I finished my last final at noon, caught a taxi to the airport 15 minutes later, right outside on Comm Avenue, and was at the gate waiting to take off by just after 1:15.

I was headed home for winter break. Yahoo!

Classes were over and I was really looking forward to getting the hell out of Boston. It had been crazy cold lately and I wasn't quite used to it yet. Walking between my classes on campus and back to my dorm at Shelton Hall was like ridiculous! I couldn't get back inside fast enough. After all that had gone on these past couple months, plus the freezing weather, I totally needed a nice warm injection of California sunshine to cure all that ailed me.

Of course a little hot beef injection from Joey would do me a world of good too.

Actually I'd take an injection from Danny or David as well.

And maybe one from Will.

Or even Andy.

Sheesh, what a slut!

I leaned against the wall and stuck my thumbs into my pockets. I tried to clear the cobwebs out of my head. I scanned the crowd of frantic travelers in the terminal racing in both directions right in front of me, some heading to their gates, some off to baggage claim or to the parking lot. Airports were awesome for people-watching.

After a few minutes I'd gotten bored and felt myself drifting off, my eyelids heavy on my face. I was totally exhausted; my last final had been Math. Calculus. And a math genius I was not. It was a class just to survive. Unfortunately I'd had to stay up nearly all night studying, and now I was pretty wiped out.

I tried not to fall asleep yet. There was no frigging way I was going to miss this flight! I rubbed my eyes. Maybe I should get some coffee. I peeked inside my wallet to see what was left. Not much. I dug through my pockets for some change, then pulled it out and counted it.


How much was airport coffee these days? Hmm, I wasn't sure I'd have enough.

I checked my watch. Still 45 minutes until we were supposed to board. Maybe I'd splash some water on my face. That might help. Even though a little voice inside my head warned against it, I scooted off to the airport bathroom.

Inside, the urinals were half occupied. I chose one down on the end and undid my pants. While I peed, my backpack kept lurching forward. I had to twist my shoulder in a funny way to keep my pack from falling into the urinal.

'Dammit,' I said when my pack finally fell off my shoulder and slid down my upper arm. That was the hand I was holding my penis with and it caused me to piss all over the floor. Meanwhile the black strap dangling from the bottom of the back dipped itself into the white porcelain bowl. Now it would smell like urine. Yuck.

I hoisted my backpack back up onto my shoulder and smiled to myself. How stupid.

I looked around to see if anybody had noticed my predicament, but everybody else seemed to be tending to their own business. I blew air out of my mouth up toward the top of my forehead and made my bangs shuffle lightly in the breeze. A few seconds later I had the stream going again and I was back on track.

I shook twice. Only twice, this was an airport bathroom, after all!

I buttoned up and headed over to the sink, trying to keep my pee-coated backpack strap from touching any of my clothes. After I washed my hands I dunked the strap into the spray from the faucet and tried to wash it off with some soap and water that was set on automatic shut-off and kept stopping too soon.

'You too?'

It was a voice beside me, two sinks away.

'What?' I said, in a hushed tone.

I looked into the mirror to see who was talking to me.

Whoa! Where did he come from? He wasn't in the urinals when I chose mine. If I'd seen him, I would have suggested we share!

'You too? Did you piss all over your backpack too?'

I stared at the reflection of the man. He looked to be about 30. He was a little shorter than me and wore dark rimmed glasses. He had dark hair and dark eyebrows that looked a little too perfect. And he had an accent I wasn't quite sure about. England? Australia?

He was rinsing off the bottom of his backpack too. His was black, mine was red. His had a gold B inscribed on the pocket, mine had white block letters spelling out Boston University. He had on a tight black t-shirt that seemed like it was painted right onto him. Over the top, he had on a black leather jacket. There was another small gold B on his sleeve up at the shoulder.

I smiled.

'Um, yeah, I guess I did.'

'Happens to me all the time,' he said. His accent was smooth and sexy. If I hadn't been in an airport bathroom washing urine off of my backpack I would have been turned on immediately, just by the sound of his voice.

'Really?' I said. I turned off the water and looked around for some towels.

'Really. I'm in and out of airports so often; you'd think I'd be better at this by now.'

There were no paper towels, only those things that blow hot air. It didn't seem like it could work on the strap of my back pack. I shrugged.

