Outside it was dark. There was a chill in the air; they said we might get some snow. Cool. It would be my first time since moving back east to Boston.

Inside our dorm room at Boston University, somebody watching us would not have guessed what the weather was outside. The three of us were naked. Me, my roommate Alan, plus Alan's wrestling teammate Gage. Who was, by the way, ridiculously cute.

I didn't really know what it was we were going to do next.

But, what the fuck! I've got no clothes on in a small 10 by 15 foot room, and I'm with two pretty frigging hot guys who also have no clothes on. Endless possibilities, right?

A phone rang.

It was Alan's cell phone. Instinctively I put a hand in front of my dick.

Before Gage or I could object, Alan had jumped off of his bed and was fumbling with the zippers of his backpack. He dug out his phone and flipped it open.


Distracted by the call, Alan was no longer trying to hide his boner. Gage and I watched it shrink; we looked at each other and smiled. Man, that happened really fast!

'Um, hey coach,' Alan said.

Alan squinted his eyes and listened to whatever it was that their coach was saying on the other end of the line.

'No, I'm not too busy, just sort of, you know, hanging out. Me and a couple guys were just gonna go grab a bite to eat.'

Gage and I still had erections. He made a jerk-off motion with one hand and opened his mouth wide as if he was swallowing his own load. With his tongue, he licked his lips clean. I cracked up.

Alan turned away from Gage and I, he waved his arm at us to be quiet.

'Um, well, sure, that would be all right I guess,' Alan said into the phone.

Alan's dick was now its usual length. While he talked, he idly held onto the end as he sat down on the bed. Gage licked his hand and rubbed the top of his cock. He motioned for me to do the same.

'No coach we didn't,' Alan said. He shook his head at Gage and made a disgusted face.

Gage acted surprised and pointed his hard-on in Alan's direction. He gave himself a few tugs and mimed shooting all over Alan. Alan closed his eyes and shook his head at the same time

'Well, actually Gage is here with me.'

Alan opened his eyes back up just in time to see Gage stroke his cock three or four times as fast as he could.

'Yeah, I will, no problem,' Alan said.

Alan looked over at Gage. He covered the phone with one hand and silently mouthed the words, 'What the fuck?'

Gage responded by licking his index finger and pretending to stick it up his own butt.

Alan shook his head and made a face of disgust. Alan's penis was practically the size that I'd gotten used to seeing these past few months. All things considered, it was still quite nice.

'Like I said, we were about to head out.' Alan said into the phone.

Gage shook his head vigorously and waved both his hands. His cock waggled from side to side. Alan pointed at Gage's mid-section and smiled. He clearly enjoyed watching his friend get pissed.

'Just a quick bite, and then back to the books,' Alan said, trying to convince his wrestling coach that we were among that 1% of college students who actually studied on a Friday night.

I thought maybe this was the right time to pull my pants back up. As I bent over and grabbed hold off the top of my pants, Gage noticed and took a step toward me.

'Not yet,' he whispered. Gage put his foot between my legs and held my jeans below my ankles.

I could feel the tiny leg hairs on his ankles and they made contact with my skin. Gage's thick hard cock glistened in the bright light of the room; it was now definitely within grabbing distance for me. Or sucking distance.

Alan opened his mouth to say something else into the phone and then looked at the two of us, his roommate and his wrestling teammate standing so close to each other, both of us with huge hard-ons.

Alan sighed. His voice went up. 'Um, well, coach, how about tomorrow? I could stop by the office and pick it up.'

Gage nodded 'yes' even more vigorously than he had just shook his head 'no.'

I tried to wriggle away from Gage's foot so that I could pull my pants up. Gage placed a hand on my hip and kept me still. It felt warm and a little sticky. Another drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of my dick.

We both watched Alan stand up from his bed and go look out the window. He was obviously listening to their wrestling coach explain something that required him to pay close attention.

With his back to us, Alan waved his free hand in the air to make some kind of point to his coach.

Since nobody was watching us, Gage let his hand slide from my hip to my back side. The move surprised me and I flexed my glute in response. Gage grinned and gave my cheek a slap.

