I'm not sure what the snowy equivalent of 'when it rains, it pours' was, but, well, that's basically what was happening in my life about mid-way through my first winter in Boston.

It was snowing a lot; we had gotten into a sort of rhythm with the weather. Pretty for a while there, yeah, but now even long-time locals were starting to complain. It was really piling up and making my treks back and forth to class pretty tough. Coach had totally given up on the team running outside, and now we were on the track in the indoor gym every day.

The good part was that my sex life had developed a rhythm too. Just before my long-awaited fuck-fest with Zack and the Professor, I'd been going through a sort of drought. Now the floodgates were open, and things had picked up a lot.

When I got back to my dorm room, Alan was naked on the floor, doing some type of wrestler stretch. I'd gotten so used to my roommate being naked when he exercised in our room that it was pretty easy to ignore. It was late morning on a Saturday, and I was actually looking forward to studying. I took my clothes off and tossed them into the bottom of my closet, and then I put my towel around me to head down the hall to the showers.

"Oh," Alan said, hopping up from the floor, "I almost forgot. There's a note for you. Some big Russian dude stopped by looking for you last night."

Some Russian dude?

He handed me a folded piece of paper.

I read it.

Hi TJ. I was in the building and just dropped by to see how things were going with the Moliere. Let me know if you'd like to get together to go over the assignment. Take care, Marco.

Oh my god!

"Who's Moliere?" Alan asked.

"My English TA," I said. "I mean, no. I mean, that was my English TA. The guy."

"That guy was an English TA? With that Russian accent?"

"No, he's Latvian. He's not Russian."

"Same difference, whatever. He's an English TA. What? They couldn't find anybody who actually spoke the language?"

I laughed. "Yeah, pretty funny, right? He's really smart though, I think he's a PhD student."

"And his name is Moliere? Who's Marco?"

Clearly, this had not been a private note from Alan's perspective.

"No, his name is Marco. Marco, the English TA. He's Latvian. And we're reading Moliere. He's French. Or was."

"You're reading French in English?"

I rolled my eyes. Never mind. Sometimes Alan could be pretty dense.

"I gotta take a shower," I said. I took a few steps toward the door and Alan went back to stretching on the floor.

"So, are you gonna let him fuck you? He looks like somebody who'd have a really big dick," Alan said, grinning.

All the air came out of my lungs at once. What the fuck? I shook my head and stared poison darts at my Alan.

"What did you just ask me?" I asked.

He chuckled. "I think you heard me roomie. I just wanted to know if this was really about the French guy—Moliere—or if this was a sex thing."

I shrugged.

"I don't know."

"Well, if it's a sex thing, just be careful you know," Alan said.

"Really? You're telling me to be careful if I get to have sex with my English TA? Why? Because English TAs are known for abusing their students?"

Alan nodded. "I mean, I don't know anything about having sex with TAs. It just doesn't seem like a good idea in college, you know. It's just that, well, he may not have the best intentions."

I smiled and relaxed. I didn't want Marco to have the best intentions. I wanted to suck his dick.

"Thanks Alan, I didn't realize you cared about stuff like that," I said.

"Fux! Of course I care about stuff like that. You're my roomie. We gotta look out for each other."


"Um, okay, well, thank you. I really appreciate it," I said.

"No problem, that's what I'm here for."

In a funny kind of way, it was really cool what Alan was saying. I thought I should say something nice in return. I turned toward him and looked him straight in the eyes.

"You know I got your back too, right roomie?"

He looked at me and pursed his lips, acknowledging what I said. He broke the tension with another laugh. "Well, you could help me out a lot by getting me a date."

"A date, well, okay, you know I don't know that many girls."

"Yes you do, TJ, there must be some hot young freshmen ladies running around that track with you every afternoon."

I thought. He was right. There were some girls there when we practiced. I admit that I hadn't really looked though.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do."

"And blonde please. I'd like her to be blonde."

