Today was going to be my first day back in Boston after a very, very fun winter break back home. It seemed kind of funny, I was really happy to be back in my dorm room. I wasn't looking forward to dorm food, of course, but I was excited to be on my own here at school, to getting back into the groove.

During the long flight across the country, I'd had a lot of time to kill, a lot of time to just think.

I thought about Joey.

I thought about Todd.

I thought about the Leeman twins.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I got a boner. It wasn't my biggest ever, but stuffed into a tiny airplane seat, it was uncomfortable all the same.

I probably could have managed it just fine by thinking about something else and it would have gone away. But after like five minutes of trying to block out any thought of any guy I'd ever met, I was getting no place.

Mr. Happy was still as hard as a rock down below.

I pawed at my jeans a bit to try and get it into a better position. It wasn't working. Plus it was sort of obvious if you happened to walk by and happened to look at my crotch.

Trying not to alert the people in the seats next to me of what was going on; I put the airplane magazine across my lap. I took some slow, deep breaths.

Every time I tried not to think about Joey, I did. Joey's thick cock slamming against the back of my throat. Joey's strong hands holding my hips while he pounded my ass from behind, his fat weenie practically splitting me in two. Joey's tongue sliding up and down along the shaft of my dick, driving me nuts as he realized I was about to cum. Joey, Joey, Joey!

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

It was never going to go down if I couldn't stop thinking about Joey.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of baby kittens being born. I'd seen a movie once and it was pretty gross.

For some reason, that just made me think of Todd.

Todd liked to give me head. And he was very good at it.

I kept thinking about the first time Todd and I had fooled around, that day when I was supposed to be getting my physical for track and field. As the team captain, it was Todd's job to help out the new guys on the team. Of course, I was new and needed lots of help. And, since I was getting examined by one of the Boston University doctors, I was naked.

All the stars lined up, and basically that was that. Todd discovered that I was fairly well hung. For a freshman. And, apparently I'd passed my inspection with flying colors.

I was in the process of blocking out Todd from my mind when the man next to me on the plane touched my arm lightly.

I practically jumped out of my skin.

He was somewhere in his thirties, a few flecks of gray in his dark hair. He wore wire-rimmed glasses, a dark turtle neck, and a tweed sport coat. Kind of a classic Boston academic. He was probably a Linguistics professor, headed back to Harvard for the start of the next semester. He gave me a smile and asked if I could please stand up.

He had to go to the bathroom.

I looked up at the seat belt sign, hoping that we were landing. Hoping that he'd have to wait. Hoping that my erection would not have to be put on display for everybody on the plane to see.

The professor and I both looked at the magazine on my lap.

'Oh, um,' I said.

He smiled again. 'Take your time,' he said gently.

I gulped, and then gave him my best smile in return.

'It's just that...'

He nodded. He was a guy. He had probably used the old magazine trick himself when he was my age and his dick wouldn't behave. During my last flight across the country when I'd met my first hockey player, I had already discovered that hard-ons happen all the time when you're flying. Probably the lack of food.

'I know,' he said. 'These things happen.'

Shit! He did know! I'd been so careful not to... How the fuck?

I took a deep breath and unbuckled my seat belt. He gave me another smile.

I looked down and smiled. Okay, I guess I had to do this. I made a mental note to never sit on the aisle of an airplane again.

I stood up, doing the best I could to keep the open magazine plastered to the front of my jeans with one hand.

As the professor got up from his seat, I saw for the first time that he was in pretty decent shape. He kind of looked like that guy from Washington, Rahm Emanuel.

In his jacket, Rahm looked the part of a college professor through and through. The sport coat covered up what was probably a nice little body underneath. I wondered if he was a runner. Or maybe a horse jockey in his spare time. As he slipped past me, I took a glance at the front of his pants. He was wearing some kind of greenish khakis with pleats in the front, and they fit him well. I was pretty sure I saw the clear motion of his penis going from sideways to straight up and down as he stood up.

So here I was again. On a plane. With a hard-on. Sitting next to an older guy with a nice body. Who apparently had a dick that moved freely behind the thin fabric of his khaki pants when he changed positions.

It was a hopeless situation.

I wondered if we could borrow a blanket from the flight attendant ; then me and the professor could give each other hand jobs as the plane was on final approach.

