Tomorrow was going to be the last day of winter break and I was a little panicky.

After my midnight romp with the Leeman twins and my crazy 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' session with Andy, I'd settled into my old routine with everybody. My final day in Apple Valley was giving me a stomach ache.

My relationship with Joey had taken on a strange new twist. Maybe we were even boyfriends, I don't know for sure. His family knew all about me and Joey and had accepted me as part of the family, the skinny, unmuscular son they never had. On the other hand, my family had no clue and I was hell bent on keeping it that way for the time being.

As luck would have it, Joey and I would be leaving town to go back to college on the same day. His folks were throwing a going away party and had invited me. They even invited my parents and my little brother.

At first I had said 'no way.' Too dangerous. But in the end, Joey's mom convinced me that they would not mention a thing, that my secret romance with their son was perfectly safe with them. I reluctantly agreed.

My family in Joey's house! Ack! Plus of course Joey's mom was nice enough to invite Will and Andy and the Leemans, even though Joey only knew them a little bit.

Well actually, Joey knew the Leeman brothers more than a little bit. Joey's thick jock cock had nearly impaled David Leeman in a motel room last summer up at the State Track Championships.

But you know what I mean, right?

Lying on my bed in just my underwear, I was bored and hot. I'd worked myself into quite a state worrying about the going away party. It was cool in the house but I was sweating. Fuck.

I had one hand on my scrotum to help me think. I was working all the details of the evening in my mind when Joey called.

'Dude, it's Joey,' he said.

I loved that he still called me 'dude.' I loved that he also thought that I wouldn't know it was him on the line. I giggled.

'What?' he said.

'Dude, I know it's you. Do you think I don't have your voice permanently imprinted on my brain?'

'What are you talking about?'

I sighed. 'Never mind.'

'Remember TJ,' he said. 'I only go to Humboldt State, not some fancy east coast school like you. Take it easy on me with the big words.'

'Which big word in particular? Imprinted? Brain?'

'Now you're getting me hard. I love when you talk like that.'

I looked down at my underwear; just talking to him had already made my dick hard. I wondered if Joey was just joking with me or he really was too.

'Ooh, brain, brain, brain,' I teased.

'Knock it off, you'll make me cum,' Joey said.

'Really? You're that easy?'

'Um hmm.'

'Well you weren't that easy yesterday when you were pounding my little butt,' I said. 'Seemed like you were fucking me for hours.'

Joey laughed.

'I was dude,' he said. 'I wanted to make it last.'

'And make me not be able to sit down for a while. Thank you very much,' I said.

'You're welcome, glad to help.'

Absently I put my hands on my behind and rubbed gently. There wasn't a whole lot of padding there in the first place, it felt tight after the sexual workout we'd had together the day before. I wondered to myself whether or not this would be good for my running.

Couldn't hurt.

I decided to change the subject.

'So is the party tomorrow still on,' I asked, hoping it wasn't.

'Dude, what's the deal with you and this party? It'll be fun. We'll get to see everybody before we have to leave. You know, say goodbye to the whole gang.'

'Yeah,' I said. 'Good.'

'TJ, if you're worried about my family, you don't need to be. They totally get it and they won't say a word to anybody. This whole thing about me wasn't easy for them to accept, you know, but they worked through it. Now they're fine. And they understand that you and your parents aren't there yet.'


'Relax, you worry too much.'

I sighed.

'Okay, okay, I'll be fine,' I said. 'Maybe I just need to go for a run or something. Clear my head.'

'Good. Do that.'

When Joey and I hung up, I was a little better. He assured me that nothing would be said. He assured me that it would be a blast hanging out with everyone. One final big bash before we went back to school. I went for a long, long run.

When I woke up the following day, I was a mess again. I took three showers. I jacked off during the first two, and then my cock was too sore to do it again the final time. I just stood there letting the water drip down my face. Eventually the hot water ran out.

My mom screamed at me because she couldn't wash the dishes.

I apologized for being wasteful.

My dad was pissed he couldn't shower before the party.

