In no time, winter was in full swing.

In the first 10 days of January alone, Boston had three snowstorms. This was more snow than I'd seen in probably the first 18 years of my life combined.

Like every other Boston University student, I was obliged to just keep quiet and deal with it. But, trudging to class across the snowpack, I was starting to feel sorry for myself. Practically everybody else I knew in the world who didn't leave in New England was warmer than I was. Why had I chosen to go to college here again?

Bundling up in my dorm room took a few extra minutes each morning. Day by day I was getting the hang of it. But then there was that icy blast that stung your face the moment you stepped outside. Twice, in fact, I'd turned back around decided to try again later.

Today I couldn't do that. We were having covering some pretty key stuff in class and I wasn't going to be able to rely on lecture notes that somebody else took. I sealed my mouth shut, tightened my butt cheeks and headed out.

Holy crap!

It was cold, really, really fucking cold! Maybe some kind of world record even! As I walked over the hardened snow and ice, I could feel my nuts tucked in close against my body for extra warmth. Smart little dudes.

There was no way to check out other guys walking to class in weather like this. Everybody was pretty much hidden from view under layers after layer. I myself was bundled up with everything I could think of to wear, and from the outside I must have looked like a cast-off from some Everest expedition. If somebody was even the least bit interested in checking me out, they wouldn't learn very much.

Alan and I listened to the weather channel this morning in the room and they said we were due for snow again tonight. We both said the same bad word out loud.

Did I mention I was cold?

I dreaded running outside this afternoon. Todd and Josh had taken me to a City Sports store a few days ago and made me buy some cold weather running gear. I tried it out yesterday for the first time. It helped a little, I felt warmer. Only thing was, I couldn't really run. How the heck did people deal with this crazy weather and manage to get any exercise at all? We had an indoor track for practice, although Coach said that he'd keep us outside as much as possible. That is, until things got really ridiculously cold.

Really? This wasn't even ridiculously cold yet?

Maybe today would be the big day.

After my English class, I walked to Starbuck's to grab some coffee and read a little before I had to be at practice. I ordered a Grande mocha (extra hot, please) and squeezed into an overstuffed brown mohair chair that looked like I was at least the millionth person to sit down in it.

I was supposed to be reading Moliere, which was funny, but all I could think about was my English TA, Marco.

Marco was from Latvia and was the biggest, hunkiest guy I'd seen since I'd been back from Apple Valley and romped with Joey. Marcus was about 6'2' and had super broad shoulders and gigantic Latvian hands. He had light brown hair and the world's bluest eyes. His face would have fit equally well on a twelve year old boy, however. I asked his age a couple days ago and it turns out he was 22. I was close to asking for a few more vital measurements, but he insisted on talking about Moliere, so I just sort of let him do that. For now.

Exactly what qualified Marcus from Latvia to be an English TA was unknown to me since he spoke the language not nearly as well as most of the rest of us in his study section. But Marcus was so hunky and so cute that I was willing to put up with it. Call me crazy.

I was obsessed with his hands. They were strong and thick. This could mean only one thing in my naïve 19-year old way of looking at the world - the world's most gigantic Latvian weenie.

I sipped my mocha and Googled Latvia on my laptop. Maybe everybody in Latvia had huge hands. Maybe I should go there. Maybe Marcus would carry me.

45 minutes later I had failed to read even a single page of Moliere, but I was an expert on Latvian extremities. Marcus was clearly an exceptional specimen.

On my walk over to Nickerson to bundle up with my new polar running stuff for another bone-chilling run outside, I made the executive decision to call Marcus since I had a spare few minutes. I wanted to ask if he wanted to go have a beer with me later this week. After all, why else had he given me his cell phone number if I wasn't supposed to use it?

'Hello?' It sounded like a younger, sexier Conan the Barbarian answered the phone.

That's it. He had me at 'hello.' I always loved Conan.

'Um, hey Marcus, it's me TJ, you know from English?'

'TJ?' J was apparently not a letter in the Latvian language and he made it sound like 'Tee-Chay.'

'Um, yeah, you're my TA?'

'Uh okay, hello TJ, what can I do for you?'

'Uh well, I was just wondering, I mean...'

'I'm sort of busy right now. Is this something that can wait until office hours? I'm available from 12-2 on Thursday.'

