When I walked into the gym, the place was buzzing. There must have been over a hundred guys inside, and there were even some of those guys who liked to bash that thing with a lacrosse stick.

I set off in search of the runners.

Today was the day to get a physical exam. My college entrance exam, of sorts. Or 'scope and grope' as somebody had called it when we were filling out forms the other day.

Mmm, okay. That could work just fine; I was all in for the grope part.

'Do you have any idea where we're supposed to go?'

The question came from a ridiculously cute guy standing right beside me in the center of the chaos. He was looking just as confused as I was feeling.

'Um, not really,' I said.

I turned to look at him. He was a few inches shorter than me. Longish light blond hair, green eyes, and, at least from what I could tell beneath his clothes, built. I involuntarily tugged at the front of my cords and then shrugged my shoulders to emphasize my own confusion.

'I'm a wrestler,' ridiculously cute guy said. 'Gage.'

Gage? Nobody was named Gage in the real world.

'Really? Gage? That's your name?' I said, scrunching up my forehead. 'Your name is really Gage?'

'Sure, what's yours?'

'Um, TJ. It's TJ.' I smiled and extended my hand to him. He took it and swallowed it whole. An electrical charge from his palm entered the tips of my fingers and found its way directly to the center of my penis.

Now he smiled. Yup. Perfect white teeth, all in a row. Like ducks.

Meanwhile my penis responded to the charge.

Had everybody in America had their teeth straightened and whitened and made to look like they belonged in a Colgate commercial? Was everyone else's dick connected directly to their fingertips?

'Hey TJ,' Gage the wrestler said. 'Nice to meetcha.'

He seemed to really mean it.

'Really?' I asked before I could stop myself.

'Yes, really. You say that a lot, don't you?' Gage asked.

'Um, well, it's just that people are not usually all that excited to meet me,' I answered, coming up with the lamest response ever.

Now Gage shrugged.

'Plus, I've just never met anybody before named Gage,' I said. 'It's kind of, you know, it's kind of a good porno name.'

Gage laughed and sort of presented himself to me with his open palm as if he was what was behind Door #2.

'Yeah, I know, I get that a lot,' Gage smiled.

'Really?' I stammered, again. Now I truly flustered by this guy. 'I mean, you do? I mean, people really tell you that Gage is a great porno name?'

'Mmm hmm,' he agreed. 'Straight or gay, it doesn't really matter. It seems to work both ways.'

I blinked my eyes at him. Was he being funny? And exactly what worked both ways anyway?

'Maybe not for lesbian porn though,' I added.

Gage laughed again.

'They have that?' he asked excitedly, as if this opened up a whole set of new possibilities for him.

I just nodded, and tried to look disinterested.

Which of course I was when it came to lesbian porn. Disinterested. Way.

'So what's TJ short for?' Gage asked me absently.

While we talked, Gage kept looking around the gym for the other wrestlers.

Before I could answer his question however, he seemed to figure out where it was he was supposed to go. He waved at somebody, but I couldn't see exactly who. Just another ridiculously cute muscle head probably. I wondered if he knew my roommate Alan.

'Oh well, gotta go, there's my guys,' he said.

'Um, okay, then,' I said. 'See ya around.'

Gage shook my hand again and effectively re-charged my cock. The last thing I needed as I was about to meet my own runner buddies. As he did, he looked directly into my eyes; there was sincerity in the handshake that I hadn't experienced with anybody yet here in Boston, clearly he was not from around here. It was a nice comfortable, familiar 'why don't you come over so we can fuck sometime?' sincerity.

I felt myself start to perspire. Holy crap! He was so fucking good looking!

'Take care, TJ, hope to run into you around campus again one of these days.'

I opened my mouth and started to say 'Really?' again, but somehow managed to avoid doing it again.

Like a fresh breeze, an instant later he was gone. I watched him walk away. To my surprise, Gage was bow-legged, the lone flaw on an otherwise perfect package of deliciousness!

