I've experimenting with guys for the last couple of years. Guess it started

when I found I could suck my own cock. I would lay on my bed with my back

on a pillow, throw my legs over my head and with my arms wedged between

hips and calves would slowly push my ass down to my head. After 15 minutes or

so pushing, resting without releasing and then pushing more I could get the

first half deep in my mouth. My cock is just an average 7 inches, cut. Once

I started licking it, my hips would pretty much start shoving more of it in

on their own. Sometimes I would dip my cock in peanut butter or marshmallow

fluff to try to suck more of it in. Sounds kinky, but felt fucking


This got me wondering about sucking another cock that wasn't mine. There's

only so many ways you can blow yourself. Several times I fantasized about

hooking up with some dude, pulling out his soft cock and feeling it grow in

my lips. But that's all I wanted to do, being mostly into women. The

thought of actually making out with a guy didn't appeal to me at all,

especially kissing. So I just fantasized about it and over the years rented

some gay porn. I even experimented with sliding cock-like things up my ass,

which always gave me a powerful orgasm. Then I got into bigger women and

everything fell into place for my first male-male encounter.

We have this phone service called 'Confidential Connection,' were you can

either leave messages for people who advertise or have an ad yourself. For

years I had wondered about making it with a fat chick and here was a way to

find one. So I put on an ad and out of several offers I decided on this

older chick who I will call Linda here. She liked younger guys and lots of

sex. We got along just fine. She also on occasion liked to play with other

women who had big tits like her. I started to envy her try-something-once-

before-you-get-too-old-try-anything attitude. So I made up my mind to

finally suck my first cock and put on an ad.

In my ad I made it clear I was looking for something like myself:

bi-curious, no j/o buds, ready for oral and no kissing. Thinking back,

being in LA I should have known I would get many looking for the same thing

but I was surprised at the time. After weeding out the too-desperate, the

overly gay and the ones who just had a bad vibe, I had half a dozen good

candidates. The ones with the biggest dicks on the top, of course. I

managed to get half of those on the phone to talk about what they were

after and all. In the end, I choose Stephan because he was close, seemed

discreet and was home during the day like I sometime was. We were on the

same wavelength sexually, mostly into girls but wanting to try something

new. What really put me at ease was him giving me his work number. I called

him this next day when he said he would finish his morning shift and

decided to go over that afternoon.

After hanging up the phone, my heart began to pound with the excitement of

what I was finally going to do. I took a shower and had to be careful not

to touch myself too much, I was that worked up. I got in the car and drove

over to his place in Venice. When I noticed one of my legs was twitching

from the adrenaline, I took a few breaths to calm down before getting

out. While most of me would have died had someone I knew been a resident on

this street and somehow knew I was going to a neighbor they knew was bi,

another part of me got a thrill thinking of a stranger seeing me go to see

guy for sex.

As I walked up to the door, it opened and Stephan pushed the screen out for

me. He was about my height, with blonde hair opposite of my dark

brown. Like I asked him to, he had just taken a shower and was wearing a

robe. I could see his smooth chest. We both had trim builds with just

enough tone to look neither skinny or muscular. It was a two room flat,

with a large front living room and combination kitchen/bath/bedroom in the

back. His bed was a single futon on the floor. We sat down and made with

some small talk for a few minutes.

While I was telling him about some b.s. or other, he put his hand on my

thigh. I would have jumped, but I had been staring at his cock peeking out

from the folds of his robe for sometime wondering who was going to make the

first move. He pushed his hand over to rub mine under my jeans, which was

all that I had put on. I knew it was now or never, suck cock or walk

out. So I bent over as my hand reached in to grab a hold of his. At first I

nuzzled it with my nose and cheek. It was soft and smelled freshly

cleaned. It had a nice, almost mushroom shaped head and was about an inch

bigger than mine. With a deep breath, I sucked it into my mouth.

