Maybe I was just being a jerk.

Maybe I was just sort of in that post getting-off phase where I needed to lie down and sleep. Or maybe I was just wiped out from the run and the wind sprints and simply needed to eat like a dozen Oreos in like a minute and a half.

Anyway, after I shot a massive load thanks mostly to the very talented masturbation techniques of my roommate's younger brother, Alex, I was done.

I needed to get out of there.

If I was a nicer guy, maybe I would have stuck around and jacked Alex off too. But I admit that I was a little weirded out, so I didn't.

After hearing about Alex's family situation where sex and jerking off seemed to be no big deal at all. About Alex's dad - the same guy who was my roommate Alan's dad - who gave great head by the way. About Alan, my roommate who couldn't seem to wear clothes in front of me.

Over the course of a few hours, I'd witnessed the two younger members of this family each shave themselves down in their nether regions. I apparently inspired my roommate by telling him my own story of clipped pubes and Alan was in the dorm bathroom immediately with a pair of scissors and his electric razor - what started out as a hairy mass and wound up looking clean and white and delicious. I know because I seem to be living with a nudist.

On the other hand, younger brother Alex seems to do this shaving thing all the time. Owing to his granny smith apple sized nuts, he makes due by keeping the area tidy. Since he's an athlete on his high school track team, he apparently shaves his crotch and inner thighs on a regular basis. And since he grew up in this same family, modesty does not seem to apply. He was glad to do the whole thing in full view of me and my very interested gaze.

As I was getting dressed from our little jack-fest in Alex's hotel room, I had a lot to think about. All of this stuff was just sort of spinning around inside my head. This was supposed to be my first week of college, and I was supposed to be thinking about classes and books a little more than cocks and balls.

I needed to be by myself, to get myself back on track. So I left.

Leaving Alex still lying on the bed with no clothes on. Nothing but his beautiful smile, his crazy, unruly long blond hair, and...

And his very nice boner.

I apologized quickly and kissed him lightly on the lips. Mmm.

Once I got outside the hotel, I walked along the river back toward the bridge. It was still chilly. My legs were definitely cold, just like when I'd crossed over earlier today, but now I was kind of cold all over, and the breeze whipped right through my ridiculously thin running shorts. I walked faster, almost a half jog.

And where was I going to find some Oreos?

My mind raced back and forth between the need for food and a very nice permanently implanted image of Alex's beautiful erection I'd just left behind.

If I could have only selected one of the two to have with me on a deserted island, I would have probably starved to death. Happily. I'd get filled up in a different sort of a way. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes against the cold.

The wind zipped across the river now at a pretty good clip, plastering my shorts against me. I looked down and saw my mostly soft dick pointing left, outlined perfectly. People who passed me on the bridge seemed to be trying to stay warm and failed to notice.

Unbelievable! For the first time in a day or so, my dick was its own.

Hmmm, not sure how I felt about that.

Once I was midway across, I watched some of the geese floating by, struggling to stay upright on the swells at like twenty knots. By the time I got back to the dorm, I was really cold and now I was totally starving.

Luckily, for the first time since I'd arrived yesterday, I walked into my room and did not find my roommate Alan on the floor, naked, doing push-ups. He was not there at all.

I dug a banana out of my backpack that I'd brought on the plane with me from home. I quickly unpeeled it but stopped before putting it in my mouth.

Whole, the banana made me think about Alex's dick again. A little off-white. Curved. Smooth lines and nicely shaped. But my banana didn't have a world-class scrotum attached to it at the base. Oh well.

I slammed the banana into my mouth as fast as I could.

I thought back to Alex and his incredible body. I'd never had sex with a pole vaulter before. In fact, I still hadn't. It was very unlike me, but I had failed to touch Alex's hard cock even once.

When the banana was gone, I felt a little sad.

No banana. No prime meat from the soon-to-be All-American high school pole vaulter.

I sniffed and fell back heavily onto my bed. I pulled my pillow against my chest and squeezed it tight.

Tomorrow was Monday and I would get my first chance to meet the guys on the track team. Then came Tuesday, when classes would start and I would officially be a college student.

But today was still Sunday. So what was I going to do with myself? Food was still right up there on the priority list. So was a shower.

I pulled off my shoes and socks, slipped my smelly running shorts over my legs, and then pulled off my shirt. I wrapped a towel around my waist, grabbed my shampoo and headed off down the hall.