"Um, okay, blonde then. Deal."

We did a fist bump in the air.

"And I'll be glad to let you know if I smell trouble with all these guys that seem to want to jump in the sack with you."

I swallowed hard. Okay. Sure, I guess.

"Thanks," I said.

"I mean, this Latvian guy. Marco. He seems nice enough, it's just that his hands were huge. That might mean he's got a pretty huge penis. So you should be careful, roomie. You could get hurt with something like that."

Wow. Alan had noticed Marco's hands too! They were huge, and I was hoping that big hands meant exactly what Alan said. I smiled.

"Yeah, his hands are pretty big. I can't decide if it's just a Latvian thing, or what?"

Alan grabbed his penis, dangling on the floor between his legs. He looked down at what he was grabbing, in case I wasn't sure what he was talking about. "Well, you'll have to let me know," he said.

I promised him I would. Yup. One of my favorite topics, penises are.

Then I left and went down the hall to the shower room.

I smiled to myself. How cute is that? My straight roommate wants to know how big of a dick my Latvian English TA has.

Actually so do I.

A couple of other showers were running, but I couldn't see anybody through the curtains. I threw my towel over the hook and turned on the water.

Ahh! As the warm water slipped down my sleek runner's body, I scrubbed away the memories of last night. My behind was a little sore, so I just sort of dabbed around back there. When it came time to do my hair, I opened up my shampoo bottle and tiled it upside down. A single drip fell into the cup of my hand, definitely not enough even for my short hair.

I wondered if anybody else already showering could loan me a little shampoo.

I peeked outside my curtain and cleared my throat.

"Ahem! Has anyone got a little shampoo I can borrow?"

There was a pause. Then I heard a voice. "Incoming!"

A blue bottle floated through the air toward my stall, and I caught it.

"Thanks!" I said to the voice.

The borrowed shampoo smelled like the ocean. Not bad.

When I was finished washing up, I turned off the water and opened my curtain to look around for the owner of the shampoo. I didn't hear anything. While I was toweling off with my curtain open, I found out who it belonged to.

"Smells pretty good, right?"

I looked up at a pretty boyish looking guy of about 5 foot 6 inches. Dark, short cropped hair. Huge chest, with closely trimmed chest hair. He had a navy blue towel wrapped around his waist that dangled on the floor. He had a great smile.

"What, you mean, the shampoo? I mean...thanks! Thanks a lot. I was, uh, out," I said.

He chuckled lightly. "Yeah, I figured." I handed him the bottle and thanked him again.

"Ocean breeze," he said.


He smiled again.

"I have a moisturizer to match. Same scent. You want to try some?"

Well, all right.

And that was how I got invited back to his room.

His name was Jim. And he was a gymnast. A sophomore. Jim the gymnast.

Jim the gymnast showed me the moisturizer that smelled like the ocean. While I was pretended to be extremely interested in the bottle, Jim's towel fell off onto the floor. The parts of Jim's body that I hadn't seen yet were displayed in front of me. I put down the bottle.

Jim rubbed his hands over his stomach. Not just a 6-pack, I think there must have been a 12-pack. Did this boy never eat?

"Whoa, you do a lot of abs," I said.

"Good genes," he explained.


"You're not so bad in that department yourself," Jim said.

Right. He was just being nice I think.

Jim picked up the bottle of ocean breeze moisturizer and squirted a little into his hand. He placed his hand on my chest and started to rub it in.

He had completely shaved pubes. His dick was on the small side, but it was growing before my eyes. I wanted to touch it, but this was Jim's room after all. He was in charge.

When Jim slipped both hands under the top of my towel, I guessed that we were not going to go out for pizza. My dick responded to the attention, even just the idea that attention was coming soon actually, and got hard. One of his hands went around the back and rubbed some ocean breeze onto my behind. When Jim's middle finger found my butthole, I jumped.

This moisturizer was the real deal!

