I FUCK YOU GOOD, MAN the words stared out at me from the computer screen, and my dick hardened in my shorts.

It was a hot summer night, and I was sitting shirtless on the floor of my small apartment, after 10:00 PM on a Thursday. I was cruising a local gay on-line computer bulletin board. Sure, it sounds a little retro, but the problem with the all-powerful Internet is that you can get it on with a guy, get all ready to go to his place and fuck his brains out, and then find out he lives in England.

Not anymore, not for me.

The local boards may be low-tech, but at least the guys you're cruising are usually in your own city.

So I was hanging around, just seeing who was on-line. After I sent some greetings to a couple of my friends, I wondered if anything exciting was going to happen tonight.

I didn't have to worry.

I got called into a chat by a user called 'GREEKSTUD'. That sounded promising, and he must be new because I hadn't seen him on-line before.

Hey how you doing? I typed.


That's okay, I answered, what are you into?

I FUCK YOU GOOD, MAN he typed. Well that was refreshing, I thought -- most guys make a lot of small talk before getting around to what everybody's after, sex. But this guy was honest from the start. I liked that.

But I was at least a little skeptical.

Why do you think you can fuck me good? I asked.

I SEE YOUR PICTURE ON THE BOARD -- YOU HOT GUY he answered. I had posted a photograph of myself on-line so people would know who they were talking to if they chatted with me. His directness was getting me more and more interested in him.

Can I see a picture of you? I wrote.


But that was okay. I had a feeling this was going to be about chemistry, not looks.

I FUCK YOU GOOD, MAN he added again.

My left hand slid off my desk down into my crotch, slowly starting to rub my awakened cock. It felt good. I liked how this guy was making me feel -- raw, hot, sexy.

What would you do to me? I asked.


My hand slid into my shorts and grabbed my cock, starting to jerk it up and down. It was a little awkward jacking off with my underwear on but I was having too much fun, I wasn't going to take the time to take them off.

I wanted to read more from the Greek Stud.


Why not? I asked What's so special about you?


I pumped my dick in my fist, imagining what it'd be like to be with a man, instead of the twinks I normally fucked around with.

You sound like one hot Greek Stud I wrote.

ARE YOU STROKE YOUR COCK? was his answer.

Yes, I typed, thinking of you fucking me.


Me too, I'm ready to come now...


Oh yeah! Fuck me, Greek Stud!


And I came, squirting spunk all over my chest. After a quick trip to the bathroom to wash it off, I sat back down at my computer.

Wow! I wrote That was great!


Do you want to meet me? I asked.


Don't worry, I assured him, Fucking is the universal language.

I NO UNDERSTAND he typed after a few seconds.

Yes you do, you just don't know it yet.


Where are you?

He keyed in his address and I copied it onto a piece of paper.

I'm on my way I wrote.

GOOD MAN he answered.

What's your name? I asked.


His place wasn't far, only about fifteen or twenty minutes away. After ten more minutes spent searching for a parking place, I stopped my car and got out. I found Alexander's apartment and paused before knocking.

Was this totally stupid? I wondered suddenly. It was so hot talking with him over the computer, but this was reality. What if there was no attraction? What if he had been lying?

It didn't matter, I realized.

It didn't matter if he was ugly.

It didn't matter if he was too old for me.

It didn't matter if he couldn't speak English well.

All that mattered was that whoever was behind that door was passionate, and passion is what I wanted that night.

I knocked on the door, and it was opened.

Again, I needn't have worried.

Alexander was stunning.

In his mid to late thirties, he had classic, noble features that were were smooth and statuesque. His hair was a mess of thick, lustrous black curls. The skinny tank top and shorts he was wearing couldn't conceal the chiseled body beneath. His muscles were beautiful and strong, and his rock-hard pecs were adorned with large dark-colored nipples.

'You my man?' Alexander asked in a heavily accented voice. I smiled and nodded.

'I'm your man.' I said. He grinned at me, his smile revealing rows of pearl-like teeth.

'Then get in here!' he said, grabbing my wrist in one hand. He pulled me to him, then bent down and with the other hand slung me across his shoulders. I laughed in surprised delight as Alexander hoisted me up into the air. Carrying me like a wrestler would his opponent, he brought me into his apartment and kicked the door shut. From my vantage point, I couldn't see much of his place besides the old carpeting on the floor.