When I was reasonably clean, I went back to my room.

I was not surprised to see Alan on the floor. Sit-ups this time. And at least he was wearing a pair of jeans. Barefoot and no shirt though.

'Hey, roomie,' I said. I surprised myself, but I was actually happy to see him. Even with clothes on, sort of.

He grunted a hello and kept doing his crunches.

I kicked Alan lightly in the butt with my foot as I stepped around him. He smiled and kept crunching. He was sort of whisper-counting, and I thought I heard him say 'seventy three, seventy four...'

I stood over him for a moment and watched, amazed. There was no way I ever got past fifty!

Now, he was somewhere in the eighties and straining. He was unable to really speak.

I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes. My towel hiked up my leg, and I readjusted it so that my private parts remained covered. Alan's rhythmic grunting relaxed me, and I guess at some point I must have drifted off.


I saw Alan above me, shaking me.


'Dinner? Do you want to go get some dinner dude?'

'Um sure, yeah, let's go,' I said.

'Good, let's go. Me and some guys are gonna grab some Chinese at this place down the street.'


'Yup, hurry up sleepy head,' Alan said.

I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I looked at Alan.

'What the fuck are you wearing?' I asked with a yawn.

He turned and faced me with a wide grin on his face. He had on a black leather vest and black leather pants and black boots. On his head he wore a black cowboy hat.

'We're going out later, do you want to come?'

I shook my head. Not really saying no, but more just marveling at his outfit.

'Um, but what about your girlfriend?'

He smirked.

'Are you kidding? Today's Sunday, she's probably still in church.'

'Church? People go to church on Sunday night?'

Alan nodded. 'Anyway, forget about her. It's Sunday night, it's nice and cool. And me and the guys are going out.'

'Like that?' I asked again, still unable to believe that my straight roommate from Texas was now transformed into a sort of Cowboy Leatherman.

He nodded again.

I stood up and dropped my towel, walking naked over to my closet. Alan watched me like I was a fly he couldn't let get away.

'Very tight ass, roomie,' he said.

I twisted my head around and looked at my own ass. What did one say to such a compliment? 'Um, yeah,' I said.

He smiled and grabbed one of my butt cheeks. I pushed his hands off of me and pulled away. 'What is it with you guys?' I asked.

When I was fully dressed in jeans, a shirt, and a baby blue sweater I had gotten from my grandparents for graduation, I laced up my brown shoes and joined Alex in the hallway with the other guys.

There were three of them now, plus me. Both of the others wearing the same as Alex. Leather vests and pants and no shirts. Only Alex had on a beret though.

Next to the three of them all in black, I looked completely ridiculous. This was a Halloween party where we'd gotten completely different invitations. They looked like they were ready with the whips and chains, I was just a prep, their boy-toy they'd brought along for amusement who'd wind up being hog-tied to a pole and forced to lick their boots.

Oh my god, was my roommate really a sado-masochist?

'I'm Tom,' the taller one said.

'Jack,' the shorter one said.

Alan smiled and introduced me. 'This is TJ.'

I opened my mouth and sort of smiled at Alan's two friends.

College. Oh well, what the fuck?

'How's it goin?' Tom and Jack said in perfect unison.

'Hi,' I finally managed in a hoarse voice.

I zipped my jacket up to my neck and we left. I saw that they didn't bother with putting anything on over their vests to keep warm. It was freezing outside, they were frigging nuts!

We walked a few blocks down and grabbed a table at a divey place with dead ducks hanging in the window.

I barely remember the food. I mostly remember the funny looks we got from people in the restaurant. They were either gawking at the crazy get-ups that Alan and Tom and Jack were wearing, or they were imagining the crazy things that the three leather men were going to do later to the silly prepster in baby blue.

After we ate, it was clear we weren't done. Outside the restaurant Alan looked at Tom and Jack. 'The Cellar?'

Tom nodded.

We were off. Holy crap!

We walked a few blocks making stupid small talk. The weather. The dirty sidewalks. The price of Chinese food nowadays.

'Aren't you guys like totally freezing without jackets?'I asked. 'And you know, without shirts?' I was pretty amazed that they could stand being outside like this.

Tom glared at me and Jack smirked.

'I am a little cold,' Alan admitted.