'Wow,' he whispered, 'very tight!'

Gage's hand wandered close to the center of my ass. I almost came immediately.

'It has to be tonight, huh?' Alan asked, sounding a little frustrated.

Gage and I looked at Alan, our mouths open.

'Tonight? Right now?' Gage asked quietly.

Alan smirked and nodded his head.

'Shelton Hall,' Alan said with resignation.

Gage removed his palm from my butt. I took a breath.

'Um, okay then, that would be great, thank you coach, thank you.' Alan turned around and had a funny look on his face.

Gage brought his palm to his face and sniffed it.

'Eww,' I said involuntarily.

Gage took his foot off my pants.

Alan flipped his phone closed. He pursed his lips and looked at the two of us. Despite the intrusion from their wrestling coach into our little naked party, two of us still had hard dicks. Me and Gage's erections hadn't gone down one bit.

'He's coming over,' Alan said evenly. We'd already figured as much.

'What? When? Right now? Fuck!' Gage waved his arms wildly. I watched his balls jiggle.

Alan nodded. 'Said he wants to drop off some materials for us to read before practice on Monday.'

'Fuck!' Gage said again. 'Can't we just stop by the office and pick them up tomorrow? We don't need him here, we've had enough wrestling for today, don't you think?'

'What could I do?' Alan asked. 'He was pretty insistent.'

Gage sat down on my bed, his nuts landing softly on my comforter, his dick still pointing upward.

I pulled my boxer briefs and jeans up over my hips and carefully tucked my still-hard cock inside. Gage stared at my crotch as I did.

Alan shrugged his shoulders. 'I tried,' he said. 'Guess we'd better put some clothes on and act like we were not all just fucking naked in this room with solid steel erections.'

Talk about jack-off interruptus!

Alan pulled on some underwear and then found a pair of khaki pants from his closet and put them on.

Gage blew air out of his mouth and lay back on my bed. He looked up at the ceiling. He was still hard and his cock bounced lightly with each heartbeat. His scrotum fell down heavily from the base of his penis.

While I tightened my belt buckle I kept an eye on Gage. If ever there was a Kodak moment, this was it. I wanted to get my camera.

A minute or so later Alan and I were both fully dressed. Gage was not. He sat up on his elbows and nodded toward Mr. Happy between his legs.

'What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?' he asked.

I shook my head?

'Put it away,' Alan said. 'You'll live.'

Gage stroked the shaft of his cock a few times. He gave Alan an evil smile. 'How much time do I have?'

Alan sighed. 'Not enough Gage, just fuckin' put it away buddy.'

But Gage didn't stop. Sitting on the edge of my bed now, he spread his legs.

'I could do this really fast,' Gage said.

'Knock it off, coach said he was headed over right away.'

I was enjoying the show and feeling quite conflicted. Ridiculously cute wrestler dude was masturbating on my bed. His deck was a work of art as far as I was concerned. And, as expected, my own dick still pressed against the tightness of my jeans. I didn't know what to do, so I said nothing.

Gage spit on a palm and rubbed it up and down along the thick girth of his cock. Alan found a dirty sock on the floor and threw it at him. Gage merely picked it up and brought it to his nose to sniff.

'Eww!' I said.

Alan laughed. 'You're a sick dude,' he said.

Gage was jerking off his dick pretty quickly now.

'Gage!' Alan shouted.

Gage closed his eyes and ignored him.

'Um, how long does this usually take?' I asked, trying to be helpful. 'If he's quick, maybe he has time after all.'

'No, no, no, no, he doesn't have time!' Alan glared at me. 'Any second now, coach is gonna knock on that door and he's gonna be naked as a damned jaybird beating his meat right in front of all of us.'

'Like that's a bad thing,' Gage taunted. 'Come on Alan, old pal, it's natural, we're guys, and this is just what guys do.'

Alan threw a pillow across the room and it landed close to Gage. With his free hand, he flipped it off the bed and onto the floor.