After a few minutes of me going down on his cock, he had me break off so I

could get undressed and he took off the robe. He laughed and apologized for

not telling me that he had shaved all his pubes the day before, something

his girlfriend had wanted. We were soon in a 69, with him really going

after my member. While I couldn't handle more than half of him without

gagging, he was soon easily taking me down to the furry base. He was so

good I got close to cumming a few times, but held it off wanting to last

longer. Moaning, he must have liked my combination hand and mouth on his


He then started sucking on my balls while continuing to pump my shaft with

his spit slick hand. Edging forward, Stephan then licked the shaft under

the balls to where it ends just in front of the hole. And then he licked

the hole.

I'm no stranger to rim jobs, having given them and received them

before. Although always with women, I am not shy about enjoying them. With

his cock in my mouth, I let out a low moan. With that encouragement, he got

busy with my rose bud. Soon I could only stroke his shaft. But we were in

an awkward position and my leg started cramping up. He suggested I get

kneel with my ass in the air for better access. Soon, he had both hands on

my hips while he tongue fucked my hole. Stephan had a big tongue, so its no

exaggeration when I say I could feel it sliding in and out. I slowly sank

down to the futon pad. He crawled up and put his cock in the crack of my

ass, which was slippery from his rimming. Just like fucking a nice pair of

tits, he began to stroke my crack (I have been told that I have a very nice

ass -- fit, firm and round).

It felt really good, his slick head pushing against my tongue fucked

hole. I had had no intention of trying anything anal before I came

over. But when he asked if he could try pushing part of it in if he used

protection, I didn't want to say no because while I enjoyed getting rimmed

I had no intention of returning the pleasure. I figured the least I could

do was let him try a little. In the end, he only got about half of it into

my ass before the pressure started to get too uncomfortable. Thanking me

for allowing that much and repeating how hot the whole thing had been

(especially eating my ass), he pulled out. We finished with him holding

both are cocks together and jacking us off. We talked about doing it again

soon and I left.

But I never did get with him again. The mood to blow cock is a seasonal

thing, a few times a year. I rarely follow through on it. Mostly I'm out

chasing ass that comes with a nice pair of tits. In the four years since

Stephan ate me out so well, I have only gotten with 4 others. I usually end

up downloading a ton of pics from the internet, jerking off to them for a

few weeks and then the mood is gone. I tell myself that its easier, safer

and more liberating to keep it mostly a fantasy. I can fantasize about

things I could never fall through on, like doing multiple guys or for that

matter having a full-on session of lovemaking with another guy. Which is

what led me to the events I decided to write about.

LAST FEBUARY (the 'meaty' part you came to read)

Being mostly into cocks means that I am into big ones. I readily cop to

being a 'size- queen.' I don't like to look at pics of younger guys,

because twinks always seem to have small dicks. When I'm thinking about

blowing a guy, I am picturing a decently long, thick prick with a mushroom

head. Most of the pics I keep on my pc are just of cocks. Nice thick white

dicks. I'm not prejudiced, but it just never occurred to me to think about

hooking up with anyone of color.

Last year I was getting in 'that' mood again and downloading a lot of

beautiful, mouth- filling cock shots. I started hanging out in the

'LAS8m4m' and like rooms on AOL to see if I could get my hands (not to

mention lips) around what I was fantasizing every night about. While

Stephan had had a really nice dick, this time I was determined to find a

really thick one. I made sure my profile mentioned it. Sometimes I would

sit and wait by the computer while I was in the room, but mostly I put my

away message on. In the message I told whoever was IMing me to check out

the profile and send a pic. I would come back after watching TV or eating

to see if anyone hot had stopped by.

I was going through a backlog of IM's (after having some wine with dinner

and getting really horny) when a new one came in. I clicked on the 'accept'

button to see what 'Passion4Ivory' had to say. 'Hello. Liked ur profile.

Perhaps you'll like mine..' I went to his profile to check him out. His

location was perfect, practically around the corner in Inglewood. I should

mention what my own stats are. I'm just a hair under 6 foot, 170 pounds.

I've got an average body with decent definition. I work out some, but you'd

never call me a gym rat. At seven inches, my cut cock is decent enough (no

one has ever called it too small, for sure). Next to mine, his profile

sounded like some sort of gym god -- 6'5', 235 pounds. He listed his

biceps, thighs and chest measurements which I can't remember but are lot

bigger than mine. Then came the part that stopped me cold -- twelve inches

by seven inches of cut manhood and the note 'with pics to prove it.'