My towel was definitely in the way, so he pulled it off of my completely and tossed it aside. Every inch of my cock strained upward, begging to have a little of that ocean breeze for itself.

Jim teased my dick with just a tiny dab of lotion around the end. Before we could get serious about lubing me up, he placed a glop of the cream in one of my hands and directed me in the proper technique. Jim's tongue found my throat and I closed my eyes. We fell onto his bed in a slick mess of moisturizer.

Jim had an amazing body. He was as strong and defined as anybody I'd ever been with. He was also pretty short. And all things considered, he probably didn't require the use of quite as much moisturizer as your average male body and we were done lubing him up in no time. We both had raging erections; it was time.

He looked at mine and whistled.

"Nice," he said. "Do you think maybe you could fuck me with that?"

I blushed.

"Sure," I agreed. "Do you have a condom?"

He opened a drawer and started fiddling with what looked like a stack of condoms.

"Shit, I'm all out of Magnums. Can you fit into a regular?"

"Um," I said. "There are Magnums?"

"Well, yeah, silly. They're made for guys like you."

"Huh," I said. I didn't know they came in sizes.

"But I'm out. We'll have to make do with a regular size."

"Okay, sure, that's fine I guess," I said.

Jim didn't waste any time with foreplay. He just wanted to climb aboard me and ride. Jim's strength pushed me down onto my back on his bed. My cock was already plenty ready, so Jim slipped a condom on me and then sat down on top of it. In no time he was bouncing around like he was in a rodeo.

"Woo-hoo," Jim said.

I tried to grab hold of Jim's dick, but couldn't seem to do it. Even though it was rock hard, it was tough to latch onto. He was just moving up and down too fast on top of me.

So I just sort of lay back on the bed and tried to enjoy myself. His hard-on was nicely shaped. His body was a work of art. Why had I not had sex with this guy yet?

Jim got lost in being fucked. His eyes were open, but he wasn't really still in the room with me. I got in a few good strokes of his bouncing penis, but that really wasn't working so I stopped. After a few more tries, I just gave in to what was happening and let Jim do what he wanted to do.

A few minutes later, he somehow pulled me to a standing position and got himself onto the floor in what looked like a headstand. It looked uncomfortable, but Jim just kept rocking away. My dick bent downward at a weird angle, so I bent over to make sure it didn't break right off.

"I'm a power bottom," he said.

Oh. Okay, whatever that is.

I was feeling a little used when Jim announced that he was cumming. Involuntarily I came too, just as his butt muscles contracted around the shaft of my cock. Mine went inside the condom. Jim's went onto his face, and a little got in his mouth.

"Yum," he said.


We toweled off a little. Jim had worked up more of a sweat than I had, but I didn't want him to know that so I took my time and made a big fuss toweling myself off, just like he did.

Jim dug a pair of black underwear out of his dresser and slipped into them.

"That was sure fun," he said. "I love your dick."

"Thanks," I said. "I guess I love my dick too."

He giggled. "Todd said you were funny."


Jim explained that he had seen me around campus and that he sort of knew Todd too.

"Todd from the track team?" I asked.

"Yes, silly," he said. "Your captain, I think."

"You know I'm on the track team?"

He nodded.


"Well, that was fun," Jim said again.

"What was?" I asked.

"Sex. Sitting on your penis. Do you want to do it again?"


"No, I can't. I have to study."

"Okay, maybe, maybe next week."

"Great, next week. My place or yours?"

"Um, yours, I guess, I have a roommate," I said.

"Cool. See you next week, then. Say hi to Todd for me."


I left Jim's room and went back to the showers.

Jim was very cute and very hot. But I wasn't sure what had just happened; I felt a little unclean. Another shower was definitely in order. Since I still had no shampoo, I used dorm soap from the dispenser to wash away the ocean breeze.

When I opened the door to my room, Alan was at his desk reading a book. He was dressed.

"Slut," Alan said.