'Gage, yes we're guys, yes we jack off, but no, no, no! We don't jack off when our wrestling coach is about to walk right through that door.'

Gage opened his eyes. 'Not if you don't let him in,' Gage suggested. 'What if we just pretend we're not here?'

'Gage!' Alan and I shouted at him in unison.

Finally Gage stopped. He put his arms up in the air as if he had scored a field goal.

I tossed Gage his red and white wrestling singlet. First he put his socks on. I studied Gage's erection. Man oh man!

'Hurry it up you idiot,' Alan sneered. 'I don't think the socks are as important as the singlet,' he added.

Gage grinned and slowed down even more.

I laughed and finally turned away. I looked around the room for contraband. What could I possibly have that I didn't want their wrestling coach to see.

Five minutes later, the room was clear and Gage was dressed, sort of.

Gage was lying on my bed, absently reading the school paper. He had on his singlet, his socks and a pretty ratty pair of sneakers. For good measure, he had popped on one of Alan's baseball caps too, a white one with red buffalo horns or something. Even all covered up he was still ridiculously cute. Fuck! What was it about this guys that made him so dammed sexy? I could barely stop staring at him.

And he was once again on my bed!

When my eyes made their way slowly down his body from head to toe, they stopped midway.

Uh oh!

Gage still had a boner. In the tight stretchy fabric of his practice uniform, you could actually make out every single inch, from the tip of his cock all the way to the thick base. Plus his balls were highlighted too. It was the very first time I realized this, now I would be a fan of wrestling for life!

Alan was sitting backwards on his desk chair, thumbing through some kind of homemade wrestling how-to book. He wasn't paying attention to either one of us.

Not sure what to do about the situation, I cleared my throat, hoping to get Gage's attention.


I cleared my throat again. Gage looked up at me.

'What?' he said.

Silently I nodded toward his crotch.

'What?' he said again, this time with a smile.

'That,' I answered, hoping that Alan wouldn't notice.

So far Alan had no idea. I tried to imagine how the conversation would go when their coach walked in and saw one of his freshmen stars sitting around his dorm room with a couple of guys sporting wood!

Gage looked down at his penis. He nodded, apparently accepting the fact that he was still hard.

'Yep,' Gage said.

'Well?' I asked, making the word into about four syllables.

'Well what TJ, what should I do about it? It's attached to me and I'm pretty much stuck with it the way it is,' he said.

'You need to make it go down,' I suggested.

'Yep,' Gage agreed. 'I tried that, you guys made me put it away.'

'You mean, it's not going to go down?' I asked, fearing I already knew the answer.

Gage shook his head. 'Not likely,' he said.

'Well, it has to,' I said.

Gage grabbed hold of the fabric that was just above his dick and lifted it up. He let it snap back down.

'Not gonna happen,' Gage said with a matter-of-fact tone. 'Never does. When I'm hard, I'm hard. Only one things gonna make me get soft, and you boys have already let me know how you feel about that.'

'But,' I started.

Gage shrugged his shoulders

'Nothing I can do about it,' Gage explained.

'Do you want a pair of my pants or something?' I asked, trying to be helpful, 'maybe we could at least cover it up a little better....'

There was a knock on the door. Alan and I froze in place. Gage gave the fabric of his singlet another snap. As he got up to answer the door, it finally dawned on Alan what Gage and I had been talking about.

'Shit Gage,' Alan whispered loudly, 'can you at least, I don't know, lay on your stomach or something?'

Gage put my pillow between his legs and gave Alan a grin.

Alan exhaled and shook his head. He opened the door. I double-checked the bulge in my own jeans to make sure I wasn't popping out the buttons or something. It was close. I pulled my t-shirt down as far as it would go.

Alan held the door open and a very muscular man walked into our room. He looked to be in his late 20's and was at least six feet tall with dark brown hair cut short around his ears. He had a little mustache and goatee combination going on that was very closely cropped. He had olive skin and huge hands! What was it about wrestlers and their really big hands? I glanced at his feet. Yup. Them too.

'TJ, this is Coach DiMarco,' Alan said.