'Uh, well, yeah, I suppose it could, I guess, well it's just that...' I always stammered like an idiot when I was about asking out Latvian English TAs.

'Do you have a specific question on the reading assignment that I can answer quickly? TJ?'

Marcus' voice was gravelly and low and butch all at once. It sent sexual impulses throughout my ridiculous, horned-out 19-year old body. It had been pretty much forever since I'd actually had sex with another human being. As Alan always reminded me, my own hand didn't count.

'Do you have a specific question on the reading assignment that I can answer quickly?' I repeated the question silently to myself, my brain's inner voice trying hard to imitate Marco's uber-sexiness.

'Um, on Moliere?'

'Yes, on Moliere. That's the assignment for this week I believe.'

'Um, well, no, not exactly, I mean, I haven't really even gotten too far along.'

Just say it, you lame brain. Ask him out for a beer.


'So, would you consider going out for, I mean, if you're not doing anything this Friday night, I was just wondering if you wanted to, you know, go grab a beer or something?'

'I'm sorry, can you repeat the question?'

I spoke more slowly and evenly. Maybe he was too Latvian and couldn't think in English yet.

'Do you want to have a beer with me? On Friday?'


'Yes, beer. You drink it. It's brown. Or sort of yellow.'

'Aren't you a freshman?'

'Yes, I'm a freshman, second semester, why?'

'Freshmen aren't usually old enough to drink in this country.'

No shit Sherlock. But this was college, dude. What the fuck?

'I'm 19,' I said, pouting. Clearly this wasn't going well.


'Yes, I'm 19.' I paused to let him digest that. 'But I'm a very mature 19.'

He laughed. 'I'll bet you are.'

'So, do you wanna?'

'Do I wanna go grab a beer with you?'

'Yuh huh.'


I was devastated. Why not? Maybe I should have asked him out in person. Cell phones were so impersonal.

'Um okay,' I said.

'TJ, first of all you're my student. Second of all, you're 19, and not of legal age.'


'Sorry, TJ, but let's just keep this professional for the time being.'

Ah, a glimmer of hope. The time being. Hmm. Maybe he did want to have this little discussion face to face. Okay then, 12-2 on Thursday, in his tiny office. I intended to be there.

'Um, okay, well I guess I'll see you in class then,' I said. Our next lecture was Thursday morning and Marcus and the other TAs always sat up front.

'Yes TJ, I'll see you in class. Thank you for calling.'

'Okay, bye,' I said.

This was not over. And, of course, I love a good challenge. I had not yet had a Latvian cock in my mouth, up my ass or anyplace else. Marcus didn't know that yet, but he might be the lucky one to be first. But just how to do it?

I had no idea.

I slipped my phone into one of the 14 zippered pockets in my parka and ran as fast as I could the rest of the way to the gym. Later, during practice I was super fast despite the bulky garments covering every last inch of my body; it was kind of an uneventful day running the streets of Boston. All the while I kept thinking about Marco. Those hands! Somehow my imagination of what it would be like to be with him drove my legs faster and faster. The quicker I got through the workout, the quicker I could get back inside, get warm and work out my secret plan to bed my TA.

Poor Marco! He had no idea of the plans I had for him.

After I was showered and half dressed, some of the slower guys were finally making their way into the gym. Josh was among them. Seemed like he was always in the final group.

'How's it going, TJ?' Josh said.

Josh had the cutest smile on the team. Now that we had bonded over my surprising failure at the sperm bank, the two of us hung out together all the time.

Josh was quickly becoming the kind of friend who I could talk about anything with. We'd had a few quasi-sexual conversations all ready. I couldn't quite tell if there was a chemistry between us, or whether he was just sort of awkward with everybody. But I did know that if and when I decided to have full-on sex with Josh, he was going to be all-in.

'Hey Josh, how was your run?'

'Cold,' he shivered. 'Really, really cold, man.'

'Fuck yeah,' I agreed. I was warm now so I could smile about it. He wasn't.

There was an awkward pause while neither one of us spoke. Josh and I just sort of looked at each other's bodies. I had on my underwear and my socks. Josh was still outfitted in his North Pole running gear.

I broke the moment with a shrug. Josh focused his eyes on my crotch.

Secret electric charges flowed directly from Josh's blue eyes to the tip of my dick; my dick reacted the way it always does when somebody looks at it.

