Joey and I were baking in the California sun. Any kind of cool wind off the water was nowhere to be found. Yes I had put on some sun block. But it was no match for the mid-day sun angle. If this kept up, I would have second degree burns on every part of the front half of my body that was not covered by my OP board shorts.

I thought about flipping over but decided against it. No reason to broil the back half of me too.

Joey was bronzed and god-like and did not seem to be bothered by the temperature and the searing ball of fire above us. I licked my lips to try and get some perspiration to the inside of my mouth. Mmm, salt.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of ice cream.

It didn't help.

I held both hands up to block the sun, the shadows on my face. Then my palms got hot. Fuck!

I sighed and turned my head to look over at Joey. Make sure he had not spontaneously combusted. Despite the fact that my core body temperature was already at medium well, I wasn't quite ready to get up off of the towel and pack everything up yet. No way! After all, I didn't think I was going to have many beach days like this anytime soon for the next four years. But it was still hot enough that I had begun to wonder about burning up and evaporating into the blue sky.

I moved my elbows back and sat up part way. I put my sun glasses on and looked out at the Pacific Ocean. It looked cool and inviting, the perfect fix for my hot, sizzling soon-to-be-burnt-to-a-crisp thin little lobster body.

I looked over at Joey again, lying quietly on his white beach towel. His already deeply tanned Italian skin glistened with a fine layer of sweat. Not too much though, every time a little drop would form the hot sun would suck it right up before it had time moisten his skin.

Joey's chest went slowly up and then slowly down with each relaxed, easy breath - the fine dark hair that I'd been trying to get lost in all through this last summer before college - Joey's chest hairs were like old friends to me. Old soft friends.

I opened my mouth to say something to him, but then stopped. What if he was sleeping? I'm about to practically explode from the heat and he's snoozing right beside me in his Speedo.

Maybe I should just lick the nipple closest to me. How could anybody sleep in this heat anyway?

I sat up a little higher off my elbows now and took stock of our toes. Joey's were symmetrically balanced strong, baby Italian sausages, spread just enough that I could see the surf from in between each one. Football players' feet. Starting fucking quarterback feet. 18 year-old, almost 19-year old Italian Stallion sexual dynamo with the really, really thick weenie feet. My own mostly straight Roman fuck buddy with a dick for days who stood on such firm generous, perfectly sculpted feet that would surely cause Michelangelo to break a sweat.

Next to Joey, my own runner's feet looked like they'd been run over by a lawn mower.

Relatively short and stubby to begin with, I'd been pretty rough on my feet lately and they'd gotten blistered and shredded.

Running, running, running. Every day I'd been training, slogging mile after mile with the silly school-boy dream that I could run my way into an athletic scholarship. Even though I'd gotten into every university that I applied to, my grades were pretty notch, I still wanted the one I couldn't have.

After a wait that seemed like forever on the waiting list, my number one choice, Harvard, turned me down cold.

So, I ran and ran. Maybe if I could cut a half minute off my 800 time, or grow a jet engine out of my ass, I could impress the track team at the only college that had turned me down. Maybe Harvard would come knocking on my door and offer me an athletic scholarship.

Even after lettering in track all four years at Apple Valley High, I had never trained like this. Stairs, hills, off-road. You name it, I did it. All fucking summer!

From the ankles up, my body was a rock. My butt was harder than it had ever been, my thighs firm and toned like nobody's business. But then there were my feet, my poor, poor feet! Maybe the Harvard deans would know a good podiatrist I could visit to cure my aching feet! In the past few days, I really had cut my times way down. Over the weekend, Joey clocked me with personal records in the 3000, the 1500, and even my dreaded nemesis, the 800!

Bring on Danny Leeman! After eating Danny's dust for years, I was absolutely certain that I could take him now. His brother David too! The Leemans were off to Oregon, that track Mecca of the west. They left to go up last week.

In a few days, even Joey would split for northern California. He'd be a freshman back-up at Humboldt State, not exactly a football powerhouse but then Joey's grades in high school didn't give him a lot of options.