Coach DiMarco extended his big hand toward me.

'Hi,' I said, 'I'm TJ.' I put my hand inside of his hand and he squeezed hard. I tried not to wince.

Coach DiMarco's eyes were blue and penetrated me from front to back. Holy fuck! Dark hair and bright blue eyes, what a combination!

'Very nice to meet you, TJ,' he said. 'Call me Dennis.'

My jeans got just a little bit tighter as Coach DiMarco held onto my hand for a couple of seconds.

'Um, okay, nice meeting you too...Dennis,' I said with what I hoped was not too much hesitation.

Dennis DiMarco looked around the room. He acknowledged the two freshmen on his wrestling squad with a slight grunt and a nod.

'Coach,' Gage said, getting up off of my bed to shake his hand. There was no way that Gage could keep the pillow in front of his mid-section as he stood up, so he let it drop. If anybody had been interested, Gage's hard on was still on full display behind the tight fabric of his red and white practice singlet. I watched Coach DiMarco's eyes to see if he noticed Gage's fat cock, but I wasn't sure.

Alan spoke up immediately to try and get him to look away.

'So, me and Gage were going over some moves tonight and we had a few questions,' Alan said quickly.

The coach turned to see some papers that Alan was holding. Reluctantly Gage stepped across the room to seem interested in whatever Alan was talking about. The three of them started talking about holds and throws. I took this as my cue to sit down on the foot of my bed and pop open a textbook.

Based on how uncomfortable sitting down made my dick, I guessed that I still had at least a semi-erection. Without causing a commotion, I tried to adjust myself as best I could. While he listened to his coach, Gage glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. He knew exactly what he was doing. The three of them were turned toward the window and away from me, so I didn't know if Gage still had his own erection to deal with. Gage had both of his hands on his hips.

Finally Coach DiMarco opened his backpack and pulled out two folders. He handed one each to Alan and Gage, and both of them opened their folders immediately. Gage turned slightly, as if he was trying to show me what was going on with him up front.

Oh man! It was obvious that he was still hard. It wasn't pointing straight upward anymore, the big hand was on the 11. I swallowed and shook my head in disbelief. Gage saw me and smiled.

I smiled back, but mine was more of an oh-my-god-what-if-he-notices type of nervous smile. Gage was smiling because he probably thought the situation was pretty funny. He had a hard-on and clearly didn't care if anybody noticed.

Alan and Coach DiMarco continued to discuss whatever it was that was inside the folder. Gage sat down on my bed and grabbed my pillow again. But he hugged it to his chest and didn't bother to place it over his mid-section. He lay back onto my bed. As he did, the big hand moved from the 11 to the 12.

I gave Gage a look, requesting him to please move the pillow down so that it covered the big hand on his clock. In response, Gage pursed his lips and put the pillow behind his head. I giggled, nervously.

Alan again tried to save us. He put his arm on Coach DiMarco's shoulder and tried to turn him away from the spectacle of the two boys with hard-ons on my bed. They kept us talking and Alan gently eased him toward the door.

When the two of them got to the door, the coach looked over at us on the bed. I was still sitting up, my Chemistry book on my lap placed so nobody could see the fullness in my pants. Gage was lying flat, my pillow on his middle chest, his elbows on the pillow holding up the folder he had just been given and he was pretending to study it carefully.

'Sorry again for dropping in on you guys on a Friday night,' Coach DiMarco said, sounding like he really meant it. 'And nice to meet you, TJ,' His blue eyes sparkled in the cheap fluorescent overhead lights.

'Nice meeting you too,' I said. I definitely meant it.

Alan opened the door for him.

As he turned to leave, the coach looked directly at Gage's hard fat cock, still pointing directly upward toward Gage's belly button. 'And Gage, I'd suggest you take care of your little problem there before you boys go out for dinner, it looks like it hurts.'

Me and Alan's mouths dropped open. Coach closed the door behind him.

Me and Alan looked at Gage. He had cupped his dick between his big hands and was grinning from ear to ear.