I watched him walk away from me and toward his wrestle buddies. Bow legged guys always seemed somehow sexier than guys whose legs went just straight down from their hips. Sort of like they were permanently riding an invisible horse. The image of Gage on a horse, maybe even my invisible horse, put me over the edge and I got a full-on erection.

As I adjusted my dick to a slightly less obvious angle inside of my pants, I mouthed the words to myself. 'Take it easy dudeGage.'

It's not often you meet somebody named after a porn star who takes your breath away and can give you a boner in less than a minute.

I stood in the middle of the room and looked around some more. After enjoying what was clearly a smorgasbord of collegiate dude meat, I finally recognized a few of the guys on the track team, I took three full deep breaths, readjusted my dick again inside my cords (why the fuck had I worn those?) and then walked over slowly. Half of me hoped my erection would go away before I finished walking across the gym, the other half of mewelllet's just say the other half of me had control.

The team captain recognized me immediately and jumped up to shake my hand as I approached.

I'd met him yesterday. His name was Todd Something and he was from around here someplace. He was taller than me with shoulder length run-of-the-mill dark brown hair. Today he had it in little pony tail that was totally unnecessary. He wore standard issue BU shorts and singlet. He was barefoot, but I wasn't sure if he had been taking his socks off or putting them on.

'Hey TJ, glad you made it, we're just getting going here,' Todd said excitedly.

I looked at Todd's dark brown eyes, then down at his feet.

'Am I late?'

Todd pursed his lips and shook his head vigorously.

'Nope, nope, you're good. I was just starting to go over some stuff for the season with the guys while we're waiting.'

Todd consulted a piece of white paper in his hand. 'You've got a while still anyway. Your exam isn't for at least another 30 minutes I'd say, it they're even on time. You'll be going in with Coach of course.'

'With Coach? For my physical?' I asked quietly, a little dumbstruck.

Todd nodded. 'Yep. Standard practice. Coach goes in with all the new guys. He likes to be there to help answer questions that either you or the doctor might have. Plus he likes to know exactly what's going on physically with each of us.'

'He does?' I wasn't sure which part I was most surprised by.

Gamely, however, I accepted my fate. I was to have my 'scope and grope' with my college track coach. Didn't somebody write a whole book about this once?

Todd nodded again and pursed his lips. I noticed that Todd's running shorts were at least one size too small, maybe two sizes even. No big deal, of course, a lot of guys wore them on the tight side, so that the fabric wouldn't be flopping around too much on the track, I did too most of the time in fact. Plus, the bigger sizes tended to have a huge built-in underwear area. When I ran in shorts that were my actual size instead of shorts that were about a size too small, I found that my dick jiggled around more than I usually liked. But Todd's shorts looked glued onto him. Obviously he had thought this through; he had my respect.

I carefully scanned him up and down.

Yup. He would do. As a team captain I mean.

'You'll get used to it, Coach just cares a lot about the guys on the squad,' he said with a big smile.

I decided to ignore the whiteness of Todd's teeth and shoved both hands into my pockets in an attempt to better hide my hard-on.

Todd introduced me to all the other runners who were seated in a semi-circle around him. I was apparently the last one to show up.

There were 12 of us. We'd be meeting up with the guys who did field events over the next few days, but today it was just us runners. I remembered a couple of the names, but I have to admit I was not really concentrating on their names.

The whole introduction exercise did nothing to calm down my erection. I felt like my hard-on might actually burst through my pants! I might actually be leaking too. Let's hope that my cords could contain the mess my cock was causing inside my underwear.

Why did these things have to happen at times like this?

I sat down next to a couple of other freshmen, and readjusted again, hoping that the thin fabric of my pants did its job.

Todd finished explaining some of the administrative aspects of our season. When we were to meet for practice. Where to meet up each day. When our big meets were. When we had to travel. What we had to bring along on road trips. What we were not allowed to bring. The assigned roommate thing; we wouldn't get to pick our travel roommates until we were sophomores.