I tried to explain that I was just a little stressed out about going to school. If my parents bought it, I couldn't tell by the looks on their faces.

I went to my room and dug around for my favorite underpants - the black boxer briefs with the cupped pouch in front. I tugged them on, threw on my tightest pair of jeans and grabbed a clean shirt. I went back into the bathroom to do something about my hair that didn't require water.

My parents drove me and my brother over to Joey's. To my horror, my mom had made a green bean casserole and I had to hold it. It was warm on my lap; I thought my balls might explode from the heat. I was a mess by the time we pulled up. We were the first, so my dad parked easily right in front.

Joey was out the front door before I was even out of the back seat. He helped my mom and left me alone with the green beans. He winked at me as I struggled not to touch the bottom of the pot. I shot him a look.

'So glad all you guys could make it! My parents are really excited.'

He was way too cheerful.

'Everybody's already inside!' Joey added.

Who the heck was 'everybody?'

Joey opened the front door and a rush of people came at us all at once. Joey's family. Many of them looked like female versions of Joey, some thin, some fat. There were also a few male versions of Joey, none fat.

I shook my head.

Somebody grabbed the casserole from me. I was glad to be rid of it. Freed from the hot beans, I shook about a thousand hands. Where were their cars?

Within a few minutes, my friends showed up, Andy, Danny, David. No Will yet, but that wasn't unusual, he probably had two or three sets of competing plans.

They had beer and wine in huge buckets filled with ice. I started to take a Corona out of the ice, but then looked over at my Dad to make sure it was okay.

He gave me the nod. I was half done in less than 30 seconds. When I had finished the whole thing, I started to relax. Just to be on the safe side, I grabbed another one. Somebody who looked like Joey opened it for me; he handed it over with a grin.

Fuck! Does everybody in this room know?

I was talking to another one of Joey's cousins - it seemed like he had a few dozen of them - when Joey finally came up to save me. Joey handed me a baby carrot. It was dripping with a whitish dip. I hesitated and Joey slipped it easily into my open mouth.

'Here, put this in your mouth for the time being,' he said.

I nearly choked.

Joey patted me on the back as I tried to get a breath. He steered me away until we were alone.

Standing in the corner, we were finally alone in the crowded room. I chewed. He smiled.

'Why did you take me away from....?' I spoke with my mouth full, nodding to the cousin whose name I couldn't remember.

Joey held up another carrot and offered to put it in my mouth. I vigorously shook my head.

'That's Anthony,' he explained with a grin. In the low light of the room, I loved the look of Joey's white teeth against his olive skin.

'Oh,' I said, still finishing my carrot.

'He wants to have a three-way with us.'

I spit the rest of my carrot, in tiny bits, onto the floor. Joey laughed and held my shoulder. Tears came to my eyes.

'Easy there, buddy,' Joey said.

I looked over at Anthony. He was built a lot like Joey. His face was a tiny bit rounder and he had light brown hair. If I wasn't standing here in a huge group of family and friends, I would probably have been all over him. Plus the fact that he's actually related to the guy who was fucking me on a regular basis, that was a little weird too.


He nodded. 'Do you want to? We can go to my room?'

'No!' I said. 'No, no, no, no!'

Joey looked disappointed.

'Okay, but he won't give up easily,' Joey said. 'He thinks you're pretty cute. If I know Anthony, he won't give up easily.'

Shit! What was it with this family?

Anthony looked over at Joey and me from across the room and made eye contact with me. His gaze said everything that Joey had just said. My jaw dropped open. This was all getting to be too much for me to take.

Joey stuck another carrot into my open mouth.

I looked at him and took it back out.

'Would you rather have something else?' Joey cupped the bulge in his pants with one hand, letting the other slide down to the small of my back.

I took a deep breath.

'I need to finish this beer,' I said. 'Right away.'

Joey ate the carrot I had removed from my mouth and watched me sip my beer. The world started to spin. Both of us saw the Danny and David Leeman walking toward us. I leaned against the wall and tilted my beer way upright, trying to get it to come out faster.

