Alex was nowhere to be found when I got to the lobby of the hotel. They were staying across the river at the Hyatt and the walk across the BU Bridge had been cold. I half walked and half ran as the late summer wind blew up the Charles.

Having grown up in the warm southern California sunshine my bare runners legs hadn't often been this cold. I was glad to be inside now.

Before calling up to the room, I checked myself out in the mirror first.

I was presentable enough. 18, almost 19 now. I hoped I looked my age and not 12 anymore. The day they'd shot my photograph for the high school year book I'd apparently been wrapping up an adolescent phase and the picture looked I was still in 6th grade. That had led to about 50 comments in my year book about me being the one most likely to succeed 'in junior high school!' One of my good friends Andy had even written that I was the one kid in the entire class most likely to be called to the priesthood-for pedophilia practice!

I hated that.

But my folks looked pretty young too.

Staring into the smoky mirror off to the side of Reception, I licked my palm and tried to make my wavy hair sit down on my head. The stiff breezes across the Charles had done a number on all my hard hair work in the bathroom back at the dorms, and now looked as if I'd been in a wind tunnel. After five whole handfuls of spit, I was satisfied with the result.

I reached for the house phone and requested the number for Alex and his parents.

Alex's dad answered. 'H'lo'

', I mean, hi...this is TJ.'


'Yeah, you know, Alan's roommate....from last night at the restaurant.'

'Oh, yes of course, good morning TJ?'

I smiled, relieved I'd made enough of an impression on my roommate's father by letting him suck my dick that he now remembered my name.'

'Um, is Alex there? He and I were supposed to be going for a run?'

'A run?'

I shook my head.

'Yes, a run, didn't he tell you? I'm going to teach him some wind sprints? You know, for his training...'

Was he not at the same dinner table I'd been at last night? Did he not hear the whole thing about me and his youngest son talking about my helping him with his pole vault training? Was the whole night, including the bit where I'd exchanged blow jobs with the father of my brand new roommate in the restaurant bathroom just before dessert, just some kind of same strange fantasy my brain had made up?

'Yes, TJ, yes,' he said. I shook my head again and rolled my eyes. He sounded way more excited about the wind sprints than the situation was called for.

' he ready to go? I was supposed to meet him here in the lobby?'

'Well, young man, he's not in our room, he's got his own room, just down the hall.'

'Oh, okay, I'm sorry then, I didn't mean to bother you, I will just give his room a call then,' I said.

'Oh, no bother at all, TJ, in fact it's nice to hear your voice so early in the morning.'


'So why don't you boys come back and you can shower up in our hotel room once you both get back from the running,' he added.

Come on! I was not going down that road! I was not going to have another suck-fest with Da-da when it was really the prodigal son pole vaulters whose pole that I really wanted!

'Um, thanks, but I'm sure I'll have to get back to the dorms,' I stammered.

'Hmm,' he said.

'Okay, good bye then, see you soon,' I said, 'And give my best to Alex's mom,' I added sloppily.

'So long for now, TJ.' He said as the line went dead.

I shuddered. Prior to last night at the restaurant, my first full night in Boston since arriving to start my freshman year at Boston University, I had not been in the habit of letting any of my friends' parents have sex with me. I hadn't completely decided how I felt about it yet. It was sort of both fun and ridiculous at the same time. At this very moment, I was happy to never do it again. But I knew myself better than that. By tomorrow, or at least by next week, all of the goofy feelings about getting head from an older guy-an older guy who's actually related to my roommate-would probably get better. Heck, maybe I'd be all over him the next time we saw each other here in Boston at Parents' Weekend or something.

Or maybe not.

For now, I wanted to run.

I called Alex's room. It rang 4 times before he picked up.

'Hi Alex, its TJ.'

'Hi TJ, what time is it?'

'I don't know, 10:30 maybe. Um, did I wake you?'

'10:30! Damn! Oops, I guess I overslept,' he said sleepily.

'That's all right,' I said. 'Don't worry about it.'


'Um, do you want me to come back?'

'Where are you?' Alex asked.

'In the lobby. Downstairs.'

'Oh, well I need a minute or so,' he said. 'Do you want to come up?'

Bingo. Yes, the fox would like to be invited to the hen house.