I hadn't brought a notebook, but most of it sounded pretty straightforward.

I watched Todd speak. He was a natural, very comfortable standing in front of all of us. He spoke with both a sense of authority and a sense of respect for every one of us. The effect of Todd's speech on me was actually sort of exhilarating. I looked around; he seemed to be having the same kind of effect on everybody on the squad. We all listened carefully and hung on his every word.

My dick of course was paying its own form of attention. It continued to do what it wanted and I found my crotch feeling stickier and stickier.

As he spoke, waving his arms around for emphasis. Todd's dumb little pony tail bounced back and forth. I tried to imagine what it would be like to chase after that on the track. Probably a big distraction. None of the guys had had one on our team in high school; my old coach probably wouldn't have cared. But pony tails were just not something for high school.

Todd had an easy smile and used his hands a lot when he talked. It was going to be easy to fall in like with Todd. I wondered if he was Italian.

When Todd was done, he called the first guys up to go in for their physical exams. The two that went were both seniors. I could see them meet up with Coach across the gym from where we were. Even though I couldn't hear what they were all saying, it was clear they were laughing.

'Hey TJ,' one guy with shocking red hair who was sitting close to me said. 'I hear you're from California. I am too.'

'Apple Valley,' I said. 'Sort of out there between LA and Vegas.'

'San Diego,' the red head said. 'Sort of between LA and Mexico.'

We both giggled at his joke.

'I'm sorry; I'm terrible with names, what was your name again?' I asked him.

'Ben, but everybody calls me Benny. Please, you can call me Benny too.'

'Okay Benny from San Diego. Very nice to meet you,' I said.

'Likewise,' Benny responded.

My boner seemed to be softening just a tiny bit. Maybe it didn't think Benny was as cute as Todd. And that was true anyway.

I took a deep breath and looked at my new teammate. Benny's face was freckled, and he wore his wavy ruby-colored hair sort of closely cropped. He had greenish brown eyes.

'So what events do you run Benny? You look sort of middle to long distance to me.'

'Anything long,' Benny said. 'From 10K on up.'

'That's great, I always wanted to go long,' I said. 'But I don't think I've got the lungs for it.'

Benny instantly put both of his hands on me. One palm on my chest. One palm on my upper back. 'Now breathe deeply,' he said.

I giggled. 'Are you a doctor or something too?' I asked him.

'Just do it TJ,' Benny commanded.

So I complied and took a deep breath. As the air filling my chest expanded, Benny pressed back against my hands as if to measure how much air I could get in there. He had me do it a few times.

'Good,' he said. 'Now let me see your feet.'

I looked into Benny's green eyes. 'My feet?'

'Let me see your feet,' he said again, just a little bit louder. This was not a request.

I took my shoes and socks off.

Benny grabbed my toes and wiggled them around. It tickled a little bit but I somehow suppressed the urge to laugh.

'Long distance runners have to have good feet,' Benny explained. 'They take a lot of pounding, not just in the actual races, but also in logging all those practice miles.'

'Right,' I agreed. 'I have good feet, don't I Benny?' I asked hopefully.

'Mm hmm,' Benny said to himself.

Benny was examining the ball of my foot. He was rubbing up and down on the bottom of my foot; his thumb circled around and was pressing equally hard on the top of my foot, sort of on the instep.

'These are good,' Benny pronounced. Apparently my feet had passed the test.

'Um, well, thanks,' I said. 'Why are they good?' I asked. I was interested, I really wanted to know.

'Thick, strong, solid, not too thin and bony,' Benny explained.

'Okaythat's good, right?'

'You could go long if you wanted. You've got the lungs, and you've definitely got the feet,' Benny said.

I chuckled. 'And that's all it takes?' I asked. 'Good lungs, good feet?'

'Well, not exactly,' Benny said. 'I mean, I assume you're here already because you've got the rest of the goods. I mean, you're a middle distance runner, right?'

'Right,' I said.

'Well then, you've got the full package,' Benny said with some finality. He took his hands off my feet and looked away.