'Well guys, we heard the coach, right?' Gage said. 'I need to take care of my little problem before we head out to dinner.'

'Oh my god,' I said. 'He totally fucking knew. The whole time!'

'Yep,' Gage agreed. 'You can't hide a monster like this very easily.' Gage tossed my pillow aside. Me and Alan gazed at the monster. Again. Apparently the boy liked to show it off.

'Shit, Gage, you didn't even try to hide that thing,' Alan said. 'Are you fucking nuts? This is our wrestling coach, for crissakes. That could have been a disaster!'

Gage sat up on his elbows.

'Alan, chill out, it was fine. Don't worry. It's not like Coach DiMarco hasn't seen a college boy with a hard-on before. We're wrestlers remember, and we're at the peak of our sexual prime. This kind of thing happens all the time, I'm sure.'

Alan glared at Gage.

'Really?' I asked. 'We're really at the peak of our sexual prime?'

'Mm hmm. I read about it someplace. Guys hit their sexual peak about our age,' Gage said evenly.

Alan nodded. 'He's right, TJ. My dad told me about it once.'

I blinked my eyes. 'Really? Your dad told you this?'

Alan nodded again. 'We're supposed to have the most sexual energy per square inch right about now. Women peak later.'

'Huh,' I said, thinking about it.

Gage laughed. 'Per square inch, that's funny.'

Gage made an inch with his finger and thumb and proceeded to measure the length of his cock.

Alan and I watched him and laughed.

When Gage was finished, he looked up at us and smiled again. 'I'd say your dad was right on, I've got a whole lot of square inches right here that have a whole lot of sexual energy!'

'You're a sick fuck Gage,' Alan said.

'How many?' I asked.

'How many what?' Gage replied.

I blushed. 'How many square inches?' I repeated, this time more quietly.

'Holy crap, TJ,' Alan said. 'Not everybody measures their dick. Not everybody actually cares how long it is. Just because you happen to know about yours doesn't mean the rest of us do.'

There was a pause.

'Yes we do,' Gage said. 'I know. I've known for years. I measured my dick when I was about twelve. And then I did it all the time through high school.'

'Typical,' Alan said, disgustedly.

'Well?' I asked, dying to know if he was more than eight and a third.

'You're asking me how long it is?' Gage said, knowing full well that was exactly what I was doing.

'Mm hmm.'

Alan was silent and seemed to be waiting for Gage to answer too.

'Depends on the day,' Gage said. 'Sometimes eight, sometimes eight and a quarter.'

'Um, great,' I said. I exhaled.

'Sometimes maybe eight and a third if the situation is right,' Gage added, unexpectedly.

'What do you mean, 'the right situation?'?' Alan asked.

'Sometimes I didn't measure it by myself,' Gage said. 'Sometimes I had help.'

'Me too,' I agreed.

'It's kind of fun to do it with somebody else,' Gage explained.

My own dick leaked a drop of pre-cum as Gage said the word 'somebody.''

'Okay then, that's two of us that know how long it is. That leaves out only one of us,' Gage said.

I ignored Gage and asked the question I really wanted to ask.

'But your dick is really thick, right? Have you ever measure it all the way around? You know, at the base?'

Gage looked directly at me. He smiled but didn't answer.

'Oh my god!' Alan shouted. 'I can't believe that three guys are really having this conversation!'

Gage kept looking at me. 'It is pretty thick, you're right,' he said to me.

'Guys!' Alan shouted again.

'Wait. Come on Alan, are you actually saying you don't know how long your wang is?' Gage asked. 'Really?'

Alan shrugged.

'Or how thick it is,' I added, trying to keep up with my theme.

Alan stared at me.

Gage laughed. 'I don't believe you. Every guy does it. I'm sure you did it too.'

Alan shrugged again and looked away.

'Alan...' Gage and I said together.

Alan turned his head back toward us.

'Come on, Alan, give it up. You measured, right?' Gage wouldn't let up.

Alan sat down on his bed. Gage and I waited, watching him.

Alan rolled his eyes. 'Okay, okay, yes.'

