It was mid-afternoon on a Friday and we had just finished up a light workout. We stood outside the gym with our Boston University track team duffel bags filled with stuff. We were going on our first road trip. And we were all decked out in the red and white BU colors too.

Yale. New Haven, Connecticut. My first Ivy League track meet!

Get in around 7pm, check into the hotel. Dinner. Sleep. Then run all over these Ivy League scum first thing Saturday morning. I hope.

Actually I was pretty jealous of these Ivy League scum. Someday I'd really love to be one myself. For now I would just be racing against them, this time in the 8K, not my best event I have to admit. It was what the Coach here thought was right for me. What the heck? I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous (butterflies are good, right?). But I was a college man now, and I was feeling really fucking great to be racing for a team!

Since I'd been arrived in Boston, my life had been some kind of nuts with all my classes plus getting used to life in a completely new city. Dealing with a roommate who was constantly naked in our room. You know, the usual freshman dorm stuff.

But my body was ready. Well-trained, muscled out. Lean and mean.

I looked around the bus at the other guys on the squad. This reminded me of what else I'd been feeling a lot of lately.

Horny. Just way, way horny! Everywhere I went there seemed to be some new herd of fucking great-looking guys. It was awfully hard to look but not touch.

I had become a jerk-off machine. But only when my crazy nudist roommate wasn't doing push-ups or sit-ups on our flow au natural!

'After I had maneuvered my bright red duffel bag up the stairs, I decided that I was not trudging it all the way to the back. It was a big bus anyway, with lots of seats, there was room for each one of us to sit by ourselves if we wanted to probably. I grabbed a seat close to the front. I had a tendency to get bus-sick anyhow.

Todd, the captain of our team, who had been such a big help to me during my physical exam with the doctor in the gym a couple of weeks ago, tossed his bag in the seat right in front of mine.

My eyes stripped his clothes right off his body since I hadn't had the privilege of seeing the real thing yet.

You'd think that we track guys would be going on these long runs in practically nothing and then prancing about the shower room naked practically every day. But there was something weird about runners in Boston. First of all, it was cold and I had to run in sweats or running tights or something. And then when we were done and wrapping up practice, a lot of the guys just went back to the dorms and showered there. Second of all, the few guys who stuck around to wash up in the gym showers had developed this annoying habit of putting their towel on over their shorts or underwear and then wriggling out of their undergarments without anybody else nearby seeing their private parts.


Other than his bare feet, which I calculated that I had seen exactly three times, I hadn't seen Todd without any clothes. Not even without a shirt wearing one of our skimpy BU gym towels on his way to or from the showers-the seniors were allowed to use a special newer part of the gym that was off-limits to us lowly underclassmen.

All that I had for my 'captain of the track team' fantasies was my very vivid imagination. And of course there was that awfully good but awfully quick hand job he'd given me as I lay there with a hard-on on the doctor's exam table. But, since then we'd barely spoken at all. Every day at track practice, Todd was all business. And he kept his hands to himself.

Too bad.

The truth is, I had dreamed up all sorts of sexual fantasies for him. In my mind at least, he was mostly a top, but remarkably flexible and had an insatiable sex drive.

So, with the object of my crazy sex fantasies just a couple feet away, I was determined to make the most of it.

There's no way Todd couldn't see that I was totally checking him out. Todd was counting and checking people off as they climbed into their seats. He looked up from his clipboard gave me a smile. Reluctantly I dragged my eyes away from his mid-section. Our eyes met.

I hoped he read minds.

The driver hopped aboard, closed the big clunky door, gunned the engine, and we drove off. Turns out that Coach would be taking his own car and would meet us at the hotel in New Haven. Todd was in charge.

A few minutes later, once we were on the Mass Pike heading west, Captain Todd stood up to make an announcement. He had a clipboard in his hand and wore his glasses. His brown wavy hair bounced lightly and he kept pushing it behind his ears so he could see whatever it was that was written on the clipboard.

'Okay guys, listen up,' Todd started. He had to shout so that everyone all the way to the back of the bus could hear.

In the front of the bus, I was all ears.