Full package indeed. I felt my cords get a little bit tighter. Again. Poor Benny had no idea.

I smiled. I had absolutely no clue, of course, whether or not this guy was full of shit. But somehow it felt good to hear that I could be a long distance runner if I really wanted to. I had the feet! Nobody had ever told me that before.

I didn't really know what to say next.

'So, are your feet like mine?' I asked, since that sort of seemed like the polite thing to ask. He'd kind of just felt me up below the ankles. I thought I deserved to know about his feet in return.

'Yes,' Benny said. 'That's why I'm so good.'


'That's why they recruited me here,' Benny said with a grin. 'My chest, my legs, my ass, my feet. You name the body part, buddy, I'm world class from head to toe!'

I smiled. He wasn't serious was he?

'Here, check these out,' Benny said. As he did, he slipped his white Terrier sweats down his legs and over the tops of his shoes in one smooth motion.

I watched. Transfixed. Check what out?

Benny pointed to his quads and flexed them. He grabbed my wrist and placed it on top of one quadriceps muscle. Only inches away from Benny's Mr. Happy.

I giggled nervously. His legs were strong, no doubt about it.

'Um, wow!' I said. 'Crazy strong, Like a rock!'

Benny smiled and nodded his head.

'That's what I'm talking about.'

He kicked off his running shoes and pulled both socks off. By now I knew the drill. I copied what Benny had done to me, moving my hand quickly up and down his foot, trying to rub the upper and lower part just the way I'd seen Benny do to me.

'Am I right or am I right? Great fucking feet, right?'

'Yeah sure, Benny,' I said, awkwardly. 'They seem fine to me.'

A little embarrassed, I took my hands off of his body entirely, then sat back and looked at Benny's feet. We both did. He wiggled his toes.

'Fine? Fine?! These are not just fine. These are the feet that are going to take me all the way to the Olympics, bro!'

'Really? The Olympics?'

Two of the guys near us who were listening in and watching threw clothing at Benny. Apparently this whole foot-feeling spectacle had attracted some attention. Benny took the stuff that was thrown at him, laughed out loud, and threw it over his head, about 20 feet behind him.

'You just wait, guys, you'll all see!' Benny said with a cockiness that was surprising in its brazenness. Even my high school track buddy Danny Leeman, sex-starved arrogant bastard that he was, didn't ever say that he was going to make the Olympic team!

For the next 40 minutes a few of us just sat around shooting the shit. I somehow avoided having my body pre-examined by other members of our track team.

We talked about classes. About the best pizza nearby. About Coach. Where to get beer without an ID. It seemed like a pretty decent bunch of guys that were on the team. This was going to be a fun year.

One by one, everybody was called up by Coach and he would escort them back to get their physical exam, upperclassmen first. Us first-years were last and had to wait the longest. One by one, they would come back with this funny grin on their face. Sort of like they'd just been initiated into some secret fraternity or something. Once the physical was over, we were free to go. Coach wanted us to go run laps in groups, the long distance runners together, the middle distance guys, and even the sprinters. That way we'd be more likely to stay together speed wise. Todd, of course, did the coordinating and it all seemed to go off without a hitch.

Another 40 minutes passed; there were just a few of us left who hadn't been called in. The gym was getting emptier by the minute. So much for the half hour that Todd had said when I first arrived. At least Todd had stuck around through the whole thing. I suppose as captain that it was what he had to do. I smiled to myself as I watched him talking again with one of the guys on our team. What a great guy!

Since I was getting a little bored waiting all this time and there wasn't anybody else sitting close to me to talk to at the moment, I kept myself entertained by keeping a close eye on our hot captain.

He was a senior probably, and probably knew all the right places to go in Boston. He was not as scrawny and thin as the rest of us. Filled out in all the right places, head to toe. A tiny puff of dark chest hair sprung out of the top of his shirt. It matched the dark hair on his legs. He was not overbuilt, but still looked strong. For a runner he had nicely defined arms, yet his shoulders were sort of on the huge side. Clearly he was a lot more than just a road warrior. Was he a vaulter like my roommates brother?

