I was in my early thirties when I discovered the pleasures of dildos. I had been with my boyfriend of the time for a while, and we started talking about getting into playing with toys. After a lot of talking we got one, and I found that I really liked getting fucked with it. We split up a while after that, and I got custody of the dildo.

For a while that dildo kept me out of trouble, but of course it's not the same if you're alone, and eventually I decided to start looking for another guy, preferably one who was into playing with toys. I spent some time in chat rooms, and in looking at personals ads, and at length I connected with a guy in his mid forties, who sounded pretty hot. We agreed to meet, and hit it off pretty quick when we got together.

We went back to his place, and right away I knew I was going to have a good time with this guy. On a table next to his bed there was a collection of dildos, of all different shapes, from butt plugs to big penises that I couldn't imagine taking up my ass. Eric, the guy who I had met, stood behind me and put his hand on my ass. I could feel his hard cock behind me, pressing up against me.

He reached around and undid my pants. It seemed important for him to be in control of the situation, and I was cool with that idea. My own cock had been rock hard from the minute I had seen the dildos on the table, and so it stood straight out from my body as my pants and underwear dropped to the floor at my ankles.

Eric, who was just under six feet tall, with salt and pepper grey hair and a mustache, got down on his knees behind me, and stroked my ass with his hand. I could feel his breath hot on me, and he whispered to me that I had a nice ass. His tongue began to lick me, and I could feel him going deeper and deeper, lost in my ass.

He pushed me over to the bed, and with his face still buried deep in my ass he followed me there, so that I was laying face down with my legs spread apart. Eric began to probe me with his fingers, and then took a smallish dildo in his hand and lubricated it. He was still wearing his clothes, and that somehow made this scene even hotter.

He took the rubber penis and pressed it up against my ass. I resisted him a little bit at first for some reason, and then started to relax and to take it. He slowly slid it up inside me, and I could feel it filling me, oddly cold but only at first. He began to fuck me with it, very slowly, all the way in and all the way out. I moaned, and he asked me if I liked letting guys put things up my ass. I said yes, and he felt underneath me to where my hard dick was pressed against the bed.

He fucked me faster, and with one of his hands spread my ass wider, to take the dildo deeper into me. Sometimes he would push it all the way up inside me and hold it there, as if to let me know who was in charge. I rolled onto my side, and he continued to fuck me, still spreading my ass with his free hand.

I started to stroke myself, and it wasn't long before I was ready to cum. He didn't seem to object, and I'm one of those guys who can keep on cuming all night, and still be into it. I arched my back and came as he thrust the rubber cock all the way up my ass.

When I had come he slowly took it out, and then reached over and grabbed a butt plug. He put that in my ass, and then gave me back my underwear. It was kind of surreal, but then I figured that it was all part of the scene, which it was. He got up and offered me a drink, and I followed him out to the living room of his apartment, in my underwear, and with the butt plug still up my ass.

We made some small talk for a while, but I could feel my cock getting hard again before too long. He smiled at me and asked if I were into threesomes, since he knew a guy in the building who would be into the scene we were doing. He showed me a picture of a guy about his age, and pretty good looking.

I said I was into it, and so he called him. There must have been some degree of complicity, since he only said a few words into the telephone, and in a minute or so there was a knock at the door and the other guy, Rich, walked in. My cock was straining against my underpants, and I could feel a hot flush on my cheeks as I thought of the butt plug still in my ass.

Rich shook my hand, which was pretty weird, and then we all walked into the bedroom. Eric sat on the head of the bed, and motioned for me to take off my underwear and kneel in front of him. I did so, and Rich was right behind me, his hand on my ass right away.

He pulled out the butt plug, which had felt warm and comfortable, and I could hear him sigh as he caressed my ass with his hand. He took a fairly big sized dildo from the bedside table and lubed it up, but at the point Eric put his hand on the back of my head and I was engrossed in sucking his cock, which I hadn't seen when he had sex previously. It was thick and short, and gave an impression of power.

I was really into this scene, and pushed my hips slightly against the dildo as Rich began to slide it into my ass. At first I resisted once again, which I guess is the reflex, and then relaxed as he stroked my hard cock hanging underneath me. There was a slick line of precum that ran from the head of my cock down to the blankets, and it felt good when he stroked the slick surface of my cock with it.

The dildo pressed into my ass, and I was having a great time with this scene. Eric's hand was on the back of my head still, urging me on, and I spread my legs a little more and kept on taking it. I was so into getting fucked this way, and I could tell that Rich was into it as well, since I could feel his tongue licking the cheeks of my ass in the intervals between staring intently at the dildo sliding in and out of it.

I started to stroke my cock again, and in a couple of minutes was ready to come. I could feel my back arch as I did so, and Rich pushed the dildo all the way up my ass as I came all over the place. He didn't take it out of my ass though, but instead just held it in place. Eric let me stop sucking his cock for a couple of minutes, and I lay down on the bed. Rich lay down too, with his hand still holding my ass, making take the dildo.

This was making me horny, and the fact that I felt so helpless between two guys like this was making me get very hard again in a short period of time. They both knew that this was turning me on, so Rich slowly started to fuck me again, and Eric moved his hips a little closer. Before I knew it we were at it again, and I was more turned on than before. This was so hot.

I came again, and then another time after that. Rich finally came a little later, while he had two of his fingers up my ass after making me take a third dildo from the collection. My ass was starting to throb, and I was glad when Eric put his own cock up there, which was somehow easier to take at that point.

He fucked me pretty hard, but it felt so good. He came quickly, laying on top of me with both hands on the cheeks of my ass. We all lay there on the bed for a while, spent, and then the party began to break up. I was really happy though, to have made this connection, and as we headed off in our separate directions I knew I would be back for more.




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