'There's a Starbuck's just outside and to the right,' the dark haired stranger suggested to me. He grinned.

I glanced one last time in the mirror. The man with the dark hair and perfect eyebrows smiled back at me, he was using his fingers to squeegee some water out of his backpack strap. Involuntarily, my eyes drifted to his mid-section, then to my own

Please let there not be a pee drip!

There wasn't. I exhaled and headed toward the door.

'Thanks,' I said.

'Sure, mate,' he said. He was very cheerful.

I followed his advice and headed over to my right. By the time I got to the coffee place, my hands were fairly dry. I stood there staring at the napkins thinking what I should do next. I dug my money out of my pocket and counted again. I found an extra nickel, now I had $1.87.

I looked up at the menu, but it didn't seem like anything was affordable. Maybe a banana?

I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder.

Guess who.

'Can I buy you a cup of coffee?' he asked, again very happily. His accent had woken up my penis.

I looked into his eyes. His eyebrows looked as if they'd taken him hours in the bathroom. I was going to have to do something about mine.

'Um, well, actually,' I started.

He pulled out his wallet. It was well-worn and very thick. It looked like it was stuffed with cash.

'College student?' he asked, his grin even broader than before.

'Yeah, how'd you know?'

'I watched you count your coins,' he said. 'Been there myself, mate.'

'Um, yeah, I only have $1.87 left,' I said. 'I'm headed home for winter break.'

He gently pushed me toward the counter, his hand in the small of my back.

'You're a little on the skinny side,' he said. 'Do you want something to eat too?'

'Well, I...'

'Two tall coffees,' he told the bored woman behind the counter. 'And two bagels with cream cheese.' He looked at me for confirmation.

I nodded. 'Thanks, dude,' I said.

That made him smile again.

'You sound like my teammates,' he said. 'Why is it that Americans call each other 'dude' so much?'

'Do we?'

He pursed his lips and nodded. 'You do, all my teammates do.'


'Hockey,' he said. 'I play hockey.'

'Really? You don't seem...'

'Big enough?' he said. He took his coffee from the counter and stepped back so I could have a better look at him.

I blushed.

'Well, that's actually the problem, mate. I'm not.'

'Not what?'

'Not big enough,' he said, his voice rising. 'That's why I'm headed out of Boston. I'm being sent to the minors.'

Minors? This guy was a professional hockey player? With those eyebrows?

He handed me my coffee from the counter. I doctored it up and sipped it. The hot liquid oozed into my body and warmed me up immediately, I took a bite of my bagel. Since I was starving, the coffee kicked in right away.

He extended his hand. 'Name's Zack,' he said.

I didn't have a free hand and I was still chewing. I gave him a fist bump with my bagel hand.

'TJ,' I said with my mouth full.

'TJ, right,' he said. 'Pleased to meet you mate.'

I nodded. 'You're Australian?' I asked, when I had swallowed most of what was in my mouth.

'You're danged right, dude,' Zack said, trying out an exaggerated American accent.

I laughed.

'So you're Australian?' I paused and looked up. 'And you play ice hockey?' It seemed a little odd. Do they even have hockey there?

'That's right mate, there aren't very many of us,' he said.

'I don't think I've ever met anybody who plays hockey,' I said.

'Well then, I'm glad to be the first.'

We fist bumped again.

'Thing is, I'm probably not a very good example. Aussies are very good at a lot of sports. But I may not actually be the best export to come to America from down under.'


'Thing is, small Australian hockey players aren't really good enough to cut it in the United States.'


He looked sad. He shook his head.

'I'm gonna head back home and decide what to do with myself, mate. Maybe I'll be an architect instead.'

'Down under?' I asked, repeating his phrase.

'You know, back to Sydney.'

'Oh, you live in Sydney?'

He nodded. 'Thing is, hockey's all I know. Hockey's all I ever wanted to do. I do like buildings though. My brother is already an architect in Sydney. Maybe that's what I should try to do as well.'

I really felt for the guy.

'Oh,' was all I could manage to say.

'What do you do?' he asked cheerfully.

'Um, well, I'm a college freshman. I go to BU. Now it's our Christmas break and I'd headed back home to LA.'