I watched Todd stand up to talk to some guys from one of the other teams, maybe soccer from the looks of them. Todd was still barefoot.

When one guy moved on, Todd would sit back down and smoothly pick up a conversation with somebody else. One of the last guys on our team before the freshmen were called up was a sophomore I think, a super skinny Asian guy whose name was completely lost on me when I'd been introduced anyhow. I think it was something hyphenated. After the sophomore said something funny, Todd laughed full throttle. It was nice to watch; he seemed to be able to really enjoying himself with practically everybody. If Todd guy could run as well as he seemed to be able to talk with the guys here on our squad, the dude was like the total package.

Time passed and I lay back onto my elbows; I watched the last few athletes waiting around in the gym. My erection was long gone. I hadn't bothered to put my shoes and socks back on.

I was just about asleep when Coach re-entered the big room. Finally! My turn! He came up to Todd and said something, then Todd stood up and Coach walked off.

'TJ, you're up. Let's go.' He waved to me.

'Okay,' I said, leaping to my feet.

'I'm going with you,' Todd said. 'Coach has to take a call or something.'

I swallowed hard.

'You meanto my physical? You're coming in with me? To my physical?'


Neither one of us had shoes on. Todd picked mine up for me and handed them to me. I stuffed my socks inside and padded along after him.

'It's no big deal,' Todd assured me, twisting his head to somehow look me right in the eyes again. 'It's just a physical. It's not like we're not going to be seeing each other naked like a thousand times in the next few months anyway.'

I tried to imagine Todd nude. Then, realizing how this could backfire on me, quickly stopped and tried to think of something else.

'Oh,' I said, taking in a full breath. 'Right, yeah, of course. Thousands of times.' My words trailed off.

As we walked together over toward the door, Todd put his arm over my shoulder. 'Looks like this year is shaping up to be pretty awesome,' he said.

With his arm draped over me like this, I could smell the soap he had used that morning.

He opened the door for me and we went in.

A surprisingly young doctor looked up from behind a desk and smiled at us as we walked in. He was wearing a white coat and had a tie on. He had a stethoscope around his neck and his name written in cursive above the pocket on the front of the coat.

'Good afternoon,' he said cheerfully.

'Hi,' I said. 'Are you the doctor?'

'Yes, I'm Dr. Johnson,' he said. 'You must be TJ.'

'Um, yes. That's me.'

He looked at the two of us without shoes. 'What is it with you guys and not wearing shoes in the gym?' he asked.

Both of us raised our shoulders in explanation. There wasn't really a good one anyway.

The doctor sighed. 'Good, then I have your paper work right here, TJ' Dr. Johnson said. He looked at Todd. 'I'm sorry, we haven't been introduced, you're?'

'Name's Todd,' Todd answered. He shook Doc Johnson's hand. 'Coach had something he had to do so he asked me to fill in. I'm captain.'

The doctor stood up and faced us both.

'Well, that's fine then. Let's just get started, shall we,' he said. 'TJ, I'll need everything off and you sitting up on that table right there.' He pointed to a table on the other side of the room. 'Here's a sheet, you can cover yourself with this, and I'll be back in a moment.'

The doctor walked through a door and was gone. Now it was just me and my captain, and one of us was supposed to get naked.

I held the sheet in my hand and looked at it as if I'd never seen one before. 'Take my clothes off? Now?'

Todd pursed his lips, raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders all at the same time. 'How do you expect him to do a physical exam on you if you don't take your clothes off?' he said.

With a sigh, I bent over and very slowly undoing my belt. I slipped it off and then made a point of rolling it very carefully into a tight loop, then set it down inside of one of my shoes, so that it wouldn't uncoil. Todd folded his arms across his chest and appeared to become interested in the tiles on the floor.

What the fuck?