'Well, whatever,' I said through my teeth, 'I could just wait down here if that's easier.'

Then I exhaled, hoping he'd insist.

'No, that's silly, I insist you come up here,' Alex said.

'Well, if you insist.'

In a flash I was outside Alex's door about to knock. He opened it before I could.

Even though I had just jacked off a little more than an hour ago, the sight of Alex standing in the doorway in front of me, dressed only in a towel, caused my dick to grow at least three inches in half a second.

'Hi,' he said. 'I'm really sorry. I overslept.'

I placed my left hand in front of the crotch of my running shorts and shook his hand with the right.

'Yeah, you said.' I said.

Alex looked me up and down as he closed the door. 'Well, you look ready,' he said.

Fuck. Did he see my semi hard-on through the thin fabric of my shorts?

'Well, yeah,' I said, stupidly.

I wanted to rip his towel off and throw him on the bed and de-flower him right then and there.

'So, if you don't mind, I just need to shave,' Alex said. His Texas drawl suddenly sounded way cuter than it had last night.


'Yeah,' he said. 'Sorry, it'll just take a couple minutes.'

'Okay, I'll wait,' I said. I looked around his room.

'Make yourself at home,' Alex said. 'Did you eat? Do you want some nuts? That's all I've got.'

I grinned. Did he really just say that?

'Maybe a little later,' I said, meaning it.

Alex pivoted and headed toward the bathroom. He undid the white hotel towel from around his waist and tossed it onto the floor before he got into the bathroom. I was treated to a very short view of Alex's very fine pole vaulter ass as he disappeared behind the wall.

I sat down on the bed and tried to make up my mind about my hard-on. Hope that it goes down so that the two of us can actually get out of this hotel room and go for a run like we planned, or hope that it stays every bit of its rock solid eight and a third inches so that I can plow vaulter boy's tight little vaulter butt with it.

Where were those nuts?

'I have to do this a couple times a week,' Alex yelled from the bathroom.


'Yeah, if I don't I get really chafed.'


'I've tried powder and it doesn't work?'


'Yeah, if I don't it rubs together like crazy and then I'm red and sore for days.'


'Do you have this problem too, TJ?'

I shook my head. What problem? All guys shave. Some once a day, some a little less. What the fuck?

'Um, well I shave every day,' I answered, not sure we were really on the same page here.

'Every day! That's crazy? How big are they?' Alex shouted.

What? How big are what?

I got up from the side of the bed and walked over to the bathroom door.

In the mirror, I could see that Alex was not shaving his face at all. He was shaving his nuts.


About a dozen nerve connections finally came together in my head.

His face turned bright red.

'Oops,' I said, 'I didn't mean to...' I said, looking quickly from Alex's hands on his ball sack to the floor.

He covered himself carelessly with one hand and held the razor up with the other.

I backed a couple inches out the door. Alex went back to shaving.

'Forget about it,' Alex said, trying out his best Soprano's New Jersey accent. 'I'm sure you've seen guys shave themselves before.'

I thought back to that very morning in my dorm room when Alex's older brother Alan had proudly displayed his new freshly shaved crotch.

I pursed my lips and exhaled through them.

'Sure,' I said. 'Sure I have. All the time. I was on the track team.'

'I'll bet nobody had to deal with a scrotum like this,' Alex said, back in his drawl.

My eyes moved up from the floor and up to the scrotum under discussion.

'Um,' I said.

'It's huge,' Alex explained.

I opened my mouth and shook my head gently, trying to make all that mean something intelligent.

Alex turned and faced me. As he did, he put his razor and held his nuts from behind so that I could have a better view. I felt as if I was watching one of those game show ladies use their hands to display what was behind Curtain number 1.

I stepped back into the bathroom to have a closer look at what he was trying to display. It seemed more polite than forcing Alex to bring the scrotum outside the bathroom to me.

'Wow,' I said, meaning every single syllable of it.

Alex nodded.

'That's, um, quite a, you know, quite a big...' My words got lost in my breath and nothing else came out.

Alex's nuts hung down like a double set of apples from between his legs. Red Delicious maybe, I thought.

'I know it,' Alex said, matter of factly. 'Sort of a pain in the you know what, if you ask me.'


'My mama had to buy me this special cup for baseball when I was 11,' he added.