I had exactly one week to finally make up my own mind. Stanford: partial academic scholarship and a so-so chance at making the track team, but just a short drive away from Joey at Humboldt. Or Boston University: full ride, pretty good chance of running track, but thousands of miles away from my family and my Italian personal blow-job machine.

I fixed my eyes on the mound of thick cock in Joey's Speedo. I felt my lips moisten, my nipples wake up despite the searing heat.

Even flat on his back and totally relaxed, Joey's cut abs formed little mini-mountains of muscle. I'd spent a lot of hours this summer riding Joey's ski jump dick, my own penis bouncing happily on his abdominal moguls. Two or three times I came first while Joey fucked me, my spooge sloshing about in the deep hollows of his abs.

I looked down at my board shorts and watched my cock lengthen.

Some sixth sense woke Joey up and he blinked his eyes open, stretching his arms over his head. As he did, the black fabric of his Speedo lifted up off of his lower stomach and I was treated to a glimpse of his thick dick.

Joey smiled at me.

'What'cha doin'''?'

I took a breath before I answered. 'Just looking, I guess,' I said.

He tussled my hair with one hand as he rose up to a sitting position.

'At me?'

I nodded.

Joey glanced around the beach. There were the usual assortment of hard-core weekday beach people. Moms with dozens of kids. A few overly tanned California beach bums, some of whom had surfboards or little portable chairs. Here and there a group of college or high school students. With his closest hand, Joey squeezed my nipple as he flashed open his tiny bathing suit so that I would see that his cock had stretched out to semi-hard.

I recoiled.

'Jesus Joey, we're like on a public beach here,' I protested.

He smiled and squeezed me again. He shifted to his side so that I could get a better view of his growing hard-on.

I looked around for something to throw over Joey's mid-section. I found an empty Diet Coke can and stood it up carefully right beside Joey's hip, partially blocking the boner behind it. He giggled.

'What is that supposed to be?' he asked. 'A comparison?'

I laughed.

'Don't flatter yourself, big guy,' I teased. 'You're big, god knows, but I don't know about a Diet Coke.'

Joey opened up his Speedo again and held it that way to judge for himself.


I sat up cross-legged, vainly trying to keep anybody from seeing Joey's enormous hard dick. I didn't think that we should get arrested and have to be bailed out by our parents just before we left town for college.

'I'll give you a dollar if you lick it,' Joey taunted me.

'A dollar?'

'Just the tip, come on, a dollar! You know you want to.'

I took a deep breath as I drank in his magnificent member with my eyes.

'Joey, shit!' I said.

Without using his hands, he made his cock bounce. I watched transfixed, Joey's erection was at full staff now. Pre-cum glistened at the end. I held my hands in front of it so that just in case anybody was looking over at us...

Half of me wanted to get up and run. The other half wanted to jump his bones right here in broad daylight. I reached into my shorts and readjusted my own hard dick, straining against the fabric of my bathing suit.

'All right, five dollars,' Joey said. 'And you don't even have to go down on it all the way.'

'That's very nice. Thank you very much, but I don't think so' I said.

Joey snapped his Speedo shut.

'You're tough,' he said. 'But at least I know I'll get my way with you later.'

'What does that mean?' I asked, hoping I already knew the answer.

The moment passed and I let out a big sigh. I lay back down and squinted my eyes against the sun. Anybody who was looking carefully at the two of us could clearly tell that we were just a couple of guys on the beach with hard-ons.

'I think you need to sit on my dick. And I think I need to sit on your dick. And I think we need to do it really soon.'

I laughed and nodded to the sky.

'Okay,' I said. 'I'm in.'

I turned my head and looked over at him, turning darker and more olive just as I turned pinker and more crustacean.

'Just shut the fuck up about anything to do with sex until we get off of this beach, please!' I said. 'I'm absolutely roasting my ass off here and I desperately need to go into the water and cool off.'

Joey flipped over onto his side and spoke to my crotch.

'Go ahead,' he said. 'It's not like you're wearing a Speedo like me.'

I glared at him.

'I don't think I've ever been so hard my entire life,' I said. 'My dick is every single bit of eight and a third inches even if you start measuring from the crack of my ass. I'm not getting up!'