Still facing away from Todd, I slipped my pants and underwear down over my hips. If Todd had wanted to see right up my ass, it was there for the viewing. I was semi-hard.

'Todd, can you grab me that sheet?' I asked before I turned around.

'Oh yeah, sure thing,' he answered nicely.

Todd slowly picked up the sheet and made a half-hearted attempt to hand it to me. One of us was going to half to come closer. He was the captain, so

I turned and took a couple steps toward him. Todd watched me and couldn't help but notice my dick. He kept his lips together and managed a smile.

'I, uh, noticed that you had an erection when you first arrived,' he said. It was kind of a non-judgmental statement of fact and came out completely without emotion. 'Does that happen to you a lot?'

I flushed bright red. I grabbed the sheet and awkwardly wrapped it around myself.

'I mean, it's a pretty common thing, you know, happens to a lot of the guys on the squad,' he added helpfully.

I fiddled some more with the sheet and then backed myself into a seated position on the exam table.

'It's nothing you should be embarrassed by,' he said.

I looked at his eyes and they met mine. We stared at each other for a moment, then he glanced downward toward my crotch.

'I mean, especially a guy like you,' he said.

I swallowed and still said nothing.

The moment passed and the doctor re-entered the room. How on earth would Todd know that this sort of thing happens all the times to other guys on the team?

'Okay then, let's get started TJ,' the doc said, all too happily.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! Just great, my dick stretched out another couple of inches, and now I was completely hard!

The young doctor had me sit up and placed a very cold stethoscope on my back. Springing into action, Todd took my other side and placed a warm hand on the back of my shoulder. I turned my head and looked at the doctor first, then at Todd. Hmm. This could become a very interesting situation.

'Deep breaths with your mouth open, young man,' Doc said.

I opened my lips and tried to do as I was told. Todd opened up and breathed in an out along with me.

When the doctor was done listening to my back, he pushed me back and put the scope on the front of my chest. Once again Todd did his part and laid a warm hand on the top of my chest, this time in front.

I closed my eyes and decided to just go with the flow.

A moment later four hands were on my stomach. Two pushed down deeply, feeling practically all the way to my back. Two just sort of lay there, assisting somehow.


'Hmm,' a voice said. It was not Todd. 'What have we here?'

I opened my eyes, expecting to find two sets of eyes gazing at my hard-on.

They were not.

'What?' I said, in unison with Todd.

'I don't know yet,' the doc said. 'Let me see.'

Without removing the sheet that was covering the previously noted very, very hard dick, the doctor slid one hand beneath the fabric and pushed down into my abdominal wall. It hurt a little bit and I winced.

'Hmm,' he said again.

'What?' Todd and I asked again.

There was a long pause while the physician continued to rub me beneath the sheet. There was no way he could not have noticed my cock-it was still as hard as a rock. All of these hands so close to it had done nothing to help that situation. For all I knew I had practically shot a whole load of pre-cum onto myself at this point.

'What is it doc? A hernia?' Todd asked.

A hernia. Such a smart boy.

The doctor removed his hands from my lower abs and stepped back from the table. Todd, ever helpful, quickly placed his own hands beneath the sheet.

'I'm not certain,' the doctor said.

Bingo. Todd's exploring hands found my hard-on in seconds. He stopped when he realized what he had grabbed.

'I'm pre-med,' he explained. 'Don't worry, as I said this sort of thing happens a lot.'

Todd and the doctor shared a knowing smile. I shook my head.

'So what happens now?' I asked.

Wasn't this my hernia we were talking about here? Why was I the only one in the room who had no idea what was going on?

'I'll need to order a test,' the doc said. 'Just relax, I need to get some forms.' He walked back out of the room.

Todd's hand was still underneath my erect dick. Clearly he knew exactly what he was touching. My pre-cum oozed onto the back of his hand just to confirm in case he wasn't sure.

'TJ?' Todd looked at my face.

'Todd?' I asked back, not sure exactly what I was being asked.

Todd must have thought that our one word conversation had given him permission to do as he pleased. He placed his palm around the shaft of my dick. It throbbed gently in return. He smiled. I smiled back.