Thirty minutes later, we were on final approach. Mercifully my dick had calmed down, but it had taken far too long. I'd had to conjure up all sorts of awful things happening to those baby kittens. The blender finally did the trick.

My dick soft, my mind was free to roam again.

I was really looking forward to running. Winter break had been so crazy busy, I hadn't been able to put in the miles with all the holiday celebrating. And, I'd been eating everything that my mom put in front of me; Joey's mom too! It couldn't hurt to lose a few pounds. A couple nice long runs along the banks of the Charles River would get me back in the swing, get me back to where I needed to be physically.

I made a few more mental notes; some rules to live by as I started my second semester of my freshman year back at BU.

I was going to focus on being healthy, on being strong, on being fast. I was going to keep my captain's dick out of my butt. I was going to close my eyes and not look at my naked roommate Alan. I was going to stop lusting after Alan's extremely hot younger brother Alex. I was not going to let anybody's father suck me off in a restaurant bathroom. If I found myself in the same room as a college wrestler who happened to have an amazing body, I was going to resist the temptation to bury my face between his ass cheeks. I was going to drink less beer. I was going to study, study, study.


As I was walking up the jet way with my back pack, the Rahm the professor caught up with me and handed me his business card. He said that he lived close by and suggested that I should call him and we could get together for coffee, or something.

Or something?

Maybe he could teach me to ride a race horse.

I took his card and shook his hand. He walked on ahead as I scanned his card.

His name was not actually Rahm, it was Christopher. His last name looked unpronounceable. He had a Ph.D. but he didn't seem to be at Harvard like I'd originally thought. He was at M.I.T. and his specialty was Applied Mathematics.

Hmm, I could always use a little help with Math. Eight and a third could be a really hard number sometimes!

I waited for my suitcase to come through at Baggage Claim, and then joined the taxi line for the short ride to BU. My parents had given me some extra cash so that I wouldn't have to struggle with my luggage on the T, Boston's subway system.

After the cab from Logan, the lobby of my dorm was packed with students coming back from break. The place was buzzing.

It was really nice to be starting up school again. I hadn't talked to my roommate Alan since Christmas Day, and I wasn't even sure if he was here yet. I hoped so; it would be great to hear about his time back home in Texas, about his whole big family, and all those brothers.

And maybe even just a little bit about his very hot little brother Alex. Alex the pole vaulter. With the scrotum that can be seen from space. The last time I'd seen Alex was just as school was starting at BU at the end of the summer. We'd gone out for some wind sprints. Then he'd given me maybe the best hand job ever back in his hotel room. He let me see his huge ball sack, but he wouldn't let me touch it. I'd had this picture in my mind of Alex and his nuts locked into my head ever since.

I opened the door to my dorm room and saw my roommate Alan along with his little brother Alex. I took a deep breath and smiled. It was great to be back!

'Hey TJ,' the two brothers said together.

Alan was sitting on his own bed. Alex was sitting on mine.

Alex got up immediately. He looked at me awkwardly.

'Hope you don't mind, TJ,' Alex said. 'We were just talking, and it seemed...'

'Forget about it,' I said. 'You're welcome on my bed anytime.'

I pushed Alex backward lightly and he fell onto my pillow, he'd let his hair grow out quite a bit, it was much longer than Alan's. His reddish brown locks sort of naturally arranged themselves around his face. He smiled broadly; at least a thousand bright white teeth sparkling. At that very instant, he owned me, and I think he knew it.

'Okay, great,' Alex said. He lay back onto his elbows. Then he brought his bare feet up onto my bed as well. His feet were small, but strong. His toes were like little stubby pencils pointing straight up, with a perfect amount of space between each one. Alex's feet were incredibly sexy and I stared a moment too long at them.

Alex noticed me looking at his feet. 'What?' he asked.

'What? Oh nothing,' I lied.

I took a step back and willed myself to look away from the boy lying on my bed. My eyes found my roommate Alan. He was kicking back, just sort of taking all of the exchange in between me and his brother.

The moment passed.

'Well,' I said, opening my arms to my roommate.

Alan got up and gave me a guy hug. We were back to normal. Phew.

For the next 20 minutes or so, the three of us talked about the holiday break, telling every funny story of the shit we had done while each of us were back home. Alan and his brother had come back to Boston alone this time; their folks had stayed behind in Dallas.