I took a deep breath and thought about launching into a vigorous defense of myself. But, the truth was, there wasn't really much I could say. So I just ignored him and quickly got dressed. The room went silent.

When I was nearly done, Alan raised his head up from his book and half turned around. "I thought you were taking forever in the showers so I went in there to check on you. Nobody was in there. Where were you?"

I was busy fucking this gymnast from down the hall. Yeah right. I decided not to answer his question at all and got busy with my socks. In the end, he was studying. I didn't want to get into it. So, nothing really got said. Then I just left.

"Bye," I said.

"Later roomie," Alan said without looking up.

I shut the door behind me and I went to the library. Alan was right, I was acting a little weird. Last night I'd had a crazy slam-fest with an MIT professor and his hockey star roommate. Today, I'd just met a guy in the bathroom of my dorm and let him have sex with me after knowing him for like 30 seconds.

I am a slut.

Oh well. At least Danny Leeman would be proud of me.

Later that week, all the guys on the track team had to be up in New Hampshire for an indoor meet with a few New England schools. Dartmouth was going to be there; it was their gym after all. So was Maine, so was Northeastern.

I ran pretty well in the early heats, but placed fourth in the finals of the 8K. I finished just a step and a half behind the winner, a senior from Maine with tattoos everywhere. The fuck.

Since it was a Friday, a few of us who had never been to New Hampshire decided to go in together on a room and stay up there overnight. Josh had been to New Hampshire before and seemed to know his way around, so he hung around to be our tour guide.

There were going to be four of us in the motel room. Both the Johns were with us. Plus Josh and myself. Since the Johns were such close friends, I assumed they'd prefer to sleep together. I knew who I'd be sharing a bed with.

We ate Italian at a cheap place that was easy walking distance from the university. The food was just okay, but just like the other guys, I was starving to death so I ate everything in sight. I must have downed a dozen bread sticks. We also drank a big carafe of the house red wine. We got carded, but Josh had a fake ID and they didn't bother to check the rest of us.

When the Johns were busy talking about something and not paying any attention to Josh and I, I put a bread stick in my mouth as far as I could. My best deep throat imitation. Josh blushed.

He got it.

Well that was easy. I bit off the first four inches or so but kept the remainder in my hand pressed against my lips. I kissed the bread stick and then circled my tongue around the end. Only Josh saw me do it and he rolled his eyes.

One quick bar stop to grab another glass of wine and then it was back to the room for a pretty early night.

In the hotel room, everybody was all business. We stripped down to our underwear, brushed our teeth, peed, and shut the lights off quickly. Apparently we were all pretty wiped out.

"G'nite, TJ," somebody in the other bed said. Probably the littler John.

"G'nite John," I answered back.

"G'nite Josh," John said.

"G'nite John," Josh said.

Then the whole thing repeated itself with the other John. We all erupted in laughter.

Finally there was a quiet in the hotel room.

"John, don't put your hand there, I don't even let my girlfriend touch me like that."


"That's not my hand John," John said.

More laughing.


"Knock it off you guys," Josh said. "Us straight guys are trying to get some sleep."

"Fuck you Josh," the bigger John said.

"That's what TJ is supposed to do," the littler John said.

"I should be so lucky," I said, only half not meaning it.

Hooting and howling. Then finally the room grew quiet again.

Lying on my back in the bed next to Josh, I stared at the dark ceiling for a full five minutes without moving a muscle or taking a deep breath. Then, ever so slowly, I let my foot drift over toward his side of the bed.

I heard more deep breathing from the other bed. I guessed that the Johns were asleep. Clearly Josh and I were not.

When our skin touched, Josh responded by shifting his entire body closer to me. My breathing increased. I craned my neck to see if it looked like the Johns were asleep. It was impossible to see anything, but I convinced myself that they were. I let myself relax a little and sort of back-spooned into Josh.

