For the second morning in a row, I woke up in Todd's arms.

I blinked myself awake, grabbed hold of Todd's hands and squeezed them into my chest. I felt warm.

I can't remember the last time I'd been this comfortable. Except for the fact that it was Monday and I had a class this morning at 10, I sure would have like to just stay like this all day.

I felt Todd's cock stir a little bit behind me. I wondered whether or not we had time for another go. Todd kissed my neck.

'I guess you're awake,' I said softly.

'Mmm,' he said. 'Sort of. I'd say your great little ass woke my dick up first. My eyes came later.'

I smiled and pushed backward into him. He responded by wriggling his penis between the cheeks of my ass. I lifted my hip up to let him know what I was hoping for. Todd took one arm from around my waist. With the hand free, he was able to guide his cock straight into me. There was a little pre-cum at the tip that allowed him to slide inside, but not very much.


Todd pulled out right away.

'Ooh, sorry, are you okay?'

Reflexively I moved my hand back to block any further entry.

'Wow, I guess it's a little sore this morning.'

Todd kissed my neck.

'That's okay baby,' he said. 'We don't have to do that again right now.'

I exhaled. My butt did kind of ache a little.

'How about 20 minutes? Do you think you'll be okay by then?' Todd giggled, and so did I.

I twisted around inside of Todd's arms until we were facing each other. I kissed him on the mouth.

'It's your fault,' I said. 'If you weren't so big and thick, then we could just do it again and again.'

'I think they call that 'party size,'' Todd explained.

I nodded.

'Yup. They do. And you're not.'

He frowned.

'Well, that's a good thing, right?'

'Yup. I like your big weenie just fine just the way it is,' I said. 'You can fuck me again, don't worry. I just need to wait like...'

'Twenty minutes?' Todd asked again.

I pursed my lips and nodded. 'Um, yeah, that should do it.'

Todd's hands found my hard-on and he tugged on it with both of them. 'In the meantime...'

'Um, captain, I've got class at 10,' I said.

'Don't worry freshman, I've got one too. You'll be on time, I won't make you late.'

For the next half an hour, Todd sat on my chest and gave me an incredible blow job. He took breathing breaks to stroke my cock with his hands, and then dove back in with his mouth wide open. Somehow he managed to deep throat me and get most of my balls inside his mouth at the same time.

'Wow,' I said when I finally exploded in a fantastic orgasm. 'You had me on the edge there for like forever. I can't believe you did that to me for so long!'

Todd ignored my comment and licked his hand. 'Mmm,' he said. 'Food. I think we need some.'

He was right. I was starving.

I reached around his runner's thighs and grabbed hold of his thick dick.

'Don't you want me to...?'

'Yes, more than anything in the world,' Todd said. 'But you know, technically we're here to get an education. We've both got classes in like...'

He looked over at the clock radio beside his bed.

'Fuck!' Todd said. 'In like 20 minutes!'

'Uh oh,' I said.

'Uh oh is right.'

'I need a shower,' I said.

'I need food,' Todd added.

'I really need to wash my butt,' I said.

We both scrambled up and off of the bed. We stood there not sure which way to go next.

'I have Cheerios,' Todd said.

'Good,' I said. 'I'll jump in the shower, you get the Cheerios.'


I jogged over to Todd's bathroom. It was so nice not to have to leave the room and go down the hall to take a shower. I let the hot water run over me for a minute before I remembered that we were in a hurry. Todd pulled back the shower curtain and pushed a spoonful of cereal through for me to eat.

'Thanks,' I said with my mouth full.

Todd fed me an entire bowl of Cheerios in the shower while I scrubbed myself clean.

I got dressed in my clothes from last night. Todd let me use a pair of his underwear. White Calvin Kleins. I felt instantly extremely sexy once I pulled them up over my cock. They were snug everywhere but in the pouch in front, I especially liked that.

