I went onto the internet that day and felt the urge to head to my favourite chat room. I logged on using my ambivalent identity to maximize my options, the one where I say I am versatile and into new experiences. I felt the truth of that rising in my heart as I went through the site into the chat room for my local area. Something in the back of my brain was saying, even then, that this might be an exciting experience. The room was pretty empty when I got there, with about a dozen guys chatting, and not saying a whole lot either. At least two of them were those fake personalities that one so often runs into in chat rooms, complete with fabricated descriptions and enticing pictures of 'college guys' who want to make some extra money, or some such thing.

After checking out the profiles for a while, and wondering, as I always seem to, how it is that in a small town like the one I live in I can not know who these people are, even having lived here all my life. Nonetheless, nobody I knew was there, at least that I could tell. I lit a smoke and waited awhile, comtemplating on the fact that although I spend time cruising this chat room regularly, it is so rare that I ever meet anyone. Is there an efficiency ratio that you could come up with to compare one chat room with another, or of two times in the day? A small window popped up onto my screen. Someone was looking for a private chat. I responded with the usual -

'hey',While waiting for his response I went and checked out this guy's profile. He said nothing much, and there was no picture. His chat room bio said that he was bi-sexual. I'm not one who usually goes in for that, but it seemed worth it to hang out and see where this might go.

'how are you?', said the response.

'ok, a little bored'

'what are you looking for?', the inevitable question, if a little early in the chat.

I gave him my stats ,'34, 5' 10', crewcut, tattoos, brn/blu,190#'. He was 43, and in pretty good shape from the sound of it. He had just come back from a workout at his gym, and so we talked about that for a while. I like to consider the kind of guy I am talking to in a chat by the way he types. If he is a poor speller, or doesn't get interested in talking about different things then I'm not really that interested. This guy was passing with flying colours so far though, until we got to the part about him being married, with two kids. He said he had come to an arrangement with his wife, and that she didn't really care what he did, which went both ways. There were certain rules they engaged in, and beyond that they pretty much left the subject alone. I had some pangs of conscience about even going near someone in that situation, the details of which were suspect, since we all know that guys will say whatever suits the circumstance to achieve their ends, especially online. Having said this though, there was something earnest about this guy, a need that called out over the ether, and one that was plainly evident. He required male sex, liking the roughness and lack of delicacy that that two men can indulge in. We talked about sex, and that's when I told him,

'If I'm with a guy I really like, I like to get down on my knees in front of him and serve him.' There was a pause, and I added 'not that I mean that to sound too intense'. It was intense though, and it was the way I felt, especially with older guys. Then I added'

'I also like to get fucked up the ass'.

'I like to fuck guys too', came the reply. My heart quickened and I felt my cock getting harder in my pants. I have always been attracted to guys who were older than myself, especially when getting fucked. There's something about the bond that is created when being anally penetrated in that situation that appeals to me on a very deep level. We arranged to meet, and because of his family circumstances the earliest this could happen was a couple of days ahead. We made the arrangements to meet in a public place and exchanged email addresses.

The next days were filled with some measure of building tension. I know that our society in general and the internet in particular is built on the notion of instant gratification, and this ran contrary to that, but at the same time this made it all the more appealing. I jerked off intensely the first day of waiting, my mind filled with anticipation of what this might be like. On the day that we were supposed to meet, I sent him an email to confirm, and headed out to the meeting on foot. I had arranged it to be pretty close to where I lived, and walked there so that there would be no interruption in our contact if we decided to get together and went back to my place.

We had arranged to meet in the food court of a shopping mall about twenty minutes walk from my house. I live alone, and don't normally bring guys back to my house unless I really think that things might get hot, and that I feel comfortable with them. As I went to the rendezvous, I remembered all the times that I had been stood up on dates just like this, and how much I hoped this wouldn't turn out to be a dissappointment like that. I was a few minutes early, and so sat down at the appointed place and surveyed the scene.

It was a typical food court, filled with the usual truncated restaurants, big names merging with unknowns, and all dishing up a wide variety of fairly greasy and undigestable fare, staffed with hapless teens and patronized by all kinds, from stodgy suburbanites to chic urban youth. The place was white and sterile, right down to the furniture, which was of the kind so usual in these places, sturdy, resistant to vandalism and grafitti, and marginally comfortable enough to eat a meal at while not enough to linger.

The food court was on the top floor of a four story mall, and was served by an escalator which came up directly in front of my point of view. As I sat there, a steady stream of people came up, and at length, he arrived. I knew it was him even though we hadn't exchanged pictures, just from the way he looked around. It was clear to me at that moment that this man was horny, and deeply in need of male sex. Our eyes met, and I smiled, not sure what the next few moments would bring.

He approached my table, and extended his hand.

'I'm Joe,' he said 'you must be Alex'.

'Good to meet you Joe', I replied. He sat down. He was wearing jeans, well worn, and a wide brown belt. He had on a sweater and a light jacket of nondescript style, and I noticed that he was wearing his wedding ring. He was a good looking man, with a strong jaw and short brown hair, brown eyes and rakish sideburns. His build was stocky, but it was clear that he took some care of himself and his appearance. We talked of the mall, and how vile most of the food was in this food court, but even in the depths of our abusing the place it was clear we both had a favourite there.

At lenght, when it was clear to me that this guy was what he said he was, I proposed going back to my place. His eyes widened slightly, and he stiffened, not much, but enough for me to notice. As we stood up it was clear he was getting a hard on, and so was I. This was the worse for me, since having noticed the bulge in his pants made mine worse, and I was wearing tight jeans, making my condition all the more evident. I looked around and considered the food, trying to focus on the appetizing smell of grilling flesh in a japanese place just near us. Exchanging one appetite for another seemed to work, and the tension fell slightly. We mounted the escalator and began our descent. He was in the basement parkade.