I sort of half hugged him as we walked down the street. Surprisingly, his skin was soft and skin was not all hairy or stubbly or anything. And boy was he smooth! I almost asked him what kind of lotion he used to make it feel so soft, but I looked over at the contingent of Leather boys alongside me and thought better of it.

Soon we arrived at what looked like a dark warehouse. A single bulb was lit over a steel door. The building was a dingy mess, but the door was shiny and had sort of a pattern to it.

'Nice door,' I said.

Tom nodded. Jack grunted.

Then Tom knocked on the pretty door. After a moment, it opened and a blast of loud club music wafted out into the street. The man who opened the door wore a black biker's cap, leather pants just like all my new friends, and had criss-crossed leather belts on his chest. He had no shirt on of course. He had a tattoo on his chest that I couldn't quite make out in the dark light, but I thought it might have been a gorilla with an erection.

I watched Alan and Tom and Jack move toward the door as Mr. Criss-Cross Applesauce held it open wider for them to enter.

'Um,' I stammered. 'Guys...'

Tom had already disappeared behind the very nice steel door. Alan and Jack turned their heads to look at me.

I used my head to sort of motion toward my clothes.

'Do you think I should, you know...should I lose this sweater?'

Alan smiled and went inside. Jack followed him.

'Just take it off, Biff, I'll watch it for you,' Mr. Applesauce said in such a deep voice that I thought he must be joking.

'Right,' I said. 'Okay, I'll just take this off then.' I pulled my blue sweater over my head and started to fold it. The doorman's face became a sneer, so I stopped folding it up and rolled it into a ball and handed it to him.

'Thanks,' I said. 'Take good care of this, okay,' I added with a smile.

'Your t-shirt too,' Applesauce said, tugging at my sleeve.


He nodded.

'Isn't it sort of cold to be going shirtless?' I asked him.

'Not inside it's not,' he said. 'Besides, it's club policy. Either leather or no shirt. No LaCoste sweaters. Ever!'

I smiled. 'Um, okay, well, I guess this is not really leather, is it then?'

Applesauce shook his head. 'Off.'

I pulled off my undershirt and stood there in the cold air. Applesauce looked me over from head to toe. He grabbed my shirt and wadded it together with my blue sweater, stuffed them into a garbage bag and handed me a ticket.

'Pick it up when you're done,' he said, almost cheerfully.

'Um, okay sure.' I wasn't sure if I was supposed to tip him. What was the rule about how much to give to the man who held on to your clothes for you?

'Have a good time in there,' Applesauce said. 'And keep it safe.'

'Safe,' I mouthed silently to myself. I nodded a thank you, then took a deep breath and headed inside.

I could barely see in the darkness. Somebody asked me for ten dollars and stamped my hand. I never saw the guys face.

There were red light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. I stood there for a moment to get myself oriented. My so-called friends were someplace already inside, nowhere to be found.

Once my eyes adjusted, I could make it an awful lot of bodies. There seemed to be men everywhere, some shirtless, some wearing different types of black leather. And steel, there seemed to be a lot of metal on their bodies too.

The music thumped. I walked toward it. I was groped.


I searched for Alan, but he was no place to be found. I hadn't even known the guy for two days yet, but I really, really wanted to find him. It wasn't easy in the dim light. And everybody sort of looked the same. Most of the guys had on leather or chains or what looked like a Scuba outfit. A few were shirtless like me. From what I could see, the bodies were amazing.

My dick got semi-hard and I looked down.

Somebody walked behind me and grabbed my ass with both hands. Startled, I walked toward the louder music in search of Alan and the guys.

The dance floor was a tight enclosed room. Strobe lights flashed and there was a sad little disco ball that wasn't spinning. A couple of guys tried to stick their hand down my pants as I threaded my way through the crowd and I pushed them away gently.

Oh my god, where the fuck were we?

A couple of the guys dancing were not really moving much, but sort of locked together chest to chest while their hands explored each other.

I stared at one particular guy swaying to the music all by himself who was the spitting image of Joey, only about 6 inches shorter. He had on what looked to me like plastic pants that were unbuttoned at the crotch part way. He was shirtless like me and his torso glistened with sweat.

He must not have seen me staring at him because he never bothered to make eye contact with me.


I moved on to look again for Alan.