We laughed.

'Knew it,' Gage said. He sat up on the edge of my bed. Doing so must have squished his dick and he had to move the big hand to three o'clock.

Alan stood up and faced the two of us.

'I've got brothers, dudes. As soon as I hit puberty and got my first stiffy, they were all over me. They measured it for me.'

'Really?' I asked. 'Your brothers measured your dick?'

'Please tell me it was your older brothers,' Gage said.

Alan chuckled. 'Yes it was.'

'And then I suppose when your younger brother got his first stiffy, you helped the rest of the family out and measured him too, right?' Gage said, giggling.

Alan nodded.

I shook my head. I had already had some direct experiences with the penises in Alan's family.

Gage began to slip his singlet off of his shoulders.

'What are you doing?' Alan asked. 'Are you gonna waggle your weenie in front of us again?'

Gage nodded and slipped the fabric down below his waist, freeing up his stiff weenie. I smiled and began to fumble with my belt.

'Let's go boys,' Gage said. 'We're in our sexual fucking prime; we can't help ourselves, right?'

I nodded and undid my belt buckle.

'Plus...we all heard the coach. He pretty clearly commanded me to do this.' Gage took hold of his hard cock with one hand around the base and squeezed. He licked the palm of his other hand and then moistened the head.

I pulled my belt through the loops and flung it onto the floor beside my bed.

Alan stood still and watched his wrestling teammate.

As I slowly undressed, I watched Gage too. The guy had no inhibitions.

Our evening had begun innocently enough, but it had taken a very clear turn in the opposite direction. I think Gage and I had each had an erection for like an hour now. It was time.

Three college freshmen in a dorm room, me the middle distance runner, Gage the ridiculously cute wrestler dude whose rump had been man-handled a little while ago. And, of course, my exhibitionist roommate, yet another frigging wrestler, who liked to be nude in our room whenever possible.

They were both muscle heads. I was the far less muscled, and in total awe of their bodies. I was probably the only gay one, at least for now. Actually I had no idea at all what Gage was.

So here we were. Me and my friends at BU. If ever the time was right for a three-way, it was now. With these guys.

My dick ached as I methodically pulled each item of my clothes off.

It was Friday night and we had no classes tomorrow, of course. I had a paper to write but I wasn't about to mention that to anyone anytime soon.

When I was finally naked, Gage and I looked at each other and sized each other up. We were both naked, and both of us had a raging hard-on. I had a hunch that Gage's cock was all the way up to eight and a third inches at this very moment.

Gage and I stood there awkwardly. We were sort of waiting for Alan to get undressed, of course, and at the same time we were sort of playing with ourselves.

Life is good, I thought to myself.

What would my old high school buddies Will and Andy do in a situation like this? Hmm. Not that they would have found themselves in a situation like this, of course.

Andy would definitely just go with the flow. He was straight but seemed to have no sexual boundaries, he'd probably just get the party started right away. He'd probably grab the nearest wrestler dick and pretend it was his own.

On the other hand, Will, who was also straight and also just happened to be my best friend, would probably be a little more hesitant. But he was just so nice to everybody he ever ran into. Will would probably think that it would be impolite if he didn't go along with whatever was happening right in front of him. He would never suggest that maybe we should all just put our penises back in our pants and head over to the library for a study session, even though he'd be thinking it.

But the really crazy thing about Will was that when his dick was hard, it was just so fucking huge that nobody could see it and not recognize that they were in the presence of something pretty amazing!

Will, of course, was not one to brag. And so for the majority of our high school years together, Will's cock remained hidden in his pants, unseen by most everybody but for a few lucky girls that he had been with. If it had been my dick, I certainly wouldn't have kept it to myself, but Will was curiously content to just keep it to himself. When I finally saw it erect I was so surprised that I was sort of speechless.

'Gee Will, that's got to be sort of a world record you've got there between your legs,' I thought.

But I didn't say it, of course.

'Fuck! How do you not pass out when that thing fills up?', but I didn't say that either.

