Todd and I wound up sleeping intertwined in various patterns of spoon and backwards spoon all night. It felt amazing to spend the entire night snuggling up to him. His skin was warm and soft and sexy all at once. If I knew my dick, I probably had a hard-on all night long.

When Todd and I woke up in the morning, we weren't alone.

Todd's hand was casually spread out on the lower part of my abs, his little finger in what would have been my pubes if I had any. He wiggled his finger and I opened my eyes. Todd's head rested on his arm, his dark brown hair pushed back behind his ears. He looked very serious, as if he'd been studying me and had come up with a flaw he'd never noticed before.

'G'morning,' he said with a wide smile.

My dick grew a couple inches at the sight of his smile. Then he lifted his head up off his bicep and flicked his eyes behind him at the other bed. I followed the command and raised my head a little bit off the bed so I could see what he wanted me to see.

Benny was back. He had passed out in his clothes and lay on his back with his legs on the floor. There was a pillow over his head.

I opened my mouth wide and made a face.

Todd smirked and rolled his eyes. Then he grabbed my swelling cock and gave it a squeeze. Todd put his fingers down the shaft of my dick and left the palm of his hand over my dickhead, like an umbrella. He smiled and gave the umbrella a turn or two, back and forth. When he was done, he pulled his hand out of the covers. We both looked at a gob of my pre-cum on Todd's palm.

Already? That seemed pretty fast, even for me. Man! I'd been hard all of about ten seconds!

He offered me his palm so I could lick my own jizz off of it.

No thank you, I mouthed silently. Todd wouldn't take no for an answer and put his hand over my mouth. I squirmed to get my face away, but Todd managed to get some of the stuff onto my lips anyway.


Benny made an unintelligible sound and rolled over on his side. He curled up in a sort of teenage fetal position.

Todd motioned with his eyes toward the bathroom. He wanted for the two of us to go in there. I used my eyes to motion toward our erections. It didn't seem like a good idea for both the captain and the freshman to saunter off to the shower together, each of us with a boner up to our belly buttons.

Todd caught my drift and smiled. He shrugged his shoulders and rolled out of bed. He stood there with his hard-on pointing up. I admired the shape for a moment, still amused that it seemed impossibly thick at the end, even more so than at the base. Like a baseball bat maybe.

Todd saw me studying his penis and motioned again with his eyes toward the bathroom.

I flipped off the blanket and lay there naked with my own morning wood stretching up to the sky. Todd smiled and reached a hand over to grab it. I pushed him away and rolled off the other side of the bed. His hand grabbed mine and the two of us made it into the bathroom without waking Benny.

Todd and I tried very hard not to have sex while we showered. We did wash each other extremely well. Todd scrubbed parts of me that I'm not sure I'd gotten to in some time. I returned the favor.

In the end, there was no doubt about, we were clean.

We each shaved then Todd whispered that he needed to dry his hair.

'So?' I said. 'Do it.'

Todd shook his head, and his long brown hair flung drops of water all over the bathroom. I had to towel off again. I gave him a look. He ignored me and flipped on the blow dryer in the bathroom. It was so loud and came as such a surprise that I freaked out.

'Shh,' I shouted. 'You'll wake him up.'


I pulled the cord out of the wall socket.

'Are you nuts?' I asked him in a loud whisper. 'You'll wake Benny!'

Todd scrunched up his lips and shrugged. 'No biggie,' he said. 'He's gotta get up. And when he does, he'll just think we're both getting ready at the same time.'

I sighed and finished brushing my teeth.

Benny was awake when I opened the bathroom door and walked out in my towel. He smiled at me.

'There room in there for me?' he asked.

'Um,' I said.

'I need to pee,' he said.

'Go,' I said.

He did. There was no way I could really warn Todd. Benny got up off the bed, then opened the door and walked in. I could still hair blow drying his hair, and the distinct sound of Benny taking a leak.

I found my running shorts and put them on quickly. I threw my towel around my neck and looked around for my favorite socks.

I heard the shower turn on and I looked over at the bathroom. Todd was still in there and Benny was probably taking a shower. I felt a funny pant of jealousy.

I tugged on one sock and pouted. What was taking Todd so long with his hair anyway? Why the fuck did he have to stay in there while Benny was in the shower?