Actually my eyes too of course; they stayed glued to Todd's crotch.

It was hard to see anything through the fabric of Todd's jeans, but I made my mind up that I finally had some hard evidence that my captain was packing some serious wood.

'I've got the roommate assignments gentlemen,' Todd yelled over the road noise.

Good! I had been a nervous wreck about it all week.

Todd read his way down the list that he had created. He said something about having gone over the rooming with Coach, but I can't imagine that Coach would really care. This seemed like all Todd's doing.

Good again. There was hope for me.

I half-listened to the other names. As a freshman, I knew where I ranked on the team totem pole and he'd probably be calling out my name pretty close to last. The other half of me that was not listening to the roommate assignments created an entire imaginary fantasy in which Todd's gigantic penis was rock hard and fucking me from behind.

Whenever somebody's name was announced, there were catcalls and boos.

Caged animals. They probably snored in their sleep and made other disgusting sounds, no wonder I was so freaked out about who I'd be bunking up with! I ignored them all and kept my entire focus on Todd's zipper and what lay beneath.

Please, please, Captain, put me with you! As a first year, I need the extra attention, really! I promise I'll run my ass off tomorrow in the 8K!. I made a pledge that Todd wouldn't even have to screw me in the ass tonight with his huge Captain cock. I'd be happy enough just to see the danged thing!

'And last but not least,' Todd paused for some unneeded drama. 'will be our two freshmen boy wonders TJ and Benny.'

Boy Wonders?

Fuck. I had to sleep next to the cocky redhead! Fuck, fuck!

Boy Wonders? Really?

'And to make sure TJ and Benny get plenty of sleep so we kick Yale's butt in the morning, I'm prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice and bunk right next to them,' Todd added with a wide grin. Our eyes met again and I noticed a tiny glint of sexual energy. He wanted me.

I think.

No way, no frigging way! I get to room with Todd! Let's hope he doesn't sleep in flannel pajamas.

After Todd sat back down in his seat and looked out the window, I contemplated asking whether or not Benny or I would be given the supreme honor of sleeping in the bed with the Captain. I considered myself a pretty fucking great snuggler as a matter of fact!

'Hey Todd,' I started. 'I was just wondering. Would you prefer if..'

What a lunatic! What was I saying?

Todd turned his head around to face me.

I blushed very red, pretty much the shade of our duffel bags.

'Um, um, well, I just wanted to ask whether or not you'd prefer if..'

'What TJ? If I'd prefer what?'

I sighed.

'Um,' I stuttered again. Uh oh, what an idiot I am! I had to think fast.

'Um, I wondered if you'd know, coffee or tea in the morning.' I smiled when my silly cover seemed to be working. 'I read somewhere that this hotel in New Haven has a little coffee place right downstairs in the lobby.'

Todd smiled and I was nearly blinded by the flash of car light hitting his teeth.

'TJ, relax,' Todd said. 'Neither one of you are required to get the Captain of the team coffee in the morning. We don't operate that way here. I'm glad to get my own. I mean, this is Boston for crissakes.'

I looked at his eyes. He seemed sincere so I relaxed. I exhaled the air out of my lungs very slowly and grinned back at him.

'Um, okay, just checking,' I said, sounding exactly like the moron I felt like.

'Of course, there may be some other things I'll need from you guys though,' Todd added cryptically.

My jaw dropped to my chest.

He looked straight at me. He smiled and chuckled to himself when he saw the look of shock on my face. Then he turned around and looked out his window again.

Oh my god! Oh my god! My mind raced. My dick had heard every word of the conversation and now my jeans felt tight.

Todd didn't say another word to me for the rest of the trip to Yale. It was just as well, I'd probably have said something even stupider than I already did.

I closed my eyes and snoozed.

When we got off the freeway in New Haven, I came to and watched the driver pull the bus into the turnaround in front of the hotel.

Standing up, I discovered that my dick wasn't hard anymore. But there was definitely something sticky in my underwear. Did I come while I was sleeping? On a bus?

Once we unloaded our stuff from the bus, met up with Coach for a quick meeting in the lobby, we were given the key card to our rooms. There were only two cards per room and Benny grabbed one of them. I handed Todd the other and he said thanks.