'So Alex, how long are you staying? Are you on like a college tour or something?' I asked.

Alex was still only a senior in high school and an All-American pole vaulter. He should probably be making up his mind about which university to attend pretty quickly I assumed.

Alex looked over at his brother Alan. Alan gave him a silent nod of assent.

'Um, it's down to two,' Alex said. 'I got full athletic scholarships all over the country, but I've narrowed it down to two schools.'

'Wow, that's fantastic!' I said. 'Full rides!'

'I'll say!' Alan interrupted. 'My little bro is a pretty freaking hot pole vaulter! School's all over this danged country, from Oregon to New England, are just throwing money at him!'

Alex blushed and pursed his lips.

'I had a couple of really great meets this fall,' Alex explained. 'Tied the Texas high school record and all. They seem to think I'm a good prospect.'

'Congratulations Alex,' I said. I really meant it.

I was on an athletic scholarship too, but I hadn't had a lot of schools to choose from. BU was the only school with a good academic reputation that also had a decent track team that actually offered me a reasonable amount of financial aid. My parents were stoked when I decided to go back east to Boston!

'So, which schools are you down to?' I asked.

Alex looked again at his brother.

'Um, well, it's the gay thing,' Alex said sheepishly.

I didn't understand. I looked first at Alan, then back at Alex.

'The gay thing?' I asked. 'What do you mean?'

Alex hesitated.

'It's true TJ. It's the gay thing. Alex is a homosexual,' Alan explained, pronouncing each syllable of the long word very slowly.

I swallowed hard. I looked over at Alex. He had a kind of pained expression on his face.

'Really?' Oh, that gay thing!

'Yup. It don't make no never mind, though,' Alan said. 'Not to any of us at least. Alex came out to all of us a couple months ago, his senior year in high school. Now he wants to go to a university where that's not going to be a big deal,' Alan said.

I looked at the two brothers again.

'Wow!' I said. 'Big news.'

'You're darn right,' Alan said. 'Hell, all of Texas knows about Alex. They even wrote about it in the local papers.'

Alan made a slow wave with his hand across the room. An imaginary newspaper headline.

'Star athlete out and proud!'

'They did?' I couldn't believe this could happen in Texas. After all, it didn't really happen at any place that I knew about.

'There were, like, a bunch of articles about it,' Alex explained.

'Wow,' I said again.

'We were all really surprised, right Alex?' Alan said. He looked over at his brother.

Alex nodded. 'Shocked.'

'Really?' was all I could think of to say. I immediately regretted saying it.

Alex smiled at my goofy comment. 'Yeah, really TJ. Nobody thought I was a pansy at all. Not when I can vault the state record. Nobody knew.'

I looked at Alex and nodded. I thought back to that amazing jack-off session I'd had with Alex at the beginning of the school year the day after I'd gotten into town. Alex totally seemed like he knew his way around a wiener. He was really, really good at it. Surely he'd been doing that sort of thing for a while. Alan and Alex had a few other brothers. And nobody in the family knew?


'Um, okay, great then,' I said. 'We should probably celebrate or something.'

I gave Alex a high five. It seemed like the right thing to do at that second.

'Well, you see TJ,' Alan started. 'That's the thing...'

'What's the thing?'

Alan and Alex exchanged another glance.

'You see TJ, I'm trying to figure out if Boston is right for me, you know,' Alex explained, picking up where his older brother had left off.

'Okay...' I said, drawing out the word, not really getting what they were talking about.

'I wanna go out, you know, go to some clubs,' Alex said.

'Um, some clubs? You do?'

Alex smiled brightly and nodded his head vigorously.

'Can you take me?'


'Yup. I'd like that; you'd be doing me a huge favor, trying to decide if I could live here.'

'To some clubs?'

Alex nodded again. There was a long awkward pause while I let all of this into my brain.

'Well, I suppose I could do that,' I said, weakly.

'I told Alex you probably knew all the cool places to go,' Alan said. 'You know, with some of your gay friends and all.'

My jaw dropped. My gay friends?

'You wouldn't mind, would you TJ?' Alex said. There was an innocent, pleading look in his eye.

I sat down on the floor and looked away, at something out the window. At the open air. They were waiting for me to answer.

'Okay,' I said. 'I'll do it. I know some places. Why the fuck not?!'