'I know,' I said smiling, 'Alan mentioned that.'

'He did?'

Now I blushed.

'I mean, he did, you know, just in passing,'

Alex smiled and turned back to the mirror to finish up shaving his super-sized scrotum.

'I was wondering when Alan was going to mention it,' Alex said with a giggle. 'I mean, you've known him for all of like, what? For 24 hours? That's enough time before a guy is supposed to be talking about his little brother's balls. Right?'

I exhaled.

'Well....' I started to explain. In truth, I had no idea anymore how it had come up.

'Don't worry about it, TJ, it's no big deal,' Alex said, trying to let me off the hook.

'Well,' I started again, 'you're probably proud of them, aren't you?'

Alex turned and looked at me.

'Are you asking me if I'm proud of my balls?'

I nodded.

He shaved a few more strokes from Apple number 1. I watched mesmerized.

'Well, yeah, I guess I never thought about it, but yeah, I guess I am proud of 'em,' Alex finally admitted.

'Well good,' I said, searching again for the right words in this very odd conversation. 'You should be, they're really, really big!'

Alex laughed. 'Yeah, I guess so,' he said.

There was an uncomfortable pause. Alex shaved away. I tried to look away, really I did. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Having failed to learn anything from Alex's dad about the family's junk in the restaurant bathroom last night, the thought was still burning in my mind.

' this like a family thing?' I finally asked. 'Do all of you in the family have testes like this?'

I tried not to seem like I really had a lot of interest in the matter, while the truth was that I had a lot of interest in the matter. I tried to make my question sound like a medical one, you know jock to jock.

Alex giggled again, and shaved away. This time on Apple number two.

'Nope just me. I get a lot of teasing,' he said. 'About my...testes,' he added with a funny grin.

'I'll bet.'

Yippee. I had some new information. Now to figure out how to put this new piece of knowledge to good use.

But for the sounds of a double edged razor scraping away on the soft skin of Alex's nuts, the room went very quiet. Another few strokes and the deed was apparently done. I watched transfixed as Alex placed a hotel washcloth under the water. Then he gently dabbed at his balls. Clearly I was dealing with a professional here; he had the technique down to a science.

When he was finished with the wiping I couldn't help but be impressed. I hadn't seen a bit of blood.

Alex turned and faced me. My eyes were now expected to stop staring at his mid-section, and with great effort I willed them to comply. After all, now I could begin to appreciate the rest of him.

Standing in front of me completely nude, he was gorgeous.

His blondish hair was long and still scraggly, like he'd just gotten out of bed and had done nothing with it yet, since he hadn't. His body itself seemed very nicely proportioned, muscles that were big enough and defined enough, but not so big like you might see on a football player like Joey. Or on a wrestler like Alex's brother Alan.

Alex watched me looking him over. He smiled again.

'Pole vaulting can get you pretty cut,' Alex explained, apparently appreciating that I was appreciating him.

'I guess.'

'You seem like you're in pretty good shape yourself,' Alex said, taking a step back and looking me up and down for the second time since I'd shown up in his hotel room.

I looked down at myself in my running gear. I blushed and grinned.

'Thanks,' I said. 'I do all right.'

'I'll say,' Alex said with a drawl, stretching out the words to last a lot longer than they needed to.

He gave my left butt cheek a squeeze as he brushed past me and back out into the room. He pursed his lips and nodded his head as if to say 'very nice ass, dude.'

'Very nice ass dude,' he did say. 'All runners seem to have that. Perhaps you can help me out in that department.'

I looked at Alex's ass as he bent over his suitcase and rustled around for something to put on. It took every ounce of will power that I had to not grab him with both hands.

Alex wasn't a hairy beast in the front like his brother Alan, maybe just a light dusting of high school level hair. And from behind he was smooth and clean, just like Alan. But then there was the issue of his scrotum. I could clearly see that the poor guy wasn't able to stand with his legs completely together.

I made a mental note. This might one day be useful to remember.

I felt a surge of sympathetic emotion. I could see now how a ball sack that contained two fully grown apples might sort of get in the way when you tried to run.

'Poor little thing,' I thought to myself. I cleared my throat and tried to keep up with the conversation.

