'Open your mouth and close your eyes and you will get a great surprise.'

Someone had printed that phrase in big black block letters on the wooden

divider which separated the two toilet stalls in the basement bathroom.

Trailing off behind the words was a long black arrow, pointing at a hole

cut through the wood. Since it was at eye level, it seemed only natural

to peek through it. Just as I thought. On the other side of

the hole was an empty toilet stall.

I had found the mens room tucked away in the corner of the basement

level of the dorm building I was in. The basement was used mostly

for laundry, with three washers, three dryers and a large table in between

them for folding clean clothes. I had just thrown a load of wet clothes

into a dryer and did not relish the idea of hiking up three flights of

stairs to use the bathroom up there. After having a quick piss, I

took a peek into the stall and sat down to read the various graffiti that

had been left over the years.

'I sucked a big ten inch here - May 1997'

'I love to suck cock. Feed me your load.'

'Sucked three cocks in less than an hour last night. Fucking hot!'

No date on that one, but the notion was making me hard. I pulled

my shorts down and grabbed my cock, wishing I had even one cock to suck.

In the two years since I'd been at the school, action had been pretty scarce.

I had met a few guys off Internet chatrooms and a couple more through personal

ads. I'd done laundry down here dozens of times, but never once had

I seen any suspicious activity. Of course, it was nearly two in the

morning and I almost always did my laundry this late.

I jacked my cock for a few minutes longer, imagining that I was working

a big one. Just as I felt myself close to popping, the door to the

bathroom swung open. I jumped, startled by the intrusion. I

tried to tuck my dick between my legs, but it was too stiff. I lifted

the bottom of my tee shirt and covered the hard-on up. The mystery

guy in the bathroom seemed to be checking himself out in the mirror over

the sink. I was waiting for him to scram so I could finish my whack,

but he had other plans.

The guy turned and took the stall next to me. I leaned back, so

he wouldn't think I was trying to steal a look through the hole.

My cock was harder than ever. I could see a small wet spot on my

tee, growing bigger by the second as precum oozed out of my slit and through

the dark cotton. My neighbor coughed hard a couple of times and I

let my eyes drop down to the hole. If he was trying to get my attention,

I saw no sign of it. I lowered my head and stared at the door to

my own stall.

'I want to suck cock so bad!' someone had scrawled in the paint.

I knew how the guy felt. My own mouth was watering for dick.

I glanced over to my left and saw the feet of the guy in the next stall.

He was wearing leather sandals, so you could see his bare feet. Just

as I was about to avert my glance, I saw him lift the nearest foot and

put it right back down. Had I imagined this? A few seconds

later, he did another slow tap. I sat back up and did the same with

my own foot. Almost immediately it was followed with two very obvious

taps from the other guy. Holy fuck!

My heart was pounding so hard, I was surprised my cock had stayed so

stiff. I leaned over and tried to take a quick look through the hole

between the stalls. My friend had his cock out and was beating it.

No one had left instructions on the wall about how to initiate anything,

so I winged it. I put the tip of one of my fingers on the lower edge

of the hole and slid it back and forth slowly, hoping the other guy would

take the hint and feed me his cock. After a minute of this, I saw

him stand and turn to face the wall. I backed up, not wanting to

get hit in the eye with anything.

Inch by inch, the most beautiful cock I've ever laid eyes on slid through

the hole. The knob was dark and swollen, dripping with precum.

The shaft was long and thick, a dark imposing vein snaking like a river

down the underside. Once he had it all the way through, it had to

measure eight inches, easy. I wrapped one hand around the fat base

and studied the glistening head. I pushed the tip of my tongue against

his slit, moaning aloud as I tasted the precum. I lapped up what

I could, then I began to slowly spin my tongue around his cockhead, gripping

the root of his cock so he wouldn't pull it back through the hole.

I could tell I was driving the guy nuts. He was moaning and swearing

and trying to stuff even more of his cock through the snug hole.

I wanted to swallow him whole, but I was getting off on teasing him.

I flattened my tongue and lifted his cock. Planting the surface of

my tongue against the base of his prick, I slowly began to paint a wet

line, inching closer to the tip. There must have been handicapped

bars bolted to the other side of the wall, because the guy was holding

on to something and nearly pulled the stall divider down as I licked my

way up his shaft.

'You like that?' I asked, giving his cockhead a few more licks.