I brushed my teeth with my finger and water-styled my hair. Then I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself, the finished product of spending the night in Todd's room, without even a change of underwear. I made a face. I looked like the dog's breakfast.

Todd caught me checking myself out and smiled.

'Good enough for government work,' he said. Then he grabbed me by my belt loops and pulled me out the door.

We were the only ones in the elevator.

'I feel like a skank,' I said.

He laughed. 'You are a skank, freshman.'

I pursed my lips and stared at the floor. Before the doors opened, he kissed me good-bye. Full tongue.

We went our separate ways once we were outside.

It's a good thing we were runners, I hated to be late to any lecture. I was five minutes late to class, but it could have been a lot worse.

I had a break after my 10:00 and went back to my room to put on some fresh boxers and grab my backpack with my stuff. My roommate Alan was not there, for a change-I was pretty sure he had classes on Monday mornings too-but there was a note. It read:

Hi TJ. Stopped by after the library to see if you wanted to grab a beer. Sorry I missed you. Hope you're having fun, wherever you are. Let's make time this week. Take care. Gage


Gage wanted to have a beer with me?

I stuffed my laptop in, zipped up my pack, and headed out for my next class. I smiled to myself as I made my way down the stairs, into the lobby and then out the door.

Gage the wrestler wanted to have a beer. Gage the ridiculously cute wrestler.

On the way to my 12, I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten to get new underwear after all and was still wearing Todd's. Oh well.

My Mondays were pretty packed, I had four classes and a TA discussion. In between I went to the library and tried to concentrate. But my head was spinning after reading the note from Gage and I needed to figure out what to do with him. Plus Todd's underwear was a constant reminder that I had been a bad, bad boy last night; my butthole still felt like it had been jack-hammered.

At the end of the day, I didn't actually head back to my room at Shelton Hall until after 6 pm. Pretty much the entire day, I'd just gone through the motions. I paid attention during my lectures and took good notes. But every time caught myself in the reflection of a window, I thought of the fact that I hadn't shaved and that I was fucking my team captain. Er, rather, he was fucking me. Every time I sat down in class, or at the study carrel in the stacks at the library, I was reminded that I had on somebody else's underwear.

And every time I thought of Gage I got a hard on. Quite a day.

The last time I'd seen Gage he'd been wearing underwear that was identical to Alan's. Was it possible that they went shopping together and just happened to buy the exact same type? Or was it just one of those funny wrestling team unity things?

No matter. I'd sure like to wear Gage's underwear.

On my head.

Alan was naked in the room when I finally walked in. He was doing jumping jacks, facing away from the door. Of course he was doing naked jumping jacks.

'Hey,' I said, throwing my back pack onto the floor beside my bed.

He stopped bouncing up and down and turned around.

'Oh...hey TJ,' Alan said. He was out of breath.

I flopped down heavily onto the top of my bed.

Alan turned around and looked at me. I didn't really want to talk so I closed my eyes.

I felt Alan's eyes on me but tried to ignore him.

'Well?' he asked.

I took a deep breath. 'Well what?' I said with more than a little attitude. I knew exactly what he wanted to know about.

'Well, roomie...' he sang out. 'What the fuck happened to you last night?'

I kept my eyes shut and thought about Todd's baseball bat dick thrusting in and out of my ass. Should I tell Alan the truth? This was college after all, an institution of truth and knowledge.

I blinked my eyes open. Alan had moved closer to my bed, his penis within licking distance of my mouth. I stared at it for a moment. His pubes had partially returned, Alan was clearly not doing a job keeping his private parts neat and tidy.

'Um,' I started.

Alan bent over and squeezed my chest in the general vicinity of my nipple.

'Yow!' I squealed. 'Cut it out!'

He squeezed me again. This time he hit pay dirt.


He smiled and sat down on the edge of my bed. He was sweating and his bronzed Texas skin glowed in the early moonlight from outside. He smelled nice, sort of a concentrated version of his brother Alex. I felt my dick stir inside my pants and absently stuck a hand in my pocket to keep myself from getting a full-on erection.

