I walked out of the steamy showers with a towel wrapped

loosely around my waist. I'm not embarrassed to admit

I sneak glances at the other guys in the locker room. I've

sucked a few cocks in my life and even pounded a hot ass or two,

but mostly I get off just by checking other guys out. I

love to spend a quiet evening at home stroking while I recall a

hot cock I saw being tucked into a jockstrap, or a tight ass

being toweled off. I was covertly eyeing some college jock

when a guy about my own age - thirty - caught my eye.

What a god! His body was immaculate; huge bulging arms,

ripped chest, broad shoulders, the works. He had a sexy

face too, partially hidden by long wet locks of hair that hung

down over his eyes. I shifted my cock under my towel to

hide my growing erection. What I wouldn't give to

stroke the soft dark hair on his pecs or to suck on his

deliciously dark nipples. When the stud turned to hang his

towel over his locker, I got my first look at his package.

Jesus, a body like that and a cock the size of Texas. Our

eyes met briefly and I turned away, growing hot. I was

pretty embarrassed about being caught looking, but there was

something else. I knew the guy. I was sure of it.

I ran down a mental checklist of all the guys I had played

football and wrestled with in high school and college.

Nothing. Where the fuck did I know this guy from?

I pulled on my briefs, glancing back at the hot jock. I

wanted a chance to talk to him before he left. He was still

naked and didn't seem to be in much of a hurry to leave.

I glanced up again and saw him coming toward me. He must

have known me too! My cock lurched in my underwear and I

was hoping he wanted me to suck that hot cock!

'Brian, right?' His voice was deep and smooth,

like hot black coffee. I nearly unloaded in my briefs.

'Yeah, how are you doing?' I still couldn't

place him. I turned to face him, arching my back slightly

so my pecs stuck out. His chest was still twice as nice.

'Gage.' He didn't take my hand when I

offered it and his smile now seemed a little sinister.

'I didn't figure you'd remember me.'

Gage. Hell, the only Gage I could think of was the guy

everyone used to make fun of in high school. He was a total

dork, skinny as hell. 'Not Gage Matthews?' I

asked, praying it wasn't true.

'Right.' He answered. He was glaring at

me now. 'So you like cock, I see.'

I started to stammer. 'I don't know what you're

talking about.'

'Bullshit. I saw you looking at my body.

Especially my cock.' He lifted it up, his fist barely

covering a third of the thick shaft.

How could I not look? 'I just thought I knew you,

that's all. You've got it all wrong.'

'Bullshit,' he said again. I jerked out of the

way as his muscled arm swung toward me. He laughed.

'I hope you're not afraid, Brian. Trust me, I

missed on purpose.' He lunged again, this time

grabbing me by the neck. He wrestled me over the bench and

began to drag me toward the showers.

'Hey, man, this isn't funny!' I felt my

head smash into the door of one of the toilet stalls.

'I'm not fucking laughing,' Gage said, shoving

me into the stall and pushing me facedown toward the bowl.

'Do you remember what you did to me in the ninth grade?'

'N-no,' I mumbled. Of course I did. I

had picked up his scrawny body and dunked him headfirst like a

teabag into a toilet.

'You're a damn liar, Brian. But I'm going

to give you what you never gave me. A choice.' I

held my breath. 'You either service my cock or you're

going to see what it feels like to be dumped in a toilet bowl.'

There was no choice. I was already on my knees and his

huge cock was hanging in front of my face like a tree branch.

I felt Gage's huge hand on the back of my head, guiding my

mouth over his throbbing dick like a glove. I choked, but

he didn't care.

'Take it all, bitch!' He was already oozing

precum, lubricating my tongue. His cock was beautiful.

Once I established a rhythm, I cupped his low-hangers in my hand

and massaged them. His balls were huge, the size of small

eggs. 'That's it, cocksucker. I can tell

you've done this before.' Gage growled and rammed

his cock in to the balls. My nose was pressed up against

his thick pubes and my only view was of his tight abs and the

underside of his swollen pecs. I nearly came then and there.

Gage pulled out, his cock glistening with my saliva. He

smacked me in the face a few times, and then ordered me to my

feet. 'Suck on my chest, asshole!' Once again my

hair was in his hands, my mouth sucking on one nipple, then the

other. I could feel my own hard-on dueling with his and

prayed he wasn't going to rip my balls off.

'You're turned on by this, aren't you Brian?'

Gage pulled my head away from his chest so I could look up into

his glinting blue eyes.

'Fuck, yeah!' What was I supposed to say?

I smiled and licked my way down his chest and belly, going down

again on his amazing cock. I knew he was enjoying the

blowjob; his grunts of pleasure and sharp expletives were

bouncing off the walls. By now I was seated on the toilet,

sucking to save my life. I wrapped my arms around Gage's

midsection, copping a feel of that wonderfully muscled ass.

'Just don't touch the hole,' he warned, fucking

my mouth without stopping. 'I'm not into that.'

'Me either,' I gurgled, coming up for air before

diving back down on his thick meat.

'Like I fucking care,' he said, bending down.

At first I thought he was just pulling my briefs from around my

feet. But he tossed those behind the toilet and grabbed my

ankles, pulling my legs roughly into the air. To avoid

falling off the toilet, I grabbed the metal handicapped bars on

either wall.

'What the fuck are you doing?' I asked, although it

was pretty obvious. The tip of his cock was burrowing its

way between my buns. I could feel him pushing my hole open.

'I don't get fucked,' I said, but not as bravely

as I would have had he not been bigger than me.

Gage only smiled and pushed his thick dick into me.

'Nice and tight,' he remarked. It hurt like hell,

but only for a minute. Once I got used to it, it felt great,

especially since such a hot stud was nailing me. The hair

on his pecs was still wet, beads of water rolling down his

immaculate body. He held my ankles like the handlebars of a

Harley, pumping his cock in and out of my tight ass.

'Oh god,' I moaned, feeling the pleasure and

pressure building. He was going to make me cum. I

tried to cover my cock, but I needed to keep both hands on the

bars. So when my dick erupted, my entire upper body was

drenched in warm cum.

'Missed your face,' Gage said. 'I can fix

that.' He pulled his throbbing meat out of my ditch

and aimed. Gob after gob of thick spunk gushed from the

piss slit, nailing my face from forehead to chin. Gage bent

over and picked up my briefs, using them to wipe the ooze from

his still-hard cock. 'I'm keeping these,' he

said, and then he left me alone in the stall, still bent like a


I used toilet paper to sponge the cum off my face and body,

walking bowlegged back out to the locker room which was,

thankfully, empty. I opened my locker and swore. That

motherfucker had not only swiped my underwear, but my jeans and

shirt too. Only my shoes and socks remained, along with a

hastily written note in block letters:




Of course I did. I'd stolen Gage's clothing

and stripped him of his swimming suit. He'd been

forced to walk naked to the gym teacher's office to plead

for something to wear. As I prepared to leave the locker

room bareassed naked, I thought 'I guess what goes around

really does come around.'




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