The door opened and Todd walked out. He left it open. Steam wafted out near the top of the door sill.

'What was that all about?' I said, with more of an edge to my voice than I intended.

'Beats me,' Todd said. 'He didn't say a word to me.'

'Not to me either,' I said. 'Do you think he heard us in the bathroom this morning?'

Todd laughed.

'TJ, of course he heard us. After he saw us sleeping together like two nude pretzels last night.'

My jaw dropped open.

'TJ, don't worry about it, it's not a big deal. He's not going to say anything to anybody.'

'How do you know?'

'TJ, trust me, he won't,' Todd tried to reassure me. 'Besides, if he does, who's gonna believe him anyway? Everybody on the team hates him and thinks he's a big-ass liar.'

I half way smiled. 'I guess you're right.'

Todd looked at me standing there in my white running shorts and one sock. His eyes found my crotch and he nodded.

'Very nice, young freshman,' Todd said, sounding like Yoda. 'Me like.'

I looked down at the bulge my dick made in my shorts. I wasn't even close to hard and you could still sort of see the outline of my weenie through the cloth.

'Just be careful motoring some of those tight turns in your race today, there's not a whole lot keeping Mr. Happy there from being exposed to the whole wide world.'

At the mere mention of Mr. Happy, Mr. Happy stretched out at least another inch or so. I rolled my eyes at my own cock's shameless display.

Todd chuckled. He whipped off his towel and stood there in front of me wearing nothing.

'I'm just gonna go ahead and get dressed, freshman,' he said. 'Would that be okay with you, or would you like to munch on my monster once again?'


'Just kidding,' he said. 'Actually I think it's probably best if you keep your hands off of me until after the meet today, do you think you can do that?'

'I'll try my best,' I said.

Twenty minutes later, we were all downstairs, waiting for the bus to take us over to Yale. I had total butterflies. No matter how many meets I ran, I always got nervous before we arrived. Most times, my stomach never really calmed down until I was halfway down the track on my first lap.

I sat in the infield during most of the morning races. Todd and a bunch of the other guys ran long distance while I had to wait for my heat. I screamed my ass off as Todd came in second in the 1500, just getting beat at the end by some guy from Yale who came from way off the pace to win. Surprisingly enough, I found that Benny was yelling just as loud as I was. We caught each other smiling as Todd pulled up after almost having pulled off the victory.


When I was time for my race, the 8K, I was such a nervous wreck that I nearly threw up, then almost fainted in the few minutes just before the start. A lot of people must have noticed what a mess I was, since both Todd and Coach came over and gave me some words of encouragement just before I walked out onto the track. Todd slapped my butt.

As he walked away I unconsciously looked down at the front of my running shorts to see whether or not he'd made me hard again.

When the gun went off I took off at maximum TJ-speed. Way faster than I intended to go out.

I had forgotten completely about the advice from Coach and from Todd that I'd gotten beforehand.

After two laps, I was ahead of the field by like three seconds. They all ran in a pack, just paces behind me. Lurking like a pack of sharks about to rip up some new over-anxious freshman. Me.

As the laps flew by, there was no way I could keep leading such a talented group of college runners at such a murderous clip. They were all bunched up together behind me drafting each other, they had to know I'd come back to them soon enough. From the infield, Todd was screaming at me to drop back and take it easy. I caught Coach's eye and he had a funny look on his face. He knew what was coming, of course.

Much to everyone's surprise, I held the lead until the tenth lap. Then the pack caught me along the back straight and started to pass me, one by one. In less than half a lap, my race was over; I was close to the rear. Still in the big group leading, but with about ten guys ahead of me, there was no way they were going to let me get by again. The group in front of me included a guy with short red hair whose long strides looked effortless as he battled for the lead. Benny.

It galled me that he looked so calm and comfortable. The guy hadn't even slept in like a real bed last night. He had gotten in late, from like I don't know where. And now he looked like a million bucks, running in a very fast 8K with guy from the Ivy League! For an asshole, I had to admit that he was really quite a stud.

As we neared the end of the race, I was holding my own, still in the lead group. But I was totally wiped out, spent from all the early effort to lead the pace. I was just hoping to finish, there was absolutely no way I was gonna have much of a kick on the last lap. Benny was running third. I think I was in about 9th if I was counting correctly.