This seemed to cheer Zack up. 'LA? You're on the flight to LA? So am I!'

'I thought you said that you were going to Sydney,' I asked, confused.

He laughed.

'Well, I am mate. Thing is, it's kind of half way around the earth from Boston. No plane can go that far. We'll need to stop in Los Angeles for some petrol, you know.'

'Oh,' I said. Petrol?

'Dude,' he added with a smile.

I smiled back, my mouth full of bagel again.

'How's that bagel, mate?'

I gave him a thumbs up with my free hand. 'Thanks,' I managed to say.

Zack took a bite of his own bagel and we both chewed in silence for a minute or so. We heard an overhead announcement that we were about to begin boarding. Zack fumbled around his backpack for his boarding pass, then put it in his mouth as he stood up. I wasn't finished yet, but I didn't want Zack to leave me behind, so I quickly tossed the balance of my bagel into the trash and joined him.

He waited for me in the busy airport hallway. I grabbed another napkin to wipe my hands. He was grinning as I caught up.

'You know they don't have very good food on these flights anymore,' Zack said.

I shrugged.

'You probably should have eaten the rest of that,' he added.

'I know, I know,' I said.

Zack led the way and I followed close behind. I had a very nice view of his butt. It was round and fit quite well into his jeans.

'Why the heck are you so skinny anyway?' Zack asked me as we got into the long line to board.

'I run,' I said.

'You run? How much?'

'Middle distance mostly,' I explained. 'I have a track scholarship.' Somehow I thought this made me sound just a little more interesting to an Australian hockey player. I was not just your average freshman university student. I was on the track team!

As we edged up slowly in the line, Zack and I continued to talk. I found out that he was a defenseman, whatever that was. He had been in the States, on and off for almost 5 years. He was the middle brother out of three, one was an architect, one still in college back home. He was not married, and he had a cat named Beans.

'Beans?' I asked, raising my eyebrows.

'Gas,' he said. 'He's ridiculous. We even thought about putting him down for it. My mum wouldn't let us do it though.' Zack chuckled.

'Um, sounds a little cruel and unusual,' I agreed.

'Now we just keep the windows open in the house all the time,' he said. 'Seems to do the trick.'

'Maybe it's his food,' I offered.

Zack shook his head.

The airline lady took our tickets and then we walked down the jet way to wait again. Zack's muscles were practically popping out of his clothes. He was the teensiest bit bow-legged. Hmm.

'What seat are you in?' Zack asked me.

I glanced at my boarding pass. 'Um, 22F' I said.

'I'm in 3B,' he said. 'In the front of the plane, I fly a lot and have lots of miles. Why don't you come up and visit and I'll get you some better food?'

I smiled. 'Okay, thanks. I really appreciate you taking care of me. I have to admit, I guess I haven't been eating much lately. You know, finals and all.'

Zack put his hand on my shoulder. 'No worries, mate. Glad to do it. You look like you could use a little taking care of.'

Even his palm felt muscular.

I slipped past Zack as he wedged his sturdy body into row 3. Without too much effort, I managed to brush my mid-section across Zack's big, strong rear end. Zack didn't seem to notice, but one particular part of me certainly did. I had a semi hard-on the rest of the way back to my row.

After we took off, I sat there patiently and listened to interminable announcements about staying in our seats-just like they did up in the cockpit-and not using non-approved electronic devices. I squirmed around in my seat. When the flight attendant got to my row with the drink cart, I must have looked hungry so she slipped me two bags of pretzels. I ripped open the bags and slammed them immediately.

After I gulped down an entire can of Diet Coke, I read the airplane magazine from cover to cover. I squirmed some more. Still over five hours to go! Yuck.

I wondered what Zack was eating up in first class. The dude certainly looked great in his clothes. I'd really like to see him out of them. I was squished in my seat, but my dick didn't seem to care. It was hard anyway.

I half-dozed and half-looked out the window at the clouds below. I thought about the crazy first semester in college I'd just finished.

It had certainly been a dick-fest. Now I was headed back home for the holidays. I hoped I'd get to spend lots of time Joey. And maybe the twins, Danny and David. And maybe Andy.

You're a total slut, TJ, just admit it.

I dozed some more.

'TJ,' a voice whispered.