I glanced down to see how obvious it was. Not bad.

Josh and I looked at each other again. He was cold, but he was definitely hungry.

'Later, Josh, later' my eyes pleaded. Today I really wanted to tell him all about my phone call with Marco; I didn't want him to focus on my penis at this very moment. I turned away so that my mid-section was out of his view. Kind of a dick-ish thing to do, but I had my reasons.

Josh sensed what I was doing and looked away and toward the floor. I instantly regretted making him feel bad.

'I guess I should go hit the showers,' Josh said sadly.

'Josh,' I said.

He took a few steps away.

'What?' he asked, his voice cracking a little. His eyes were a little glassy too.

Was he going to cry? Oh my god, that is so damn cute!

I swung back around so he could see that my crotch was still bulging, but he kept his gaze above my waist.

'Josh,' I started. 'I'm sorry.'

'Forget it,' he said. He began walking toward his locker again.

'Josh!' I called after him. This time he didn't turn around.

I took a deep breath. Obviously he and I had some unfinished business. Not today though. I got myself dressed the rest of the way and sprinted out of the locker room, my mind a jumble of goofy thoughts about Marco and Josh both.

Back in my dorm room I was disappointed to find that Alan wasn't home. Today was one of those few days I would have really liked to see him doing push-ups on the floor naked. We'd developed a sort of mutual unspoken trust. I wouldn't make a fuss about him always being nude in the room, and he wouldn't mention the increasingly frequent signs that I only liked guys. It was kind of nice. We were pretty fucking different, but Alan was a good roommate.

I pulled off layers of winter gear, hung them up neatly so they could be used again tomorrow, and lay back on my bed in just my t-shirt and jeans. I needed time to think.

Two hours later Alan still wasn't home from wherever he was. And I still hadn't come up with any kind of plan to have sex with Marco. Or with Josh. Ack!

I was miserable. If I didn't do it soon, I'd be a virgin again, for sure!

I stared at the ceiling and thought about my predicament.

Bang! A flash of an idea.

Buried deep within my backpack was the business card of the guy I'd met on the airplane into Boston. The Professor from MIT who sort of looked like Rahm Emanuel. Could I actually have sex with somebody who got paid to teach college students like me?

Stupid question.

Extreme circumstances like these demanded extreme actions. I rustled through my pack until I found what I was looking for.

Christopher Sharpe, PhD. Department of Applied Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I punched the buttons on my phone. It was ringing.

'Hello.' Definitely not Conan the Barbarian. More like Conan O'Brien.

'Um, hello, sir, I mean, hello, you may not remember me, but, well, my name is TJ and we met on a flight from LA a few weeks ago. We were sitting next to each other.' That had to do the trick.

'Hmm, I think I remember you,' he said.

Thinks he remembers me? I didn't make much of an impression with my erection for nearly the entire second half of the flight.

'Um, we landed in Boston, and you gave me your card. It says 'Christopher Sharpe, PhD?'

'Yes, that's me all right,' he said, 'it's just that...'

'You gave me a business card with your name on it,' I said again, hoping that repeating it would jog his memory.

There was a pause while he thought it over.

'Oh!' he said with a surprised tone to his voice, 'you're the boy with the magazine!'

I sighed.

'Um, yes, well, that was me. With the magazine. I'm glad you remember. And I'm not a boy; I'm actually a freshman at BU.'

'A freshman? Is that so?'

'Yes. It's so.

'Okay, then, not a boy, my apologies. I'm very glad to hear from you,' the Professor said.

Finally! Now could we just have sex please? Tonight would be good.

'Um, do you have time to have coffee or something? That was what you said, I think, I mean, when we were getting off the plane.'



'Well, coffee would be terrific, TJ from BU. I would like that very much.'

'Great! What time are you free?' If we moved quickly, I could meet him for coffee, have sex, and then be back in time to read 50 pages or so of Moliere before bed.

He laughed. 'Ah, well TJ, I'm afraid that I'm unable to meet with you this evening. I have a prior engagement, however perhaps one day later this week? Would that be acceptable?'

I was devastated. Could nobody in this town have sex with me when I wanted them to? On my terms? I took a deep breath. Oh well, later in the week was better than 'not ever.'

'Yes, that would be nice,' I replied, trying to sound just a little bit older than a freshman. 'How about Thursday?'