'Talk TJ,' Alan commanded. 'Where the fuck were you last night? It's not like you to sleep someplace else, right?'

I had an idea. A broad grin swept over my face. With my free I cupped Alan's chin and pushed in on his cheeks.

'Were you worried about me, boychick?' I said in my best Jewish mother accent.

Alan wriggled his face out of my grasp.

'TJ, we've been roommates for a few months now. We care about each other. We tell each other everything. You've met my family for crissakes. I think we owe it to each other to keep the other guy updated when we're not fucking coming home at night,' he said.

Aww. He was worried about me. How cute.

He put a hand on my chest. I started to push it away but realized he wasn't going to pinch me again. He was just going to leave it there, just like someone else might put a hand on your shoulder to show you they're concerned about you. With Alan's family I guessed, the boundary lines were just a little bit different.

He looked at my eyes. They seemed a little glassy. Was my tough little Texas wrestler roommate going to cry?

'It was no big deal,' I said quickly, not wanting him to cry over something like this. 'I went over to Todd's to talk about the race. You know he's the captain of the team, right? And well, things just got later than we thought, and so I just crashed out on his couch.'

'He has a couch?'

'Um, yeah, he's a senior. It's his own place. No roommates. The couch was fine.'

'And what was the deal about not calling me just to say you weren't coming home?'

'Um,' I said. His eyes were still glassy.

'I'm sorry, you're right, I should have called. By the time I realized how late it was, well, it was sort of too late to call. I thought you'd be asleep.'

Alan pursed his lips and nodded.

'Next time just make sure you call,' he said.

'Okay, I will. I'm sorry.'

He got up off the bed and started doing some pushups on the floor. I watched him. This was weird.

When he finished his pushups, he rolled onto his back and lay nude in the middle of our floor.

'We broke up,' Alan said, his voice cracking.

'What?' I said. I sat up on the bed immediately.

He looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes. He nodded.

'She said it wasn't me, it was her,' he said.

'What?' I asked. I hadn't caught up yet. The whole reason that Alan had come to Boston University was to be with his girlfriend from back home in Texas. He follows her all the way here and now she cuts him loose!?

Tears streamed down his face.

I looked around the room for a box of tissues to hand him, but we didn't have one. He wiped his face with his bicep.

'Gage and I met her at Upper Crust,' he said, referring to a local pizza place a few blocks away. They had good pizza, but it was an awful far walk.

I got off my bed and sat on the floor cross-legged. Alan put him arm over his eyes.

'I just can't believe it TJ,' he said, his drawl more pronounced than usual. 'I really thought she was the one. We even talked about getting engaged. Thought we'd have ourselves a typical southern wedding, you know, on a big ranch. Cowboy hats. Bridesmaids in big dresses with petticoats.'


He smiled but kept his arm over his eyes. I looked at Alan's cock. It was just the two of us in the room. He was naked and totally exposed on his back on the floor. His eyes were covered and he couldn't see what I was staring at. Perfect opportunity.

'I was gonna ask her Daddy for her hand this Christmas, right when we got back to Dallas.'

I didn't know what to say. I put my hand lightly on his chest, careful to avoid his nipple. That seal had been broken and it seemed like the right thing to do.

'What am I gonna tell my folks?' Alan asked. He sniffed back some tears.

'Well, I don't know. Maybe it's not really over. Maybe she'll call you back tonight and....'

Alan put his hand on the shaft of his dick and held it firm.

This was a fine mess I had gotten myself into.

I had one hand on his chest. He was undressed and lying bare-ass naked. He had hold of his own penis. I now had about a three quarter erection. And he was crying. If I was truly a good human being I would have been coming up with better words of encouragement and would not have been concentrating quite so hard on Alan's cock.

'Naw. She won't TJ. I know her. Once she makes her mind up, that's it. She's a strong woman. There's no way she takes me back.'