'Um, yeah,' I said. 'That's what I'm here for, you know, to run a little, do a few wind sprints, help us both out in the ass department.'

'Excellent,' Alex said.

He was tugging his running clothes on as he turned to me. I looked now to his feet. They were small but looked strong and muscular. His toes were sort of spread apart from each other, each a slightly different sized copy of its neighbor.

You're a nutcase I thought to myself. You even like the guys' feet?

A few minutes later, after Alex had finished lacing up his shoes, my erection had gone down to a more manageable level. It was now both safe and possible for me to stand upright without at least one hand in front of my erect dick.

Without another word about scrotums or hard butts, we were out the door.

In the elevator on the way down to the ground level, Alex turned his face toward mine. He looked at me with an intensity I hadn't noticed before. The thought occurred to me that he might try to kiss me. I stopped breathing licked my lips with a dry tongue.

'So what about you, TJ?' he asked quietly. 'Do you have any body parts that are out of proportion?'

I swallowed hard.

'Um,' I said, scrunching my eyes up as if I had no earthly idea what he was talking about.

'Come on, we have spent practically the entire morning talking about my balls,' Alex said. 'And we both know how much bigger it is than it needs to be.'

I glanced absently toward Alex's mid-section package, where his dick and balls were now properly tucked away.

'Yes, it is, isn't it?' I offered clumsily, 'It does seem bigger than it needs to be, I mean, for such a small guy otherwise.'

Alex smiled.

'Thanks TJ, but I'm really not so small,' he said. 'I'm 5'9' and as you saw...I've got muscles for days.'

I nodded as the ground floor button in the elevator dinged. I squeezed his upper arm. It felt more like a rock than a deltoid. My ass, his shoulder. If we ever did have sex we'd have to make sure it was on a soft surface.

We both smiled.

'Um hmm. Muscles for days,' I agreed.

As the doors of the elevator opened I silent prayed that somebody else was not standing right outside the doors. Like his dad, for example.

'And you're not so small either,' he said, glancing toward my crotch and adding a head shake in that same direction.

I met his gaze briefly, and then looked away quickly.

'You haven't answered my question,' Alex reminded me.

'Mmm,' I said.

'Come on, TJ, fess up!' he kept at it. 'What's your favorite body part?'

There was just no fucking way I was going to answer his question.

We walked out of the hotel together. Before any more words could come out of either of our mouths, before I had a full-on boner again, I zoomed off down the street.

'Hey,' Alex yelled, 'wait up!'

As I crossed over Memorial Drive onto the river side of the street, I had to slow down to let a biker pass by and Alex caught up with me.

'Take it easy Carl Lewis,' Alex panted. 'I'm a vaulter, dude, not a sprinter!'

'What's the matter? Can't keep up?' I taunted him.

He smiled and nodded at the same time.

'Oh I can keep up.'

Alex stretched out his stride and edged ahead of me. I could easily have stayed with him but I let him go.

Better view from behind.

Together we crossed back over to the Boston side and headed for BU athletic complex at Nickerson Field. We ran side by side at a reasonably fast clip, neither one of us talking.

I led us through the streets as if I'd been racing over them my whole life. The truth was that I hadn't ever been there before but it was in all the stuff the coaching staff had sent me, and I felt like I kind of knew the place already. I was supposed to be there on Monday afternoon anyhow for a meet and greet with the team. It would be fun to see the track early.

Once we got onto the oval, both of us slowed our pace down dramatically and just looked around. There was always something awe-inspiring about being inside of a new stadium for the first time. Alex must have felt it too. We practically forgot about each other as we checked out the running surface, the infield and the stands.

I veered off onto the artificial turf just past the starting line.

'Nice,' Alex said.

'Yeah, nice,' I agreed.

For the next 30 minutes, Alex and I ran wind sprints on and off the track. Even though he said he didn't really know what he was doing, it sure seemed to me like he did. Everything I threw at him, everything I'd learned in high school from Coach Bice, Alex took right to it. Clearly the boy had talent.

And the legs for it as well.

When we finally took a break and found a water fountain that was actually working, I told Alex about my friends on the team in high school, the Leeman twins. We sat down on the weird fake grass of the infield and watched a few other runners lope around the track.