On the bell lap, Benny took off, sprinting to the front. Two guys went with him. I willed my legs to go faster, but found that the extra speed was only keeping me in the same position; it wasn't moving me up like it was supposed to. Everybody else had found an extra gear to speed up as well.

When we crossed the line, Benny was first. I was eighth. Everyone on our team ran over to congratulate Benny. As he was giving Benny a hug, Todd shot me a look. Uh oh.

I collapsed midway down the track. It was the fastest 8K I'd ever run. I'd find out later that it was a PR for Benny as well. Quite a few of the guys set personal records. Maybe it was all thanks to me, after all, I'd been the rabbit out front there for the first half of the race, and gave us such a quick pace.

Benny stood over me while I lay flat on my back on the artificial track surface. I reached my hand up to shake his and he gave me sort of a sideways high five.

'Thanks,' was all he said.

'Thanks?' I didn't understand.

'You fucking almost killed me, you jerk,' Benny said. 'What were you doing pushing us all so hard those first ten laps? Were you actually trying to make me lose?'

I took a deep breath and looked at him. The guy had just won his first college race. As a freshman! He should be totally ecstatic. Instead he was looking down at me, the guy who finished way behind him, and giving me a hard time about how fast I had gone out. What a freak!

'Congratulations Benny,' I said. 'You deserved it; you ran a great race,'

'Yeah, no thanks to you,' he said as he walked away. 'Don't pull that rabbit shit again!'

I lay there for a little while longer staring at the blue sky. I decided then and there that I was going to fuck Benny. I didn't care when, or how, or even if he wasn't even into me at all. I was going to fuck Benny. That's all. Big time!

The bus ride home was pretty uneventful. With the exception of Benny, who seemed like he wanted to talk about the race over and over again, there really wasn't a whole lot to say. Todd seemed like he was mad at me for not running the race plan that I was supposed to. Coach said his piece right after I got off the track, and I was told that I wouldn't be racing that way ever again if I hoped to hang onto my scholarship money. A few of the guys razzed me a bit, but then backed off when they saw that it really seemed to bug me.

Back at BU, we each walked our separate ways. I headed back to my dorm. To my crazy nudist roommate Alan. The wrestler. And that was a good thing. I didn't want to think about running track at all for at least a day! Maybe if I was lucky Alan would be on the floor doing pushups naked when I walked in. That would be a good thing.

I used my key to turn the lock on the door. Despite how used to it I'd gotten, having a college roommate who was totally hot and liked to exercise in the buff was still a total turn-on for me. I wondered what surprises Alan would have in store for me today.

Maybe he'd be doing naked pull-ups and I'd walk in and get a face full of Alan's cock. Maybe he'd be doing some goofy yoga move like upward dog and have hit butt in the air and I'd get a face full of Alan's ass.

No worries, it was all good.

I opened the door. Yup.

Upward dog.

Actually upward dogs! There were two of them.

Alan I had grown used to seeing naked doing calisthenics or stretching on the carpeted floor of our dorm room. He had a nice enough body, of course, but come on, he was my roommate! It's not like I could exactly just pounce on his penis and ravage him for hours. That would be too weird and awkward; we still had the rest of the year to get through!

Thank god for that!

The other naked upward dog on the floor of my room was Gage. The same ridiculously cute guy with the perfect porn name that I had met once, way back on that day in the gym when we had to get our physicals. We were both lost and couldn't find our teams. When he shook my hand, it had sent an electrical current directly to my genitals. It took me a while that day to recover.

Now ridiculously cute wrestler guy was naked on the floor of my dorm room, right next to my naked roommate. I sensed there were some interesting possibilities in my future.

'Oops, sorry' I said, 'I didn't realize that you guys were...'

Gage fell down onto the floor as I opened the door and just lay there nude with his ass staring back at me. Alan had been naked in front of me more than he had been clothed in front of me, so he just stayed put, in upward dog.

'Oh, hey TJ,' Alan said, grinning.

I nodded, apprehensively. There was a recording playing some goofy music from the boom box on Alan's side of the room. Sort of New Agey, punctuated by a very calm male voice.