But I had other senses -- I felt that the apartment was warm, saw that the lights were dimmed and smelled that a man lived here. I glanced up at the room and in one corner saw a bench press setup, with barbells and everything. A ripped towel had been tossed over the bench, and I felt a sudden desire to grab that towel and press it to against my nose and mouth. I wanted to breathe in Alexander's odors -- the stink of his sweat, the musk of his crotch...

I wondered how many drops of perspiration had dripped off his body during his workouts, soaking into the carpet and infusing the whole place with their rank, powerful scent.

The Greek Stud carried me across the room to an old couch that was pushed against the featureless wall. It was fun being carried like that -- to just be slung over another man's shoulders and taken wherever he wanted me. It was a pure gesture of excitement and desire, the opposite of pretension -- utterly sincere and nakedly honest. Alexander might not have had the eloquence of a common language to express how he felt, but he was telling me how hot he thought I was with his actions. It was sweet, charming and sexy -- my cock was hardening as he took me toward the sofa.

But he didn't put me down. As if changing his mind, he adjusted me on his shoulders and turned away from the couch toward the tiny kitchen nook.

'What are you doing?' I asked. Alexander stopped for a second, then answered in his broken English.

'I like you up there.' he said. 'You feel good there. You like?'

'Uh-huh!' I said, laughing. 'I like it a lot!' He carried me around his apartment a few times, and it was hot, being in the power of this big hot Greek wrestler guy. Then he took me to an old mattress on the floor that was pushed up against the wall near the bench press. That must have been what he used for a bed. Alexander put me down on the mattress, which smelled strongly of him, and maybe something else -- sex? I wondered how many acts of carnal passion had taken place on this mattress. I grinned when I thought that after tonight a few more would have to be added to that list.

He stood above me like some towering warrior, looking hot and sexy and commanding as he gazed down at me. Our eyes locked together, neither of us seeming to want to break the look.

It was amazing. This man and I didn't know each other and hardly spoke the same language, yet we were in total sync. The communication between us was as clear and understandable as if we'd been born brothers from the same womb. It was totally obvious what was happening -- for tonight, I was his. I was his and he was going to use me however he wanted to, and I was completely loving every second of it. My cock was straining against my briefs, dying for attention.

I saw a bulge in Alexander's shorts that was getting pretty large too -- I wasn't the only one totally turned on by what was happening.

Unceremoniously, the Greek Stud pulled off his tank top. As he did, he messed up his hair a little. It was cute and sexy and endearing, and it made me even more hot for him. Then he shucked off his shorts and I saw it -- his enormous cock sticking up from between his legs. Nice full balls hung underneath it, and it was all surrounded by hair, black and curly like the hair on his head. His penis had all these veins and ridges on it, and as soon as I saw it I wanted it inside me.

Inside my mouth, inside my ass, everywhere, my nose, my ears, my armpits, any possible hole that could be filled on me I wanted filled with that cock.

Make that needed filled with that cock.

I started to take my own clothes off, but Alexander said 'No, no, I do that.' He knelt down to where I was lying on the mattress, and he pulled my shirt over my head, unbuckled my jeans, slid them down -- then stopped for a minute to play with my dick through my underwear -- and pulled my briefs off.

The Greek Stud pointed at my stiff dick and smiled as if to say 'Look at that, man! You're one hot sexy guy!' He played with it a little, and the feel of his hand on it was unbelievable, I loved it. Alexander pulled my cock out away from my body, then let it snap back against my abdomen a few times. He seemed pleased that I was so aroused, and I looked back up at him with the biggest shit-eating grin I could. I just wanted him to know that I was totally his, and totally happy.

He could do anything with me, anything he wanted. I was just there to be his. His little fuckdude.

I was totally excited -- and the words he'd typed to me kept running through my head, along with some heavy breathing...



So fucking hot.

Alexander pulled off my shoes and socks, then finished taking my briefs off. I laid down on my back and raised my legs to show him that I was ready to get fucked.

And not just fucked by anyone.

Fucked by the Greek Stud.

Suddenly I couldn't resist the urge to sit up on the mattress, getting up into a kneeling position, From there I easily went down on his cock. Alexander's dick was so fucking hot I could hardly believe it. There was no way I could get it all the way inside my mouth, it was so big, so I just took it in as far as I could. I choked myself on it, loving the feel of that most masculine organ fucking my mouth. Slurping and slobbering all over it got it nice and slick and it slid easily in and out between my lips.