'Thursday? Hmm. Well, I have a friend coming over, but that shouldn't present a problem I think,' he said evenly. He was clearly doing some type of mental calculations while he spoke.

'Okay,' I agreed, probably a little too eagerly.

'Is it okay if we have a little supper, I'm certain my friend will be hungry, he's flying in from quite far away.'

Free dinner and sex too? Cool.

'Yes, that would be great,' I said.

'Do you eat prawns?'

Prawns, what the fuck was a prawn?

'Yes, I do. All the time.'

'Right, then okay TJ, shall we say 6:00?'


He gave me the address and I poked it into my phone. Thursday was still two days away; I would have to hold out for 48 hours more. It was going to be close.

I Googled prawns.

Oh! Those.

Okay, I would eat prawns then, I sighed to myself. The things I had to do to get some good sex in this town!

I couldn't wait for my Thursday night dinner thing with my friend from the plane, the Rahm Emanuel look-alike.

I was so sex-starved that I didn't even dare take a shower with the other guys in the locker room after track practice. It had been so long since I'd been with anybody, I couldn't even be certain that I wouldn't spring a boner at the first dick I saw. If that first dick had belonged to my teammate and arch-rival Benny, that could have been bad, really bad.

For the life of me I had no idea how I was going to manage to get the sexy Dr. Christopher Sharpe into the sack when he had a friend coming over the same time as me, but I did love a challenge. This was definitely that. Inconvenient, yes, and I definitely had my doubts, but I was fairly desperate at this point and there weren't a lot of options for me in the wham-bam-thank-you-sir department.

I showered back on my dorm floor and then put on my best button-down shirt. If I was to sleep with a preppy MIT professor, I'd have to turn on the prep myself. My shirt had a horse, so that should be worth some extra prepster points as well.

Once I was done getting ready I stood back and stared at my reflection in the mirror.

Alan whistled.

'Hot date roomie?' Alan asked with a smirk. He'd been quietly studying all the while I was putting myself together. For once, he had on a complete set of clothes. Including socks. But, true to form, it was only a matter of time before he'd be all over me, trying to figure out what I was up to.

I had a carefully prepared answer.

'Nope, sorry buddy, I'm going to a charity dinner,' I said.

Alan wrinkled his nose. It didn't seem like he believed me. 'A charity dinner? Really?'

'Um yeah,' I lied. 'To benefit homeless animals.'

Alan laughed out loud. 'Homeless animals? What is the problem with homeless animals?'

I had to think for a moment. 'Well, you know, they don't have a home. They have to sleep in the snow.'

Alan crossed his arms across his chest.

'Plus, they need food to eat,' I added.

'Mm hmm,' Alan said. 'It's true I suppose.'

I turned away.

'Well, roomie, have fun at your charity ball, or your date, or wherever the fuck you're going.'

I glared across the room at him. I said nothing. I was caught. I needed to just shut up before I dug myself in any deeper.

Quietly, I put on my parka and gloves and headed off into the cold dark night.

I probably could have walked over to the Professor's apartment, but it was snowy and cold. I found a cab and treated myself to a ride.

The professor lived in a walk-up building in the South End. I found the buzzer and gave it a push.


'Uh, Professor, I mean, hi! It's me TJ.'

He laughed. 'Come on up, TJ, it's on the third floor.' The intercom light went off as the door clicked itself unlocked.

'Okay, third floor,' I said to myself.

Rahm was waiting for me on the third floor landing. He had on a tight black short sleeve t-shirt, even tighter black jeans and that was it. He was barefoot. Not exactly winter gear.

'Oh hi,' I said. 'Nice place you've got here I said musically.

He laughed. 'TJ, this is just the common area, you're not even inside our place yet.'


'Uh,' I said.

'It's nice to see you again, young man,' he said. His arm directed me to go first through the door.

I blushed.

'Thanks Professor, I mean...'

'TJ, when's the last time you were invited over to the home of an MIT professor at night? Not too often, I suppose. Please call me Christopher. My friends call me Chris.'

I giggled nervously. 'Okay, hi Christopher, er Chris. I'm really glad to be here. Thank you for having me.'

'The pleasure is all mine,' he said. He placed both of his hands squarely on my rear end and gave me a gentle shove the rest of the way through the front door.


I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that he touched my butt in the first five seconds after I'd shown up. After all, that is exactly what I had come for.