Josh wasted no time angling his hard-on right between my legs, way up high at the bottom of my butt. He kissed me on the back of the head and then quietly slipped his hand into my boxer briefs.

He was rewarded with eight and a third inches of my erection.

"Mmm," Josh said quietly.

I put my index finger over his lips to shush him. For crissakes, if we were really going to do this, to have sex in a bed just a couple feet away from two guys on the track team with us, then the least he could do was be quiet about it!

Josh cupped my balls and kneaded them between his fingers. Then he nuzzled the back of my neck. It tickled but somehow I managed to not laugh.

Josh tugged my underwear down lower to give him easier access to my cock. I ground my hips backwards into his cock. He was hard, and I let him slip slightly between my cheeks.


If I was right, Josh sure seemed to be packing some seriously big meat. Why was it always the skinny, nerdy guys who had the biggest dicks?

Josh let his fingers move up and down my shaft in the dark. After another quick look at the sleeping Johns across the room, I moved the covers back to give him better access to my penis. Josh responded by licking his own palm and rubbing it gently onto the top of my cock.

Ack! I gasped. I love that! I wondered. Did Todd tell him to do that? Had I mentioned that to Josh during one of our long lunches when we talked about sex?

Josh wouldn't let me touch his penis. Each time I tried, he twisted himself in such a way that I couldn't quite get my hands onto him. In the meantime, Josh found every one of my good spots and was driving me wild. He alternated pulling on my nuts with jerking me off and slathering the tip of my hard-on with spit. He ground his dick into my backside. I was so turned on that I was almost about to let him stick it in me dry.

He whispered in my ear. "Do you have a condom?"

"No I don't fucking have a condom, Josh," I responded with a whisper in the general direction of Josh's ear. I was partly amused and partly annoyed by the question. When was I supposed to get a condom and have it right here at the bedside in our shared hotel room?

"Well, we can't do this without a condom," Josh whispered, stating the obvious.

Actually, we could. But what we really needed was lube. Despite the fact that my brain wanted him to fuck me dry, I'm afraid that my butthole would have other ideas.

"Don't worry." I said.

I log rolled over until we were finally facing each other.

Our faces were close together. I could smell Josh's minty fresh breath. Crest, probably, just like me. He moved a few inches toward me. I opened my mouth to let him kiss me.

The room was eerily silent. Plus it was way dark, I couldn't see anything. When Josh's lips landed on mine, it surprised me and I jumped back. It was electric! I felt the touch of his mouth pulse through my body like fire.

Where did he learn to do that?

After I recovered, I moved in to kiss him again. I opened my mouth and put my lips onto Josh's. He responded by softening his mouth and allowing me in further.

My hands found Josh's erection and the two of us played with each other while we kissed. His dick was a nice surprise, long and thick. At the same time, it was also smooth and soft, not veiny at all. I would have liked to get fucked by it. But not here in the room with John and John so close to us. And not without some kind of lotion. Not with that dick!

Very, very quietly, I stroked Josh's wiener up and down. The boy had a dick!

Josh stroked me too. I wondered if he was impressed with mine as I was with his.

Somehow, trying to stay quiet made for an extra challenge. And the extra challenge made it really fun! A kind of very dark, very silent circle jerk for two!

Both of us were trying to not make a sound, but both of us were really getting into it with each other. Both of us made a few guttural moans. Twice, I started to talk, but Josh shushed me with a kiss.

Being teammates on the track team who had run like a gazillion miles together since the beginning of the school year made it somehow extra cool! I loved the feel of Josh's lean, hard body against mine. I loved how he felt in the blackness of the room where I couldn't see what I was doing, I could only feel. It was like I could feel every single inch of Josh's skin. Almost like it was my own.

And then there was the kissing. Oh my god!