'I think you met Gage, one of the guys on the squad with me.'

Gage had fantastic green eyes that welcomed me in immediately despite the awkwardness of the situation. His sandy blond hair fell thickly onto his forehead. He smiled as he noticed me looking him over. His upper back was a symphony of cut muscles, and he had no waist to speak of. His butt, on the other hand, was a work of art. Hairless, round and over-muscled.

I swallowed hard.

'How's it going?' Gage asked very politely, his voice cracking.

I nodded again.

'Okay,' I said. 'It's going okay. I mean, what the fuck? I seem to have two naked wrestlers on the floor of my dorm room, doing yoga stuff.'

I threw my bag on the bed and closed the door to the hallway.

'Of course everything's okay,' I added.

'Yeah, sorry about that TJ, we were just doing some yoga moves. Coach says it's good for our flexibility,' Alan said.

'Mmm, does he?'

'Yup,' Alan answered.

'Does your coach say to do it in the buff?'

'Yup,' both Alan and Gage answered in unison. Gage added a nod.


Now Alan nodded.

I shook my head.

'My track coach usually likes us to work out with clothes on,' I said, laughing.

'It's good for being able to watch what your muscles do when you go into the poses,' Gage explained.


I stepped around Gage, lying prone on the floor on my side of the room. He scooted his hips to the left to give me a little more room. I couldn't stop looking at Gage's ass.

'Um, do you mind if we finish?' Alan asked.

Alan pushed the rewind button on the boom box. Gage got back into position. I stared at his butt, still amazed that one could look like that. My mind drifted away. Oh my god! I don't think I'd seen one quite like this even in a magazine.


I looked at Alan's face and blushed. He caught me looking at his teammate's muscular glutes.

'No, of course, go right ahead.'

'Thanks TJ,' Alan said. 'We should only be a little while longer.'

'I guess I'll go down the hall and see who's around for a minute,' I said.

'Why don't you go into the john and jerk off TJ?' Alan asked provocatively. 'That should only take you a minute.'

Alan cracked himself up and Gage managed only a half smile. It was never very nice to joke about premature ejaculation. Gage clearly knew the etiquette, and I liked him even more for it.

'Thanks, but I already got off today back at the hotel,' I said, trying not to miss a beat.

Alan laughed.

'Mmm,' Gage said.

Was he disappointed?

Alan blew air out of his mouth. 'That's right! Your meet! How'd things go at Yale?'

I stepped again over Gage on the floor, this time brushing his leg with my shoe accidentally on purpose.

I opened the door to the hallway again. 'You guys just finish, we can talk about it later, when you're done with your....poses.'

I closed the door behind me.

I paused in the hallway and looked up at the ceiling, in the general direction of heaven. There were definitely advantages to having an exhibitionist for a roommate. I walked down toward the guys' bathroom, not even caring that my cock was getting hard again.

I might as well shower, I thought. That should kill a few minutes. I took off my clothes and lay them in a neat pile on the little plastic chairs they had outside of each of the stalls. I turned on the water and got in while it warmed up. There were some old shampoo bottles that were mostly empty on the floor, and I managed to scrape together enough from each of them to wash my hair and my body. The shampoo mix made quite lather, and I used some to lube up my dick and stroke myself a little.

Before I let things with my penis go too far however, I stopped playing with it and let the water rinse me off completely. I thought back to Alan's comment about taking just a minute or so to come. While I could certainly do that some of the time, I liked to think that I was pretty normal in that department, and I didn't want to jack off under the circumstances, especially when I had been pretty much dared to do it.

I dried myself off with my t-shirt since I didn't have a towel. I put my underwear back on, peeked into the hallway to make sure nobody was looking, then dashed back to my room carrying the rest of my pile of clothes.

Back in my room, the music was off and the wrestlers were no longer on the floor. Both of them had put on underwear and were sitting on Alan's bed looking at one of his books.

'Hey TJ,' Gage said politely. 'Sorry again about kicking you out of your own room. Thanks for being such a good sport about it.'

'No big deal,' I said. 'It's like I always say, if you're going to do naked yoga with a friend, three's a crowd.'