Danny Leeman got to us first. 'Amigos,' he said. He held out his hand for Joey to shake it.

'Hey Danny, how's it going? Hey David.'

'Nice party!' Danny said, grabbing Joey's hand as well as his elbow. 'Thanks for having us.'

David arrived and tucked himself into our little circle easily. 'You remember my brother David, right?' Danny Leeman teased. I kept drinking the beer.

Joey laughed.

'Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. I remember the both of you. Very well.'

David blushed. All three of them looked at me. I was too busy polishing off my beer to speak.

'And I see our alcoholic friend over here is unable to even say hello,' Danny said.

'He's a little nervous,' Joey said in explanation.

'Nervous? What's he got to be nervous about?' Danny wanted to know.

'Come on, Joey! Give me a break, here! You know exactly why I'm freaking out!'

All three of them stared at me. There was a long pause.

'Everybody in the room knows,' Joey said quietly.

'Everybody in the room knows what?' David asked.

'That TJ is a cock smoker,' Danny said. 'Right?'

Joey pursed his lips and nodded agreement. Danny and David both laughed. Joey smiled but kept himself from laughing with supreme effort.

'Well, this is a good thing, right? I mean, if everyone already knows, then they're all on the same page,' Danny said. 'Am I right?'

'Should make the conversation flow more easily,' David added.

Danny and David laughed again, this time Joey joined in.

'This is just great,' I said sarcastically. 'My friends think it's funny that I've been outed to the world.'

'Uh, well actually, not the whole world,' Joey explained. 'A few of my cousins from out of town don't know yet.' He tilted his head toward a throng of people standing in the corner. All four of us looked at who Joey was talking about.

'Fantastic news, something for me to chat about with them. I'll walk right over and bring them up to speed,' I said in a mocking tone.

My friends looked at me. I looked back.

'TJ, you're tense, we know just the thing to relieve your tension,' Danny said.

Butterflies formed in my stomach. With Danny Leeman, I knew exactly where this was headed.

I shook my head. 'Nuh uh,' I said. 'No fucking way! There's no way we're doing this here. Not with all these people. Not with my folks and my little brother right over there.' My eyes found my family talking to still more of Joey's cousins.

'Oh, is that your little brother?' Danny asked. 'He's a handsome little fellow, isn't he? He looks a lot like you, TJ.'

'Shut up Danny! You're fucking nuts! Keep your hands off him for crissakes!'

Danny placed his hands on my upper chest. He looked into my eyes. 'No worries, amigo, you're the one that we want.'

'We?' I asked, knowing who the 'we' was already.

The Leemans nodded together. I looked at Joey. 'Are you in on this?'

Joey said that he was. 'Come on, it'll be fun. You know, just like old times.'

'Joey, isn't it a little rude for me to leave the party? I mean, your parents went to a lot of trouble, and, and, I mean, there must be a few dozen more Collucci cousins that I need to meet.'

'Its okay, TJ, I already asked my folks and they said it would be okay.'


Seeing the horror on my face, Joey admitted that he was kidding; he had not actually asked his parents if it was okay that their son and his friends be allowed to have sex somewhere in the house during their going away party. Danny and David were cracking up.

'You see amigo, you're all stressed out, you have no sense of humor,' Danny said, putting an arm around my shoulder. 'You need this, you really do.'

I looked at them silently. Maybe they were right. Somewhere down below, I could feel my dick stiffening. The beers were doing the trick. Okay, okay, I guess I had my answer; maybe I did need to have a little mini-orgy with Joey and the twins.

I inhaled. 'All right,' I said. 'But we're gonna have a few ground rules.'

The three of them waited for me to say what these rules would be. Danny was rubbing his palms together, as if he were making fire.

'Wherever we go, we lock the door. We put a chair in front of it to be extra safe.'

They agreed.

'And we do this for only 15 minutes. Max!' They looked sad. 'Maybe 20 if we really have to.'

They agreed.

'And,' I finally said. 'No butt sex. We all have to be on planes in the next couple days. We don't need to have to deal with all that.'

