I went to my first sex party last night and it was so much

better than I ever expected. After getting the invitation,

I was worried that the party would be attended by mostly younger

guys who wouldn't be interested in a guy in his mid-thirties.

But my confidence was pretty high; I'm in great shape thanks

to a five-day-a-week gym workout, and have nice looks and a cock

that almost always turns heads. I learned that a few

friends were going to be there, so that made me even more

comfortable when I left home that night.

The party was in full swing when I arrived. There wasn't

much of a buffer between the world outside and the hardcore sex

that was going on in every corner of the host's house.

I walked through the front door and was greeted by no less than

five couplings. Younger guys were fucking ferociously on

the sofa while a couple of tattooed older studs were forcing

their cocks down the throat of an eager college kid who was

already soaked in cum. A daisy chain suck was in progress

on the floor and a couple one-on-one fucks were taking place in

the corners.

I stripped as I walked, taking in the sights, sounds and

smells of hot man-to-man sex. The whole house was filled

with moans of pleasure, hot dirty talk and the sounds of skin

against skin. I could hear thrusting, sucking sounds and

even an occasional hand slapping an ass. The unmistakable

smell of sex wafted in the air and, taking a deep breath, I could

smell cum and sweat. My shirt was off and my pants were unzipped

as I wandered down a long hall. It was empty save for a

younger guy who was resting – naked on the floor –

between sexual encounters. He smiled warmly at me and

rubbed my crotch. I let him fondle me for a minute,

slipping out of the rest of my clothes. He gave my hard

cock a few delicious licks, but it was clear he was all sexed out

for the time being. I let my hard-on lead the way,

following a guy shaved from head to toe up the stairs.

At the top, I was treated to a wonderful sight. A smooth

young guy was completely naked, resting on a hall chair while he

stroked his cock. It was huge! Clearly one of the

largest I had ever seen. He stared at me seductively as he

jacked it, his foreskin slowly rolling up and down over his

swollen glans. The guy with the shaved head knelt before

the hung guy and began to lick circles around his knob.

Slowly, every inch of the killer cock disappeared into the guy's

throat. Without choking once, the guy managed to inhale the

entire thing. The only things wider than my eyes were the

eyes of the cock's owner; clearly he had never had a guy

take every inch so effortlessly. I leaned against the wall

and watched for awhile, hypnotized by the beautiful deepthroating.

I could tell the younger guy was cumming, but his load was lost

deep inside the guy sucking him. After a minute or two, the

shaved guy pulled off and moaned contentedly. I moved on.

In the first room off the second-floor hall, four guys were

sitting around a table in various stages of undress. They

all held playing cards in their hands and it was clear a sexy

game of strip poker was underway. One of the many

spectators watching the game asked the same thing I was thinking:

What does the winner get?

“To fuck the losers,” one of the guys said, pulling

off his shirt to reveal a set of nicely-formed pecs. I

watched the game for a few more minutes, then left. I could

hear high-pitched squeals coming from a nearby room and they

sounded too delectable to ignore.

The sounds were coming from a guy in his mid-twenties, who was

on his back on a large bed, a huge dildo working his ass. While

one guy fucked him with the large rubber toy, another teased his

nipples with his fingers and mouth. It was clear the guy's

tits were giving him a lot of pleasure. No one was touching

his cock, which stuck out like a pipe, slightly twitching as the

other men gave him pleasure. With no warning to his bed

partners, the guy's cock erupted, spewing ribbons of cum

onto his hard belly and chest. Another guy stepped out of

the shadows and began to feast on the cum, while the other two

guys continued to have sex with the guy.

By now I was completely horny and ready for sex. I

wanted to do more than watch; I wanted to find someone to get me

off. An older guy with a decent body touched my hard-on as I

wandered down the hall, but he was after younger meat. Two

hunky bodybuilders about my age were sixty-nining at one end of

the hall, but they seemed to be so wrapped up in each other and

the sex that I hated to intrude. I stood and watched them

suck each other off for awhile and noticed another pair of eyes.

A very cute guy who looked no more than eighteen was watching me

as I watched the muscled sixty-niners.