Once again I didn't know what to say. We both just sat there breathing for about a minute. He sobbed lightly. I moved my hips to try to break my dick free of some strange twist Todd's underwear had me in. Alan kept hold of his weenie, I watched carefully and convinced myself that it was harder and longer than it was before.

'Fux,' I said.

'Fux,' he repeated.

I could feel the pre-cum from my own weenie ooze freely. A drip passed from the top to the bottom of my thigh.

We both just kept breathing. Alan seemed to calm down.

Alan removed his hand from his dick. It was definitely harder. Maybe not a complete 100% boner, but definitely bigger and thicker than when he put his hand there in the first place. It looked a lot like his younger brother's dick. I shook my head. WTF?

While I was lost in my own daydream, Alan took the arm away from his eyes, but kept them closed. They were sort of red and puffy. He grabbed my hand that was on his chest and held it.


'Are you okay?' I asked quietly. 'Is there anything I can do?'

Alan shrugged his shoulders. His hand gripped mine more firmly.

I leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

Alan's whole body seemed to relax. A thin smile came over his face.

'Thanks roomie,' he said. 'I just...'

'Shh,' I said in a whisper.

He relaxed more. His chest went up and down rhythmically and our hands went with it. I glanced at his dick. It was totally hard now, and pulsed with each of his heartbeats.

This was very confusing. Did he want me to touch it? I was paralyzed.

Alan's hand reached back down and took hold of the shaft of his cock again. Then he opened his eyes and looked up at me. I gave him a smile, but I had no idea what to do next.

'I think those jumping jacks gave me a woody,' Alan said.

I let my eyes dart quickly to his penis, lying on his belly and pointing straight up to his face. I gave him a little half-grin, and then looked away.

'Yeah,' I agreed. 'Jumping jacks.'

The moment passed and Alan hopped up off of the floor. He stuffed his hard-on into some jeans and the two of left the room. We slammed down some mystery meat in the dorm cafeteria downstairs. Not a word passed between us about his girlfriend breaking up with him. A half hour later we were both sitting at our desks and studying.

Just before bed, Alan spoke up again.

'Did you get that note from Gage?' he asked me.

I hesitated.

'Um yeah,' I said. 'He said he wants to grab a beer.'

'You should,' he said. 'He's a really nice guy. You'll like him.'

'I will?'

Alan nodded.

'He's just like you. He's pretty hung too.'

What? My jaw dropped.

Alan switched off the light. I covered myself up and tried to sleep, but couldn't. Soon, I heard Alan's rhythmic breathing; apparently he could sleep. But me? Forget about it. I couldn't just hear a bombshell like that about Gage's dick and then fall right to sleep.

It took forever, but I finally did. With a hard-on.

Later in the week, I mustered up the courage and called Gage to see about having a beer with me.

'Oh hey TJ,' he said when he picked up.

Gage was so good looking, even his voice sounded cute.

'Hi Gage. I got your note the other night, thanks. I'd love to go grab a beer. What about this Friday night?'

'Well, that might work,' Gage said. 'We've got wrestling practice Friday afternoon, and then I'm supposed to hook up with Alan to work on some new moves. We could meet back at your guys' room in Shelton if you'd like?'

'Um, okay. Shelton Hall then. Great! I'll see you Friday after practice.'

He hung up and I sighed. I hadn't apparently taken a breath during our entire conversation.

When Friday came I was a little nervous. My class schedule was light so I hung out in the library until it was time for my own practice. Running. That would probably help, I thought. Todd was there of course, but today both he and Coach were working with the sprinters. Us middle distance guys were on our own. All told, I put in about 10 miles, most of it behind the group. I was glad when we were done. I showered up and jogged lightly back to my dorm.

Gage was already there with Alan when I opened the door.

They were facing away from me, standing over at Alan's desk and looking at a wrestling book. Both still had their red and white wrestling singlets on. I swallowed hard and walked in.

