'Where do you want them?' asked the delivery guy.

I stood in the middle of the room, momentarily speechless. I had barley been able to say two words from the moment the guys showed up at my front door with my brand new bookcases a couple of hours ahead of schedule.

Both of the delivery guys were hot--two prime examples of perfect male sensuality. The two of them oozed raw sex. The driver of the truck was a burley guy with thick wavy, black hair. The same thick hair spilled out over the collar of his T-shirt, which clung to him like a second skin. My mouth was drooling from the moment I saw him rounding the front of the delivery truck as I watched out my front window. He was wearing a pair of tight well faded jeans that hugged an ass that got my dick throbbing.

I thought I really had lucked out when his partner, a buff blond guy, hopped out of the cab of the truck. He was equally as hot--shoulder length blond hair parted in the middle, wearing a tank top that showed some impressive biceps and to top it off there was a nice package in his jeans.

My mouth was watering and my dick was aching from the moment I opened the front door after they rang the bell.

'Well, where do you want them?' he repeated. 'This thing is getting heavy.'

'Oh, I'm sorry. Up against that wall,' I said. I pointed to the far wall in the room I had decided to make my study. The room had formerly been home to my ex's computer and exercise bike.

Kurt was long gone. He had moved out over six months earlier after one of our many fights, taking the computer and his exercise bike with him, leaving me in peaceful solitude and stuck in a much too long bout of celibacy.

In those months, I fell back on old habits and began to devour anything and everything I could read. Most nights I preferred to curl up on the couch with a good book rather than trawl the bars, looking to meet Kurt's replacement or any reasonable facsimile. The world of books was enough for me for the time being. They took me places and let me experience things without the risk of getting my heart stomped on all over again.

The delivery guys carefully set the bookcase on the floor and straightened it out. My cock lurched in my jeans as I stared at the two hunky guys do their work.

'You can put the rest of them along the same wall,' I said.

'Sure thing,' said the blond.

He and the driver turned and walked back out to their truck to get the rest of the bookcases, my eyes locked on their butts as walked out of the room.

They returned a couple of minutes later with the next bookcase, setting it down next to the first. I just stood and watched. I couldn't help myself. I hadn't set my eyes on guys like this in some time.

I know I should get out more. I've lost track of all the times my friends have harped on me about my sticking close to home since I broke up with Kurt. I had always been a bit of a bookworm. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood were of the summer afternoons I sat under the maple tree in out backyard with a book that I had checked out from the library. It didn't matter what kind--science fiction, mystery, or a classic, I was happiest with my face in a book, letting the author take me places I had never dared dream about.

My first exposure to gay life was in a book, gay sex for that matter, too. Long before I had the nerve to come out, I was reading about men who loved other men, men who had sex with other men. As my relationship with Kurt began to fall apart, I often found myself reading those same books over and over, wondering why things never seemed to work out for me the way they worked out in the novels I read. In the months after Kurt left, I often found myself reading books of erotica, loosing myself in the pages of sex and debauchery, wondering if I would ever experience anything like the stuff I read about.

I couldn't help myself think about that as the delivery guys carried in the third bookcase. By this time they both had worked up a sweat. Drops of perspiration had beaded up on the driver's forehead and stained the underarms of his T-shirt. The back of the blonde's tank top was damp with perspiration. They were getting sexier by the minute and I was getting more and more turned on by watching them, watching every movement of the rippling muscles in their backs and arms, watching their butts as they exited the room and went back out to the truck.

It was getting harder to disguise my excitement. By the time the pair had come in with the fourth bookcase, my dick had swelled to it's full seven inches and precum was dripping out my piss slit.

I was certain the driver had noticed. Maybe it was my imagination, but I was certain he smiled and winked at me. Then he whispered something to the blond as they positioned the bookcase next to the others. The blond laughed and I felt my face redden. Were they on to me?

They exited my study and went back to the truck to get the last bookcase. I knew as soon as they left I was going to have to haul out my cock and jerk off to get some relief. I hadn't been this turned on in a long time.