Joey laughed and rubbed my penis with the back of his hand.

'Don't touch it!' I whispered as loudly as I could.

Twenty minutes later, when I was beet-red from the sun, my cock had finally softened to a more beach-friendly five inches or so and I dashed off quickly and jumped into the waves.

When I came up and rubbed the salt water out of my eyes, I saw Joey sitting up watching me with a grin. Nobody else seemed to be looking so I took the chance to grab hold of my crotch, Roseanne Barr style.

Joey cracked up and lifted himself off the towel. He adjusted the tiny bit of fabric that kept him from being completely naked and began to walk slowly toward me.

My eyes watered at the sight of him. Joey the quarterback striding into the water as the mid-day sun back-lit his hunky profile. The vision passed right through me and landed directly in my penis.

I exhaled as a wave slammed into me from behind. I tumbled forward in that fantastic helpless feeling of being inside the surf and landed somehow upside down at Joey's feet.

He had a concerned look on his face. 'You okay?'

I smiled and hopped back up, turning to dive again into the waves. He followed me. This time I kept swimming, heading out past the waves. My sleek runner's body sliced through like a knife while Joey had the misfortune of having to drag all those giant muscles. He was no match for me and I came up outside the surf a full 15 seconds before he did.

I was a good 50 yards from shore and far enough away from the crazy screaming kids on the beach that it had become eerily quiet.

I treaded water and waited for Joey. He was paddling away with his head above the bouncing waves, taking on ocean water.

'How'd you do that so fast?' he asked, breathlessly when he reached me. I felt his hand on my ribs.

I shrugged.

'Maybe I'm part sea monkey,' I offered.

Joey grinned and more water entered his mouth. 'More like sea horse,' he said. 'Don't forget I've had your cock inside me quite a few times.'

Under water we tried to hang onto each other while our feet paddled maniacally below so we could breathe. He drew me toward him and kissed me with an open mouth. My body relaxed and allowed his salty tongue to explore my throat, my arms held on to his waist for dear life.

Joey put a paw behind my head and effectively locked our lips together to keep out the ocean.

Only the whistle of a lifeguard got us to stop. We looked toward the shore but couldn't tell if he was whistling at us. Joey smiled and edged away from me.

A moment later Joey had his Speedo around his neck. I swam closer and tried to find his dick under the water. My left hand found it and grabbed hold. I tried to stroke it up and down but the tide was too choppy and I wound up socking him in the balls.

'Hey,' he said. 'Be careful with that thing, I just have the one.'

'Sorry,' I said, letting go.

'So is that why you like me so much?' Joey asked. 'My big, thick Guido dick?'

I nodded. 'Especially when you plow my tiny little runner's butt with it.'

'Good,' he said. 'Let's go do that.'

Joey pulled his Speedo over his head and struggled to put it back on. He coughed and spit when a particularly big swell smacked him right in the face.

'Let's not drown, okay,' I said. 'I would really like to get fucked this afternoon.'

Joey's face fell. He looked really serious and I saw his eyes well up. He nodded his head toward the beach and headed in. After we swam a little ways back toward the shore, Joey stopped and turned toward me. Our feet still couldn't make good contact with the sea floor, but we could bounce up and down with the incoming waves.

He turned and looked at me. His eyes were red. Could he really have been crying?

'TJ,' he started.

'What?' I asked gently.

He looked away. I reached my hand over and put it awkwardly on his shoulder. When he turned back he pursed his lips.

'Is this it for us?' he asked.

'What do you mean, 'is this it?''

'You know, are we done? Was this just a once-in-a-lifetime thing? A high school crush?'

I looked at him closely. Deep down, he knew that I was probably going to take the full scholarship and move out to Boston. I knew it too.

I didn't know what to say.

'I mean, it's cool if it is. You know, if we're finished. I didn't really think that what we had was forever or anything. It's just that, well I don't know, it's just that I've gotten kind of attached to you.'

'Me too,' I said feebly.

'It's like, when we started doing this, I didn't really know where it was headed. I didn't really know that we'd even do it more than once.'

I smiled.

'I'm glad we did,' I said. 'It's been fucking amazing.'