'Gentlemen,' I said.

'Oh hi TJ,' Gage said, turning his head and looking directly at me. He smiled.

'You guys were supposed to be practicing I thought,' I said.

'Yeah,' Alan said. 'We're pretty much done.'


Gage stepped toward me and gave me a high five. His body was perfect. The tight fabric left very little to my imagination.

'We're sort of exhausted,' he said. 'Practice was crazy today. Coach was in a bad mood or something. I don't think either one of us has anything left.'

Compared to what I was used to with him, Gage's blond hair was kind of a mess. His eyes somehow seemed more intensely green than normal. I wanted to hug him.

'Um, well, if you're too wiped out, we can take a rain check on going out,' I offered weakly.

Gage spoke immediately. 'No, no, no, I'm fine.'

He faced me and grabbed both of my shoulders with his strong hands. An unmistakable look passed between us that sent a chill down my spine.

Alan kept looking at the page in his wrestling book and chuckled. 'Just go easy on him TJ,' Alan said. 'After today's workout, even you could wipe the floor with either of us.'

'Hey!' I protested.

Gage nodded and smirked. 'It's true, my muscles are done. It's a little sad actually.'

Gage looked at his bicep and tried to flex. 'Ow, ow!'

I laughed and tossed my pack onto my bed. 'Man! I thought I was a wastoid. We ran a little over 10 miles and it was all I could do to keep up today...but you guys...'

Gage sat down on my bed and rubbed his thighs. He shook his head.


'Do you guys need like, I don't know, a rub down or something?'

Gage fell backward onto my bed at an angle, his head on my pillow. He smiled. His teeth were so white; the room seemed a little brighter.

'Well, actually, yes, I have to admit, that would be fucking great,' Gage said. 'I'll pay.'

Alan and I both laughed.

'Trust me, TJ would pay you,' Alan said.

Gage giggled and I gave Alan a look.

Gage flipped himself over on my bed so that he was facing down. He tugged the shoulder straps from his singlet off and slipped them off of his arms completely. His back was bare and smooth. His muscles seemed like some example from an anatomy textbook. I felt my underarms start to sweat.

'Um,' I said. 'Should I get some lotion or something? I'm not sure I have anything.'

'Second drawer, far left,' Alan said. 'Just behind my socks.'

I followed my roommate's instructions and pulled out an industrial size jug of Lubriderm. It was just over half full. If my memory was right, I hadn't seen Alan use this before.

'That stuff's great,' he said. 'My brothers turned me on to it.'


'Anything's fine,' Gage said, his voice muffled by the comforter on my bed. 'I don't care if a homeless person turned you on to it. Just put it on me.'

'Um,' I said. 'Now?'

He lifted his head off the bed and looked at me with disbelief.

'Yes, TJ, now. If you're gonna give me a rub down, I would really like one now.' He set his back down. 'Please!' his voice was muffled again.

'Okay,' I said still a little unsure of myself.

I squirted some of the white liquid into my hands, rubbed them together, and then kneeled down on the floor beside my bed. As soon as I put my hands on Gage's back, he started to moan lightly. I didn't know if I was hurting him or if this was a good thing. His shoulders and upper back were tight so I moved my hands in small circles and pressed down lightly. Gage moaned more.

Alan laughed again and turned to face us.

'Would you guys like me to leave?'

At the same time, I said 'no' and Gage said 'yes.' I shot Alan another look and he shielded himself with a cross of his fingers. As I moved around Gage's back, some spots were really tight and he would twist and wiggle as I pressed.

'You're pretty good at this TJ,' Gage said into my bed. 'I'll not only buy the beer tonight, I'll buy dinner.'

I smiled and started to protest. But then thinking about my sad empty wallet, maybe that would be all right after all. 'Yeah, we runners are all hands,' I joked.

I could see the one corner of Gage's mouth curl into a grin. 'Uh huh, I heard that,' he said.

'More like all penis,' Alan said.