'So there we were,' I said, recounting the story of the California Track Championships, 'and just about everybody in the world would have put money on Danny Leeman taking it all in the State Meet.'

Alex hung on my every word.

'Me and his brother David were basically just honored to be there, but there was no fucking way either of one of us was expected to medal,' I explained. Despite the great athletic genes the twins shared, David was the sweet, innocent clueless twin who worked his tail off just to keep up with his more skilled but far more evil twin Danny. Danny didn't somehow have to put in the effort; it just came very naturally to him.

'So what happened?' Alex asked, obviously hoping for a happy ending to my story.

'David won,' I said, still amazed myself that it actually happened. 'He had the race of his life in the finals, ran a PR, and me and Danny were left on the side of the race just watching and cheering like mad.'

'That's fantastic,' Alex said, sounding like he was truly excited. 'And the other twin? The one who was supposed to win? Danny?'

'He sort of caught fire on the last lap but he was too far behind the eventual winner and couldn't take him,' I explained.

'Sounds like it must have been a great day though, watching your brother take State,' Alex said with complete sincerity.

'Yup. It was amazing,' I agreed. 'We had a crazy celebration after. Back at the little motel we were staying at.'

Alex didn't need to hear exactly how we had celebrated David's big victory. Alex didn't need to hear what a total pervert Danny was, how his more quiet and naïve brother David just sort of got dragged through life by his twin, how Danny tried to turn everything into sex 24-7. At the end of David's big day, me and Joey and the twins had our own private fuck party in the motel room, Alex didn't need to know that yet either. For the time being, I kept it to myself that evil twin Danny was urging both Joey and I to slam our dicks into his brother David's first place ass.

Those parts of the story would have to wait.

The twins were in Oregon now, running middle distance at one of the best programs in the country. If Danny could keep his cock to himself, I was sure he'd be a world class athlete some day. Maybe even David too. And I could say that I'd screwed him when...

So I wrapped up my tale of high school glory by describing my own final race at the State Meet. I'd given it my best shot, but it hadn't really even been that close. I'd missed the final heat even with what amounted to my best performance of the season.

We grabbed another slug of water and then jogged lightly back toward the hotel. While we ran, Alex told me about being All-State in Texas and how incredibly proud his dad, in fact the whole family was. And he told me exactly what he planned to do during his senior year in high school to make sure he made All-America.

The boy was definitely ambitious. But from what I'd seen, he sure seemed like he had all the right stuff.

'Sounds great, Alex,' I said. 'Seems like a sure fire plan to make All-America.'

He slowed up and then ground to a halt. I turned my head to see what happened.

'What's up?' I asked. 'Muscle?'

He shook his head. 'Nope, I'm spent,' he said. 'I need food.'

'Okay then, let's get some. I have a ten in my pocket.'

Alex grinned from ear to ear. 'I'll bet,' he said. 'I guess I finally got my answer.'

We laughed together and then walked along the path, hoping to find something to eat.

Unfortunately there was none to find, and we wound up back at the hotel. Both of us were starving.

'Come up to my room,' Alex said. 'We'll order everything we can from Room Service.'

I wasn't going to need much convincing. 'Deal,' I said.

Inside Alex's room, Alex took charge. First he ordered us a massive breakfast. I went along with everything he suggested. While we waited, he suggested that we stretch. We both flipped our shoes off and got onto the floor. Alex took his socks off too and I watched him wiggle his toes. After a few minutes, Alex asked if I would help him with his lower back. It was tight, he explained. He stretched his legs out in front of him and I pushed gently on his upper back as he tried to get his face onto his knees. To my amazement, he did.

'That's crazy,' I said. 'I can't believe you can get down that far.'

'You have no idea,' Alex said.

'Oh yeah, what else can you do?'

He hopped up to a standing position. 'Come here, let me show you.'

As I stood up from the ground, Alex lay down on the bed on his back, his legs draped over the edge at the knee. His bare feet didn't quite touch the floor.

Then he flexed one leg up from the hip and held his foot with both hands.

'Here, take my foot,' he said.

I did as I was told and grabbed his foot.

'Push,' he said. 'With your chest.'

Slowly, and with great care, I eased my chest onto Alex's foot and pushed his knee into the bed. With one arm, I pushed against his other leg, trying to drive it toward the carpeting on the floor.