What's the catch, I thought. The next part had the catch. He was a black

top looking for bi-curious white guys to dominate. While I did have this

fantasy I sometimes jerked off to about getting used at both ends by a pair

of black guys, it was one of those fantasies you know you will never act

on. That's what made it exciting. I hadn't thought about actually going

down on an ebony dude. Yet, I kept pondering about that dick of his. I

wondered if anyone could actually deepthroat a footlong dick the size of

Coke can. I had to say something, but I wasn't thinking about getting with


'U hav nice profile too. great bod' I typed. 'thanks. want to trade pics?'

Passion4Ivory responded. I then told him that I wasn't 'really looking for

black guys.' 'no prob. its cool.'

He asked if I had ever been with a black guy and when I said no typed

'damn, getting hot for you already.' I laughed LOL at this. I did still

want to see a pic of that cock and figured might as well ask. He said sure

and sent the pictures. If you're like me, you've read the other stories

here and probably doubted half of the ones that describe these dudes hung

like bulls. But here were the pics to back up the claims. While it was hard

to tell from the pics if it was indeed a foot long, it was a massive tool.

The rest of his body was like an ad for Gold's Gym. Ripped abs, thick pecs,

cut muscle everywhere you looked and all of it under smooth chocolate brown

skin. I had to wonder what it would feel like. Would his skin be as smooth

as it looked? What would those balls be like sucked one by one into my

mouth? As everyone knows, it's a dangerous thing to be a little buzzed,

horny and staring temptation in the, er, crotch. Yet at this point I didn't

consider the possibility of getting with him seriously because I knew he

would want an equally ripped partner. But lord was my cock hard at the

thought of trying it with a black guy for the first time, especially one so


'well, am I bs-ing you are not?' he asked. 'lord, what a cock, lol' I

wrote back. 'if you want, i'll let you measure it ;-)' he teased. 'what

about yur pic?'

I knew this was the moment when this would either happen or not. I sent him

one taken when I went sailing with a friend. Now, I don't think of myself

as a dog, but this being LA there are 10,000 guys better looking, way more

ripped than me. I'm just an average looking guy. Apparently, I found out

later, that is what he looks for.

'u r one cute white dude' he told me, which sent my head spinning because I

could see where this could go. We traded names; his was Marvin or Marv. He

then suggested we switch to the phone and gave me his number.

As I told him my history with men, he kept getting more excited. He started

asking more of the questions, taking control of the situation. He knew what

he was doing, I went from being just curious and willing to get with him to

more or less needing it. He asked me about anal, which I wasn't too sure

about. To have a toy for female partners, I bought this big, thick jelly

dong. A few times I've lubed up my hole and worked it in, so I knew I liked

the feeling. I just hadn't been too eager to have some guy slide his

Johnson up there. Marv assured me that he would loosen me up real good

before, but I had to understand one thing -- if I came over to his place

the price for petting his monster cock was getting fucked by it. I also had

to know that I was going to be his total bottom and expected to act

it. With that dizziness you get from doing something new yet exciting I

told him 'yeah, sure.'

Marv gave me the directions to the house and said not to bother showering

until I got there. He wanted to help wash and feel me. I did a quick shave

to be smooth. I put on some slacks and a mock turtle neck. I rode over to

his place with the same dizzy feeling I had when I went to Stephan's. I

knew I could wimp out if I wanted to and just call him to beg off. This was

a big step. It was going be a lot more than just sucking another guy's


I found his apartment building and pulled into a spot just below where his

door was. For a few minutes I sat in my car wondering if I should quit

now. What the fuck was I doing? I had agreed to be a black guy's fuck

toy. On the other hand, when would I ever get a chance to experience a cock

like that again, if ever? Above me the curtains pulled slightly to one side

and while the dim glow inside didn't show him. I knew Marv was watching

me. Without any other thought, I simply opened the door and got out. I was

halfway up the outside stairs when the door opened and he stepped out. He

had on dress slacks and a shirt without a tie as he had just gotten home

when he logged on earlier to meet me.