'No can do, amigo, no can do. This is my last chance for a piece of delicious Apple Valley man-meat before I have to kick my training into high gear back up in Oregon.'

'Oh man,' Joey said sarcastically. 'I really wanted to have butt sex,' he giggled.

'Me too,' David agreed.

'You guys are really pathetic,' I said.

We walked off in the direction of Joey's room. It was way far away, in another section of the house. If we were hoping that our exit would be inconspicuous and not be seen by anybody, then we failed miserably. We must have passed a dozen people at the party on our way, at least half of them Joey clones.

Joey opened the door to his room and then closed it behind us; he made a big show of locking it carefully. David brought the desk chair over and wedged it under the door handle. Danny took his clothes off.

'All right,' I said, breaking the strange silence. 'We can have a little bit of fucking, but nobody can scream. We don't need the entire Collucci family banging on the door, wondering what we're doing in here.'

Danny was nude already. He salaamed me. 'Great, I'm first!'

'Bottom or top?' I asked.

'Duh,' David said. 'Look at him; does he look like a top?'

Danny opened his mouth to say something, but Joey put his hand over it.

'Ah, ah, ah,' Joey said. 'No discussion, time's a-wasting. If we only have 15 minutes, we'd better get this going on.'

'Okay,' Danny said, pretending that he was upset. He clearly wasn't. 'Can I at least pick who gets to poke me?'

'My house, my choice,' Joey said. 'I choose TJ.'

Danny smiled. He turned around and showed off his ass. He looked fitter than I'd ever seen him before. Other than a few closely trimmed pubes, there wasn't a hair on him below the neck. I was already completely hard.

'Okay,' I said. 'I'm ready. Let's do this!' I began fumbling with my pants. Joey flipped on the stereo in his room.

'Uh, is it okay if I give TJ a blow job first?' David said. 'You know, just to get him a little warmed up.'

'If I know TJ, he's already pretty warmed up,' Joey replied.

'Well, maybe just for a minute,' I said. 'If I remember correctly, you're pretty good at it.'

David blushed. Then both he and Joey helped me take off my clothes; they did it pretty slowly, making sure to let their hands explore just about every inch of my body. Getting stripped like this by two hot guys was a total turn-on. My erection stretched up to my belly button. A drip of pre-cum shined on the tip. Danny watched and smiled.

When David and Joey were done with me, they stood back to look at me. I was naked all right, except for my watch. Danny nodded to it; his brother quickly unbuckled it and took it off my wrist.

I wasn't sure what to do next. I put a hand on my cock around the base and squeezed. Joey grabbed my forearm and pulled my hand away.

'You'll have plenty of time for that when you get back to Boston,' Joey said. 'Joey's rules. In my bedroom, nobody touches their own dick.'

'Hmm,' Danny said. 'I'm not sure I can do that. I love my own dick.'

We all looked at Danny's dick. It was nicely shaped, pretty average size, and had a nice red strip at the base of the thick part around the head. It looked like what you'd see in a dictionary if you were trying to learn about the male hard-on. My mouth watered.

'Nice,' Joey said.

'I know amigos, I know,' Danny said. 'If I can't touch it, then somebody else had better do it for me.'

'Uh, if you like Danny's, you'll like mine more. My dick is just like his, only better,' David pointed out.

Joey and I laughed.

'If he only knew how to use it properly,' Danny teased. 'David's dick is wasted on him. I should have been born with both of them.'

We laughed again. David shook his head, and then he got down on his knees and put my cock in his mouth. David's mouth felt warm and cool all at the same time. His lips slipped easily up and down my dick shaft, his tongue moved back and forth. One of David's hands played with my balls. I closed my eyes and just let him suck me. Danny and Joey watched. Joey still had his clothes on.

'I could use a little warming up myself,' Danny said. 'How about it Joey?'

