He got on at the fifth stop before my destination - a mouth-watering vision of clean cut manhood in skin-tight blue jeans, tight white tee shirt and open black leather jacket. His dark blond hair was tightly cropped and a diamond stud glinted in his right earlobe. Early twenties, I guessed. Catching my eye, he flashed a knowing smile, though it might well have been just my fevered imagination.

Though the subway train carriage was empty, he chose to sit directly opposite me. My gaze was like a magnet, homing in on his crotch as he settled in his seat, faded denim tightening over what was an unmistakably impressive packet. I stared for far longer than was polite, before finally managing to avert my eyes. By then, I was aware of a stirring in my own jeans. Should this handsome stranger care to spare me a glance, he could not fail to notice the effect he was having upon me. Mentally, I willed him to do just that. Who knew what might result?

By the time the train had reached the next station, my jeans were under the pressure of a full-blooded hard-on. My fellow passenger's cock was also becoming noticeably swollen. It might have been coincidence that he had entered the same carriage as me, but his seat had been chosen deliberately. Catching his eye again, I smiled - coolly, yet unashamedly inviting. In the seconds, perhaps minutes that followed, the unblinking gaze that passed between us confirmed all either of us needed to know.

Even when I reached my stop, I only briefly considered getting off. How could I be sure he would follow? How could I forgive myself if he didn't?

At last, we reached the end of the line. Last stop for the last train of the night. He was rising even before the doors hissed open, departing with a final, smoldering glance. I waited for a few seconds, then bolted from the carriage and followed him, keeping a distance of a few yards between us. I was playing discreet, but he knew I was there, of course. We were already partners in a game that was growing more exciting by the second. He didn't have to look around to see me feasting my eyes on the denim sheathed treasure of his slender, firm buns.

With arrogant strides, he led me from the station and deeper into the unknown territory of the cool night, never once glancing backwards. He turned into a narrow side street and, for one horrible moment, I thought I had lost him. Then I saw him, standing in a doorway, leaning with a studied nonchalance against the wall, thumbs hooked in his belt. His jacket was slung open, his tee shirt almost dazzlingly white in the semi-darkness. As I walked towards him, I imagined the excited pounding of my heart must be a thousand times more audible than the sound of my boots against the tarmac.

Finally, we were face to face. Moving as though in a dream, I raised my hands to his shoulders and gripped solid muscle, beneath cool, shiny leather. At the same time, his hands reached for my waist. An instant later, we were kissing, lips crushing lips, tongues thrusting hungrily. My hands glided rapidly downwards, gripping his taut buttocks as I pushed him hard against the wall, grinding my crotch against the equally large bulge of his cock. When our mouths finally parted, I was too far-gone to even attempt to speak.

'Not here,' he whispered breathlessly, even as I was falling to my knees in the doorway.

I looked up, my right hand already reaching for his zipper. Did he want me to beg? Fair enough! If that's what it took, I was prepared to lick his boots in return for a mouthful of his cock.

But he was not going to make me grovel and degrade myself - at least not in such a public place. Instead, he took my hand and gripping it tightly in his, led me on a short walk to the Holy Grail that was his place. The apartment was on the third floor of the building and I took full advantage of his rear view as I followed him up the stairs.

We would have made it to the bedroom in a matter of seconds, but neither of us could wait that long. The instant the door slammed shut, we were in each other's arms again, kissing with a lip crushing ferocity. Only when I had unbuckled his belt and drawn down the zipper of his jeans did I withdraw my tongue from his mouth. He wasn't going to stop me falling to my knees this time.

'Oh man, this must be my lucky night!' I gasped, as I tugged his jeans down over his thighs.

He responded by squeezing my shoulders and thrusting his crotch against my face. His tight white cotton briefs were damp with pre-cum and I felt the heat of his throbbing tool through the thin fabric. I stroked and squeezed his bulging length, then nuzzled it with my lips and tongue. Had I wanted, I could have squeezed and teased him to the point of begging for my mouth, but I wanted him too much to play the sadist. Hooking both thumbs in the front of his waistband, I pulled his briefs down over his cock and balls. He had the kind of shaft that made a boy glad to be gay - eight thick inches of glorious manhood. Gripping the base in my left hand, I roamed over the gleaming purple crown with my tongue, the taste of him electrifying my tastebuds. My right hand was frantically freeing my own cock from my jeans.

While he fucked my face, as though going twelve rounds with my tonsils, his balls smacking my chin at the end of every stroke, I fucked my fist. This guy did not even know my name, but he knew I wasn't one for the tender touch. I just knew we would cum together. It was that kind of night.

Feeling the lava surge at the base of my cock, I buried my nose in his pubic bush. As I shot my load over his boots, his hot, thick semen gushed down my throat. I gulped down as much as I could, not caring that the remainder trickled from the corners of my mouth and dripped from my chin onto my black tee shirt. What were a few cum stains between friends?

Having feasted on all his cock could offer for now, I bent down and licked my own cum from his boots, not stopping until the black leather was once more spotlessly clean.

'I like a guy with a big appetite,' he smiled, afterwards.

'I like a guy with a big dick,' I responded.

'Do you have to be anywhere tonight?' he asked.

'I'm right where I want to be,' I replied, hurriedly removing my clothes.

Despite my urgency, he managed to get naked before me. He kicked off his briefs, then draped himself seductively over the clean white sheets, his light blond body hair glistening in the light.

I didn't get time to tell him my name. In any case, it was my body he wanted, which was fine by me. Lost in our mutual lust, we writhed on the bed, tongues dancing a French tango, hands urgently exploring. Wrapping my legs around his back, I embraced him tightly, feeling his cock hard and hot against my belly.

'Would you like to fuck me?' I whispered.

That was as pointless a question as asking him if he were gay. He kissed and licked his way down over my body, every touch electrifying. It seemed an eternity before his lips were finally wrapped around my hard-on. As he sucked me, he caressed my puckering anus with a fingertip, then gradually worked it up inside me.

Though I ached for his cock, he was in no hurry. His tongue glided down over my balls, then proceeded further, to take the place of his probing finger.

'Oh man, that feels good!' I gasped.

When the time came to repay him in kind, he would know just how good. He rimmed me long and deep, all the while rubbing my cock and balls, but taking care not to take me over the edge. By the time he finally raised his head, my hole was aching to be stuffed with hot meat.

He took me in my favorite position, flat on my back, legs raised high and resting on his shoulders. I gripped the pillows with clenched fists, grunting as his stiff cock eased into my fuck ready orifice. He thrust deep, stretching and filling me with the full length of his fat shaft.

Sliding back and forth in my tight tunnel, he gradually increased the tempo of his stabbing strokes. The harder and faster he pumped my ass, the harder I begged him to fuck me. As he built up to the peak of his passion, my right fist reached for my own cock. His fingers dug into my thighs and he expelled a long, loud groan of ecstasy. As he climaxed deep inside me, my sphincter squeezing his spasming cock like a vice, I creamed his chest and belly with a hot, thick cum shower.

Something told me I would not be taking the first train home in the morning.




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