Inside the room, Todd tossed his bag onto one bed and Benny tossed his bag on the other. They both looked at me. With a shrug I tossed my bag onto Benny's bed.

On the Todd side.

'Fuckin' A!' Benny said with a pout.

'Take it easy, Benny,' Todd said. 'You're a first year. This is what happens. Freshmen sleep together. When you're a senior, maybe you'll get your own.'

Benny smirked.

'If you last that long Wonder Boy,' Todd added.

We all laughed.

'No time for chit chat boys, let's go grab some food,' Todd said. He placed his arms around both me and Benny's neck and steered us back out the door and into the hallway.

Dinner was madness.

Fifteen of us at an all-you can eat Chinese buffet a couple blocks down from the hotel. I'm absolutely sure that the BU Athletic Department got their money's worth. We ate pretty much everything they had.

As we walked back to the hotel, some of the guys decided to go and find an ice cream place. Coach said we were on our own if we wanted to do that, just be back and in bed by 10:30 latest. Seven or eight of the guys went and I was about to follow when Captain Todd grabbed both Benny and I by the ears.

'You guys are not going to load yourselves down with ice cream, you guys are going back to the room and getting into bed. I need you both at your best tomorrow. I need you both fast!'


Todd used his key card in the door, and Benny and I walked in right behind.

'All right then, here's the plan,' Todd started. Benny flipped his shoes off and crash landed diagonally across the middle of our bed.

'What plan?' I asked.

'Captain Todd's guaranteed plan for success,' he explained. 'It's a proven formula. It always helps me race my best. And you Boy Wonders are the lucky ones who are the first on the team to benefit from my experience. You are very fortunate to learn from the master.'

Benny and I cracked up. I was the only one standing so I did my best salaam move.

'What the fuck?' Benny said. 'I don't need any screwy formula for success.' Benny flexed from his hips and put his legs in the air above the bed. He smacked his thighs. 'These are my guarantees right here!'

Now both Todd and I laughed.

'Benny, if you weren't such a great middle distance runner I would just kick your ass,' Todd said, half-seriously. 'But you know what, I'm going to cut you some slack. I know you'll be good tomorrow. But I want you to be great.'

Benny sat up on his elbows and nodded.

'Todd, you know and I know that I could easily win this thing tomorrow,' Benny said.

Todd nodded as well. 'Yes, I do. You've got the speed and you've certainly got the talent.'

'Damn right..' Benny said, looking away.

'But tonight, you're just a lowly scrub on this track team and I'm the captain. Tonight, you'll do what I tell you to do. If you do, and TJ will go 1-2.'

Benny giggled.

'TJ? Keep up with me? Are you kidding?' Benny said, looking over at the guy who would be sleeping next to him very soon.

'Hey!' I said.

But Todd interrupted.

'Benny, don't be such an asshole. TJ didn't have the high school career that you had and he may not have your speed mid-race, but TJ definitely has the goods. He has the work ethic and the skills, and I know for damn sure he has the heart! So don't underestimate TJ. Wait till you see his final kick tomorrow.'

I smiled. It felt great to have Todd talk about me that way. I had no idea he appreciated how hard I worked during practice.

Benny turned away and smirked again.

'Guess we'll see tomorrow, right Captain?' Benny said, goading him.

'Yes we will,' Todd said. 'That's why I call you guys Boy Wonder. I have no doubt that you are the guys to beat in the 8K.'

'Um, maybe I should just sleep on the floor,' I said. 'I'm not sure I'm worthy of sharing the bed with so talented a runner.' I salaamed Benny.

My comment had an ulterior motive, but Todd refused to take the bait.

'Knock it off TJ,' Todd said. 'You boys will sleep together tonight on the bed. You will be well-rested, and you will do exactly what I say for the rest of the time between now and the start of the race in the morning.'

'We will?' Benny and I asked in unison.

Todd smiled.

Then he nodded and took off his shirt.

'Take off your shirts,' he said. He had that authority figure tone in his voice.

So we did what we were told.