I glanced up as often as I could, to drink in the sight of the Greek Stud smiling down at me. He ran his fingers through my hair and made low growls of pleasure to show me how much he liked what I was doing.

With one hand I reached between my legs and started jerking my own stiff cock off. It was really intense, having two pleasure points happening inside me -- my mouth sucking his cock, and my own cock getting stimulated too. Having Alexander inside me was wonderful, I absolutely loved it. Having his big dick in my mouth was perfect, exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed.

And it was totally what I'd hoped for earlier that night when I went on-line looking for some action. I hadn't expected anything exciting to happen because it usually didn't, but this time was different.

Different, special, and totally kick-ass sexy.

This time, the man who had written I FUCK YOU GOOD, MAN was as good as his word.

A few minutes later, the Greek Stud wanted more.

'Stop,' he said, 'Turn over on hands and knees.'

I obeyed, reluctantly letting his cock slide out of my mouth, turning into the position he wanted, up on my haunches doggy-style on the mattress. Under him facing the wall, I couldn't see Alexander but I knew what he was doing. The sound of a condom package being cracked open was very loud in the small room. He unrolled it onto his hard penis, then squeezed a lube bottle to get his tool nice and slippery and ready for fucking.

Then he kneeled behind me, and I felt his warmth as he pressed his body against mine. His dick was hard at my butthole as he took me in his arms like a wrestler. With one arm he held me around the waist, and with the other hand guided his condom-covered cock into me. It hurt but I loved it.

'Please...' I whispered.

'Sshhh,' Alexander answered. 'Take it for me, take it like man...' I didn't want to disappoint him, so I kept my mouth shut as he pushed more and more of his manhood inside me. It was actually hot, as if the temperature of his penis was higher than that of the rest of his body. Only when he was all the way in and I could feel his pubic hair on my asscheeks did he take his hand and grab my left shoulder. He was ready, and so was I.

The Greek Stud fucked me.

I anchored myself as best I could on the mattress, but it was hard to keep my balance as Alexander screwed me, the relentless power of his body thrusting against me with every stroke. It was so intense -- one of the very best fuckings I'd ever gotten. I gasped with pain and desire, and he held me in place.

As if I was going anywhere.

At that moment there was nowhere I'd rather have been.

The ring of muscle at the entrance to my asshole clenched and tightened, as if trying to squeeze every last bit of pleasure out of Alexander's ramming organ. I closed my eyes and let the sensations flow through me, feelings that seemed to fill my every nerve ending with excitement and passion.

He might not have spoken perfect English, but the Greek Stud and I achieved total communication, without talking at all. It was very clear, we both understood completely.

He was there to fuck me.

I was there to get fucked by him.

Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else mattered.

And when he reached his hand between my legs to grab my cock, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven -- for what could be better than getting fucked by a real man and then jerked off by him at the same time?

My tool quivered in his grip, dripping and pulsing as he jacked me. I moaned, and he growled in response.

'Yeah, you my good man, I fuck you good my good man, I make you feel good...'

Alexander's voice was hypnotic, so masculine and sexy. He was driving me insane with the delight and pleasure he was bringing me with his cock and his hand.

I thought about how effortlessly he carried me.

I thought about his dark hair with its tiny streaks of gray.

I thought about his muscular chest and his powerful legs.

I thought about him fucking me, taking his cock and putting it inside me, making me his man, his good man...

And I came.

Semen squirted out of my cock and splattered all over the mattress. I couldn't contain the explosion of pleasure inside me and I cried out in bliss. This seemed to excite Alexander even more, and seconds later he let out his own ecstasy in a roar of conquest and gratification. I knew his cock was spurting big ropes of cum into the condom inside me.

When our yells had died in our throats, we very carefully separated. Alexander laid down next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I don't know how long we were there for, but a little while later he went to the bathroom to get rid of the condom, and after stretching my sore muscles I put my clothes back on.

'Hey,' Alexander said, standing in the doorway of the bathroom, obviously displeased that I was clothed again.

'No go,' he said, 'I want to fuck you good some more.'

I was hoping he'd say that, and walked over to him. Putting my arms around him, I whispered in his ear.

'Greek Stud, you can fuck me good some more as much as you want!'




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