'Whoa!' This time I said it out loud.

He smiled and placed a hand on my shoulder.

'Can I take your coat?' Chris said.

'This is totally awesome!' I said, looking around at the amazing apartment. 'I can't believe you actually live here!'

He chuckled. 'Thank you, TJ, I've spent a lot of time and done quite a bit of remodeling. I'm glad you like it.'

'Like it? I love it! It's amazing, nicer than anyplace I've ever seen before.'

He ignored me gushing and asked again for my coat. This time I took it off and handed it over. Along with my fleece foodie underneath, my scarf, my hat, and my gloves. I could barely see his face above the mound of stuff I piled into his arms. 'Thanks,' I whispered as he staggered away to dump it all somewhere.

Chris got me settled onto his couch, a sort of low-slung ultra-contemporary boxy thing with very cool animal print pillows. I tried not to touch anything. He handed me a cocktail. It was brown and in a martini glass and had a cherry deep down inside. It seemed too pretty to drink so I just looked at it.

'It's a Manhattan,' he said. 'I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of making up a batch a little while ago before you came. I always hate to be mixing up drinks when company arrives. It takes me away from all the festivities.'

'Okay, well thanks, I don't think I've ever had one of these before.'

'A Manhattan.'

'Yes, a Manhattan. I'll have to remember that.'

He toasted me and clicked my glass. 'To...chance encounters,' he said. 'May this be the beginning of a long and meaningful friendship.'


'Okay, great,' I smiled. 'To a long and...' I couldn't remember the last couple words.

'Meaningful friendship.'

'Yes, to a long and meaningful friendship.' I giggled.

I took a big swig of the drink. Instantly my throat was on fire. I coughed hard, practically spilling my drink. I couldn't breathe.

Chris was smiling at me. He offered up a napkin that was made out of zebra fabric. I took it and coughed into it.

'Wow,' I mouthed, 'that's strong.' My voice was just a low raspy whisper.

'I'm terribly sorry, TJ, I can get you something else if that's a bit too much. A beer? I think we have a few microbrews. A glass of chardonnay? A Coke?'

'I'm okay,' I said, my voice coming back a little. 'I just took too big of a gulp, I think that maybe I'll just sip it.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes, thank you.' I forced myself to take another sip, even though the burning in my throat was still there. The next sip went down just a tiny bit more easily. I got a nice warm feeling in my chest and began to relax a little.

'Great, well if you change your mind. Please don't be shy about telling me. We have a fully stocked bar.'

'We? You keep saying 'we' and 'our.' But I don't see anybody else. Do you have a roommate?'

He laughed hard at this. 'Yes, TJ, I suppose I do. I have a roommate. I guess you could say that. At least when he's around.'

'Well, is he here?'

'Oh no, well not yet, at least. He's heading back to Boston this evening and I'd hoped he would have arrived by now. But I'm afraid his flight was delayed and now I'm not exactly sure when he'll turn up.'

'Oh.' I looked around the room. 'Well, the two of you certainly have a very nice place. Is he a professor as well?'

Chris smiled and put his bare feet up onto the sofa, his toes just inches away from my knees. They were brown and tan just like the rest of him. Nice 35-year old toes, a little more broken in than mine. I wanted to grab them.

'Well, not exactly. Actually he's a professional athlete. At least he used to be.'

'An athlete? Used to be? I don't understand.'

Chris leaned forward and patted my leg, about 8 inches above my knee. He didn't know it, but he was surprisingly close to patting my penis itself. But my penis knew it and responded accordingly.

'His name is Zachary, but let's not worry too much about him for the time being. I'm hopeful that he shows up soon. And if he does, we can let him explain everything by himself. Sound all right?'

'Zachary, that's a nice name.' Christopher and Zachary. Hmm.

Chris edged a little closer to me and put his hand back on my thigh. This time he left it there.

'So tell me, TJ, what is it that you do? What are you studying in school? Boston University right, isn't that what you said?'

I took a deep breath. His hand felt great on my leg. My cock lengthened, inching awfully close to the palm of his hand.

'Um well, it's not a very interesting story, really, I'm just a freshman at BU. I haven't figured out my major yet, but I'm thinking of going to medical school someday.'

Chris was sipping his drink. He was already more than halfway done. 'Mmm,' he said.