I folded mine up and placed it neatly on the dresser. Benny tossed his across the room, it landed on the arm of the desk chair.

'Now both of you will pee and then jump into the shower. Make the water hot and stand there for about five minutes letting it relax your muscles,' Todd instructed us.

'I like to jerk off in the shower,' Benny said. 'Can I do that?'

'No,' Todd said emphatically.

'Oh man,' Benny whined.

'Don't worry Boy Wonder,' Todd said. 'All things in good time.'

Benny shrugged and lifted himself off the bed. 'Whatever,' he said with a yawn.

As Benny walked past us to the bathroom, he slid his pants and underwear down his legs and left them in a heap just outside the bathroom door. Benny's white ass was flat. He walked into the bathroom in just a pair of white socks. I didn't see his dick, and to be perfectly honest I think I was okay with that.

We heard the shower water turn on. Todd and looked at each other. He was shirtless. His chest was perfect, a chiseled runner's chest. He wore a silver necklace with a GI Joe tag. He had no chest hair. My dick took notice and leapt to attention.

Silently Todd's lips formed the words: 'What a jerk!'

I smiled and nodded.

Benny came back out of the bathroom. But for the socks, he was nude of course. Benny was the ultimate gangly runner, He had a short torso and legs that went on for days. His thighs were muscled but toned in all the right ways. I tried not to look but my eyes finally landed on Benny's crotch, against my will. His cock was thin and dangly, his balls hung down a ways and were sort of dark pink. He had a tiny little bush of light red pubic hair. It looked like he'd trimmed himself maybe a few weeks ago, but hadn't done anything lately.

My brain was unable to override and my dick got all the way hard.

Benny looked directly at me and took off his socks. Then he threw them at my head as hard as he could. The first one hit me in the neck, I blocked the second one.

'Benny, why do you have to be such a pain in the ass?' I asked him.

Benny grabbed his dangly dick, stretched it out away from his body, and then, using his fist, shook it at both of us. 'They all say that,' he said. Then he turned around and went back into the bathroom. This time he closed the door.

I looked again at Todd. Man! I'd sure like to see if some of my fantasies could come true! I sure didn't want to have to sleep next to Benny tonight.

'Forget about him, TJ,' Todd said softly. 'He's a jerk, but he's young. He needs to grow up.'

'Yep,' I agreed.

'He will. I promise. He will.'

We both took a deep breath. Todd changed the subject.

For the next few minutes, while Todd and I waited for Benny to finish up in the bathroom, we talked strategy about the race tomorrow.

It would be my first time running this distance in a competitive race. Basically, Todd wanted me to go out slow and relaxed. I was to keep up a moderate pace even if I wound up in last place.

'Just don't let yourself get more than two or three seconds off the lead,' he said.

Then Todd suggested that I take advantage of my speed. 'You're fast, TJ, really fast. Take advantage of all this experience that you've built up over the years in those shorter, faster races. Use your speed!'

Basically, Todd wanted me to start my kick before the other guys did, before we hit bell for the final lap. If I did that, Todd reasoned that the energy I'd saved by going out slow, combined with the usual more rapid pace I generally took when I raced, by Todd's estimation, I might actually win this thing.

Imagine. Winning my first big race against an Ivy League school! Incredible! Could I actually win? As a freshman? Competing against guys who were much more seasoned upperclassmen.

In the bathroom, we both heard Benny shut off the water. Then we heard him brush his teeth.

A minute or so later, he came out of the bathroom buck naked with his towel around his neck. His red hair was still wet.

'I need to get off. Can I jerk off now, your highness?' Benny asked in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Todd didn't even look up from a textbook he was reading. 'No,' he said.

'And I should listen to you because?...'

Todd shot Benny a look that explained it all. He still didn't get it. Benny threw himself down on the bed and licked his hand. He set it onto the head of his cock.

'Don't even think about it. Tonight you'll do what I say,' Todd said in that strong voice of his.

'Screw that,' Benny said. He went on doing what he wanted to do. Somehow I managed not to look at Benny's hand. I looked at Todd instead.