We took few steps in toward the beach and we could stand on the bottom now. The waves came at us from behind and pushed us forward. I watched Joey's body slowly emerge from the ocean, first his shoulders, then his chest, his mid-section. We stopped again.

'Do you think that maybe, just maybe, you know, that you...' his voice trailed off.

'That what?' I asked, pretty much knowing exactly where he was going with this.

'You know, do you think, well? Do you think that maybe we love each other?'

I looked up at the beach. I said nothing and shrugged.

'TJ?' Joey looked at me, his deep brown eyes as big and gorgeous as I'd ever seen them.

I smiled and put both of my hands on the upper part of his chest. I didn't care who was watching us from the shore. I didn't care about anything else at all. I just cared about this moment, this time at the end of our summer. At the end of our high school love affair. This short moment in time before we would go to college and probably go our separate ways.

'Yes,' I said suddenly.

'Really,' Joey said with his best puppy dog smile.

'Yes,' I said again. 'I think we do. I love you at least.'

Joey's lips widened and his perfect white teeth sparkled in the sunshine. 'I love you too. I have for a while I think,' he said.

This time my lips found his. I moved toward him and locked my arms around his neck. I kissed him ravenously, my mouth encircling his, and wrapped one of my legs around his thighs. I forced his head down my throat. He responded with his thick muscular hands around my waist, our separate bodies merged into one upright pile of flesh. I don't know how long we kissed for, but we separated when we heard the whistle of the lifeguard again. This time there was no doubt about it, he was whistling at us.

'Get a room,' he shouted from the top of his lifeguard perch. 'Take it off the beach guys, we've got a lot of families here,' he added.

Joey and I turned and held hands as we walked in the last few feet toward the shore. We gathered up our towels and stuff and practically sprinted back to the car. There was still unfinished business to attend to.

Back at Joey's house we wasted no time getting naked. Not that there was really so much to take off anyhow.

'Who's first?' I asked stupidly as both of our erections sprung free from our sandy bathing suits.

'You are,' Joey answered.

'I am what?' I asked, unsure exactly what I had just agreed to do.

'You are going to sit on my cock while I kiss you and get you off,' he said.

I hesitated for half of a breath, thinking over whether or not I wanted to have him make love to me first, or maybe the other way around.

Joey sensed my indecision and responded by using my upright erection as a handle and yanking me toward him. With his other hand he got the lube from his bedside table and deftly squirted a long stream of into onto his own dick. He sat down on the edge of the bed and maneuvered me onto him so that we could face each other. My knees bent around the outside of his hips, his hands held my waist.

'Go slow,' Joey said. 'I could shoot cum up your ass in about 30 seconds and I don't wanna finish so fast.'

'Well that's good,' I said, 'neither do I.'

I eased down onto his thick hard-on.

In a very short period of time, he fucked me every possible way I could think of. Joey did cum pretty quickly, some squirting deep inside of me and some shooting out and onto my back. As he slid out of me in mid-orgasm, he stroked my rock-solid eight and a third inches with both hands with the desperation of wanting me to cum just as fast.

I did, and Joey licked his hands clean.

Maybe Joey was starving like I was, or maybe he just thought it was hot - like I did. Whatever. It was the first time he'd done that. I watched him finish every drop of my semen.

'I need food,' Joey said.

I kissed him and tasted the mix of beach and the sweet bleach of sperm.

'Let's get food,' I said. 'Do we have to put our clothes on?'

He thought for a moment and then walked over to his closet and pulled down an unopened box of crunchy granola bars.

We ripped it open and shoved them into our mouths, both of us still standing beside his bed. The best I could do was just two bites, but Joey managed to polish off one in just one bite.

Somehow watching Joey deep throat a granola bar was practically the sexiest thing I'd ever seen in my life and my dick started to stretch out again.

Joey noticed and grabbed it. His hands occupied, I helped him with the wrapper of another granola bar and then fisted it into his open mouth. He was about to bite down about 2/3 of the way up the bar when I suddenly pulled it out. I stuck it in mouth, moistened it, sucked off the excess saliva and placed it carefully on Joey's tongue. As his hands expertly guided my cock back up to full boner-hood again, he opened his lips as wide as he could and I managed to put the granola bar exactly onto his tongue and not touch any other part of his mouth. One of his fingers found my asshole and slipped inside.