We drove back to my place in near silence, the tension now weighing more heavily with each passing block. I always remember the words of an old friend of mine, who said 'a lot of things can happen on the drive back to your place.' I was still pretty sure this was the right thing to do, and the evident nervousness in him made the truth of his situation all that much more apparent.

'Just around this corner, and about half way down the block on your left', I said. We pulled up in front and got out. After making the obligatory compliments to the house, we stepped inside. I closed the door behind me, and turned to face him. Taking a step in his direction, I extended my hand slightly, and touched his now rock hard penis. I moved a little closer and rested my forehead against his chest. He was about four inches taller than me, which made this seem a very natural gesture.

He sighed, and I felt his hand go to the back of my head, pressing it closer to his chest. I extended my other hand, and using both began to stroke his cock. Pressing firmly against him, his other hand reached for my ass, and I could sense the strength of his desire for my ass as he ran his hand over it. A shiver went down my spine, and I looked up into his eyes.

'Let's go in here', I said softly, as I led him into the bedroom, which was just behind us. On entering the room, I took off my pants and underwear, and then my shirt, standing naked before him. My cock was standing straight out at this point, and he reached out to put his hand on it. He played with this for awhile, and then reached for my ass again. I undid his pants, and then got down on my knees in front of him. He had a nice cock, thick and strong looking, and it was very warm as it brushed against my lips.

I opened my mouth and took his penis inside it. I ran it all the way down my throat and pressed my lips against the base of his cock, my nose buried in his pubic hair. I could hear him sigh with pleasure at this, and stayed where I was for a couple of moments, getting the measure of the man, and setting the tone for the situation between us. Raising my hands to the front of his hips I gently guided him to sit on the edge of the bed, and as he sat down he spread his legs slightly. I sucked his cock for a long time, slowly stroking his balls with my fingers as I did so. His hand rested on the back of my head, and his cock was rigid, buried deep inside my mouth.

'You do that very well', he said softly, and this only stimulated me further.

After a lengthy blowjob, I stood up, as did he, and began to feel my ass. He pushed me down on the bed, and I lay on my stomach, with him standing over me. I turned my head on it's side and opened my mouth to suck his cock again. As I did so he began to play with my ass in a way that told me he was not inexperienced. My cock pressed against the bed, throbbing with excitement. His finger slid up my ass, and as it did he put his hand on the back of my head, to prevent me from moving with any effect, not that I would have at that point.

I reached into the drawer of the bedside table and took out lubricant and a condom, and laid them on the top of the table. He noticed this, and reached for them. He put the condom on, and then pulled me up so that I was on all fours, my knees just on the edge of the bed, and my ass at just the right level for his cock. He put some of the cold lubricant on the crack of my ass, and then on his hard penis. I felt it press up against my ass, and prepared myself for the ultimate confession of desire to be fulfilled.

His cock pushed inside me, and we both sighed. I spread my legs slightly, and stroked my own cock to belay the momentary discomfort before I relaxed with him inside my ass. The head of my cock was dripping with precum, and as I gently played with the head of it the warmth of this man's penis inside me played out in waves of pleasure, running through my whole being. There could be no more potent link between two men than this.

He thrust his cock back and forth inside me, and put his hand on my stomach as he did so. I visualized the situation as he might be seeing it, and reached between my legs for his balls, and played with them as they moved back and forth with his fucking of my ass. I felt him inside me, moving back and forth, at times all the way out of my ass, and at those times, when he pushed back inside I inhaled sharply and involuntarily. His hands were on my ass and hips, holding me in place and spreading my ass for him to fuck me deeper.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear

'Do you like that?'

'Yes', I answered 'I want to feel your cock up my ass for a long time'. He licked my earlobe at this and resumed his stance, fucking me steadily and deeply. As this went on, I could tell he was building up to come, and resisting slightly. At length, he was no longer able to control this, and came with a deep groan, gripping my ass with his hands, and holding himself deep inside me. I could feel the throbbing of his cock as he came.

We lay on the bed, momentarily spent, but after a few minutes he reached between my legs and felt my ass, which was still slick with lubricant. His fingers ran back and forth, and then found their way into my ass. I spread my legs slightly, and before another five minutes had passed he was inside me again, fucking me while laying beside and behind me. I lay there submitting to him, feeling my own hard cock slapping back and forth against my stomach.

He fucked me one more time after that, while I was laying on my back, and looking into his eyes. I began to play with my cock, and it didn't take long before I was on the verge of coming myself. He thrust deeper inside me, taking advantage of our new found intimacy with abundant freedom. The head of my cock swelled up, and a sound rose in my throat as I came, the hot liquid landing across my chest and in audible drops on the pillow beside my ear.

We stayed as we were for a moment, suddenly awake to the fact that in spite of all that had happened, we remained strangers for the most part. HIs cock slid out of my ass, and we regarded each other thoughtfully. The usual thoughts at the end of an encounter of this kind, I guess, will we see each other again, do we want to see each other again?

He left a few minutes later, and as we stood in the doorway saying goodbye he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I don't normally like to kiss guys, unless I really like them, and we hadn't done this yet.

'Thanks', he said 'I really needed that'. He walked off to his car and I stood there for a moment watching him go. That was all we needed for now, and it was plain to see that there was going to be lots more where that came from.




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