'Yay,' Alex said with a huge grin. 'That's awesome TJ, thanks. It'll be really fun, right?'

Alan exhaled loudly. 'You really had me going there for a minute TJ,' he said. 'I thought maybe I'd guessed wrong about you.'

Really? Was I that obvious?

'I'd like to get cleaned up first,' I said. 'It's been kind of a long day. I'd like to take a shower.'

Nobody had any objection. I dragged my suitcase over to my little closet and opened it up. I put a few things away while Alan and Alex got started on some kind of conversation about pole vaulting. I was only half-listening. I concentrated on taking my clothes off and putting them neatly into my closet very slowly.

After a minute or so I was naked, my penis thicker and longer than usual since I'd been hard for so long on the airplane.

I made no effort to hide any part of my body from either one of them; I wasn't at all embarrassed to be flopping my cock around the room. After all, it was nothing that either one of them had ever seen before.

As I bent down to pull stuff out of the luggage, I caught both of the brothers checking me out, so I moved as slowly as I could. I grabbed a towel and tossed it around my neck, tugging on the ends, the rest of me remained uncovered.

The guys kept talking but Alex's eyes were glued to my mid-section and my half-soft, half-hard dick. Alan certainly took his share of glances as well.

I continued to make a show of putting my things away and marching back and forth across the room, making sure to turn full frontal to each of them whenever I was talking to them. Alex's eyes spent very little time meeting mine; he was pretty much fixated on my cock. Even my roommate Alan, who had seen me nude dozens of times, couldn't seem to keep his focus above my waist. I worked it for a while until I feared I might get hard.

When I went to put the suitcase way up on top of my closet, it required me to stand up above Alex on my bed and open my legs in sort of a straddle. Alex was treated to an unobstructed view of the underside of my balls. He seemed like he was trying to look away, but couldn't. I stayed up above my bed, fiddling with the latches, for far longer than was necessary. My cheeks were spread apart and the cool air of the room breezed across my butthole.

From this vantage point, I could watch Alex squirm. He was watching all right. His mouth had gone dry and he could barely keep up the conversation with his brother.

Finally, the show over, I got down from my perch and flung a towel around my waist, tying the opening in the front just so.

Alex's up-front package looked awfully full. I wouldn't be surprised if my little display had done what I had intended. If I wasn't mistaken, the basket of Alan's pants was bigger than it had been a few minutes before as well.

Once I was showered and dressed, Alex popped up from my bed.

Standing by the door and about ready to leave, I turned to look back at Alan. 'Are you sure you don't want to come out with us roomie,' I asked. 'Could be pretty fun.'

Alan smiled. 'Thanks, but I think I'll stay put. I'm gonna grab a light work out tonight. I'm a little too much out of shape after all the holiday partying.'

Alan was a wrestler on the BU team, and his body had been in perfect shape since I'd first laid eyes on it on that crazy weekend last August. This was clearly just an excuse to let Alex go out on the town with me. It was probably something that the two brothers had agreed on in advance. And, actually, it was fine with me. Could be fun.

'You dudes have a good time,' Alan sang out as we walked out. 'Take good care of my little bro, TJ.'

Oh I will. I will. He was in very good hands.

Alex and I exchanged a look of agreement as we shut the door behind us.

Walking down the corridor of Shelton Hall toward the stairs, we walked single file, me in front and Alex behind.

'Well, that was quite a performance, TJ,' Alex said quietly.

I turned around and looked at him.

'What are you talking about?' I asked, in a gentle mocking tone.

Alex laughed. He grabbed my butt with one hand. 'You know exactly what I'm talking about. While you were prancing around in the buff, putting your clothes away, I almost shot a load right into my pants.'

'Good,' I said. 'That's what was supposed to happen.'

And we walked out in the cold New England night.

We walked down Commonwealth, and then headed over to Boylston. I had to admit I really had no idea where we were going. I didn't have a fake ID, and I certainly didn't look 21. Alex was 18 but he looked more like he was 12. We were quite a pair.

First we tried the Machine. They carded us at the front door. We shrugged in unison and tried our best smiles, but they turned us away.

Then we tried the Ramrod. We giggled at the name. Nobody was giggling at the door when we tried to walk in unnoticed. They grabbed me on the shoulder and turned me right around. Alex didn't even try.