'I'm not really sure this is the best possible time for this,' I said.

How exactly those words came out of my mouth is still unknown to me. I'd been drooling over the boy for a couple hours now. Now here I was. Flat on my back. All eight and one third inches of stiff TJ-penis was now in the palm of his hand. And I was telling him to stop? What a nut case I am!

Todd brought his hand out from under the sheet and then lifted it up. He peered at my dick, and it bounced up and down across the top of my pubes. He formed his mouth into a perfect smile.

'It's okay right?' I asked. 'I mean, that I got a hard-on and all? I mean, I didn't mean'

'Relax, TJ, relax, it's no big deal,' Todd said. He chuckled.

I exhaled all of the air out of my lungs and smiled too, relieved that he wasn't freaked out or anything.

Todd licked his hand and put it back on the tip of my dick. 'Actually, maybe it is a pretty big deal,' he said. He rubbed the top of the shaft back and forth a few times. I relaxed and let him just do it. He didn't seem to want to stop.

Both of us were probably scared to death that the doctor would come back into the room, but I was happy to just let my team captain jerk me off. And Todd seemed just as content to comply.

Todd put one hand on my nipple and squeezed gently, leaving the other to jack my cock up and down. I moved my arm so that it was in contact with his running shorts. He was clearly aroused, but I couldn't quite make out the size and shape of his weenie through his shorts with just my elbow. Perhaps this was just another of Todd's hidden talents, he had so many after all.

My captain!

I thought about just yanking down the trunks and sucking on him right then and there. The idea that we might be caught at any second was both hugely exciting and hugely terrifying all at the same time.

Fortunately (or not) I let out a quiet moan, and my dick did what dicks are meant to do and shot a giant load of my sperm in a straight line up to my chest. Todd's fingers on the top of my chest were coated with a thick white line of cum. He lifted them up and examined my DNA closely, he scrunched up his nose and sniffed.

'You sure seem healthy to me,' Todd said. 'Hernia or no.'

I giggled. 'Thanks,' I said. I nodded my head toward his crotch. 'You seem fairly healthy yourself.'

Todd backed off a couple of inches and pulled out the waist band of his shorts. He was looking at his equipment and blushing. I sat up and tried to peer inside as well, but he pulled away.

'Nuh uh uh' Todd said.

I pouted.

'Too dangerous,' Todd added, with some finality.

'What are you talking about?' I said. 'Right here in this very same office, you just gave me the best hand job I've had'

'All day?' Todd teased.

'No, it was actually the best hand job I've had sincesinceumsince I got to college.' I said sincerely, and I meant it.

'Well, that's good then. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's more where that came from, you know,' Todd said with a smirk.

I reached my hand out and tried to grab Todd's cock, but he batted me away.

'But not today,' Todd said. 'I mean, come on, he'll be back in here any second.' Todd nodded his head toward the door that the doctor would be coming through.

Todd reached down with his wet hand and rubbed my own cum back onto my cockhead. It was a gooey mess, and I was in that very sensitive post-orgasm stage. I yelped and pushed his hand away.

Todd laughed.

'Don't worry, TJ, I think we're gonna be really great teammates,' Todd said. 'Lots of meets on the road, you know, and you-know-who will be controlling the roommate schedule.'

I smiled and our eyes met.

Then we both looked down my naked body at my dick. I was still hard even though I was supposed to be headed back down to normal size by now. The lamp above the exam table shone directly on it, and the stream of semen glistened in the bright light.

I grinned even more broadly and pawed at the air in front of Todd's crotch again. He shook his head, then put his hand gently back on my penis once again. 'Plenty of time my young friend,' he said, speaking directly to it. It throbbed a satisfied response.

The door opened and the young doctor walked quickly in. He cleared his throat. 'Um, guys, this is not really the place,' he said.

'Sorry doctor,' we both said in unison. Neither of us had moved a muscle.


TJ Tachet

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