Will only admitted to me one time that his wiener was on the large side. We were at lunch our senior year and he seemed to be in the mood to talk about dicks. I was horrified, of course, to even be having the conversation at all, on a picnic table at high school for crissakes. Will wasn't, he was just fine. While I detected just the teensiest bit of pride about his PP, he didn't make too much of it. It seemed to me that Will would probably not want anybody else to feel like their own equipment was small or in any way unsatisfactory by comparison with his. The truth was, however, that nobody had a dick like Will's. I joked to myself that Will's cock could pretty much be seen from outer space by some satellite camera. I wanted to see the face of the NASA scientist who made the discovery.

But here I was on my own in college now. In the room with these two young studs. I'd have to figure what to do without any help from my high school buds.

Alan seemed resigned to the situation, and reluctantly finally began to remove his clothes. Gage and I kept us our own slow masturbation dance.

When Alan was done, his dick broke free. And to nobody's surprise, he had managed to get hard too. He shrugged when he stood before us with an erection.

'Sexual prime,' Alan explained. 'It's just what happens, I can't really help it.'

'Me neither,' I said.

'Me neither,' Gage chimed in.

Now there were three of us standing in my dorm room, sort of half way jacking ourselves off. What next?

Gage broke the ice.

'Well, one thing for sure,' he said. 'we've got nothing to be ashamed of.' He took his cock in his both of his hands like a fire hose. Only a little bit of the tip was visible at the end.

Alan and I watched him do it.

'All right, all right,' Alan said with his Texas twang. 'We've all heard this very interesting discussion about how fat your Johnson is Gage. You don't need to wave it in our face.'

'Me?! What about TJ?' Gage said, pointing at my erection.

I looked down and pulled lightly at the extra skin near the base. I shrugged. 'It does the job,' I said, feeling just a little weird about showing it off in front of them.

Gage and Alan laughed.

'Damn right,' Alan said. 'As we used to say back home, 'That's why god made cowboys! A horse can't ride itself!''

Now Gage and I laughed. I was pretty sure what he meant.

Gage used both of his hands to jack his dick up and down. I watched and tried to imitate the motion. It felt good.

Alan whistled and pointed at my crotch. 'Fuckin' A, that's my roomie,' Alan said proudly.

I smiled.

'Okay then, enough with the talk, let's do this,' Gage said quickly. He took a step toward Alan, who was still hunched up on his bed, his red and white wrestling singlet around one ankle.

'Let's do what?' Alan asked. We looked at each other skeptically.

'We're naked boys! We've got hard-ons! What the fuck do you think we should do in a situation like this? Spank it!,' Gage answered happily. 'Let's have us a circle jerk! We used to do them all the time back in high school.'

'You did?' I asked. My cock throbbed and another drip of pre-cum formed at the tip.

'Yup,' he said. 'Let's get on the floor, legs spread, toes touching.'


Gage did just as he said, squatting on our carpet then sitting on his behind and spreading his legs wide. His balls flopped on the floor with his hard dick still pointing upward. With a nod of his head, he motioned for me to join him on the floor.

He didn't have to ask me twice. I joined him quickly and wiggled myself into a position so the soles of our feet were in contact. This was so fucking hot! And Alan's wrestler teammate was so ridiculously cute! If Gage even so much as touched my ankle with his hand, I was sure I would cum immediately!

Gage snagged the Lubriderm off the window sill that we had used earlier for his massage and squirted a dollop into his hand. He looked over at Alan to make sure he was not violating some unspoken rule about the lotion.

'Go ahead,' Alan said, 'I use it all the time when I masturbate.'

'Okay, good deal then,' Gage said. 'Are you gonna sit up there all night or are you gonna join us boys down here on the floor?'

'Come on Alan,' I urged him.

Alan looked into my eyes. He blinked and shook his head. Then he joined Gage and I on the carpet, we both smiled.

Gage handed me the Lubriderm as Alan settled in. Our legs formed a slightly crooked star, our feet touched. I wore a 9 ½ and Alan's feet were about the same size as mine, though more narrow. Gage was just a little bit taller than both of us but his feet were much bigger. Maybe a 12.