They both laughed. I took advantage of the opportunity to study Gage's front side. If possible, his chest and abs were even more cut than his butt. He was mostly hairless, but for a few fine scraggly hairs across his pecs and on the center of his chest. He had a classic 12-pack. I swallowed again.

All three of us were in our underwear. Mine were Jockey navy boxer briefs that had seen better days. Alan and Gage had on a matching pair. White and very high cut on the front of their thighs. The waist band said Calvin Klein in oversized dark black letters. Really? They had the same underwear! What were the odds of that?

I watched Gage's eyes follow me across the room. Either I was totally making it up, or that look lasted way longer than it should have.

Alan looked up from the book. It was some kind of wrestling how-to guide that I hadn't seen before.

'So, tell us already TJ, how'd it go? How was the meet? Did you have to run the 8K like you thought?'

'Um, well, I'd say it wasn't my best race ever. I finished eighth out of 17 guys. I got nervous and I went out way too fast. I had the early lead for like ten laps or so, then I just crashed. My legs had like nothing left at the end. I tried to kick it up a notch on the bell lap, but I just had no speed. Benny won.'

'That red-haired jerk?'

I nodded.

I pulled on some sweats and a t-shirt and then I sat down at my desk and opened up my backpack.

'Sorry TJ, I know how much this race meant to you,' Alan said.

And Alan did too. It had been all I could talk about in the room for the past few days.

He stood behind me and put a hand on my shoulder. He had on some sort of pouchy tight white briefs, not his usual style. His package brushed lightly against my back.

'Gage and I are headed off to the library in a little while. Thought we'd grab a pizza at Upper Crust and then try to get some work done tonight. Do you want to come?'

'Naw, I don't think so,' I said, sorry immediately that I wasn't agreeing to hang out with these guys. 'I got all my stuff here, I think I'll study here.'

Alan gave both of my shoulders a strong squeeze. 'Suit yourself,' he said.

I looked out the window, and then set down to work. They remained on Alan's bed in their underwear.


After Alan and Gage left, I wandered over to my bed and lay down on my back staring up. I had loads of work to do, but couldn't quite get my mind to concentrate. I'd had an amazing night with Todd last night in the hotel room while Benny was outside somewhere. The guy was just so real. I admired him, he really seemed to know who he is, and he was totally unapologetic about it. Plus I loved his wiener.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Alan woke me up when he came in. He was very loud, and very drunk.

'Shh,' he said, when he saw me lying on the bed. 'TJ is sleeping. Try not to wake him up.' He giggled to himself.

I shook my head and smiled at him.

'I thought you had to study,' I said.

He smirked and shrugged his shoulders. 'What can I say? Gage is a bad influence on me.'

A few minutes later Alan was flat on his back on top of the covers of his bed, an Economics book lying open on his face. I heard the distinct sound of snoring under the pages, and I smiled.

I was bored, no longer tired after the unplanned nap. I flipped through the speed dial numbers on my cell phone until I came to the t's. I called Todd.

He answered on the second ring.

'Um, hi. Todd? It's me. TJ.'

On the other end of the phone, Todd said hi back and asked what I was doing.

'Trying not to study. Trying not to fall asleep with a textbook on my face.'

Todd asked if I wanted to come over. We could try not to study together, he suggested.

That was fast.

I immediately agreed, not that I required too much arm-twisting anyway. I was glad to hook up with Todd outside of our track life.

I took down Todd's address, hung up the phone, threw on some jeans and a cleaner shirt in something like two seconds flat, stuffed two pieces of cinnamon gum in my mouth, grabbed my jacket and headed out. Alan never even moved.

Todd lived on the top floor of Danielsen Hall, just down Beacon Street. He was a senior, a letterman athlete, and captain of the track team. He had made it, and he was entitled to a great room on a great floor in a great building. And he lived alone.

I knocked and the door opened before I could finish up my usual knock pattern.

Todd was wearing track shorts and nothing else. The lights in the room were out and he had a little candle in his hand in a shiny silver candlestick. Before I could talk, he grabbed my hand and led me inside.

I looked around as he closed the door behind me. It was decorated in total Todd. The place looked sort of like a mix between 80s pop culture and Malibu beach bum. I was awestruck.

'Wow,' I said, quietly. 'This place is great.'