I blinked my eyes open. It was Zack. He was holding something in a napkin.

'Hey,' I said.

Zack handed me the napkin. He stood in the aisle as I unwrapped it. I smiled when I figured out what he had brought me. It was a cheeseburger, and there was a green frilly toothpick stuck through the top. Zack watched as I peeked under the bun.

'Do you want some catsup or something, mate?'

I took a bite and smiled. I was starving.

I shook my head. 'No, I'm good. Thanks Zack,' I said, my mouth full again.

'No problem, dude,' he said.

I took another bite. Zack smiled.

'If you get bored, stop by and see me up front.'

'Okay,' I agreed. I couldn't wait to be bored.

20 minutes later I had finished the cheeseburger. I used the napkin to scrub my teeth, then I dug some chewing gum out of my bag. I put my palm in front of my mouth and exhaled a breath check. Could be better. Oh well.

I excused myself and slipped out of my row. The airplane cabin was quiet and nobody was up in the aisle other than me. A lot of people were watching the movie. Many were sleeping.

I could see Zack reading a magazine before I got up to row 3.

'Hey,' I said.

He looked up. He seemed surprised to see me.

'You came!' he said.

'Yeah,' I agreed.

'Well, welcome to first class,' Zack said with a wide grin.

I smiled too. I looked around. It looked a lot more comfortable than where I was sitting in the back of the plane. 'Um, thanks,' I said.

We looked at each other, unsure of what to say next. His perfect eyebrows looked to me like they'd been very carefully drawn in place. I couldn't help but stare. Safely hidden behind the buttons of my jeans, my cock seemed to notice them too. I needed to get the conversation started quickly.

'Where's your hockey stick?' I said. Seemed like an all-right question.

Zack chuckled. He pointed to the floor. 'Down there,' he said. 'I checked them. There are 12 of them.'


'Twelve. They get broken a lot. But these are my faves. At least what's left of my faves.'

'You have favorite hockey sticks?' I wondered if we were talking about his hockey sticks, or if there was any double entendre going on here.

'Well, I actually have just one true fave. He's a beauty!' Zack pointed downward again, but there was no mistaking the direction of his index finger.

I blushed.

'Um,' I said.

The woman sitting next to Zack was watching the movie and gave us a glare. Zack made a scared face and shrugged.

'Maybe we should go over by the galley,' he whispered. He pointed toward the little foyer outside the bathrooms.

Standing in front of the bathrooms, Zack and I talked forever. I told him all about life at BU and about life as a freshman trying to make it on the track team. Zack told me about life on the bench of a US pro hockey team. He told me about trying to make his life work fitting into America.

At least a dozen people came by to use the bathroom while he and I chatted. Zack seemed to be paying very close attention to the comings and goings happening right in front of us.

'So, what are you gonna do over your holiday break, TJ?' Zack asked.

'Oh, you know, the usual. Family stuff.'

'Got a girlfriend?'

I blushed again. 'Naw, not really my thing,' I said. 'Girls mess with my head too much.'

He laughed. 'Yeah, me too, mate. Me too.'

Our eyes met. My jeans got tighter.

It had been quiet in the foyer for the last few minutes. Zack grabbed hold of my elbow. 'Come on,' he said.

He opened the door to the bathroom and shoved me inside. Zack closed the door behind us and the light flipped on. It was tight in there. Zack's face was inches away from mine. I grabbed his head firmly with both of my hands and kissed him with an open mouth.

He responded with just as much force in return. I fell back against the wall of the tiny bathroom with a thump. Zack's tight muscular body pressed against mine. While I was mostly hard to begin with, now I was totally hard. From what I could feel through his pants, Zack was too.

Our mouths locked together, Zack's tongue swept across my teeth. I allowed him to dominate me, softening myself as he pushed harder and harder. I don't think I'd ever been kissed this hard before and I liked it. Wow! Everything about this guy was very, very strong. I was pinned against the wall by a professional hockey player, my first actually. All the same I really wanted to take charge and get his cock in my mouth. I wriggled one hand free and managed to get my fingers onto Zack's belt buckle. But Zack didn't relax and let me do what I wanted.

I stopped kissing him and looked into his eyes.

'Hold on there, mate,' Zack said.

