Back in our dorm room in BU's Shelton Hall, me and Alan, my exhibitionist roommate, recapped the evening. Alan stood beside his bed, not a single hair on his blond head out of place despite the lateness of the hour. Even through his clothes, you could tell the boy was in shape, even for a small guy.

I sort of wanted to talk about dinner with his totally hot younger brother. I didn't think I'd mention that his dad had sucked me off in the bathroom just before dessert.

I watched Alan rip off his belt as if it were choking his waist. Then he carefully rolled it into a neat coil and placed it on a shelf in his closet.

'Your family seems really nice, Alan, thanks for inviting me along,' I said. I could still feel the sticky spot in my underwear.

'Shucks,' Alan said. He stripped off his shirt and tossed it across the room.

'Really?' I said. 'Did you really just say 'shucks'?'

'I'm from Texas,' Alan explained, shrugging his muscular shoulders.

'Mmm,' I said. 'Well this is Boston, and we don't do shucks.'

'Shit TJ, what's wrong with shucks?'

'Well, nothing, I guess, it's just that...'

'How about Fux?'


'You know, F - U - X.'

'Isn't that just 'fuck?' Plural?'

Alan nodded and smiled. He undid his jeans and slid them slowly down his legs. I couldn't keep myself from staring. The upper parts of his legs, he had to peel down his pants as they got stuck on the uber-muscles of his thighs. I felt a tiny drop of saliva form at the corner of my mouth.

'Fux,' Alan said. 'Fux, fux, fux! I like it!'

'Fux it is,' I agreed. 'No more shucks then?'

'Let's squeeze on it,' Alan said, giving both of my nipples a tweak through my shirt.

I pulled away. Alan pursed his lips. 'Fux,' he said again.

I placed both of my hands awkwardly on Alan's naked chest and gave both sides a weak pinch. 'Fux,' I said.

'Okay then, it's our official roommate word.'

I had never had an official word before.

I watched again as Alan slipped both thumbs under the waistband of his underwear and slid them over his hips. Alan's pubic hair was thick and curly and blond. His dick, what I could see of it at least, looked sort of blond too. It popped free with a jolt as Alan's underwear traveled quickly down his legs.

He watched me watching him and a sort of knowing grin spread across his face. Once again, he was naked.

I needed to keep the conversation going. If I didn't, I'd have to fuck him.

'So, your brother...he seems like quite the athlete,' I said, suddenly.

'Alex?' Alan said.

I did my best double take. 'Um, yeah, Alex, yeah,' I said.

'Yeah, everybody in the family is pretty jazzed for him. My dad will totally have a heart attack if he makes All-American.'

'Do you think he's got a shot?'

'Are you kidding me cowboy? My little bro? He's got muscles where the rest of us have just got hair! Sure as shit he'll make All-American!'

'What?' I said. 'Muscles where you've got hair?'

Alan nodded. 'You betcha! Fux!'

'Fux!' I said.

'And, you know what; he's got the biggest fuckin' set of balls this in Dallas!'

I pursed my lips and exhaled.

'Really?' I said, having a very happy vision of a very big scrotum. My jeans suddenly felt tight.

'When he was just a little tooter, his nut sack was always flopping around, always getting in the way. Mom even had to go out and buy him like an adult size cup for baseball when he was like 11!'

'Really?' I said again, visions dancing through my mind.

I looked at my naked roommate and held my palms together, then slowly spread them apart to about the width of a plum.

Alan smirked and shook his head.

'Come on TJ, these are Texas sized testicles we're talking about here!' He pushed my hands apart until they were ridiculously far apart. About like a navel orange.

My jaw dropped. 'No!?' I said in disbelief.

'Fux!' Alan said. 'That's my little bro!'

I backed away and sat down on my bed. I looked at Alan's equipment and pointed with my finger. 'Um, are you guys all like that?' I swallowed hard. 'You know, genetics? Does the whole family have huge nuts?'

Alan looked down at his crotch. His balls were hidden from view. He dug around in the pubic hair for a moment and pushed the hair aside to show me.

'Nope,' he said. 'Just Alex. Sorry to disappoint you cowboy.'

'What?' I said.

'My balls don't even compare to Alex's. Sort of not really fair, I reckon,' he said.

I fell back onto my pillow and absently put my hands onto my package.

'So, are your balls big?' Alan asked, seeing me groping myself.

'Um, pretty average, I'd say,' I said. 'I mean, not that I've seen that many. Balls, I mean.'

'Oh,' Alan said.

I sat up. I looked over at my nude freshman roomie. It was really too bad about all that pubic hair. Sort of hid his goods from world view. Alan's crotch wasn't exactly a Picasso, at least I didn't think so, but in my book most crotches should be on display for all of us to enjoy.

'You should shave all that off,' I said, pointing to his mass of pubes.

'I should?'

'Yeah,' I said, 'or at least trim it.'


'I mean, you can't even see your balls through all that.'

'Really? You can't?'

'Nope,' I said. 'And, you know, chicks dig it.'

'Chicks dig it?'

'I mean, I don't have a lot of experience with that sort of thing, but you know, I think they do.' I sighed. 'Dig it I mean.'