He was insanely flexible and in a matter of seconds, there was no further for him to go. He was lying on the bed on his back, one leg flat and with that foot flat on the floor, and his other leg was practically behind his head. I had done this stretch many times with guys on the team, but nobody, and certainly not me, had managed to get this much out of it.

Alex breathed deeply in and out, it was cool on my cheek, and he still smelled like toothpaste.

The stretch had served its purpose. Alex's hamstrings were probably on fire on the side I was pushing with my chest; his quads on the other leg were probably getting a fantastic stretch too. Better still we were pretty much face to face and crotch to crotch. I could feel the skin on the back of his thighs against the skin on the front of mine; my groin squished against his, just a few inches away from his butthole.

So what's a guy to do in a situation like this?

I got hard.

I pulled away as I began to feel the fabric of my shorts get tight around my cock.

'That was great,' Alex smiled. 'Other side please.'

Well, he did say please.

So I stretched out his other leg, this time not bothering to hide my hard-on. There was no way he couldn't notice. My dick was even pointed right toward his ass.

But Alex just kept right on breathing. And I just kept right on oozing pre-cum out the top of my erection.

After like 30 seconds of maxxed out stretch, I was either going to shoot a load of cum into my own shorts or Alex was going to have his upper leg ripped completely free from his pelvis.

'Okay?' I said, not sure exactly what I was asking.

He nodded and smiled.

As I began to pull away, Alex reached his arms up and placed them around my neck. Now I couldn't get off of him. Bummer.

'TJ,' he said. 'Thanks for what you taught me about wind sprints.'

'Um, okay, no problem.'

Alex pulled harder on my head, his fingers tugging on the harder part of my ears. Steadily, he eased my face toward his.

'Nobody has ever spent that much time with me on stuff like that.'

'On wind sprints?'

'Mm hmm.'

'You're sort of a natural. Easy to teach,' I said, my breath getting clogged in my chest.

'Thanks,' he said.

His hands pulled my lips all the way to his mouth and they met. We were both a little dry but we managed to kiss each other all the same. After about a minute, we both came up for air. I released his foot and he let it flop down onto the bed. He drew my body onto his and we kissed again.

'Just breathe,' he said, when he realized that I wasn't.

I looked at his eyes and took a breath.

Even though we both had our gym clothes on, we might as well not have. They weren't much. We both sort of smelled like a combination of tires and sweat anyhow; running gear wasn't exactly known for any kind of great fragrance.

Alex was hard now too, our dicks pushed together. Alex got an arm around one of my shoulders and easily flipped me.

Now I was on the bottom. He was stronger than I was. I guess pole vaulters have that over middle distance runners. He pulled me up higher onto the bed and pulled my running shorts off of my hips in one swift motion. My dick sprang free and Alex grabbed it with his hand. The pre-cum had leaked out from the top and was sort of dripping now down the sides of the shaft.

'Mmm,' Alex said.

'Mmm,' I repeated.

Alex used the pre-cum to his advantage and rubbed it all over the head of my cock. My back arched off the bed as he did, the feeling was a total turn-on. It was like nobody had every touched me down there ever before!

Alex held my chest down against the bed with one hand, rubbed my hard-on with the other, and then kissed me. His strong tongue pushed me back and I was effectively pinned.

I thought perhaps if I cooperated he'd eventually let me up.

But I was willing to cooperate for a long time.

Alex pinched a nipple and I flinched. It was still a tiny bit sore from when his brother had pinched it back in our dorm room.

'Ooh, sorry,' he whispered.

He let his mouth envelop mine. Artfully, his soft lips explored every part of my mouth. As he did, his hand continued to stroke my cock slowly. Very slowly.

Fuck! He was pretty good at this!

I opened my eyes and pulled off his shirt. Alex's chest was chiseled into a shape that looked like his brother's chest. The resemblance was amazing. I pawed weakly at him in a half-hearted attempt to get up but he was way too strong for me. After a moment I gave in again.

His hand pumped up and down on the shaft of my dick very leisurely and methodically, like he had all the time in the world. His tongue found my ears and he licked off the perspiration. It made me shudder and another gallon of pre-cum leaked from tip of my penis.