The only other place that I knew about was called Club Café. It was over on Tremont Street, a bit of a walk from school. But it was still early, not really all that freezing yet, plus it was fun hanging out with my roommate's little brother.

With the really, really big balls. Guys like me never forget a scrotum.

When we got to Club Café, we were in luck.

They served food, so we could sit at an inside table even though we weren't 21 yet. There were a few guys already eating there. It really wasn't that cold yet in Boston, but it felt good to be inside in the warmth of the restaurant

Alex ordered a fried chicken sandwich. I hadn't had any dinner and I was famished, I ordered a flight of taquitos. Both of us had a Diet Coke.

'What's a taquito flight?' Alex wanted to know.

'I have no idea. It sounded good, and I'm starved.'

Service was slow and we talked about a little bit of everything while we waited: Texas, Boston, the BU track team, pole vaulting, you get the idea.

After they finally put our food in front of us, I was munching a taquito when Alex got the nerve to finally ask me a question.

'So where should we have sex?'

I spit a half-chewed piece of tortilla onto the table. 'Um.'

'Come on, TJ!' Alex said. 'You know you want to. After that crazy, naked show you put on back in your dorm room, I'm like totally horned out right now. I'm gonna have to get off pretty soon or else my nuts will explode.'

I smiled. 'Well, we can't have that now, can we? Exploding nuts.'

'No,' he laughed.

I lifted my taquito up and placed it carefully onto Alex's tongue. He took a little bite and chewed it slowly.

'Mmm,' he said. 'Not bad. But not as good as your Johnson would taste ramming down the back of my throat.'

I chuckled. 'Nope, I suppose not.'

Alex returned the favor by giving me a bite of his chicken sandwich. It was not as good as my taquito and I told him so.

'I like mine better,' I said.

'Naw, you haven't even tasted mine yet. How could you really know for sure?'

I shook my head and smiled.

'Are you always this aggressive? I mean when it comes to sex.'

'Um hmm,' Alex said. 'It's in my DNA. My brothers are all the same way.'

'Really?' I asked. 'All your brothers? Even Alan?'

'Especially Alan.'

'Wow. I had no idea. I mean, I know the guy loves to hang out in our room with no clothes on, but well, you know, he's never really...'

'He's never really what? Put your dick in his mouth?'

I paused. What exactly had I been expecting my college roommate to do? 'Um, well, yeah, I guess.'

'TJ, you're crazy, Alan's straight. He doesn't want to put your dick in his mouth.'

I pursed my lips and thought about this statement. Then why was he always naked in our room? Why did he like to watch me beat off? Why did he play along when his wrestling teammate was in our room for a circle jerk? Straight boys weren't supposed to do stuff like that, were they?

'Forget it TJ, he's straight! Straight, straight, straight,' Alex said emphatically.

'Okay. If you say so.' I suppose I knew Alan was straight. But maybe I just had a little bit of hope that he wasn't. I had to admit. For a straight guy, he was pretty gay-friendly. I hadn't exactly come out to the guy, but he had pretty much figured me out. Obviously that was why he had hooked me up with his gay little brother.

'Uh TJ, you still haven't answered my question. Where are we going to have sex tonight?'

The conversation was driving me crazy. Sitting in the little restaurant chair talking about my roommate Alan was making my dick longer; it was uncomfortably squished inside my pants. I looked around Club Café.


'Deal,' Alex said. 'Finish your taquitos. I need a dick in my mouth.'

Um, okay. I took a big sip of my diet Coke and licked my lips. I wanted to get his nuts into my mouth. I looked into his eyes; everything about this guy was gorgeous.

'All right,' I said, thinking about my growing erection. 'I'm ready.'

We paid our bill as quickly as we could and Alex asked the waiter where we could go for a little privacy. He knew exactly what we were talking about and directed us to the back of the restaurant. I was already hard when I stood up from the table. Alex noticed immediately and poked it with his index finger.

'Nice,' he said.

There was a small bathroom downstairs. It wasn't exactly private, and it wasn't exactly clean. Clearly we weren't the first guys to go down there to have sex.

Alex's tongue was inside my mouth the instant I closed the stall door. He eased himself up onto the top of the toilet so that his feet wouldn't be visible below the walls. He had to bend over to keep his mouth locked onto mine.

As I kissed him, I undid the belt of his jeans and struggled with the buttons.