I found him up against a bar with a beer in his hand. He was talking to this really, really huge black guy who was bursting out of a too-small leather vest. The black guy had a beard and an earring in each ear. He reminded me of a pirate. I tried to find the guy's hand to see if he had a little black hook there instead.

Alan seemed to be looking at the guys face, paying very close attention to what the pirate was saying.

'Hey Alan,' I said as I walked up to them.

The pirate looked at me as if I was malaria.

'What?' Alan said.

'I said 'hey'' I shouted.

'What?' Alan asked again.

'Do you know this guy?' Pirate asked Alan, putting a big paw without a hook onto Alan's bare shoulder, thereby claiming him as his own.

'We're friends,' I shouted even louder. 'Don't worry, I'm not trying to take him away from you, he's actually my roommate.' I explained.

'What?' Pirate asked.

'This is TJ,' Alan said, nodding in my direction, 'TJ, this is...' Alan stammered. It was clear he didn't remember the pirate's name.

'Barry,' he said, with a smirk. His paw wrapped itself completely around Alan's shoulder and it looked like he might slip it around Alan's neck.

'Really?' I asked, in a voice that I was sure Barry the Pirate couldn't hear. 'You're name is Barry?'

'Nice to meetcha,' Barry said, without taking his eyes off of Alan.

My poor little roommate!

'I mean, I was sure you're name was going to be Sam or Mel or something. Certainly not Barry,' I said.

Neither of them heard me over the blasting club music.

'See you around,' Barry said in a tone that made it very clear that I needed to leave that very second.

Alan must have agreed. He raised his eyebrows and seemed to slide his body toward the huge hulking frame of Barry the Pirate.

I looked at Alan and made a face at him, just to make sure he really wanted me to leave. Before Alan could answer or even make a face back at me, Barry pushed him away and they walked to another section of the bar.


I don't think I'd ever made such a bad impression in such a short time before. I watched the pirate push Alan into a darker doorway at the other side of the room. It was too dark for me to see where that room went.

I was immediately concerned for Alan's safety. Would Barry make my roommate walk the plank?

Or maybe just sit on it?

I put the thought out of my mind and summoned the bartender with a snap. I ordered a diet Coke.

He gave me a look. Clearly he didn't like being snapped at.

'Um, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude,' I said. 'May I have a Diet Coke please? Or maybe a Diet Pepsi?'

He grunted that they didn't have that here.

Did I want a beer or a water?

'Um, beer,' I said. 'Do you have light?'


'Light,' I shouted. 'Light beer!'

The bartender gave me a look and put a bottle of Budweiser on the bar between us. 'Five,' he said.


He nodded. I fished around inside my jeans, dug out some one dollar bills and threw them all on the bar. He snatched them up and I was left alone with my Bud.

Wow. My first beer at college!

It took me at least a half hour to finish it. But I remained glued to my spot, too terrified to move. Too terrified to go looking for Alan again. Too terrified to go back to the dance room. I finished my beer in just over 100 sips, burped quietly to myself, and then whispered 'excuse me' to nobody in particular.

Then I decided that I had to do something different. Nobody else seemed to be standing in the same place for as long as I had been.

With a beer in me, I felt brave enough to go into the dark room at the end of the bar. I burped again and walked over.

It was quieter in the dark room. We were a little farther away from the thumping music.

I heard sex sounds. I took a few baby steps inside until I could see better in the dark.

Out of the corner of my eye, I think I saw Tom and Jack and some other guy around some kind of sling hanging from the ceiling. Jack was naked from the waist down and the other guy was spanking him with his bare hand.

I kept walking.

I saw a really hot guy getting head from two men on their knees at the same time while two other guys held his hands behind his head and tugged hard on his nipples. The hot guys seemed like he was either in a lot of pain or he was just about to come.

I kept walking.

I saw somebody getting fucked from behind while he blew somebody else standing in front of him.

'Take my big fat cock, you mutherfucker!' somebody shouted in a low voice.


'Take it fucker!'

I kept walking.

Now that my eyes were adjusted, it wasn't really that hard to spot Alan and Barry the Pirate. They were in a corner and a crowd of practically naked men had gathered around them to watch what they were doing.

From across the room I didn't really know what they were doing myself.

As I got closer I could see Alan's face. No question about it, he was bouncing up and down on Barry's gang plank.

Barry was completely nude. Alan still had on his vest.