'Alan!' Gage and I said in unison.

Gage closed his eyes and I kept massaging his back.

Alan pointed in the general direction of my crotch and then made a masturbation gesture with his hands; the invisible dick his hands stroked in mid air was the size of a tree trunk. I shook my head and kept working on the half-naked wrestler sprawled out on my bed. Alan lay back on his bed and studied the pages of his wrestling book.

'I'm next,' Alan said.

I looked over at him and rolled my eyes. Gage moaned again, more loudly than the others.


When I got to the bottom of Gage's back, I hesitated before slipping my hands under the red fabric of Gage's singlet. To do so would have placed me in direct contact with his ass. He sensed my reluctance.

'Go ahead. It's okay. You'd only be like the tenth guy today to put their hands on my butt,' Gage said.

'Ten? More like twenty!' Alan corrected. 'I still can't believe what we had to go through today. Coach was a maniac!'

Gage slid the singlet and his jock strap lower and they slipped over his hips. He let them rest in the little notch above his thighs where his butt cheeks ended. I put more Lubriderm onto my hands and tried to act very official and businesslike as I cupped Gage's ass. It felt like steel, like my dick would be in about three seconds.

'Wow,' I said involuntarily. 'This is pretty tight.'

'Mine's tighter,' Alan said.

'No fucking way,' Gage said.

Alan laughed.

'That's no possible,' Alan said. 'My butt's from Texas, we are all tight asses out there. Especially in my family. It's just good genes.'

Gage opened his eyes and looked across the room at his teammate. My roommate.

I pressed a fist into one of Gage's glutes and he shivered. 'Ahh!' he said.

'I think I found something,' I said, proud I could find a knot in this solid rocky mass of Gage's ass.

Alan laughed. 'Probably a wrestling shoe.'

I shook my head. 'You're pretty fucking funny today,' I said. 'Why don't you put down your book and come over and help me out. Your wrestling buddy here is in pretty bad shape. He could use an extra pair of hands.'

Alan looked up at me quizzically.

'You know, team unity,' I taunted.

'Trust me; I already know every bit of his pussy little body.'

'Good,' I said. 'Then you'll know which muscles need help.'

'It's fine with me,' Gage said, his voice muffled into my comforter again. 'The faster we finish, the faster we can shower and go get some chow.'

Alan sighed and stood up.

'Okay then,' he pointed at Gage. 'Take off his singlet. If we're gonna do this, let's do it right.'

Gage rolled over part way and glared at Alan. Then with one hand he pulled his singlet the rest of the way down his legs.

'Just like the ancient Greeks, right Gage ol' buddy?'

Gage chuckled and nestled his hips into my comforter. The fact that he was grinding his dick into my bed was not lost on me.

'Gimme some of that cream, I'll show you how to give a proper rubdown,' Alan said authoritatively.

I handed him the jug and he slicked up his hands. Somehow I was just a very interested spectator in this whole exchange.

'Aah,' Gage said as Alan's hands dug into deep into Gage's ass cheeks.

'Relax dude,' Alan commanded. Alan let his fingertips wander awfully close to the center crease of Gage's butt.

Gage scooted off the bed a little bit and raised his backside up a little higher into the air. Both Alan and I were provided with an unobstructed view of his cherry. Gage's scrotum popped out and fell down the side of my bed.

One more pass with Alan's hands caused Gage's balls to jiggle.

'Aah,' Gage said again. 'Easy tiger.'

I blushed and shook my head. I officially had my own hard-on.

Alan manhandled Gage's rear end, and then spread his legs so that he could have access to the inner part of Gage's upper thighs. As he rubbed lotion in that Neverland, I was certain I would absolutely cream my pants.

'Are you going to help, or what, TJ?'

'Um, well, I guess. Sure.' I said hesitantly.

I glopped on some Lubriderm and placed them delicately on one cheek. Alan was applying a lot more pressure than I was, and each time his fingers would slip into the crease of Gage's ass, Gage would let out a moan.