He mouthed the words, “Do you like college guys?”

I nodded and slipped into an empty room two doors down. I

lay on the bed, in the dark, waiting to see if he joined me.

My eyes were closed, but I felt his presence in the room moments

before the door quietly closed. I felt the mattress move

slightly and was aware of his slender frame between my legs.

He had been wearing tight white briefs in the hall, but when I

reached down to feel his ass, it was bare. I let one of my

fingers slip into his smooth crack and press against his hole.

So tight. He moaned and lowered his body on top of mine.

For ten minutes we kissed and rubbed against each other, but

soon we needed more. His cock wasn't as large as my

eight inches, but it was stiffer than any I can remember.

He took pleasure in massaging it against my abs, his precum

making my treasure trail damp. I gently grasped his head by

the hair and put his mouth over one of my nipples, fingering his

ass while he sucked my chest. He finished with one then

moved to the other. I pushed him lower.

His tongue worked like magic on my hard belly, licking all the

right spots and making me shudder in delight. By now, my

hard-on was nestled between his buns, rubbing his hole. I

could tell by the way he was moaning that he wanted it inside him.

He pulled himself up long enough to fumble with the bedside table.

I didn't ask how he knew there would be a bottle of lube

next to the bed. I just tipped it and squeezed, filling my

hand with thick warm jelly.

He moaned louder as I smeared some on his ass, working it into

his tight slot. The rest I coated my shaft with, putting

plenty on the head of my cock. I pressed the tip to his

hole and felt a momentary resistance. Then that wonderful

sensation of being swallowed by an eager ass came, the guy's

snug chute drawing me in.

He was a magnificent bottom in every sense of the word.

I merely had to lie back and let him ride me, his bottom sliding

up and down on my thick meat while his mouth worked some more

magic on my chest and lips. We fucked for almost an hour,

until my throbbing cock was numb. He had gotten me so close

to shooting several times, but ebbed off before I unloaded inside


“I want to feel it,” he moaned, his own lithe body

shivering as he rode my cock. His own dick hadn't

shot, but my entire belly was smeared with his precum. I

could tell it was getting harder for him to hold it.

“I'm ready,” I told him, unable to take any

more of the intense pleasure. He pulled nearly off my cock,

and then slid forcefully down one last time. His ass

muscles clenched around my cock and his backside ground into my

pubic hair. I could feel myself cumming, the most intense

orgasm ever building in my center. Like hot lava from a

volcano, I could feel my spunk pushing itself out. I

erupted in the guy's ass, shooting what felt like a gallon

of thick jism deep into his bowels.

“I can feel it, I can feel it!” He was panting, his

own cock spurting its scalding load. Soaking my face, my

chest, my belly, the bed... it was all drenched in his sticky

cum when he was finally drained.

“I can't even move,” I gasped, my rod still

impaling the guy on top of me. I twisted as he slowly

pulled off of me, feeling a deluge of semen running out of his

hole onto my legs. He straightened his legs and continued

to lie on top of me, licking his cum off my face. I heard

the door to the room open, but I was too drained to lift my head.

Whoever it was watched us for a few minutes, then decided to

take what he wanted. I held onto the guy on top of me while

this intruder knelt on the bed and started to penetrate. I

could hear the new guy moan in pleasure, enjoying the ass I had

just fucked for an hour. The kid getting reamed held on

tightly to my body, making out with me while another man nailed

his ass. The three of us stayed like this for nearly a half an

hour, then both of them left together, leaving me alone in the

cum-spattered bed.

When I could finally walk, I headed back downstairs, in awe of

a huge group fuck that was going on in the center of the living

room. I watched for a minute, but I was too drained to join

in. I collected my clothing from the hallway and dressed in

the kitchen, pulling on my clothes as two younger guys got rimmed

on top of the table. They both managed to shoot together,

spurting their loads on top of the table as I slipped out the

side door.

I called the host the next day to thank him for the wonderful

invitation and to let him know what a great time I had. He

replied: “That's great! Plan on coming back next


I couldn't wait.




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