'Christ, man, suck my cock. You have me so fucking worked up right


That's what I wanted to hear. I opened my mouth and very slowly

began to swallow his thick cock. His moans got even louder, occasionally

punctuated with 'yeah fuck!' and 'fuck that feels so hot!'

I had my face pressed up against the stall wall with as much of his

cock down my throat as I could manage. Part of me wanted to invite

him over to my own stall so I could go balls-deep on it, but I really didn't

want to surrender the eroticism of this encounter. It was hot as

hell sucking the guy off through the hole and even hotter not knowing who

I was sucking. Was it a guy on my floor? Maybe the one who

strutted around in his briefs all the time? Or the cute nerdy guy

who was in my Chemistry class? I had my own mental image of what

the guy looked like, and I didn't want to spoil that by seeing anything

more than his cock.

I slid back up his hard-on and gave him a minute to calm down.

I could tell he was getting close to shooting and I wanted to torment him

a little longer before he rewarded me with his spunk. The hole was

filled completely with the base of his shaft which meant I couldn't get

at his balls. Normally when I suck a guy, I stop when he gets close

and lick his balls for awhile. Since I couldn't get at them, I placed

the tip of my tongue just under his glans. Very slowly, I began to

tickle this sensitive spot. He responded by thrusting in and out

of the hole, silently begging me to swallow his cock again. I didn't

want him to get off that easily.

As soon as his rod came all the way back through the hole, I made a

fist around the base again. He tried to pull back, but I had him.

Now his cock was mine and he couldn't pull it back or push it forward.

I returned to my sly teasing, taking extra-delicate licks just below the

head of his cock.

It was going to take him a lot longer to cum this way, but I knew how

intense the resulting orgasm would be. He was going nuts on the other

side, panting loudly and pleading with me to suck him off. I ignored

him, concentrating on my slow licking. Precum was oozing nicely,

dripping onto my tongue as I worked it up and down like a pencil eraser

on just that one receptive spot.

'Oh god, I need to get off!' he gasped, his voice much higher pitched

now than before. 'Please, I'm begging you to swallow me and let me


I didn't swallow him, but continued my slow tease. He was smashing

his whole body up against the flimsy stall wall, trying like hell to get

his cock to move against my taunting tongue. I kept this up for almost

ten more minutes, until finally he had reached the edge. He made

a high pitched sound and I gave him one last lick, opening my mouth and

placing the swollen knob of his cock inside. When he erupted, it

was the biggest load I had ever seen (including any of my own). I

felt no less than fifteen spurts of hot cum nail the back of my throat

before I went all the way back down on him. I sucked him hard, not

only so I could drain his balls, but because I knew he would get a 'secondary'

climax. I sucked him like that until he fell backwards, collapsing

on the toilet.

'Fuck! Whatever you did, that was fucking intense!' His

voice was raspy and shaking. I knew I had drained him, and in more

than one way. My own cock, though, was still rock hard and needed

release. I started to jack. 'No way man, don't waste it!'

I stopped for a minute and saw his finger at the hole. I stood

and aimed, letting my cock disappear onto the other side. I reached

up and grasped the upper edge of the stall wall with my hands, since I

had nothing to hold on to. The guy wasn't a tease like me, but he

sure did give great head! His mouth was warm and velvety and he was

not at all uncomfortable with taking all of me. Since my cock wasn't

as thick as his, I pushed it all the way through, forcing my balls - one

at a time - through the tight space. There was no room for me to

pull back out; it fit me like a cockring.

Now that he had all of me, the guy gave my nuts a tongue bath, driving

me wild. He licked up my shaft and back down, then swallowed me whole

again. He pulled off long enough to tell me he wanted my cum, then

took me all the way again. I tried to pull myself back through the

hole, but I was stuck. He went down one last time and I felt myself

unloading. My friend moaned appreciatively as he took my cum, not

pulling off until he'd swallowed every drop.

My cock was still hard, so I was unable to pull myself out of the hole.

Great. I was just about to ask the other guy to push my nuts back

through, but he was already in post-sex mode, yanking up his pants and

fleeing the bathroom. It took nearly ten minutes for my cock to soften

enough so I could pull it back through the hole. Thankfully, no one

else came in during that time. I pulled up my own shorts and reached

for the knob on the door. Before I left, though, there was something

I needed to do. I pulled a pen out of my pocket and found a clean

spot on the wall. I began to write.

'Just sucked the hottest cock and got one hell of a huge load!

Then got my own cock sucked! Can't wait to do it again!'




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