He asked if had any trouble finding the place. In person he was handsome

but not too much so. He ushered me into his living room which was only lit

with candles, about half a dozen of them. He asked if I wanted a drink and

he rattled off a few choices of mixed drinks. I told him whatever he felt

like making and he went off to the kitchen. The living room was decorated

with only a few pieces of furniture and an entertainment center. The

stereo was on, playing a R and B cd I didn't know. The kitchen light went

out and Marv returned with two drinks on ice. They were made from brandy

and I think Irish Creme, but have forgotten what he called them.

I sipped the drink and tried not to look as nervous as I was. Its hard to

describe Marv's personality. He certainly isn't street. But he is 100%

black dude. I wanted him to think I was cool and could handle new things.

We chatted about different shit, none of it having to do with why I was

sitting on a black guy's sofa trying not to be too obvious about sneaking

peaks at the bulge running down his pant leg. We then talked about safe sex

and testing. The other thing I had agreed to earlier was that if we did

this, it would be bareback. As he had told me earlier, he repeated that he

gets tested every month and springs for the more expensive DNA one. Having

a friend who works in the (straight) porn industry up in the Valley, I knew

it was the one all the porn people used and very accurate. He picked up a

paper from the coffee table and handed it to me. It was his last results

and he pointed to the date in the corner, which was about two weeks back.

While I didn't have one myself, he pulled out my Red Cross donor card. I

give pretty regularly and they test it. I'm sure there are those who would

give me shit, saying this wasn't enough but at a certain point you have to

decide if you can trust someone. I felt totally at ease with Marv and knew

he was being straight-up with me. Surprisingly, it was me who got things

rolling. 'Maybe I should start that shower now.'

'Man, that sounds like a great idea.' He took my glass, leaned over and

gave me a brief but full kiss on the lips. That was first time a guy had

kissed me. He led the way back to his bedroom, which was also lit by a few

candles. The floor was hardwood, but the king- sized bed sat in the middle

of a rug that looked like yak hair. I sat on the edge of the bed and began

to remove my shoes and clothes while he started the shower. The long hairs

of the rug felt exotic under my bare feet. He returned, his shirt halfway

unbuttoned already. He stopped in front of me and while staring into my

eyes began to undress. No fool about his body, he deliberately took off his

shirt. I let out an exaggerated low whistle and he grinned. He then stepped

forward and I reached out to touch him.

His skin was smooth and very warm. I ran my hands over his amazing abs, up

to his cut pecs and down his arms to the ripped biceps. He reached down and

pulled my t-neck off. He put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled my

face into his stomach. My hand was sliding up his leg when I came to the

bulge. Even under his pants it was impressive. I ran my hand over it,

kneading it to feel that it was real. His hand still on my neck, he pushed

my head down until my face was resting on it and began to gently but firmly

grind my face into his manhood. He let out a small moan. He stepped back

and told me, 'Unzip my pants.'

I did so. I undid the button and pulled them down. When they were low

enough, the cock I had gone through all of this to see sprang free. Trying

to put into words what I thought when I could finally see and touch this

massive rod is impossible. You know how Cobra's are entranced by the flute?

It was like that, only the 'snake' here was entrancing me. I think I

muttered something about how unbelievable it was. I soon had my pants off

and Marv led me into the shower, which was standalone type. Doing more or

less nothing, I stood while Marv lathered me up with bar of scented

soap. He slowly kept increasing the temperature while we bathed and it was

soon pretty hot. It was while I was returning the favor and soaping him up

that he leaned against me, pinning me to the shower wall and kissed me. His

tongue entered my mouth to play with mine. Now I was having my first French

kiss with a guy. A surge shot through me as I consider it: a black guy was

French kissing me!