Todd sat up, he looked at e and then at the naked red haired guy playing with his dick on the bed.

'Benny, what the fuck is your problem? Why are you being such a jerk?'

Benny shook his head. I took the opportunity to duck into the bathroom for my shower. I didn't need this, not the night before such a big race.

Once I was under the stream of hot water, I took a few deep breaths and tried to get myself to relax. It occurred to me that I needed to jerk off too. That would definitely help. I looked down at my famous weenie. Well maybe not so famous here at Yale, or even in Boston. But back home in Apple Valley.. Well, at least Joey thought it was famous.

Even through the door I could still hear Todd and Benny going at it. There was definitely a little shouting going on. Yikes!

I squeezed the base of my cock with a fist and tried to think of Todd naked. It was as soft as a hot dog bun. The bun, not the dog itself. Absently, I tried to stretch out the bun just a bit with my hand. Nothing. I tried a two-handed tug. Still nothing.

When I finished up I dried off, wrapped the towel around my waist, brushed my teeth and headed off to join Benny in bed.

All but one of the lights were off and it was quiet. Benny was laying on top of the bed on his side, still wearing nothing but his towel was sort of draped across his middle and his dick was covered up. Todd was in his underwear reading his textbook.

'Um,' I said. 'What's the deal captain, can we go to bed now?'

Todd looked up at me from his book without putting it down. His eyes washed over me once or twice as I walked. I grinned and returned the favor. Lying there in the low light, Todd seemed more like a decathlete than a long distance runner. He had fine brown chest hair from his neck to the lower part of his pecs. Below that he was hairless, but for a few tiny hairs in a straight line leading down from his belly button. His arms were strong and defined, his shoulders surprisingly square. He had on black Calvin Klein underwear. His briefs had a pouch. And inside that pouch...well, inside that pouch was the object of my affection.

When I got to the bed I was supposed to sleep on, I stopped and turned toward Todd's bed. Telepathically, I commanded Todd to invite me into his bed.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for Todd's response to my silent request. None came.

'Okay Boy Wonders, gimme your towels,' Todd said. 'Let's do this.'

Instantly Benny flung his towel onto the floor beside the bed. I didn't move a muscle.

Todd looked at me like I was nuts for not listening to him immediately. 'TJ, let's go,' Todd said. 'Get your towel off!'

I stood up and looked at Todd's dark eyes. He put down his book. His eyes slowly inspected my bare chest, my too-thin abs. His eyes landed on the front of my towel. He tipped his neck toward me.

'Off,' he commanded.

Really? Right here, right now, in front of Benny?'

'Just do it, TJ,' Benny said. 'Take off your towel.'

Todd smiled and sat up on the edge of his bed. He stood and took a step toward me. I stood up too. Our eyes met again. Benny was yapping somewhere over there behind me, but neither one of us were really listening.

In one quick motion, Todd swiped at my towel and it fell to the floor. I kept my eyes trained on him, paying no attention to the fact that I was now totally naked.

'Nice ass, TJ,' Benny giggled from the other side of the bed.

Finally Todd lowered his gaze and took stock of my cock. His thin lips curved into a faint smile.

'Okay then,' Todd started. 'That's just step one.' He took a step back and waved to Benny to get up.

'Now I want both of you on the floor, facing each other right here.' He pointed to a spot on the carpeting between the two beds.

Benny stood up quickly to do exactly as Todd commanded. He walked around the far side of the bed, then sat down on the floor in the exact spot that Todd had pointed to.

Benny spread his legs and put his hands on the floor behind him. I watched His long, thin penis hit the floor with a gentle thump.

Todd looked directly at me again and tilted his head toward Benny on the ground.

I sat down close to Todd's feet. I faced Benny. Our legs made a diamond on the floor, the soles of our feet touched. His were cold.

'Next is step three,' Todd said.

Benny laughed out loud. 'I get it, next we jerk each other off, right captain?'

Todd laughed.

'Unity boys. It's all about coming together as a team. By ourselves, we are just one,' Todd said.

'What?' Benny asked.

'I'm not sure that makes any sense either, Todd,' I said.

Benny shook his head in agreement.