Joey slipped off his shirt and tossed it onto his bed. His huge ripped chest looked like a page out of a magazine; I oozed a few drops of pre-cum into David's mouth at the site of it. Joey got down on his knees and lifted Danny's legs up over his head. Danny's ass was high up in the air and Joey plunged in with his face. Danny squealed as Joey's tongue split his butt cheeks apart. Danny pawed at Joey's jeans, trying to get to his thick cock underneath but Joey paid no attention, he just ate out Danny's butthole like he was licking a pie tin. Danny was moaning like a wounded animal.

When David had my cock about as hard as it was ever going to get, he finally took his mouth of me and sat back to take a closer look.

'Man TJ!' he said. 'I fucking love your dick.'

Breathless, Danny said. 'Don't be so in love with it, bro, I get all eight and third inches of it up my butt.'

Joey was slobbering all over Danny's ass. 'Fuck!' Danny yelled.

David and I each put a finger in front of our lips and shushed him quiet.

Danny opened his eyes and looked at us. 'Fuck!' he mouthed again. 'I can't help it, this guy's like a fucking vacuum cleaner!' he whispered.

Finally, Joey came up for air. Around his mouth, his face was red from the effort. 'I just wanted to get him all cleaned up for you TJ,' Joey said. 'I'd say he's ready.'

'Fuckin' A, I'm ready,' Danny whispered. 'Somebody put a dick in me right now!'

'TJ is ready too,' David announced.

'Thank god!' Danny said.

'Um, don't we need some lube?' I asked.

'In my pants pocket, in the front,' Danny said.

David got the lube and squirted a few drops onto my cock. Then he methodically dripped a little bit onto his brother's butthole. Joey held Danny's legs in the air.

'Go for it,' David said. 'He likes it rough.'

On the floor, Danny smiled and nodded. Joey and David each took one of Danny's cheeks and spread it wide. There was no mistaking my target. I stuck my dick inside and let it slip all the way in.

'Jesus fucking Christ!' Danny whispered. Maybe a little bit too loudly. 'That's a thick fucking cock!'

It was such an over-the-top statement that it sounded really funny. David and I chuckled and Joey fell backwards onto the floor laughing.

I picked up the rhythm of the music on Joey's stereo and kept fucking Danny. With every thrust into his firm butt, Danny let out a moan. His ass felt fantastic around my dick and I really started to enjoy it. When Joey finally stopped laughing and caught his breath, he sat up on his elbows and looked over at the two of us fucking on his bedroom floor.

'Uh, what about you?' David said. 'You said it's your room, your rules. What do you want to do?'

Joey put his hand on his chin and rubbed it.

'I think I'll fuck you,' Joey said, matter-of-factly.

David let out a breath. 'Good,' he said. 'I was hoping you'd say that.'

David took off his clothes and Joey pulled him over. Joey put David's dick in his mouth and gave him head. I kept fucking Danny, spreading his legs wide in a sort of upside down spread eagle. Both Leeman brothers were moaning in ecstasy, almost in sync with each other. My eyes met Joey's and we both smiled. We were already way past 15 minutes, but there was no way we were going to stop now.

After a couple more minutes, Joey let David pull his pants off and Joey's thick cock slipped free. All three of us looked at it in wonder.

'Wow,' Danny mouthed.

Joey's wiener was a beauty worth staring at. It was thick like a baguette, but pink. I'd been struggling with it this whole winter break; it was just starting to feel comfortable both in my throat and in my ass.

'Harder amigo, harder,' Danny said. 'Remember what my bro said, I like it rough.'

I pushed Danny's hips down into the carpeting and shoved my dick in as hard as I could.

I grunted. Danny moaned harder with each pump. The sound of my nut sack smacking against Danny's rear end made a loud slapping sound.

'Yeah, that's it TJ, shove it in me!'

In the meantime, Joey flipped David onto his back and had already gotten the fat tip of his cock in between David's cheeks.

'Aah,' David said as Joey's boner broke the seal.

Joey exhaled loudly and made a little groan of his own. The stereo blared in the background. Something by Dave Mathews and I tried to keep pace with the tune. All together, we were definitely not being quiet.