For like ten minutes, Alex worked on me. When I'd get close to coming, Alex would make his hand go even more slowly until the moment passed. Then he'd find a new rhythm that would drive me crazy and lock in there for a while. Nobody had ever done this to me before, so deliberately, so gradually.

My cock was a rock. I thought that every drop of blood in my body must be inside of it right now. If I could just pass out, maybe Alex would take pity and let me up.

'Your dick is fantastic!' Alex said.

I looked at him, unsure exactly which planet I was on at the moment.

'Thanks,' I whispered.

'How big is it?'

I didn't answer. Not because I didn't want too. I couldn't.

While I was certainly well aware that fully hard, I measured out at eight and a third inches, I just wasn't able to string the words together in the right order.

Alex took my silence wrong.

He put both hands on it, one at the bottom and one at the top. A little bit of wet cockhead peeked out the top of his fist.

'You mean you don't know?' he asked, amazed. He licked a palm and rubbed it all around the end. I opened my mouth again and said something unintelligible.

'Okay then, if you won't tell me, let's compare!' he said.

He took a break from stroking me and pulled off his shorts. His dick slapped onto his lower abs with a splat. I was still on my back so Alex straddled me from below. He pushed our dicks together and began to rub them both. I felt his gigantic balls heavily against the inner parts of my thighs.

I had plenty of pre-cum for the both of us and he used some to lube up his own dick.

I was still unable to move off the bed, but managed to at least bend my neck and take a look at what he was doing. He was beaming.

'I think it's a tie,' Alex said. 'We're both exactly eight inches.'

Finally I was able to find my voice.

'Um, actually, I'm eight and a third.'

Alex kept smiling and looked at the two weenies in his hands.

'No!' he mocked.

I nodded. 'Honest,' I said. 'My friend Andy measured me in high school.'


'Plus I did it myself, like a thousand times or so.'

He laughed.

'Well, then maybe it's not a tie,' he agreed. 'You've got me by a third of an inch.'

I nodded in agreement. 'Yep.'

He licked both of his hands and placed them back onto my cock. He had me on the edge of orgasm for so long, that the change in technique drove me wild and I came after just 15 seconds of being two-handed. I shot a stream of cum straight up into the air, then two or three smaller squirts that mostly landed back on his hand.

He smiled and looked me. Then he gave me a passionate kiss that lasted like forever. I was panting when it was over.

We both saw Alex's eight inch penis, sort of throbbing against my leg. I had already been jerked off within an inch of my life and I hadn't even touched Alex's cock yet. Total horn dog that I was, I couldn't believe that I'd hadn't even had a feel. The guy had me completely paralyzed. Actually I was a little embarrassed.

But, no time like the present! I sat up and reached for him.

Alex pulled away.

'What?' I said. 'Don't you want me to?'

'Just leave it,' Alex said.


He raised a finger and wagged it back and forth.

'Not yet,' Alex said. 'Let's go slow.'

'Slow?' I squawked. 'How could we possibly go any more slow? It must like Monday by now.'

Alex cracked up.

'We're coming back around the holidays,' Alex explained. 'This will keep you thinking about me,' he said teasingly.

'What?' I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 'December?'

Alex nodded and jumped off the bed, his nuts swung back and forth as he did.

'I'm still growing,' Alex said as he pulled his running shorts back up.


'So. Maybe by then I'll be eight and a third inches too.'


I sat completely up on the edge of the bed and a thought crossed my mind. If I went back to my room and caught Alan on the floor again naked doing push-ups or something, I was going to totally jump his bones. If I did it before dinner time, I would have had sex with three members of the same family in less than 24 hours!

I watched my roommates' younger brother walk toward the bathroom barefoot and shirtless. Holy crap he was sexy!

Alex tossed me a towel that he'd used to wipe my cum off his hand. I used it to clean up my dick.

'That was really a blast, TJ, thanks for coming over and helping me out.'

'Really? You're thanking me? Are you kidding me? You were like, I don't know, the greatest masturbator of all time!'

He giggled. 'Is that even a word? Masturbator?'

'Well, I have no idea. But you're good at it.'

'Thanks,' he said. 'We're all pretty good at it at home. Our dad is an incredible teacher.'

I shook my head and looked at his face. Did I really just hear what I think I heard?

'What?' I asked.


TJ Tachet

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