The pair returned with the fifth and final bookcase, positioning it along with the others. They stepped back to take a quick look at their work. I took the opportunity to take perhaps one last look at the two studs.

They were both now drenched with sweat and a little out of breath. My heart was beating a little faster than it's normal rate. My pulse quickened when the driver approached. He pulled some papers out of his pocket and handed them to me. The smell of his sweat overtook me. My mouth was watering. My hands were trembling.

'I need you to sign,' he said.

At that point I would have gladly signed away anything just to have a chance at making the thoughts that raced through my mind a reality.

'You have a pen?' I asked.

The driver patted his pants, searching for a pen. I knew the bulge in his jeans was too big to be what he was looking for--it was the thing I was looking for.

'Hey, Joey. You gotta pen?'

The blond grunted and said, 'No, it's in the truck.'

'Never mind, I'll get one in the other room,' I said.

I dashed into the kitchen to look for a pen, grabbing one off the kitchen table.

'Can I get you guys something cold to drink,' I said. I hoped that I might be able to prolong their time in my study.

'No thanks. We're fine.'

My hopes were dashed so I quickly scribbled my signature on the dotted line and went back into the study.

When I returned, I found the guys leaning up against the boxes of books that filled the room. The blond was flipping through the pages of one of my books. I nearly choked when I saw the cover. It was my favorite book of gay erotica.

The two of them were on me before a word could pass my lips. I was shocked, overwhelmed, and completely turned on. The hunky driver mashed his lips to mine, his stubble ticking my chin and the blond had shivers racing up my spine when he cupped my ass in his strong calloused hands.

I thought I was dreaming, fantasizing. I was waiting to wake up, but it wasn't a dream. It was real. It was as real as the aching hard-on in my own jeans.

The driver popped the buttons on my shirts and his lips skid across my chest, zeroing in on one nipple and then the next. Blondie assaulted me from the rear. He slipped one of his hands down the back of my pants, inching his wandering hand past the elastic waistband of my Jockeys.

I was too stunned to speak. Months of celibacy, months of aching for the touch of another man were quickly erased as the two of them worked me over.

The blond broke the silence first. 'Let's see his cock. I want to see his cock.'

The brunette smiled, flashing a row of dazzling white teeth before he dropped to his knees in front of me. I groaned when his hand reached out and he popped the button of my jeans. The tension of my throbbing cock had been getting to be too much. It was a welcome relief.

The blond worked his hand further down the back of my pants, his rough hand sliding across my fuzzy asscheeks until his finger worked its way down my crack. Meanwhile his friend palmed the bulge in my jeans, teasing me, taunting me, and making me crazy with lust.

'Oh fuck,' I cried out when the blonde's probing finger grazed across my twitching pucker. I was hot. I was so ready to get fucked. I wanted to have my ass pounded by both these studs. I wanted them to take turns fucking me senseless, leaving me spent on the floor of my study. I needed it so fucking badly.

The driver inched down my zipper and the blond continued working his hand in my pants until both my Jockeys and my jeans slid down to mid-thigh. My cock sprang out, slapping my belly. A clear drop of precum dangled from my piss slit, hanging on until it dipped onto the floor in front of the driver.

'Nice,' said the driver right before he opened his mouth wider and clamped down on my dripping cock.

'Oh shit, man. Suck it. Suck it good.'

My head rocked back, falling back on the blonde's shoulder and my body spasmed when he worked his finger up my shitter. My hole was aching. I wanted his dick.

He cupped my face in his hand and kissed me, slipping his tongue in and out of my mouth as his finger probed the depths of my ass chute.

If that wasn't enough, the driver was slurping on my cock like a kid slurping on a melting ice cream cone. His tongue was fucking everywhere.

'Fuck me. Come on fuck me,' I screamed out. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted his dick in me.

'I bet you want it. Tell me where do you want it?' he whispered in my ear. His breath was clipped and uneven. His voice was ragged and edgy.