I pushed my feet into Alan and Gage's. Gage pushed back, and my dick gave a jolt.

Over the next ten minutes or so, we beat our meat. Alan's style was to pull down on his balls and keep his hand near the base, stroking up and down at a pretty rapid pace. He had a pretty thick set of nuts and then moved back and forth on the carpeting as he masturbated. I had to admit that his technique looked a little funny to me. Gage yanked himself a lot like the way I did, rubbing the shaft all the way from the top to the bottom and then spending a little extra time on the head. His dick was pretty wide but Gage's big muscular hands wrapped around it easily.

I was hard as a rock watching the two of them jerk off with me. I hadn't ever done this before. I kept thinking about how much I'd like to be actually doing the work for them.

It took me way longer to cum than I thought it would, but I was the first.

'Fu-u-u-u-u-u-ck!' I shouted.

My load landed in a neat little puddle about six inches in front of me.

'Is that it?' Alan asked.

I shrugged. 'I guess, what's the matter with it?'

Alan laughed. 'It's just...'


'It's just that it was really small, you know.'

I pouted. How much was I supposed to be cumming? That was pretty normal for me, I thought.

I watched my friends continue to masturbate. Was I supposed to get up and get them a towel? I bent my knees and began to stand up.

Gage grabbed my hand to keep me from standing up. His hand was greasy and mine slipped away easily. 'No, TJ, you can't leave,' he said.

'Um, I'm just getting a towel,' I said.

'No, no, no,' Gage begged. 'It's a circle jerk; if you leave we're not a circle anymore.'

I looked at Alan. He pursed his lips and nodded his head. 'He's right, it wouldn't be a circle, it would be a...a...semi-circle. And who's ever heard of a semi-circle jerk?'

Okay then. I'd better stay. I sat back down and extended my feet to make contact with my friends. Now we were a circle again. My friends kept jerking.

I was sort of totally in love with Gage's dick. It was so fat at the base. Not too shabby up at the top either! I'd really like to get fucked by that!

I waited patiently while Gage stroked the thick shaft of his cock with Lubriderm. He kept his eyes open and kept an eye on me and Alan. I was still pretty hard; I wondered whether or not I should start up again.

'Um, could I have a little more of that lotion?' I asked.

'What? You're gonna try and cum a second time?' Gage asked with a grin.

'Sure why not?' I said.

'Here use this,' Gage took some extra lube from the top of his cock and reached his hand over to mine. Before I could object, he held my hand and wiped off his lube onto me.


I dabbed a little of the half-used lube onto my dick. It didn't take much, I came back to life. Gage watched me use the cream he had just used on his own dick. Without warning, he came immediately.

Gage's dick shot cum way across our little jerk off circle. Alan moved quickly to make sure he didn't get splattered. Most of it came out in a straight line directly toward Alan's balls.

'Hoo-wee!' Gage shouted when he was done.

'Dude,' Alan whined. 'Watch that stuff!'

Gage and I laughed.

'Alan, chill out, it's not like I have any control of my sperm, buddy'

Alan went back to jacking off. Now there was just one.

'Holy fuck, I really needed to do that!'

I smiled. I continued to absently stroke my cock up and down. Gage looked over at me and gave me a funny look. Alan was really beating it now, sort of lost in his own world.

'More?' he mouthed to me silently. Gage nodded to my dick.

'Sure,' I mouthed back silently.

Gage used both of his hands on his semi-erect dick and scraped off a bit more lube. He wiped it onto one hand and reached over to give it to me.

Alan chose that moment to orgasm.

His load shot straight up into the air, then landed with a thud in the middle of our circle. Gage and I watched in quiet admiration what had to be the biggest cum shot I'd ever seen.

There was nothing we could say. Alan's spunk made puddles on our floor, Gage and I just stared.

'Now that's how we do it in Texas,' Alan said.

I looked at my two friends, their dicks, all that cum. I finished classes today just a few hours ago, but what an Friday night! Now I needed to sleep.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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