The soap rinsed off, I began to respond to the excitement that was bubbling

up in me. I started running my tongue over his body. I liked and sucked on

his nipples, bit lightly on his bicep and kissed his abs. I got on my knees

and licked up from his thighs to come to his balls. I had to really open my

mouth to get one in, then the other. I ran my tongue under his shaft a few

times, getting closer each time to the head. I opened my mouth and quickly

engulfed the head, then slowly pulled it out. I did this a few times, but

before I could think too much about what was I going to do to get more of

it down my throat he turned around and offered me his ass. Running my

tongue up and down the cheeks, I took a hold of them. When I tried to pry

them apart, he flexed them shut. I tried to pull them apart but couldn't.

He laughed and relaxed. I guess it was the water flowing over him that

helped, but I did not think about it before I ran my tongue down his crack

and gave his hole a few quick flicks.

Marv raised me back up for another kiss. This was still too new for me to

do anything more that let him. I didn't seem to mind I wasn't really

kissing back. He shut the water off and we got out to towel off. Taking me

by the hand, he led me back to the bedroom.

Following his nudge, I sat on the edge of the bed. He ran his large hands

over me while he kneeled down in front of me and began to suck my cock.

With no difficulty, he drew it all the way into his throat. It was like

having my dick engulfed in silk or velvet. I sucked air loudly and moaned,

pleasure tingling through me. I was beginning to really want to go down on

his thick slab myself when he pushed me back onto the bed. I scooted back

so I wasn't on the edge and he climbed up. Once there, he swung himself

around so we were 69 with his mammoth tool above me. He never broke off

from working on my cock.

Hairless, smooth and soft, his balls were soon being dragged across my

face. I began to nuzzle his big sacs while running my hands over and

squeezing his ass. He soon was offering the underside of his tool and I ran

my tongue up it, trying to fight the small amount of panic that was

building inside me. I was worried that in this position if he started to

pump his prick into my mouth I wouldn't be able to do much about it and

would probably gag. I still hadn't been able to get around my gag reflex.

But I didn't have to worry about it for long. Marv rolled first onto his

side and then his back, pulling me with him. We were now almost at the

headboard and his enormous member lay invitingly beneath me. Holding it

with one hand mid-shaft, I lowered my lips onto the head and slowly pushed

it into my mouth. Just the beautiful mushroom shaped head filled half my

mouth. The feel of it and its perfect shape against my tongue elicited a

loud moan from me.

Marv then did something that was pretty amazing and reminded me of how much

he was in control -- he began to bench press me while sucking me off. With

his palms on my abdomen and hips, he easily hoisted my torso into the air

and back down. So easily overmatched by his strength, I felt like a skinny

kid again. He withdrew my cock and began to lower my balls into his mouth.

After a dozen or so reps, he put me down. I next felt his tongue sliding

fatly over my anus sending shock waves of pleasure through me. God, how I

love that feeling. I'm not sure if he normally rims guys, but I had told

him how much I liked it as a way of saying that I was sure I would probably

liked getting fucked.

Meanwhile, I was attacking his cock like it was my last meal before

execution. Again, I was in a trance holding and sucking this mouthwatering

freak of nature, my mouth all over it. I would bob on the head for awhile

and then greedily lick the shaft from one end to other. I wanted more than

anything to take it to the hilt, but it was just too damn thick. A few

times I did manage to relax my throat and get some of it down, but probably

not more than half of it at any point (although at the time it felt like it

was almost to my stomach). A tongue in my ass, a stupendous rod in my mouth

-- I was in flat out ecstasy. I had more than I had hoped for and should

have remembered that nothing comes for free. I sure as hell remembered it

when I felt his finger, wet with lube, begin to rub my hole.

It dawned on me he had carefully positioned us so he could easily reach the

lube from the nightstand. The lube was still freshly cold, but warmed up as

he swirled it around my rosebud. His finger then found the center and began

to push its way in. At the first knuckle, he pulled it back out and started

over. 'That feel good?' Marv asked. I took his cock out of my mouth to

answer, 'Yeah, man, feels nice.' He pumped it in and out and was soon at

the second knuckle, then the last. 'Need to get better situated here.'

Marv rolled off and I straightened out on the bed the correct way, lying on

my back. He got a pillow and put it under my hips. His finger went back to

work on my asshole. Before long, it was joined by its next door neighbor.