'Do you shave your pubes, TJ?'

'Yup,' I said. 'Started last year in high school. Me and my friends had a shaving party one night. It was a little weird at first, but then I really got to like it. Now I do it all the time. It feels, I don't know, it feels really, really clean.' I looked at the ceiling for another word. 'And fresh.'


'Yup, fresh, it's like my balls used to be when I was a little kid.'


'Only bigger of course.'

Alan nodded as if he understood.

'Much bigger,' I added.

'Okay then. I'll shave. First thing in the morning.'

'Um, okay.'

'You really had a shaving party with some of your guy friends?'

'Um hmm, my buddies Andy and Will.'


I thought back to that amazing night in Andy's parents' living room. Three high school seniors. Way, way high on some grass that Andy had dragged up from somewhere. Three innocent 18 year olds with unshaved sets of cock and balls.

Andy took the lead, of course. I was mostly shocked to be naked from the waist down with my two best friends, razor in hand.

A few strokes later and the deed was done.

We all wound up with scrotum as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I managed to do the majority of my own work, but Will was so high that he needed help with his and Andy was happy to oblige. Yeah that happens all the time in my life. A couple straight guys I hang out with just whip out their dick and balls and help each other out.


Best of all, it was the first time either me or Andy had seen Will's gigantosaurus weenie up close and personal.

Will and I had been tight for a couple years before Andy transferred in and joined our little click. Up until Andy came around though, I had only managed to get a few nanosecond flashes of Will's enormous equipment.

Now here we were, strung out on reefer, each of us perfectly comfortable to not only be naked in front of each other, our Johnsons were actually the whole point of the evening!

Andy's dick was long, tubular and thin, the sort of penis you'd draw if you were 8 years old and asked to do so in school. It reminded me of a hose from the backyard, only pink.

Will's dick, on the other hand, was fit for a thoroughbred, or at least a thoroughbred pony. It was thicker at the base than out near the end. It was long enough that he could get both hands on it when it was soft, and still have room to spare, say for an extra hand if the situation called for it - like mine for example.

And even in spite of his pubes, Will's scrotum stood out. It was large and floppy and fit like an airplane pillow behind his dick.

My jaw ached at the memory.

Alan pinched my left nipple and I came back to the present.

'We were wasted,' I explained, as if that should be a perfectly satisfactory explanation for a groin shaving party just between friends.

'Oh!' Alan said. 'Okay then.'

'All things considered, I don't recommend trimming yourself while under the influence, bad things could happen,' I said.

Alan laughed.

I grabbed my Dopp kit and my towel and headed off to the bathroom.

I was brushing my teeth in front of the mirror when Alan joined me. At least he was wearing a towel. He had a pair of scissors, his razor and some shaving cream.

'You're doing it now?' I asked with a mouth full of toothpaste.

He grinned at me in the mirror and nodded. 'What the fux?' Alan said.

'Yeah, what the fux,' I agreed, slopping toothpaste down onto my chin.

Alan went into a bathroom stall and I could hear the high pitched scraping of scissors. I finished up and went back to the room. I threw on a pair or running shorts and crawled into my bed. It had been a long day, I was wiped out.

I was practically asleep when Alan tiptoed into the room. He was quiet for about a minute. I watched him gently fold his towel over the back of his desk chair. He stood in front of the mirror on his closet door and regarded himself in the dim moonlight from outside our window. Of course he was naked.

'How'd it go?' I asked quietly.

'Looks pretty fucking funny, I'd say,' Alan said.

He spun around and showed me what he had accomplished. He twisted his hips back and forth and his cock slammed his pelvis from side to side.

'Good job, roommate, no blood!' I said.

'Yeah, thanks,' he said. 'Feels kind of cold though.'

I laughed.

He stepped a couple of feet closer to my bed to give me a better look.

At his penis!

I nodded. 'You'll get used to it.'

Now I could finally see his nut sack. It hung down clearly below his dick, the left one heavier than the right. His dick seemed pretty average but it pointed forward at an odd angle, sort of defying gravity.

'Do you think I should put some lotion on it? You know, moisturizer or something?' Alan asked me with a straight face.

I thought about this for half a second.

'Yes,' I said. 'You should put cream on it, that's always good.'

He rustled around in his closet and emerged with a giant tub of some kind of moisturizer. He sat down on the side of his bed and opened up the lid.

'That's a pretty big thing of lotion,' I said.

'On sale at Target,' Alan explained. 'My folks got me pretty much stocked up for the year.'

I nodded. 'For the next five years, I think,' I said.

He slathered up both hands with the white goo and began to apply it to his newly shaved mid-section. I watched carefully for signs of growth.

Alan didn't seem to mind me gawking at him. Not that I would have stopped anyway.

When he was done, I had convinced myself that not only liked being naked in front of me, he also liked me looking at him naked. Since this worked for me as well, the situation was just good all around.

He flipped off the light and both of us were asleep in no time.

The next morning, I woke up before Alan but decided to stay in bed and just read. I had a book from the plane still to finish and, beside the set of wind sprints that I had planned for later with Alan's little brother Alex, I didn't have much to do anyhow.