It took a lot of effort but Joey finally managed to get his entire dick into David's ass. I kept bouncing away on top of Danny. I watched Joey fucking the good Leeman twin while I fucked away with Danny the evil twin. Joey watched what I was doing closely. This was pretty fun. Definitely better than trying to make small talk with a bunch of people in the party going on outside Joey's bedroom door.

With a little maneuvering, Joey and I managed to move closer to each other. Joey grabbed my head and drew my mouth toward his. Our tongues met and we kissed hungrily. Danny and David looked up at us grinning.

'This is fucking hot, amigos!' Danny declared.

I grabbed David's cock and stroked it with my hand. Joey followed my lead and grabbed Danny's. The Leeman cocks were remarkably similar but David's just somehow felt more solid in your hand. Danny and David moaned away, both of them with their eyes closed.

Danny came first, shooting a long stream of white from mid-chest up into the bottom of his neck. For all the carrying on he had done while I was banging his butt, he had his orgasm very quietly with his mouth wide open. I could feel the muscles of Danny's ass clench tightly around my own cock. The extra squeezing put me over the edge quickly. I pulled out and shot my own load onto Danny's balls.

For the next 10 minutes, Danny watched intently as his brother took quite a pounding from Joey. David was saying something, but none of us could understand what it was. His eyes rolled back when I took over jacking David's dick from Joey. Danny pointed toward his twin's cock and made a licking motion with his mouth.

Why not?

I took David's dick in my mouth and licked it up and down. David's moaning picked up speed and we all watched a tightening of his abs. He bucked his hips from side to side almost knocking Joey off balance. Joey held on tight to David's legs and slammed his thick cock deeply inside of David. I deep-throated David one final time, knowing what was coming.

When David came, his scream was way, way, way too loud. There was no way everybody in the house could have missed it. Danny clamped his hand over his brother's mouth.

Some of David's sperm hit him square in the face, and somehow Joey and I found this very funny; Joey and I busted up, trying to laugh as quietly as we could. When he finally stopped giggling, Joey slowly popped his penis out of David's butt.

'Sorry,' David said when he was finally done squirting his cum all over the place.

There was a knock on the door. 'Everything okay in there?' a voice said. It might have been one of Joey's cousins.


'We're okay,' Danny said. 'Just saw a little mouse.'

'Oh, okay,' the outside voice said.

The four of us practically died laughing.

Joey never did get off that night. For the rest of the party, the bulge in his pants was just a little bit larger than usual. Andy noticed, of course, and pointed it out to me toward the end of the evening. I pretended that I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

The following day, Joey's parents took him to the airport. Mine drove me. We were in different terminals, so all I could do was call him on my cell phone. We said goodbye again. I was definitely a little sad to have to leave him behind after having such an awesome time with Joey and his family during the break. Joey admitted that he had a real bad case of blue balls and I made a helpful suggestion of how he might solve that problem. We promised to call each other a couple times each week, maybe we could even have phone sex.

I flew back to Boston and slept practically the whole way there on the plane. Being in Apple Valley for winter break was fun, but I had to admit I was worn out. Even though things got off to a slow start with Joey, after Joey and I finally hooked up, we were together pretty much constantly after that. I had sex with him like a dozen more times before I had to leave.

My tush was a little sore.

But, on the other hand, Joey's was probably a little sore too!

It felt good to be headed back to school. I'd made the mental decision to focus more on studying and less on getting laid. Now that the secret Joey and I shared was known by practically everybody in his family, we had sort of agreed to be boyfriends. And if I had a boyfriend - my first! - then maybe I wouldn't need to fuck around so much at college.


After the cab from Logan, the wait for the elevator inside Shelton Hall was way too long so I decided to drag my bag up the stairs to my room. I could hear voices inside my room, Alan was already inside.

'Hey roomie!' I said when I saw Alan. I really was happy to be back.

'Hi TJ!' Alan sang out. 'You remember my brother Alex, right?'

Uh oh.

So much for not fucking around back in Boston. Maybe I'd think more about that tomorrow.


TJ Tachet


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