I raised my eyebrows. 'Whadda ya' mean 'hold on there?'' I asked. 'I'm trying to get your pants off of you.'

Zack slipped his thumbs behind the fly of my jeans and pulled my pants away from my lower abs.

'No, TJ my friend, I'm afraid that I'm going to suck your dick first.'

I smiled. 'Is that so, mate?' I said, trying out my own version of an Australian accent. It was pretty bad.

Zack laughed loudly.

I put my fingers to his lips. 'Shh,' I whispered. 'Somebody will hear us out there.' Zack sucked the tip of my finger right into his mouth. He was like a Hoover vacuum!

Zack put two of my fingers into my mouth and sucked on them. 'Zack!' I giggled, trying to keep quiet.

'This is what I'm going to do to your Johnson,' he said, not letting go of my fingers.

I smiled. 'Johnson' was such a funny way to refer to a penis. 'But, I really wanted to suck you off,' I whined. 'I give pretty good blow jobs,' I said proudly.

Zack let my fingers slip out from between his lips. 'Seems like we've got quite a situation here,' he said. 'What should we do mate?'

'Um, well...'

'I'm older, so I think I'll have to just pull rank,' Zack said matter of factly.

Zack unbuttoned my jeans and easily found the bulge in my underwear.

'Mmm,' Zack said. 'Well hung, mate, very good.'

I smirked, and tried to get Zack's belt undone. He pushed my arms aside.

'Tell you what,' I said. 'How about we compare?'

Zack shook his head. 'Sorry mate,' he said as he bent down on his knees and lowered my boxer briefs with one smooth motion. My cock popped out and he grabbed it with his hand.

'You're cut! Blimey,' he said.

Whatever that meant.

Zack took my Johnson in his mouth and swallowed it down with no difficulty. Nobody had ever deep throated me like that on the very first try. Blimey!

For at least five minutes, Zack had me frozen in place. The heavy drone of the airplane engines outside drowned out the sounds of the most amazing head I was getting in the first class bathroom. Zack used his lips, his tongue, and his strong hands in one fantastic sucking machine! I was powerless to do anything.

Sweat dripped down from my chest. The little bathroom was hot! Zack didn't seem to notice, he seemed to be really enjoying getting me off.

Without warning Zack stuck a wet finger inside my asshole and found my prostate. He gave it a press or two.

An instant later I was done. I bucked my hips, clenched my butt, tightened my abs, and shot at least a gallon of hot sperm into Zack's mouth. My lips opened and I tried not to scream. Zack raised a wet palm and put it over my lips. I lightly bit his palm as cum continued to squirt into his throat. For another 30 seconds or so, I dry humped Zack's mouth as he politely swallowed every drop of cum.

'Oh my fucking god!' I said when Zack finally took his lips from around my cock and looked up at me.

'Oh my fucking throat,' he repeated. 'That was quite a load!'

I nodded.

'I guess it's been a while,' I admitted.

'What? A month?'

'I had final exams,' I explained. 'No time to jerk off.'

Zack gave my cock a final squeeze and another little drip of semen formed at the tip. He wiped it with the tip of his index finger and brought it to his mouth. Then he changed his mind and placed the cummy finger between my lips. I licked his finger and tasted the salt and bleach. Zack smiled.

'Sorry,' he said, 'I seem to have gotten a bit more than you did mate.'

We both giggled.

Zack turned toward the sink and pushed the knob. He began to wash his hands, and then splashed a little water on his face.

'No, no, no, no!' I whispered. 'Now it's my turn.'

I spun him around to face me. Water drips from his hands landed on my face as I squatted and began to go to work on Zack's belt. He looked down at me; his dark hair shadowed his face, his perfect eyebrows. He was mostly a silhouette in the low airplane bathroom light.

Zack looked at his watch. 'Do we have time?'

I grabbed at his wrist and read the time. 'Ya-aah, we have time. Only three hours or so till we land!'

He smiled and let me open his pants. In no time, Zack's pants and boxers were down around his ankles. I had his dick out and both of my hands around it before he could say another word.

I looked at Zack's dick. Now that I become a real expert on this particular body part, I figured there wasn't much I hadn't seen these past couple years when it came to cocks. Zack's was nice, a lot like a hot dog, smooth, curved just a little bit mid-way down the shaft. Plus he had a nice set of nuts. Unshaved.