'Plus I run. I'm on the track team.'

'Mmm,' he said again. He fished the cherry out of his drink and held it aloft. We both looked at it, glistening in the halogen light of his apartment.

'Would you like it?' he asked.

'Your cherry?'


'Um, well, yeah, sure, I guess.' I said. He placed it gently between my lips. I bit off the cherry part and he took the stem and put it down on a napkin. As he did, he moved the hand on my leg up higher toward my crotch. He was now officially resting it over the head of my dick. My dick knew exactly what it was doing and rewarded Chris with a little throb.

Chris smiled.


I looked down at his hand. Did he mean the cherry, or his hand on my dick?

I nodded.

'Would you like another one?'

'You mean, a cherry?'

'Yes, I've got a whole jar in the bar,' he said, motioning to a blue glass and chrome area across the room.

'Well, maybe in a minute, not yet. I still have one,' I said.

Chris put his fingers into my drink and pulled out the cherry. 'No you don't,' he said. He popped it into his mouth and ate it as if it were the most delicious thing he'd ever tasted. As he chewed, he pressed his palm down and rubbed it gently back and forth over my jeans. A squirt of pre-cum leaked onto my leg and cemented my cockhead in place.

He licked his fingers, and then placed them softly onto my lips. Instinctively I stuck my tongue out and licked the tip of one of his fingers. Then I opened my mouth a little to allow him to move them inside.

Nervously I picked up my drink. Fiery throat or not, I wanted another sip. Chris sat back against the back of the couch and watched me. His fingers cupped the shaft of my erection. I was fully hard, and he had to know that I didn't have a small dick.

He pursed his lips and exhaled. 'How is it now, TJ? Are you enjoying it yet?'

As my latest swallow burned a path down into my stomach, my body felt different. Warm. Relaxed. Kind of mellow. I placed my hand on top of his and pressed it lightly downward. 'Good,' I said. 'I like it!' This time I meant it, although I wasn't quite sure if he meant the drink or not.

'Your pants seem like they must be a little constricting, TJ,' he said. 'Perhaps you'd be more comfortable if you simply took them off.'

'Okay,' I said. 'But what if your roommate comes home?'

He grinned. 'Zachary will be just as happy to see you as I am. You have nothing to worry about.'

'Really? You mean he's into guys too?'

'Yes, TJ, Zachary is definitely into Men. Guys, I guess. Very much so. I'm absolutely certain he will be into you. You are a very handsome young man.'

'I'm not so young. I'm a freshman,' I reminded him unnecessarily.

'I know, TJ. You've told me.'

We both looked down at his hand on my pants. He was rubbing my dick softly and the ooze from the top had made a little wet spot on my jeans.

'Maybe I'd better get these off, otherwise we're going to have a real mess,' I said.

'Yes, we wouldn't want that,' he agreed.

A few minutes later, I was completely naked and lying on my back on the cool, boxy couch. Chris hadn't taken anything off at all. My cock was in his mouth and he was slowly licking the shaft of my dick up and down like an ice cream cone.

'You have a very nice dick, TJ,' Chris said.

'You have a very nice mouth, Professor.'

'Thank you,' he said, a little slurpily.

It's true, he was very good at sucking my dick. I was wriggling around on the couch like a salmon. If we both didn't watch out, I was gonna cum in his mouth any minute now. He seemed to sense that he had me close, so he slowed up a little bit. I took advantage of the break to take a few breaths.

Our eyes met.

'Good?' he asked.

'Yeah, really good. How did you learn to do that? I don't think anybody's has ever had me so close before so quickly.'

He laughed. 'Let's just say...I've had a little practice.'

'Well, you're good. You could retire from teaching and just do that for a living,' I joked.

He cracked up, rolling his head back onto the couch. That got me laughing as well. My wiener shook. Since it was sort of the centerpiece where the two of us were sitting on the couch, Chris grabbed it to hold it steady. His palm was soft and slick with a combo of spit and pre-cum.

With my dick in his hand, he seemed to pause. He was just looking at it.

'You have a long penis, TJ,' he said. 'I'd say, what is it? Somewhere between 8 and one fourth and 8 and one third?'

How could he know that?

'Actually, that's pretty good. It's eight and a third.'

'Wow,' he said quietly. 'Nice.'

