I was living in a trailer for a number of years during my late twenties, mostly because I liked it, and also because I wanted to move it out to the country at some point to live on a piece of land. I guess it was part of this whole peasant farmer fascination I had at the time. The trailer park itself was not too big, and there was a decent space between units. I had bought a nice 35' trailer and lived in this place for about six months when this story happened.

There was a neighboring trailer on either side of me. Both were guys, one of them really quiet, and rarely seen. The other was a bit of a hillbilly, with long black hair and irregular shaving habits. He drove a pickup truck, and was tall and lean. You could tell by looking at him that he had a big cock, and there was something attractive and repellent about him at the same time. He lived in an older, smaller trailer than me, but his was right up against the row of trees which separated our lots.

I had built a deck on the back of my place, and behind both our lots was a ravine which we looked out onto. It had a creek at the bottom, and was filled with tall maple trees. At night in the winter time the creek roared down below us, and since the bedrooms were in the backs of both our trailers we could hear it each night. I think this must have been late fall, before the rain started, one night in october. On the other side of the ravine was a field and then the highway, which sometimes could be heard as well.

I had invited a friend of mine over, more of a fuckbuddy really, who I had met a few weeks before. We had got together a few times, and had a pretty good time. He was really hot, and I liked the way he fucked me up the ass. My place was about forty-five minutes out of town where he lived, so to him it was a like a cabin in the woods. He was obsessed with touching or tasting my ass from the moment he got in the door. I know it was in October since it was getting dark pretty early, and it was night when he came over, a friday I think.

We stood in the open door and kissed each other on the lips, and then went inside. We sat in the living room and drank a few beer, and as the effect of the alcohol reached our brains we began to get a little bit physical. It wasn't long before we were in the bedroom in the back of the trailer. I didn't have too many lights on, so I hadn't really worried too much about closing the blinds on the bedroom windows. I guess being a little stoned helped me forget as well. My buddy and I fucked for a couple of hours, a lot of the time he made me stand up and take his cock up my ass while bent over the bed.

He had a really nice, long cock, and he was one of those guys who are really talented in the use of it. He knew just the right way to make things happen, and I was having a pretty good time. I'm not really one to talk or make too much noise during sex, but he had me going in spite of myself, groaning and moaning, and when I came it was like thunder. We lay on the bed for a while and then had another round, again in the same position. He stayed for a while longer after that, and then took off for home, as spent as I was.

I went and had a shower, then walked outside on the deck for a smoke. I didn't smoke inside my trailer because it caused so much damage and the place would smell of cigarettes for too long afterwards. It was a cold and clear friday night, getting on close to midnight. I stood on the deck, trying to make out the shapes of the highway behind the leafless trees when I heard the crack of a twig. I turned around and looked, and there was Dan.

I hadn't expected to see him there, obviously, and I was still a little drunk, so I didn't really jump into the air or anything, but I was pretty shaken. He smiled, and I could see his teeth pretty clearly in the darkness.

'What's up Dan?', I said.

'Just fixing my water line, it came loose again,' he replied with a smile. As we were standing there I noticed that there was light shining on us, and turned around to look behind me. I noticed then the open windows of my bedroom, the inside clearly visible from where we were standing. A shock ran through me, and I turned around to face Dan again. He saw the look on my face, and smiled slightly. He took a step towards me,

'Looked like you were having a pretty good time in there earlier,' he said. The words cut me to the quick, and I was speachless. His next words were even more surprising,

'Any chance I might get a piece of that ass?' This he said softly, and took another step towards me, looking into my eyes as he did so. I still didn't know what to say, but could feel my cock getting hard in my pants. He came closer still, and looking me in the face all the while, slowly reached out and put his hand on my ass.

I reached out for his crotch, and he moved closer still. I could feel that my initial impression of the size of his cock was dead on. It was massive, and hung down his leg inside boxer shorts. I shuddered, this I wanted very much, and the whole scenario was turning me on in a big way. I could hear his breathing quicken, and summoning up all my remaining courage and dignity, looked up into his face and asked if he wanted to come inside. Without another word we turned and walked to the door of my trailer.

We got inside and sat down in the living room, but it didn't last for long. He reached down and unzipped his pants, and lifting up his ass off the couch pulled them down to his ankles, revealing the huge cock I had felt in my hand. I leaned over and took it in my mouth.

'That's a good little fag', he said, 'I wish I knew you liked to suck cock earlier, we could have had some pretty hot times'. He put his hand on the back of my head and slowly guided his hard penis down my throat. I choked a bit, but then relaxed myself and tried to focus on what I was doing. He sighed deeply when we had got as far as we were going to go. The pressure relaxed, and I began to suck his cock, back and forth, tasting it and getting right into it.

I felt his hand run down my back and rest on my ass, which was still throbbing from earlier, and now I thought of how this huge cock would feel up there. Putting my hand on my own now rock hard cock I could feel precum oozing out of the head, making a slick coating as I rubbed it, and turning me on even more. This was going to be very hot.

After a while I stopped sucking his cock and got up to go to the bedroom. He followed me, and kicked off his pants as he did so. I sat on the edge of the bed and sucked his cock, then licked his balls as he rubbed the front of his penis across my face.

'This is going up your fucking ass, right now' , he said, reaching for a condom from the side table. He pushed me over and lay me on my stomach, spreading my legs roughly. He was on his knees behind me, in between my legs as he put the rubber on his cock, and then lay on top of me. I could feel it between my legs, and feel the beating of his pulse as he lay there for a moment, and then slid forward, the tip of his huge penis against my ass.

He put one of his hands, still slick with lubricant, across my mouth, and spreading my legs farther apart with his he thrust himself into my ass. I grunted with pain as the massive thing entered me, and felt his grip tighten.

'You can take it,' he said,' I saw you take another that other guy up there, and I know that's what you want up there'. His breathing became quicker, and I could feel his hairy chest against my back. I was getting used to how his cock felt, and he started to fuck me in earnest.

He was a very hot fuck, often lifting himself up off of me, supporting himself with his arms and looking down to watch his penis sliding in and out of my ass. He kept building momentum, and getting faster.

'Milk it, fag!' , he said. I tightened my ass and tried to grip his cock with it. He felt so warm against the cheeks of my ass as he slid out, and then inside again. He went faster still, and I could tell what was in the offing. He couldn't hold it much longer, and in a few minutes he let out a low moan and he pushed himself deep into my ass.

We lay there for a while, his cock slowly getting softer and eventually sliding out of me and down between my legs. He rolled off of me, and asked for a towel. I got up and got one for him, and he wiped himself off. Seeing my deck of cigarettes on the table he reached for one and lit it. He inhaled, then exhaled the smoke slowly. We lay in silence for a couple of minutes, then he said'

'I'm going to want to fuck you again, a lot', he tapped the cigarette on the ashtray, then grabbed my head and playfully shoved it into his crotch. I could have resisted him easily, but that wasn't the point. I could see some hot evenings ahead, and licked my tongue down the length of his huge penis, only now semi hard. His hand tightened, and I heard him grind the cigarette out in the ashtray. This wasn't over yet.




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