasing and stretching, opening that entrance to his body. Andy moaned beneath me, a sound of pleasure and anticipation. When I was satisfied that he was ready, I pushed the head of my dick into his hole. He tensed up a bit, but I whispered encouragingly in his ear.

'You're doing great,' I said, 'Just relax and let me in.'

'Okay...' he whispered in response.

Gently pushing into him, I slowly inserted the rest of my cock inside of

Andy. It felt wonderful, incredible, like my whole body was electrified with pleasure and delight.

'Oh it feels so good,' Andy whispered.

'Yeah, you like me there, don't you?' I asked, 'You like me inside you...'

'Yes, I love having you inside me,' he said, 'It's the fucking best!'

With the hand that wasn't guiding my cock into his hole I reached down under him and found his own rod hard as a rock. I took his stiff cock in my hand and squeezed it tightly, making Andy gasp. Now with my dick all the way inside him, I could start really working him.

I made love to the man under me then, pushing my cock in further and further. It was fantastic to fuck him that way, exactly as hot and sexy as I had imagined it being. With my hand I started jerking Andy's cock, wanting to share with him all the pleasure he was giving me. In response to my stimulation he started lifting his ass up for me, pushing it up into the air, causing my dick to go even deeper into him. It was wonderful.

'Oh, Andy,' I groaned, 'I've wanted to do this since the first time I saw you...'

'Yeah,' he answered, 'I've wanted you to do this since the first time I saw you!'

Finally the friction was too intense to resist any longer.

'I'm coming!' I said.

'Me too!' he said, 'Please keep jerking me!'

I did and we came together, our orgasms blooming inside us like ecstatic flowers. I shot my load into my condom deep in his ass, and Andy shot his onto my bed, his cock pulsing in my hand.

When we were both done, I let go of his dick and gently pulled mine out of him. I climbed off of him and went to the bathroom to flush the condom. Returning with towels, I cleaned us both up. Then I got back into bed with him.

We got under the covers and Andy nestled next to me and rested his head on my chest. I put my arm around him protectively, and held him tight.

It was good to hold him that way - it made me feel strong and powerful.

Andy quickly fell asleep, his breathing becoming slow and regular. I stayed awake though, just holding him, breathing in time with him. I imagined that I could hear our two heartbeats, beating together, into the night.




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