Once they had loosened me up a bit, he switched to his thumbs. He took his

time and never made an uncomfortable move. His thumbs worked my rosebud

over for 10 minutes or longer. He then put a little bit more on my ass --

and a lot more on his cock. It was time. He got on his knees and put the

head lightly against my hole.

Even after having those fingers opening my sphincter up, I wasn't entirely

ready for his tulip bulb of a head to slip in. He teased me with it,

sliding it deliciously over my hole. He would push it a little, then tease

some more. I realized later he was getting me to want it, need to feel it

slide in. He repositioned himself, with one hand lining up his cock and the

other cupping my neck as he came down for a long, overpowering kiss. I was

completely covered and restrained by his smooth, ripped, chocolate body. I

could only move my hips a little. There was nothing for me to do but suck

on his tongue snaking into my mouth and wait for him to sink the shaft into


I was rubbing the firm curve of his ass with the tops of my feet when again

his hips pushed forward and the pressure ratcheted up on my sphincter. This

time instead of withdrawing he simply paused. 'Okay, baby. Better start

pushing and you better push hard.' I did and was rewarded with his head

slipping easily into my ass. I gasped not a little (hey, you'd gasp too if

a cock as thick as a can of shaving gel slid into your ass) and while the

feeling of that head pushing in had been great, there was a little bit of

pain too. Yet, I didn't want to be a pussy and say something to wimp

out. I slipped one arm around his neck, the other hand went to his waist

(which was as high as I could reach), and squeezed my knees against him as

more of it filled me.

'How's that feel, you doing alright?' Marv asked. 'Yeah, good' I said

'Just take it slow' 'Damn, your ass feel fucking good. So tight. This is

going to be a great fuck. This is why I just love fucking white virgin

ass. Here comes the rest, nice and slow. Then I'm going to get busy

pounding that ass of mine.' Marv smiled at me, 'Tell me whose ass it is'

'It's yours' 'All mine? Say it' I caught on. 'My ass is all yours. Fuck my

ass, fuck your white ass.'

He pulled back the third or so in me and then started to pump. The veins

were so thick they were noticeable sliding past my sphincter ring. My legs

rubbed his hips, feeling the butt muscles tense as he pushed in. I could

feel his abs against my own stomach. I wanted to ride him at one point, so

while his cock was thrusting up into me I could rub my hands on those abs

and pecs. If only I lasted through the rest of his cock.

I have that dildo I bought more for female guests that's 8-1/2 inches that

I used on myself a few times. I can get most of it in. Marv's cock was now

past that point. It still felt more pleasurable than painful, but it was a

close call. I reached down to feel how much was left and found only a few

inches. My cock was limp at the moment, the discomfort had distracted

me. 'Fuck I can't believe you've got that much in me, don't know if I can

take...' Marv let the next pump continue and the pain flared up. 'Shit,

shit shit!' I gasped as I was overwhelmed. He stopped and held it and I

realized I could feel those heavy hanging nuts of his on my ass. He had it

in. He had his entire tree trunk of a cock buried in my ass. In my mind I

could see exactly what it looked like, with his dark cock stretching my

pale hole wide open.

'Now we can get down to some serious fucking, baby' He started to pump,

keeping most of his cock in. The pain was almost as bad as before. 'It will

feel much better now' He kissed the corners of my eyes, which were tearing

up. He started pulling it almost out and pushing it back into me. Soon he

had a nice, steady rhythm and I began to think he was going to cum soon. My

cock sprang up at the thought. He let out a moan. I began to push back

against him, being careful not to slam his cock too deep. Our two stomachs

where slick with sweat, his abs rubbing my cock in a just fantastic fucking

way. I couldn't hold out anymore and decided if I let him know I was about

to cum it might trigger his. 'Fuck...Yes!.... Yes!' I then had one of the

most powerful orgasms of my fucking life. And Marv kept right on fucking

me. I was too spent to care for a minute, the last of my cum dribbling out

of my shrinking cock.