I read a few pages before discovering that I had morning wood.

What was a guy like me to do in a position like this? Jerk off in the shower? In the bathroom stall? Right here in bed beneath the sheets?

I put my book down onto the floor, trying not to make a sound.

I let my hands roam free under the covers, exploring my 18, almost 19 year old runner's body. Mean, lean, an efficient running machine.

With a big ol' morning piss hard-on!

My hands were drawn to my own cock like moths to a flame. I glanced over at Alan, sleeping on his side facing away from me. I could hear him breathing rhythmically. Sure seemed like he was snoozing to me.

I licked both palms and set to work.

As I stroked my dick up and down, my fantasies alternated between something that had happened before and something that hadn't happened yet.

The before fantasy was Joey, of course. Me fucking him in his bedroom last fall during football season. I was supposed to be tutoring him in Chemistry of Bio or something. He was supposed to be teaching me how to throw a football properly. Both of us were failures as teachers, we couldn't keep our hands and mouths off of one another!

The not yet happened fantasy was Alex, Alan's younger brother who I was going on a run with in a little while. I didn't have much yet to fantasize about, though I had to admit that I particularly enjoyed watching his butt as he walked down the street. The story Alan told me last night about his little brother's scrotum being the biggest one in Texas didn't hurt either.

While I spanked my monkey with one hand, I used the other to tug on my balls and sort of palm my butthole.

What I wouldn't like to do to my roommate's little bro! I promised myself to be a good teacher this time.

After a few minutes of jumping back and forth between my two fantasies, I merged them and had Joey fucking Alex's little but while his massive testes flopped around like a pillow between his legs.

I was hard as a rock now, my dick leaking pre-cum like a leaky faucet.

I loved the feel of it as I got closer and closer to coming. The head got more and more mushroom like. The shaft became a steel ramming rod.

Perfect to fuck the crap out of a pole vaulter who just happened to have a world record set of nuts!

I gave my hand one good last lick and prepared to shoot a righteous load. My abs tightened up, my back arched and my toes flexed backward.

I gave my balls a final yank and got lost in the moment.

'Aaaagh! Shit!' I said, way more loudly than I'd intended.

A line of white sperm shot from the top of my cock all the way from my belly button up to just below my chin. Then a pause. Round two hit me in the lips with a splat. Pause again.

From across the room I heard very, very slow clapping.

No! He was supposed to be asleep!

I closed my eyes and pulled the covers over my head. One more squirt of semen filled the little trough my belly button made in my abs.


'Fux!' Alan said, continuing to clap. 'That was quite a performance, roomie!'

'Grarb,' I said.

'I mean, I can't think of the last time I've shot a load all the way to my face! Must have been some fucking hot fantasy!'

'Grarb,' I said again.

He finally stopped clapping.

I lowered the covers and peeked out timidly. Alan was sitting up in his bed now, his blankets draped carefully across his waist.

'Seriously TJ, don't sweat it, it's no big deal,' Alan said. 'We're guys, right? We jack off! It's just what we do!'

I lowered my blankets another couple inches.

'Really?' I asked, my voice about two octaves higher than normal.

Alan smiled and nodded.

'Yes, TJ, I masturbate. Just like you. Sometimes in bed. Sometimes in the shower. I mean, what the fuck, I get so worked up sometimes when a pretty girl walks by. I'm sure I'll be choking the chicken three or four times a day walking around campus here! Fux! Maybe I'll major in masturbation!'

I smiled and licked my lips.

Mmm, nothing quite like the taste of my own cum before breakfast!

'Choking the chicken?' I asked, grinning.

Alan smiled and flung back the covers. His newly shaved cock hung heavily onto the bed. He grabbed it with both hands and made like he was milking a cow.

I watched him smiling as he casually made himself harder and harder right in front of me.

No, no, no, no! This is not fucking happening! This is college now, I don't need my roommate to be jerking off in front of me! From four feet away!

I looked away. Alan kept at it.

Suddenly I found the whirls of pain on the ceiling very, very interesting.

Three or four minutes later, Alan gave a shout. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Alan's boner as he came.

From what I could tell, the stream did not hit his face.

In less than 12 hours, there was a decent chance that I'd be seeing the erections of three members of Alan's family. Clearly I'd been living right.

When the coast seemed clear, I pulled my running shorts back up, jumped up out of bed, and hustled off to take a shower.

When I got back to the room, Alan was on the floor doing some push-ups in the nude.

I threw on some running stuff, scrounged around for my favorite shoes, grabbed a little warm up jacket and headed back out to grab some food before I had to meet up with Alex.

Not a word had passed between us since Alan had done the nasty with himself.

'Later,' I said, as I opened the door to leave.

Alan's tight little ass was flexed as Alan pumped up and down on the carpeting between our beds. I shook my head at the site and stuffed a room key into a tiny pocket inside my shorts.

'Have fun with my bro,' Alan said. 'Go easy on him.'

I smiled and shut the door behind me. Oh my god, if he only knew!

This was gonna be quite a year!


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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