'Come on fuck me. Fuck my ass.'

The driver reached into his jeans and pulled out a rubber, tossing it to his partner. He then zipped down his own jeans and pulled out his cock. I glanced downward and watched his as he stroked his thick piece of meat.

The blonde's finger slid out of my chute and I then heard the crinkle of the condom wrapper. A few moments later, the blonde's cockhead was pressed against my sphincter trying to poke inside me. I sucked in a deep breath and then exhaled as the blond forced his dick into me.

'Oh shit. Fuck, man.'

The blond pulled off his tank top and then reached his arms around me, pulling me closer. His dick slid deeper and deeper into me as he squeezed me tighter. The driver was still sucking my cock, deep throating me. All of my senses were in overdrive. I couldn't focus on all the incredible sensations I was feeling. My cock was on fire. My balls were drawn up close to my body, getting ready to shoot. My ass was not use to the assault it was getting.

As the driver sucked me off, getting me closer and closer to coming, he jerked his dick faster and faster. The blond was getting into the whole scene as well. He pistoned his dick in and out of me until his balls were slapping against my ass.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I had intended spending the afternoon getting my study in order after the bookcase were delivered, never expecting that I would be at the mercy of the two hunky delivery men.

The pair worked over my body giving the most intense pleasure that I had ever experienced in my entire life. The driver was working my cock with his mouth like no man had ever done before. He would get me to the brink of coming and then would back off, leaving me wanting, practically begging for more. He had my toes practically curling as he sucked on my dick, licked my balls and also gave me the visual delight of being able to watch him fist his big dick.

The blond was fucking me so hard my ass was getting raw and tender. The friction of his cock sliding in and out of me, massaging my prostate and sending shivers throughout my body was almost too intense to take. Every time I was close to shooting off, one of the pair would either slow down or lessen the pressure just enough to keep me from coming. I knew I wasn't going to hold out for much longer. It had been a long time since I had been with anybody, much less two hot guys at the same time. I wasn't going to be able to keep from coming for much longer.

I almost lost it when the driver cried out after pulling back, leaving my engorged cock exposed and wanting more of his hot mouth.

'I'm going to come,' he groaned.

His entire body tensed. I was mesmerized my the contractions of the muscles in his arm and how his massive chest heave up and down.

'I'm going to come,' he said again, just moments before arches of white hot jizz spurt from his dick, splattering my legs and shoes.

'Fucking all right,' said the blond. He continues jackhammering his dick in and out of me. He clenched his jaw and hissed as he pounded my ass.

I stood there, taking the fucking, my eyes fixed on the driver. He was still on his knees, his cock still hard. The air around us was scented my his come and the sweat that was running down my back and ass.

I took my dick and hand and began to slowly jack off as the driver stared up at me.

'Yeah man, jack off for me. Shoot your load in my face,' he said.

I couldn't refuse the offer so I began to pump my dick even faster. It wouldn't take much longer.

The blond squeezed his arm around me tighter, practically crushing me to his chest. His dick was impaled deep inside my guts.

'I'm going to shoot,' he said. 'I'm going to fucking come.'

He pounded into me one last time. As he held me tighter, I could feel his body spasm with orgasm. He must have shot three or four times before his head dropped to my shoulder and he gasped for breath.

I kept jerking my dick. The blond left his still hard cock buried in my ass. He wriggled slightly and his pubes scratched against my ass. That was it. I was there.

'Oh fuck,' I cried out. 'Oh fuck.'

The come spurt out of my dick. I did my best to aim for the driver, hoping to cover his face with my white syrup.

The first blast hit him in the forehead and dripped down his face. The second less powerful spurt got him in the cheek and the last of it dribbled out, coating my hand with a gooey mess.

I tied to catch my breath after I came. The blond was still holding onto me as his cock softened and eventually popped out of my ass.

'That was fucking incredible,' said the driver.

'Yeah man. That was great,' said the blond.

I nodded my head, unable to say anything, unable to say anything at all.




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