Todd put the candle down on a table by the door, then his arm steered me toward him. He kissed me with an open mouth. He tasted like Diet Coke.

Our tongues wasted no time finding each other. We picked up right where we had left off this morning before the race.

'Trident Cinnamon?' he asked when he came up for air.

I nodded.

'Diet Coke?' I asked with a smile.

'How'd you know?'

I shrugged and looked around the apartment again. Todd slid my jacket off of my shoulders and threw it in the general direction of the closet. Seconds later, he had my shirt off and was kissing my chest.

It tickled and I got the chills.

He laughed and drew me over to the bed. He had one hand on the back of my head, and the other down the back of my Levi's, outside of my underwear. I rolled on top of him. I was rock hard quickly and I pressed my erection against the light fabric of his shorts. He was just as aroused as I was.

Todd's fingers quickly found my butthole through the cotton of my boxer briefs. He pressed, and my front side gave a jolt.

'Aah,' I said into Todd's mouth


I withdrew my lips from inside of his briefly and repeated the sound. He smiled and rolled me onto my back. Without even unbuttoning the fly of my pants, Todd shoved my pants and underwear down to the middle of my thighs in one simple motion. My cock sprang free, and the air from Todd's bedroom felt cool around the moist head.

Todd cupped my balls with one hand and let his lips surround the tip of my dick. I struggled to lower Todd's shorts while being pinned beneath him. We continued to make out with our mouths, and I continued to make involuntary sounds, most of which Todd couldn't understand.

When I finally had his shorts down to his knees and felt the warm thickness of his penis against my lower abdomen, I broke one hand free and grabbed his dick. It was so wide at the top that my grip barely got around it. I let my hand feel the softness of the skin of his penis by stroking the shaft up and down, more for my own enjoyment that for Todd's.

'Aah,' Todd said with a grin.

'What?' I said. And we both giggled.

He lowered his face down to my penis and took the entire eight and a third inches into his throat. Once inside, he kept it all in and allowed his tongue to paint the top of my cock with his saliva. The sensation was amazing, and I wriggled to half get away, half push him deeper onto me.

One of Todd's fingers pushed against my anus, and I gradually relaxed. I found myself lifting my butt into the air to give him all the access that he wanted. Todd took the cue and pulled my knees back like a wishbone. I straightened my legs and he held onto my bare feet. Todd's buried his face in the crack of my ass and began to lick and nibble at me. This wasn't something I was used to; it felt great and tickled at the same time. Gradually Todd spread my legs wider apart, and his tongue seemed to dive in deeper and deeper. Letting go of my foot, Todd's right hand stroked my cock as he ate out my ass. I writhed and bucked in total ecstasy until I was spent.

He wasn't through playing with my butt though. He licked his middle finger and slipped it inside of me.

It went in surprisingly easily. With his other hand jacking my dick, I was completely unable to move. I took a deep breath and tried to just let myself enjoy it. Nobody had ever made me feel this good in both of these places at the same time before. Todd's fingers pushed on my prostate and pre-cum flowed from the head of my hard-on like he had turned on a faucet.

'Aah,' I said again.

After a few more minutes, I decided that Todd definitely had to fuck me. Right here, right now. The sooner the better.

'Um, do you have a condom?' I asked timidly.

'Um hmm,' he said. 'Why?'

'Because you have to put your dick in my butt,' I said. 'You have to make love to me.'

Todd looked at me with a concerned expression.

'Are you sure?'

'Sure? Of course I'm sure,' I practically shouted. 'Stick it in there! I want to feel you in there!'

'Okay then,' he said. He popped his fingers out of my ass and opened up the top drawer in the bedside table. He had lube and condoms ready for immediate use. Nice! Very convenient.

His hand was a little too slick, so it took two of us to get the wrapper off the condom. I sat up so I could see what exactly was going on. He dripped a little lube onto his dick, dripped a little onto his fingers, and then smeared his fingers between my butt cheeks. I grabbed my thighs and spread myself wide, spread eagle style, so that he could slip a lubed finger into my ass.

'You ready?' Todd asked.

I nodded emphatically.

'How do you wanna...?'

'Um, why don't I sit on you first?' I suggested. 'You're pretty fucking thick, and I haven't done this a lot.'