Barry held Alan aloft with just one arm, facing each other. Alan was balancing his feet on the Pirates massive thighs and sort of doing squats in mid air. The Pirates cock disappeared deep inside Alan's butthole. When Barry's meat was deep inside, Alan's eyes close and his face contorted in pain. Then Barry would lift him up and perch Alan up at the top of his dick. Alan's face would come back to normal and then Barry would shove him back down again and Alan was impaled again.

I was completely shocked that my little Texas roommate was in a sex club getting fucked by a giant black guy named Barry. My straight little wrestler roommate could take it up the ass!

Just like me!

Actually there was no way I could ever do anything like what I was watching Alan do right now. No way! Not ever!

I watched for a few more minutes, and I found myself strangely turned on.

It's not every day that you can watch a friend bounce up and down on a penis like his personal trampoline!

As I did, at least five guys came up to me and grabbed me someplace. One guy managed to get his hands all the way down inside my pants from behind and grabbed my nuts from between my legs before I could squirm away. But I was left with an erection that was now obvious to anybody who passed by, even despite the lack of light.

After a few minutes, Barry's arms seemed to get tired of holding Alan up in the air and a few guys came over to be of assistance. While the other guys moved Alan up and down on the Pirate's penis like a yo-yo, two of them also chewed hard on Alan's nipples and the third squeezed Alan's cock as hard as he could.

The head of Alan's dick was beet red. Ouch, that's gotta hurt!

Finally I let a bald guy shove his whole arm into my pants and play with me.

As he got down on his knees to lower my jeans, I heard Alan let out a scream. Sort of like his life was ending I thought.

Without any of the four men he was having sex with even touching his dick, Alan came as Barry's huge manhood disappeared inside him again.


As my pants fell around my ankles and my own dick slapped against the tongue of the anonymous leather boy kneeling in front of me, Barry put Alan down on the ground and turned away. A few seconds later, Barry was plowing another one of the guys from behind.

So I got a blow job. Alan huddled in the corner on his knees and collected his clothes and his hat. Alan came over to me just as I was shooting my own load onto my chest, the sucking boy beneath me having let my dick free when I started to buck and pulse, the universal sign for 'I'm about to cum in your mouth, you better pull me outta' there.'

Alan smiled and put his black cowboy hat onto my head. He gave my chest a light playful squeeze and walked out of the dark room. I watched him go, then closed my eyes.

I needed to sleep.

Somebody's hand smeared my sperm back and forth from side to side across my chest and got a little bit under my left arm.

'Eww.' I said to myself.

I pulled up my pants and jogged off after Alan.

I have no idea how the two of us got out of there without any more damage. Or how I got my clothes back from the guy at the front door of the club. Or how I wound up asleep on top of my bed, covered only by a little blanket that I think belonged to Alan. Or how my sweater was miraculously folded into a neat little package and tucked away in my closet.

I woke up to Alan's smiling face shaking my shoulder.

'Sleepy head, come on wake up, let's go, it's getting late,' Alan said.


'Come on roomie, let's go get some dinner,' he pleaded.

As my eyes focused, I could see Alan above me in a tan cowboy hat.

'Dinner?' I asked, 'Is it really that late?'

'It's like 7:30,' he said. 'You've been snoozin' for like two hours.'

I shook my head and rubbed the sand out of my eyes.


He nodded and grabbed a jacket out of his closet, it was tan and somehow the exact same shade of his cowboy hat. I watched him across the room. He certainly didn't look like he'd just been screwed in the ass by a giant black pirate.

'Where's your black hat?' I asked.

'What black hat? I don't have a black hat. I only brought this one with me from home.'

I rubbed my eyes again. 'Really?'

My hand reached down and I felt my wet and sticky semen on my chest, and even some underneath my left arm.

Uh oh.

'Do you wanna get Chinese? A few guys from down the hall know a good place,' he said.

'Chinese? Again? Didn't we just...' my voice trailed off.

No black hat. Hmm. I looked at Alan's butt in his blue jeans, he seemed to be okay.

I closed my eyes and thought about what was really going on here. After a moment, I thought I'd make one last attempt to find out the truth.

'Um, by any chance do you have leather pants?' I asked.

Alan scrunched up his face and gave me a look like I was nuts. Or maybe like I had malaria. He shook his head. 'What the fuck, dude? Leather pants?'

I smiled. 'Never mind. I must have been thinking about somebody else.'


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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