Todd seemed exasperated. 'What I'm trying to say is: together we're better than any of us are individually,' he said.

'What the fuck does that mean, dude? We run individual races, and we do it as fast as we can. We aren't doing relays!'

'Shut up Benny, just go along with this would you?'

'Yeah Benny, we should listen to him,' I interrupted. 'I mean, he's like..'

'The captain?' Benny looked at me with a sneer.

I looked up at Todd, then back at Benny.

'Yeah, he's our damn captain, you idiot. He knows what he's doing.'

Todd raised his voice. 'All right, guys,' he said. 'Freshmen!' He said it in almost a mocking tone, his face had turned red and he seemed really mad.

'Listen up. What is going to happen here tonight is exactly the same thing that I had to do when I was a freshman. This is something that all guys on the BU track team do at their first out of town meet.'

Benny and I watched Todd. I took a deep breath. Here it comes.

'And yes, Benny, you're gonna jerk each other off.' He paused.

'Only there's a catch, and we'll talk about that when the time comes. Just so you know, by the way, Rogers and Chang are up on the 6th floor probably doing the exact same thing right now.'

I raised my eyebrows. 'Rogers and Chang? Really?' They were two other freshmen on the squad with us. They both were long distance runners.

Todd laughed.

'What's the catch Todd? I'd like to know right now.' Benny asked. There was no hiding the disgusted tone in his voice.

'Don't worry about it right now I said, we'll get to it,' Todd answered quickly.

'Um, and you want us to' I stretched it out because I wanted to make sure I heard it right and I really was surprised that Todd was gonna make me do this.

Before Todd could respond, Benny jumped up.

'No way. I'm not fucking doing it,' Benny said. 'I don't care about unity. I don't care if TJ finishes the race tomorrow in second place, eating my dust, or in dead last. I really don't give a shit. I just wanna win, and I am not gonna jack off no teammate. Not tonight, not ever!'

Benny got up and put on a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt from his bag. We watched him and said nothing.

'If anybody asks, I'm sleeping in Mike's room,' he said. He slammed the door.

Todd laughed and I looked over at him with surprise.

'That guy is pretty scary,' Todd said.

'Yeah,' I agreed.

'I was beginning to think that he'd never leave.'


'You didn't get what I was doing all along?'

'What are you talking about? You mean that whole thing was bullshit?'

Todd cracked up.

'You can't possibly think I was serious? That I was gonna make you both jerk each other off? I'm not allowed to do things like that, they'd boot my ass outta here in like nothing flat.' Todd explained.

'Um, well, you totally had me fooled. I have to admit, I guess I thought you were on the level the whole time. I guess I thought that you were gonna make me jerk off the biggest jerk in the world,' I said.

Todd fell back onto his bed and curled up in a ball laughing.


I watched him laugh for like a minute before he was able to speak.

'Look,' he said. 'The truth is, nobody wanted to room with Benny. I talked to Coach about it and he said I had to take him with me.'


'Yep. Coach said it was like a Captain responsibility or something baloney like that. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a way to get Benny out of here.'

'Well, that was quite a plan.' Now I was laughing. 'Don't you think he'll just get kicked out of wherever he winds up? I mean, who else would want him?'

Todd sat up on the bed, his feet on the floor. He put his toes against the bare skin of my thighs. I grabbed his foot with my hand. Todd nodded toward my crotch.

'Your dick is hard,' he said. 'Get up here on the bed.'


He raised his voice again. 'On the bed freshman. Now!'

I hopped up on the bed. I gave him a look and then threw Todd onto his back. I was so fucking horny, I would've fucked the mattress itself.

I pushed Todd's arms over his head and pinned him back onto the pillow. I ran one hand through his dark hair and held his wrists down with the other.

'Don't say another word,' I said. 'I'm a freshman on this team for the next nine months, but tonight you're mine.'

Todd smiled, wriggled one wrist free and drew my head toward his. Our lips met, and his tongue drew me in fully. His mouth felt like a guys mouth was supposed to feel. He tasted great.

'Mmm,' he said.