Todd eased himself onto his back and I flipped around so that I was facing him. I squatted over his cock as he held it upright with one hand.


Todd put some more lube on his hand and masturbated my dick with it as I eased onto his baseball bat shaped boner. After some effort, and a few misses, we finally managed to get his cock safely inside of my ass. He smiled up at me from the bed.

'Can we just hold it right here for a moment?' I asked. 'Don't move a muscle. I just need to get used to it.'

Todd nodded and kept jerking my dick. He drew my back toward him and we kissed. After a minute the pain went away and I felt myself begin to move up and down on top of him.

'Oh my god,' I said. 'That feels so fuckin' great!'

'Good,' he said with a grin.

Every time I lowered myself all the way down the shaft of his dick I felt like I was splitting in two while at the same time getting closer and closer to shooting the biggest load of my life.

Todd pounded my ass from below with his big fat cock. As he shoved it in again and again, my own dick seemed to get harder and harder; each of his pumps into my skinny butt filled me up completely and made cock throb. It felt like he was jerking me off from the inside out.

'You realize you deserve this, don't you?' Todd said.

'I deserve what?' I asked, not sure what he was talking about.

'Me fucking you silly.'

I looked down at his dark eyes, still trying to figure him out. 'You mean...?'

He nodded. I smiled thinly.

'If Coach ever lets you race the 8K again, you better fucking listen to the both of us. Your race strategy was no strategy at all,' he said.

I tried to protest, but Todd slammed his cock inside of me again. It knocked out my breath and I couldn't say anything.

'You almost messed it up for Benny and the others,' Todd added.

I nodded and tried to make an apologetic face.

'Sorry,' was all I could manage.

'Don't let it happen again,' he said breathlessly, punctuating each word with an upward thrust into my poor behind.

I got a little woozy and held on for dear life.


He pulled me lightly by the ears until our faces were together again. He grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved our lips together. It was a passionate kiss, a little out of sync with the pounding he was giving me from below.

Did we really just have this conversation about my lousy performance in today's 8K race while we were making love? I looked into his eyes and he looked completely serious, so I pinched his nipples to lighten the mood.

He understood and relaxed. He grinned.

'I'm sorry, TJ,' he said. 'Probably not the best time, eh?'

I shook my head and pinched harder. He squealed and pulled away. I felt like I could cum in any second.

'Do you want to try it on your back?' he asked.

I opened my mouth and said yes silently. I felt a lightheaded and was grateful for the change of position.

Todd grabbed hold of my torso and we tried to keep his dick inside of me as we turned, but his baseball bat popped out despite its considerable length. The sound broke the mood but Todd drowned that out with a deep, rich kiss, his lips covering my mouth, his tongue reaching deeply down my throat.

I took a breath and Todd raised my legs up over my head, lowered his mouth to mine to kiss me again, and slipped the bat back in without even using his hands. He began to pump up and down into me in a slow, steady rhythm.

I pulled his back down until our chests pressed together, Todd thrust himself into my ass again and again and again.

'Aah, aah, aah,' I yelped, and then I came in a sudden gush that took us both by surprise. Neither one of us was even touching my cock. We both looked down in amazement as stream after stream squirted out the end.

Todd kept fucking me until it was done.

Then he pulled out gently and slipped the condom off of his dick. I held his balls with one hand and pressed my fingers into that space between his scrotum and his ass. Todd stroked himself off in about 30 seconds. His cum joined mine on my abs and chest. My belly button was completely filled and spilling over.

Then we kissed again. I lay there like a log, unable to move, my butt feeling greasy and on fire, but good in a weird sort of way. Both of our dicks were still hard, mine throbbed up and down.

After a few minutes, Todd got up and got me a warm wet cloth and wiped up all the semen that I had collected. Then he lifted my legs and wiped between my butt cheeks.

When he was done, he threw the washcloth into the bathroom sink and then went to his little fridge and pulled out another Diet Coke. He popped the top and handed it to me. I drank down a big gulp, and then he did the same. He moved in to kiss me again; our lips were cold and soft.

'You taste just like Diet Coke,' he said.

I smiled and closed my eyes. He put his head on my arm and we fell asleep.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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