Even though Josh wasn't exactly the fastest runner on our team, he was a fantastic kisser. Definitely the best I'd had in a very long time! I got so caught up in Josh's lips and his tongue that I was forgetting about the stuff down below. Josh had this sort of very firm kissing style that was somehow soft at the same time. I'd always considered myself pretty decent in the kissing department, but I was definitely no match for Josh. His mouth just sort of took over my whole face. I was in total bliss! After a few minutes, I brought my hands up behind Josh's head and pulled him toward me, our bodies pressed even more closely together.

"Wow," I said silently when I came up for air.

Josh smiled and let me finish my breath. Then he dived back in, using his own hands over my ears to push us together again.

Josh's tongue found my neck. He licked and sucked my neck at the same time. The sensation was amazing and I almost came. He was driving me crazy! It was absolutely impossible to stay quiet.

Who the heck would've thought that Josh could be this good?

Josh! Of all people. Little Josh with his puppy dog eyes. He always tried so hard at everything he did. Every single one of us on the track team would always stop to watch when Josh was racing, urging him on, willing him to win, clapping and screaming like mad when he ran close to the front. But, in the end, Josh never won. He never even finished in the top three. He just didn't have it in him.

But kissing? What the fuck! He was incredible!

I was putty in his hands. I had stopped being an active participant in the sex soon after Josh took over my head and neck.

My dick was hard, but my arms were lifeless. Josh was everywhere, touching me, probing me, and poking me with his great, big beautiful cock. His hands were slathered in our own saliva and he expertly stroked my cock. He managed to get a finger up my butt, pull my nut sack down, and jack me off all at the same time. And somehow all I could think about was what he was doing to my mouth!

I didn't last too much longer.

I came in a giant explosion, squirting cum way up high toward our faces. I can't believe it, but somehow I managed not to scream out loud!

After I was done, Josh plumped my pillow and set me down onto it gently. Then he used his tongue to lick every bit of my jizz off of my chest. He scooped up what he could from his own chest and from the bed as well with his fingertips. Then he stuck his fingers into his mouth and licked them like they were an ice cream cone. I just watched. If I hadn't been so spent, I would have found this whole clean-up scene to be totally erotic.

When he was done, he placed my hand on his balls and quietly jerked himself off. Just as he was shooting his load, I managed to find the energy to kiss him again. It was a good thing I did too. Josh let out a scream into my mouth that I could feel in the back of my throat.

The two of us lay there in the bed together, not making a sound. I found Josh's hand and held it. His fingers squeezed mine.

Man! I could totally fall in love with this guy!

My eyes were practically shut when I crawled on top of Josh. He opened his eyes and grinned. He kissed me on the lips, this time no tongue. I pulled back and looked carefully at his face. As I did, there was some kind of emotion that passed between us during that moment. I smiled and kissed him on the nose.

A moment later I tucked my head just under his neck and closed my eyes I could feel the cool sticky sperm between us. Basically we were glued together. We both fell fast asleep.

Back in Boston the following week, I was finally able to connect with Marco. My Latvian English TA remained a mystery to me. He was sexy as hell but he acted a lot more like a college TA than a potential sexual partner. But then again, there was that note he dropped off in my dorm room in Shelton Hall.

The truth was that I had no idea where I really stood with Marco. So I called him.


"Hi Marco, it's me," I said.


"You know, TJ, I'm the one who lives in Shelton Hall. You stopped by last week and left me a note in my room,"


He was probably staring at his hands. I imagined them gripping the phone, just a tiny little insignificant piece of electronics sitting lightly in those huge, hunky Eastern European hands.

"Oh yes, now I remember, how are you Tee-chay?" Marco finally responded. His low guttural accent stirred something deep inside of me.

"Fine, thanks. I was just calling you, you know," I stammered. "You know? To see if we could get together." My voice went up a couple octaves when I said it. Next to Marco's uber-deep machismo, I felt like a 12-year old.

"Get together?"

"Yes, you know, go grab a beer or something?" Hadn't we had this conversation before? Hadn't he stopped by my room and suggested the very same thing?