Watching my roommate give a butt rub to this ridiculously cute teammate from the wrestling team was just about as much as anybody should have to bear without spurting off a huge load. I couldn't take it! The whole scene had gotten me so horny it was all I could do not to whip out my weenie and shove it right between Gage's titanium thighs!

Gage opened his eyes and studied my face. I kept my eyes glued to the action on Gage's backside and refused to meet his gaze.

How did I get myself into these situations?

Alan swept both of his hands broadly across Gage's ass, his finger tips sliding across his butthole. As Alan's hands moved south from Gage's but to the inner part of his upper leg, Alan couldn't help but to give Gage's nut sack a twang.

'Aah, aah,' Gage said again.

'Oops,' Alan said with a smirk.

'You touch my balls again Texas boy and you're gonna be sorry,' Gage said.

I thought to myself. Can I be sorry too?

With that Alan took hold of Gage's scrotum and pulled hard.


Gage sat up quickly and tried to grab his teammate. I moved aside as Alan jumped away.


Alan and I stared at Gage's penis. It was hard.

Gage followed our gaze toward his privates. He smiled. 'Oops. How'd that happen?'

I shrugged my shoulders. Alan pretended to block his eyes with hands.

'Well, you guys were sort of touching my butt, you know, right in the center there,' Gage explained. 'I guess it just, well; I guess it turned me on.'

Gage was making no attempt to hide it. In fact, he seemed to be getting harder while we watched. He was trimmed, not completely shaved. His dick was good sized and nicely proportioned, I noted with satisfaction, and his balls were free swinging below.

'See, TJ, I told you he was hung,' Alan said.

'Um, yeah' I said. 'He sure is.'

Gage grabbed his dick with both hands and stroked the shaft for our benefit.

'Dude! Do you really have to do that?' Alan shrieked.

'Dude! Chill!' Gage echoed his friend. 'Like you said, I'm hung! I'm proud of it, you know?'

I smiled.

'It's not bad,' I said, immediately sorry the words came out of my mouth.

'Not bad?! My dick is not bad? Are you kidding me?' Gage grabbed the base of his dick again and squeezed. His cockhead swelled up and turned red.

'Whoa!' Alan said. 'Okay, okay, I'm impressed. Can we all just put our penises away now?

'No,' I said.

'No?' Alan asked, surprised.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my own hard penis. Alan and Gage stood silently. Alan's mouth opened wide. Gage smiled from ear to ear. He mouthed the word 'wow' without making a sound.

'You see? I'm hung too. Gage isn't the only one.'

'You're damn right,' Gage said. 'That's a monster!'

'Um, it's eight and a third inches,' I said calmly. My dick was still sort of awkwardly caught in my underwear so I fixed it and let it free.

'Eight and a third? Who measures in thirds?' Alan wanted to know.

'Me,' I said. 'I do. It's more than a fourth, but not as much as a half. It's a third!' I said happily.

Gage and I stood in the center of the room with our cocks out, pointing up toward the sixth floor. We looked at Alan.

'Your turn,' we said in unison.

Alan shook his head. 'Unh unh, no way, not me. My dick will stay put, thank you very much.'

Gage and I looked at each other. A silent agreement passed between us.

'Take em off, Alan,' Gage commanded. Sitting on his bed, Alan pushed himself back toward his wall. Alan shook his head and put his hands in front of his crotch.

'Dudes!' Alan shouted. He looked at me.

Please! Like the guy didn't totally love to be naked in the first place!

'Take em off, Alan,' I repeated. 'Or we'll take them off for you.'

Alan looked at the two of us. Gage and I looked at each other, and I took another peek at his hard-on. Neither one of us had lost an inch.

'All right, all right, I'll do it,' Alan said. He held an arm out to keep the two of us away from him. Then he slid his singlet off. To nobody's surprise, his dick was not soft.


TJ Tachet

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