I smiled and dove back in. My tongue licked his. Our teeth clicked against each other, he backed off and bit my upper lip gently. My dick was like cement against his lower abdomen, I could feel Todd's cock through his briefs, rock solid, sideways against my leg.

I don't know how long we kissed for, but it seemed like forever. My lips were getting a little raw when Todd finally put both hands over my ears, lifted my head up, and flipped me onto my back.

My dick jolted a little at the very idea of being surrounded by Todd's mouth.

He surprised and lifted my legs in the air. He buried his face in my ass. Wow! While he worked over my butt, his hand stroked my cock up and down.

'Aaaagh,' I said lightly.

'I love your butt dude,' Todd said.

'Um, well good, I love your mouth,' I said.

'Relax, TJ,' he said, spreading my legs like a wishbone.

I inhaled deeply, and somehow Todd's face burrowed ever deeper inside me. His tongue was strong and gave me a feeling I've never had before.

'Oh my god,' I said silently.

I was writhing around on the pillow in ecstasy, about as close to coming as I could possibly be. All of a sudden Todd stopped.

I looked up. 'What?' I asked.

Todd looked at me and smiled. 'I just thought you'd like to suck on my cock for a bit before I bury it inside your ass.'

I sat up quickly. Well yeah! Of course I would.

'Okay,' was all I said.

Todd was still up on his knees. I twisted myself around and found his dick popping out of the top of his underwear. I shoved his underwear down with my hands and swallowed it whole without even stopping to admire it. I hadn't had one of these in my mouth in a while and I gagged a bit.

Todd let me push him back onto the bed. I kept his cock inside while I did. And what a cock it was. Thick like I hadn't seen in a long time. Actually it seemed to be thicker up near the head than down at the base!

'Great dick!' I said when I finally came up for air.

Todd just opened his eyes and smiled at me without saying anything.

For the next ten minutes or so, I sucked Todd's hard cock with everything I had. I really liked it, and he was so incredibly hard and smooth. It really seemed to fit nicely sliding back and forth against my throat. For his part, Todd had stopped talking to me entirely. He had tilted his head back and put a pillow over his head to kind of muffle his moans. It would not be good if some of the other guys on the team heard their Captain getting a blowjob! At one point while I was holding the base of Todd's erection with one hand, stroking the fat shaft up and down with my other hand and licking around the mushroom head with my mouth, Todd let out a scream that got caught in the pillow.

I took another breath and Todd removed the pillow.

'You gotta stop, TJ,' he pleaded. 'You're gonna make me cum, and I really wanted to fuck your little ass!'

'Sorry Captain, but I gotta say, you've got an unbelievably hot cock! I can't stop sucking it!'

Todd grinned and accepted his fate. I went back to business on Todd's amazing hard-on.

It didn't take long.

Moments later, Todd bucked his hips , tightened his abs and pulled the pillow back over his face so that he could scream into it again.

While I stroked away, I watched Todd's dick erupt with a mighty stream of sperm straight up into the air. I put pressure on his balls with one hand and watched the second torrent go even higher. Both landed in the area where Todd's pubic hair would have been if he had any. I held on and watch at least three more nice little squirts that wound up back on the cock itself as well as my hand.

Todd let out a few more happy moans into the pillow, and kept up the rhythmic bouncing of his hips, but maybe a little bit slower.

'Oh fuck TJ!'

He took the pillow away and looked straight at me. 'That was like some serious dick-sucking buddy. You're really good at that.'

'Thanks,' I said.

'You can do that to me anytime you want,' Todd added.

'Glad to be of use,' I said.

'Um, do you mind if I don't fuck you in the ass tonight? After getting head like that, I don't think I'll be able to get it up again for a while.'

I nodded. 'No worries, captain,' I said. 'I think there's a chance we'll be doing this again.'

'Abso-fucking-lutely!' Todd said, excitedly.

'I mean, you control the roommate list, right? You can set us up to share a room again, right?'

Todd agreed, and pulled me toward him for a hug.

I kissed him on the mouth, pulled the covers over me and fell asleep in his arms. There was no way I was going back to that bed where Benny had been.


TJ Tachet

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