I eased forward to try and kiss Joey as he chewed the granola bar, but that didn't work. We both laughed and he spit little tiny raisins and almonds all over my chest.

I fell onto the floor giggling and his finger popped out of my butt with a funny sucking sound. This made us both laugh even harder and Joey joined me on the floor. He was laughing and chewing and trying really hard not to spit anything else out of his mouth. Finally I relaxed on my back and he snuggled in beside me.

After a moment, he leaned over me and licked the granola bits off of my chest. He became a licking machine and slathered me from the neck down to my pubic hair with his very strong, very wet tongue. He wound up at the base of my cock, stroking the end with his hand and then licking around the base like it was an ice cream cone.

'I think I need ice cream too,' he said.

I raised my neck off the floor and gave him an evil eye. 'You're going to have to wait at least another minute or so,' I said. 'I need to slam my dick inside your butt and I intend to do it right now Mister!'

'Um, well, okay, captain,' Joey said sotto voce. He raised his ass in the air and spread his cheeks for me to see deeply inside. 'Private Joey reporting for duty.'

'That's better, Private,' I said. 'Turn around so I can see your face,' I commanded.

Joey instantly flipped over and looked at me with an obedient expression.


'Sit on my giant wiener, Private.'

He looked skeptically at my hard on and pointed to it.

'That giant wiener, sir?'

'Yes, Private. And do it right now. Do you understand your assignment?'

'May I have ice cream after you are finished fucking my ass, Captain?'

I grinned.

'Do a good job my young Italian stud muffin and you may have as big a cone as you'd like,' I answered.

'I will sir,' Joey said. 'I promise I will!'

We were both giggling as Joey sat squarely on my dick. He closed his eyes as his asshole gradually let me enter him. He bounced up and down for 15 minutes, his cock slapping my abs with a thud. Joey's long dark hair bounced too and I extended my arms out to grab hold of my huge chest and squeeze his nipples. Drops of Joey's pre-cum splattered all over the front of me.

Every minute of so, Joey leaned down to kiss me and I'd lift up my hips just a bit so that my cock would not fall out of his butt.

When I came for the second time in an hour it was as if I'd never done it before in my life.

My neck flexed back away from my body, my arms fell flat on the floor in a sort of gay crucifix, my abs contracted, my dick got harder and longer and my toes curled, some of them up and some of them down.

'Aaaagh!' I said very quietly.

Joey smiled and came at the same time. Neither one of his was touching his thick cock when he did. On Joey's second orgasm in less than an hour, he shot a straight line from my belly button to my neck. I rubbed my fingers in it and stuck one in my mouth, one in his.

'May I have ice cream now, sir?' Joey asked after we had both calmed down a bit.

I smiled and took his head in my hands and we kissed.

'Let's go,' I said. We put our bathing suits back on to go over to the main house and into the kitchen.

In a few days he was gone. He left for northern California to try and be a football hero in college just as he had been with me at Apple Valley High.

For myself, I did finally decide to go to Boston University.

I was sad to be going so far away from home, but excited for my new adventure. And I was going to keep running. After all, Harvard was just across the river. Maybe I could be the academic hero in college that I had been at Apple Valley High? Maybe I could run the fasted 800 in the history of college track?

After a long cross-country flight I checked in at the dorm office and received my room assignment. Room #412 in Shelton Hall. I heard music inside as I slid my key in the lock.

I knocked first and then opened it up. On the floor was a guy doing push-ups in the nude. Facing away from me, he didn't hear me come in at first.

I set my bags down quietly and cleared my throat.

'Ahem,' I said.

He stopped his exercises and twisted his head around to look at me.

'Hi,' I said. 'I'm TJ.'

He smiled and stood up.

'Alan,' he said. 'Nice to meet you.'

'Um, yeah,' I said. 'Nice to meet you too. I guess we're gonna be roommates.'

'Yup,' Alan said. 'Welcome to BU!'


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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