I saw that Zack was uncircumcised. There was an extra fold of skin near the end; it partly covered the head of his dick.

Zack saw me looking at his penis with interest. 'I'm not circumcised,' he explained.

I put my tongue on the tip of his hard cock and licked it all the way around. 'Yeah,' I said. 'I used to be uncircumcised too.'

'Really?' Zack seemed surprised, 'when did you...'

'I was pretty young,' I said.

'Wow, that's a pretty big deal to make that kind of decision at a young age,' Zack said with sincerity.

'No, I was really young,' I repeated. 'Really young.'

Zack smiled as what I was saying dawned on him.

'Very funny mate,' he said with a laugh.

'Can we talk about this later?' I asked. 'I'm kind of busy right now.'

Zack answered by placing both of his strong hands behind my head and pushing my mouth onto his cock. The head of his erection rubbed against the back of my throat and I gagged. I grabbed hold of his balls and got down to business.

Unlike me, of course, it took Zack a while to orgasm. I admit that I was a little inexperienced with uncut dicks so I wasn't exactly sure of what to do. After a few minutes, I figured it out and got into a groove. Each time I'd look up at Zack's face, it appeared to be working, he had his eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying it.

The more I sucked on Zack's uncut cock, the better I got at it. Zack had left and gone to a different place. Zack shifted back and forth on his legs.

'Shit TJ! I think you've done this before mate!'

I kept sucking away. 'Mm hmm,' I said, my mouth full.

Despite my best efforts, I didn't seem to be able to get Zack over the top. My jaw was sore, and I was dripping in sweat. My lower legs had fallen asleep.

I caught a glimpse of Zack's watch. A full hour had passed since I'd started. What to do? What to do?

Then I remembered what Zack did to me. A light bulb went off inside my brain.

While I kept up the pressure on his pretty cockshaft with my mouth and with one hand, I used the other to burrow between Zack's butt cheeks. My fingers were already pretty slick with a gooey combination of my saliva, Zack's pre-cum and the heavy perspiration from the two of us.

Zack's butt was on the big side, but he was all muscle. It didn't take long for me to find his hole.

I wasted no time inserting one finger; Zack definitely noticed. The pace of his moaning picked up.

I added a second finger inside his ass and that was that. He thrust his pelvis forward and a guttural sound emerged from Zack's lips.

'Fuck...............Me.............Naked!' It was a half shout and half scream.

I cracked up.

I had an idea. I took my lips away and stopped working on Zack's long hot dog dick; I stuck a third finger inside his butt.

He came immediately, shooting a long stream of white across the floor. Some landed on my arms, some on my pants.

I wiggled my three fingers back and forth while Zack creamed all over our very warm little bathroom. He bounced around against the wall for nearly a minute, and I continued to torture his butt the entire time.

When Zack finally finished his climax, I took a deep breath. So did he.

My legs were completely asleep but I managed to stand up holding onto the handicapped railing. We were both a mess. Zack left his pants on the floor and hugged me to him. My mouth found his and we kissed again.

'You can do that to me anytime,' he said. 'You've got the touch.'

'Obviously you like to get fucked,' I explained, unnecessarily.

'Obviously,' he agreed.

He kissed me passionately one more time, just like we had when we first came into the bathroom. The air was thick with a ripe stench of man-sweat. We leaned agianst each other and just held on for a while. We were both soaking wet.

Finally we pulled apart and looked around the tiny room. Zack managed to tug his pants up and reattach his belt.

'Welcome to the Mile High Club,' he said with a smile.

'That was pretty fucking awesome!' I said.

'Nothing like a nice finger or two up your arse while somebody sucks off your Johnson,' Zack said with a sigh.

'Or three.'

We both laughed.

'Wanna do it again?' he asked me.

I looked at Zack's watch. Just one hour left till we landed. Holy crap, we'd been in here for like two hours! I definitely wanted to do it again, but I was spent, plus I was sure somebody was going to need to use this bathroom soon. I couldn't believe how long we'd had together in the airplane head.

'Definitely,' I said.

He smiled.

'When will you be back in Boston?'

'Soon, mate, soon.'


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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