I smiled. I guess it was something I could be proud of. Maybe I'd been taking it for granted all these years, but well, it was the only one I'd ever had.

I rubbed the wetness away from my eyes and looked at Chris. Other than his bare feet, which were a surprising turn-on, he was still fully clothed. I gave him a frown.

A silent agreement passed between us. Chris slipped off his black shirt. Underneath, he had a very tight little muscular body. He was olive skinned and had a light amount of perfectly symmetrical and untrimmed chest hair. I couldn't help but run both of my hands through it when he moved closer to me.

I caught both of his nipples between my fingers and gave them both a little squeeze. He tightened his abs and I ran my fingertips over the ripples.

Wow. A six-pack. I wonder what he does to stay so fit.

Chris seemed to sense my question, and gave me a shrug. 'It's genetic,' he said. 'No matter what I eat, I've always got my little washboard.'

At that moment I hated him. Lucky. I had to do like a thousand sit-ups a week and had nowhere near the cut in my abs that he did.

I continued my exploration and slipped my fingers behind the waist band and undid the top button. I pulled his shorts away from his body and placed my hand inside. His pubic hair was soft. I could feel his hard dick poking upward. I couldn't wait to get it into my mouth.

Seconds later I had his pants off of him and rolled into a heap on the floor.

Chris' dick was great. A perfectly shaped pipe, just as thick at the top as it was at the base, there was no taper at all.

'Whoa!' I said. This wasn't exactly what I expected, but I was happy to see it.

I took both of my hands and placed them around Chris' shaft. It felt oddly familiar. Could it be?

'Um, is it....?'

'Eight and a third?' Chris said, meeting my gaze.

'Yeah, is it eight and a third?'

'Yes, exactly,' he said.

We both smiled. He took mine in his hand. I returned the favor and did the same. Man, what were the odds of this happening? Had I stumbled upon some alternative galaxy where the mirror-image of my penis existed on somebody else's body? An MIT math professor had my same dick? Really?

We started to giggle. In no time, the two of us were laughing so hard, we didn't hear the door open.

'Hey guys, I can see you started without me,' a familiar voice said. Who the heck?

Chris popped up off the couch. I put a pillow on top of my cock. In the dim candle lights that Chris had set up, I couldn't really see across the room too well.

'TJ, allow me to introduce you to my friend. This is Zachary,' Chris said.

'Um, pleased to...'

The silhouette of a nicely built man stepped toward the two of us on the couch. He was extending his hand toward us.

A handshake? Really? I was naked on the couch with his friend or his boyfriend or whatever. My hands have just been all over Chris' cock. And now I was expected to shake this dude's hand?

But then, what the fuck?

As he came closer I recognized him immediately. Despite the candles, there was no mistaking his smile and chiseled features.

It was Zack. Zachary, oh yeah.

Zack was the Australian hockey player I'd met on my flight out to Los Angeles just before Christmas.

Oh my god! What a weird coincidence!

'Oh my god, TJ, I can't believe it's you!' Apparently Zack figured out who I was too.

'Zack! I can't believe it's you!'

'What? You two already know each other?' Chris looked at us both in disbelief.

Zack and I both nodded. Chris' mouth was open. The three of us were pretty damn surprised to be in this situation.

Zack looked down at our hard-ons. Mine was still rock solid. Chris' didn't look like it lost that loving feeling either.

Zack smiled. 'Nice' he mouthed silently. Somehow it still came out with Zack's thick Australian accent.

It was one of those funny situations. All three of us sort of wanted to talk about how we'd wound up being in this goofy situation. But at the same time all three of us really just wanted to jump each other's bones.

Our bones won out. Five minutes later, Zack was naked too.

It had been a couple of months, but Zack's body was blazed deeply into my memory bank. Rock-hard muscles, huge strong hands, his cock was uncut, his balls were unshaved. He smelled like he'd been on an airplane for days, which he had.

Zack and Chris settled on either side of me held me down on my back. Chris licked my neck and my chest. Zack went to work on my dick. Chris took a sip of his Manhattan and kissed me with cool lips. Our tongues wrestled softly back and forth, first in my mouth and then in his.

From the position I was in I couldn't do much other than just lie there and let the two of them have their way with me. I thought of protesting, but never managed to find the right words.

Oh well.