Alex's cock popped free as I slid his boxers down his thighs. He wasn't totally hard yet, just most of the way there. His nut sack was huge, just like I'd remembered it; plus, it was smooth and clean-shaven. I couldn't help just touching it lightly, almost like petting a dog.

After I'd finished admiring his scrotum, I was dying to get down to business and I wasted no time finding the tip of his dick with my lips. I held onto both sides of Alex's balls with my hands and Hoovered his dick into my mouth. He was fully hard in no time.

Alex had a great cock!

After all the penises I'd had in my mouth these past few months-here in Boston, back in Apple Valley-I was becoming something of a cock connoisseur. And this one had to be one of the best!

It was a good eight inches. Nicely shaped, tapered from a thick base up to a cock tip that was just a little bit thinner. The head was kind of an almost mushroom and fit perfectly inside on the top of my tongue. As I licked it up and down the shaft, it felt like forged steel inside my mouth.

It reminded me of my own wiener. No wonder I liked it so much!

Somewhere above my head I could hear light little moans coming out of Alex.

It took five minutes or so, but pretty soon I had Alex bucking his hips and bouncing on the toilet. I licked my middle finger and slipped it gently inside his butt. It was a very, very tight hold on my finger but I managed to get it all the way in.

Alex's moans got louder.

A few guys came into the restroom while we were in the stall, but Alex and I paid them no attention at all. There's no way they didn't hear what we were doing, Alex was way, way too loud.

Despite the surroundings, I was really getting off on blowing Alex. It was somehow even more exciting doing this in a public bathroom. And from the moans and carrying on that Alex was making, I could tell he was liking it as well.

After a few more minutes, Alex put his hands on either side of my head and lifted me gently off his cock. He hopped down from on top of the toilet and his hard-on hit me in the shoulder. We traded places and now I was up on the top of the seat; he had my pants and briefs around my ankles in seconds.

Alex took the base of my dick in one hand and pulled my balls from between my legs with the other. He rubbed a big glop of pre-cum from my cockhead onto his palm and lubed up the shaft. I shuddered as Alex began to stroke me from top to bottom.

How could his hands feel so fucking good? Again!?

I got lost in what Alex was doing to me after a while and forgot I was in a bathroom in Club Café. I suppose I knew that guys were going in and out to take a leak or wash their hands but I really couldn't pay much attention to it. I was getting such an amazing hand job; it just wasn't possible to focus on anything at all. I was incredibly close to coming when Alex finally swallowed my cock into his mouth.

'Aaaagh!' I said.

Unable to talk, Alex made a sound too. Something I couldn't understand. I caught a glimpse of Alex's penis way down below me; it still pointed straight up, glistening with spit.

The combination of Alex's hands rubbing me along with his tongue brought me right to the edge. He squeezed my balls at exactly the right moment and I shot a wad of sperm into his throat. Alex gagged but never took his mouth away. He held my ass tightly, pushing my cock against his face. As I bucked my hips, Alex sucked and sucked all the more. When I was finally done, I had been licked completely dry. He had swallowed every bit of my cum, and I was dry and clean.

I hopped off my pedestal and kissed Alex full on the mouth. Our dicks banged against each other as we hugged. We were both sweating through our shirts.

Five minutes later, I had returned the favor and Alex shot a giant load into my mouth. I gagged too. I tried to lick every drop, just like Alex did, but I couldn't. A little bit slipped out of the side of my lips and landed with a few surprisingly loud splats on the bathroom floor.

'Fuck!' Alex whispered when we were both back at eye level with each other.

We shared another wet, sloppy cum kiss and then laughed as we each pulled up our pants. There were two guys in the bathroom, not doing much of anything at all when Alex and I finally opened the door of the stall to leave. We never made eye contact with them as we washed and dried our hands.

He opened the door for me to leave and I walked through and back out into the restaurant.

'Well, that was fun,' Alex said in my ear as we walked up the stairs.

'Yup,' I agreed.

'I can't wait to tell Alan that you gave me a blow job in a restaurant bathroom,' Alex teased.

I pulled my cell phone out of my jacket. 'Here,' I said. 'Call him now.'

Alex looked at me. 'Do you really think we should? What if we wake him up?'

'He won't mind, he'll probably be happy for you.'

Alex chuckled. 'Knowing Alan, he'll probably jerk off thinking about it.'

Yup, that would be Alan.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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