He stopped and I thought I was going to get a break. 'Time for mine. Roll

over' He pulled out and got on his knees while I numbly rolled onto my

stomach. I was starting to come back to earth and wondering if he would

give me a break. The pillow really put my ass in the air. I waited too long

to say anything - he quickly slid his cock back into my ass and began to

pump. Slow, deep thrusts. 'You should see what I'm watching. You know what

it is?'

'A huge cock in my ass?' I said, with a few grunts. He leaned down so I

could feel his breath as he said, 'MY huge black cock in your tight white

ass and man if it don't feel damn fucking nice.' Marv was laying on me, his

hot, sweaty, smooth abs flexing against my ass cheeks as he pumped this

huge black snake into my bowels. Like a pair of man tits, his incredible

pecs were on my back. He got back on his knees. He pulled it out all the

way a few times, then slid the head and shaft back in. That is my favorite

part of getting ass-fucked, the feeling as the head buries itself into my

rose bud. Marv got my hips in those strong soft hands and began to plow

steady and deep.

I've grabbed enough women by the hips to recognize when some serious

fucking is about to begin. The strokes were getting faster and I realized

with amazement that while there was still that semi-discomforting feeling

of needing to take one enormous dump (say, like a 12 by 7 inch dump), it no

longer had any of the sharp pain. In fact, it was almost like getting a

massage on my sphincter at this point. This had to have gone on for a good

10 minutes, this steady, fast pumping of his cock into my butt. Then there

started to come a few really hard, deep thrusts that brought back some of

the pain (whenever I read about guys getting fucked by horse-cock guys that

don't mention the pain, I figure they either left out the part where they

got fisted before or are just bullshitting. Unless you are really tall, no

one easily takes 10 or 12 inches of pipe without some prep. Trust me.)

Thinking about having fucked women like I was getting fucked now by Marv

the black stud made me realize there were women all over LA who would be

envious of me, jealous that I had this ripped, hung black god plowing my

white hole. In fact, I got so turned on that it ended up giving me a

hard-on knowing that Marv could care less about all these chicks I would

kill to nail. All he wanted was my (somewhat) skinny white ass. A sense of

sexual power came over me as Marv moaned and grunted a series of 'Oh,

baby's' and 'Oh, fuck, yeah!'s' A wave of pre-orgasm shivers ran through

me. It didn't hurt that my hard cock was being rubbed against satin pillow

sheets. I started to cum and actually said out loud 'fuck me, fuck me you

black cock stud.' My orgasm was subsiding and I was trying to figure out

way to stop my over sensitive dick from rubbing on the pillows anymore when

Marv tensed up. His cock pumped a few times quickly and then he shoved it

deep and held it there. With his body locked over me and his hard cock in

me, it was like being engulfed by muscles.

Knowing my sexual cycles, I knew I could have another orgasm (my third)

right away. Before too long he was sure to start going limp, so I nudged

him onto his back. When I had difficulty getting enough space to work his

cock to my ass he put gently took a hold of me and lifted me up. I guided

his cock to my completely gaping hole and he set me down on it. He let go

when my knees could take over. With my hands on his pecs, I sat down on his

cock. Mine was still hard from the last session. Like riding a horse, I was

soon pumping his dick with my butt. My hands rubbed his cut torso and it

wasn't long before I had to grab a hold of my cock with one. Sitting, I

pushed all of his cock back up my ass as I started to cum. Less than 10

minutes after starting my cock was spurting onto his smooth and shiny

stomach. There was a delicious feeling to his cock sliding out of my ass. I

dropped to the bed and thought about the momentous moment I had just had. A

black guy had just topped me and I couldn't get enough. Before long I was

asleep, awaking when the room started to brighten. We tried one more time,

but I was too sore.

Marv and I never hooked up again. It took half a week for my ass to stop

bleeding and I worried about hemorrhoids for awhile. I went back to having

sex with women. I have probably whacked off 50 times replaying that night

over in my head. I thought about calling him or sending an email, but never

did. Lately, though, I've been wondering if I could find another ripped,

horse-hung black stud who wants to fuck near-virgin white ass. In fact, I

still have this fantasy about servicing two hung black guys. Maybe next

time I will be able to write about that for you...




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