Zack quickly had me bucking my hips up and down. He had sort of an aggressive style of cock-sucking. I rewarded his efforts with lots of happy drops of pre-cum. 'Mmm,' he said.

Then they switched.

Chris popped my penis in his mouth. Zack found one of my nipples and bit down.


While Zack revved up my dick with his super-charged vacuum mouth. Moments after he had me inside I lifted my hips off the couch as he Hoovered away, his strong fingers tugging away roughly at my scrotum. On the other hand, Chris' cock-sucking technique was exactly the opposite, slow and smooth. Chris cupped my nut-sack lightly while blowing me, almost like he was holding a little bird.

The contrast between them was dizzying. I was pretty powerless. Even if I'd wanted to move, I couldn't; Zack had my chest pinned down while he chomped on my chest.

Minutes later my hips began to buck again. Chris' soft, easy touch had put me over the top again. Zack kissed me firmly on the mouth. I just gave in as his tongue found the back of my throat.

Then they stopped.

I opened my eyes and looked up at the two of them. They were both grinning. What the fuck?

'Should we fuck him?' Zack asked gently in Australian.

Chris looked at Zack, then at me. 'Yes, I think we should Zachary.'


Zack went first. His dick was a little smaller, a little narrower toward the end. Perhaps both of them realized that I could stand with some breaking in before I took on Chris' thick pipe.

Zack lay down on his back and he and Chris hoisted me up so that I was seated facing him. Chris lubed up Zack's cock and I settled in against it. Then Chris stood up and pointed his fat dick toward my mouth. It was awfully thick and my eyes widened in anticipation of having to get it inside of me.

'Thought I might warm you up first before you have to deal with that,' Zack said as he watched my eyeing his roommate's hard-on.

'Thanks,' I smiled.

I wiggled aboard Zack's cock; he let me take charge of the entry. Thank god for that! I went slow. It had been a while. Once I had Zack deep within me, I stopped and took a breath. Zack tenderly bounced me up and down on his dick. Our eyes met and he smiled. I loved having him in there. We should have done this on the plane at 35,000 feet!

While Zack fucked me, Zack's boyfriend's dick was within licking distance, so I put my tongue on the top and gave it a lick.

'You think it'll fit in there?' Zack asked, clearly wondering - just like I was - whether or not Chris' fat cock would fit into my mouth.

I glared at him, stuck out my tongue, grabbed hold of Chris and shoved his weenie between my lips. I only got a little bit in. Man it was thick!

I gagged. Zack giggled.

'Zachary, be nice!' Chris scolded.

'I am nice,' Zack protested. 'I think it's pretty nice that I'm pounding his tight little ass!'

I chuckled and pinched both of his nipples hard. Then I went back to trying to deep-throat Chris. It wasn't working. What did it say about me that I could easily take a dick up my butt but I couldn't fit one in my mouth? On the other hand, Chris was awfully big!

While I struggled to find another couple inches of Chris' big penis into my mouth, Zack increased the pace of his fucking. I was really taking a pounding now. It felt so fucking great and I completely forgot about my own dick. At some point, a couple of hands grabbed hold of my cock during all the excitement, but I wasn't sure who they belonged to. Somebody put some lube on me and drove me to the brink of orgasm.

'Should we let him cum, Chris?' Zack asked.

'No, no, no!' I interrupted. 'I want Chris to fuck me.'

I stretched out my legs and eased upward off of Zack. He slithered out from underneath me, lifted me up under the arms and flipped me over onto my back. He had my legs in the air seconds later. He waved Chris around with his arm and pointed Chris' cock right toward my ass. I took a deep breath as Chris plunged in. Oh my fucking god!

Chris fucked me softly at first, then a little harder, and then he gave me a brutal pounding. Zack alternated between kissing me and sucking me. The whole thing was completely unreal.

Chris kept up the pace; Zack buried my cock in his throat.

When I came, it was probably the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I did what I could to continue to participate in the festivities after my climax. It was fun watching Chris fuck Zack right after he'd stopped fucking me. Zack screamed loudly and came buckets. Finally Zack and I both pinned Chris down between a bunch of pillows so he couldn't move a muscle and took turns jerking him off.

Zack practically carried me into the bathroom and tossed me in the shower. Then the two of them tucked me into an incredibly comfortable bed, kissed me lightly on the forehead, and I drifted off to sleep, happy as a clam. A very well-fucked clam.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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