"I'd like that, TJ, when do you want to have beer?"

I giggled to myself. I still couldn't believe they had hired this guy as an English TA. Not that I was complaining, of course.

"Um, well, let's have beer Friday night? What do you think? Could that work for you?"

"What time?" Only it came out like 'vot tayeem?'

"Um, well, how about 7?"

"Seven is good. Beer, you said, right?"

There was a pause in the conversation? Yes beer. Was he on the same phone call as me?

"Yeah. Should we just meet at your place?"

"Yes. I live in an apartment on Ivy. Do you know where that is?

"I think so," I lied.

He explained how to get there from Shelton Hall. I wrote it down in one of my notebooks. Then I asked him how many roommates he had. It was sort of a dumb question, but he answered me anyway.

"Just one," Marco said. "And she's out of town."


"We're just friends, don't worry," Marco added.

"Um," I said.

"Okay, Tee-Chay, see you at seven on Friday. My place. We'll go have beer."


On Thursday night and Friday day, I jacked off three times in anticipation of my night out with Marco. My penis was a wreck by the time I tucked it into my underwear Friday night.

Luckily Alan was gone when I was getting ready to leave after my shower. I didn't want to have to deal with him giving me shit.

I knocked on Marco's door at 7:01.

There was no answer. Fuck. I waited about 8 seconds and knocked again. Nothing. Shit fuck.

I sat down on the little brick ledge to think. Had I got the time wrong?

At 7:03, I saw Marco at the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh, hello Tee-chay. I'm sorry to be late. I was boxing and it ran over a couple of minutes."

He boxes?

He was carrying a brown bag. "I have beer," he said.

"Um, okay. I mean...great! You have beer."

Then he said something that sounded like Kavonah.


He smiled at me and nodded. "My accent eesn't too much for you, ees it?"

I laughed. "No, don't worry, we're good."

"Good, Mr. Tee-Chay, let's go have beer. Ka-vo-nah."

He patted me on the rump with one of his enormous hands. It hurt more than it should have. I tightened my lips and followed him through the door.

Once we were settled inside Marco's apartment, he put on some music. I didn't recognize it, but it was nice. A little on the quiet side for me, but that was okay.

"Do you mind if I take a shower Tee-Chay? I'm afraid my smell is not good."

I smiled. Of course you can take a shower. Things were all going according to my secret plan.

I sipped at my Corona on the couch while Marco did whatever he needed to do getting ready for his shower in his bedroom. What was taking him so long? I stood up and looked around. Was he expecting me to just come in there? Already? Shouldn't we at least drink a little of this beer first?

Finally, Marco came out of his bedroom with a big brown bath towel rolled around the back of his neck. He had nothing else on.

I gulped. Marco had a surprisingly good body. He was completely free of chest hair but had a neat little trail leading down to his long Latvian weenie. It was a very, very white penis, almost like he'd just dipped it in whip cream.

"Do you need another Kavonah?"

My mouth had dropped upon and I hadn't heard the question.


"What? Oh, well no. I'm okay. I'm only half done with this one." I held my beer in the air for him to see. I had drunk only about three little swallows of it.

"All right then, I vill have a shower now," he said. He paused and looked at me again before turning back and heading toward his bathroom.

What did he want me to do? I was having trouble figuring out what was expected of me. Should I join be joining him in the shower? Do I take my clothes off and wait for him naked on the couch?

Marco left the door to the bathroom open a crack. That had to mean something, right?

I heard the water turn on. Then the sound of a shower curtain being pulled along the bar. I waited. I heard him drop the soap. Then singing, in Latvian I think. He was pretty good.

I took a deep breath. It's now or never, Tee-chay.

I knocked lightly on the bathroom door, and then pushed it in. He was still singing away. It sounded like the tune to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, but definitely not in English.

Or was my mind just making that up?

I cleared my throat.

The singing stopped.


"Um, yes, it's me."

"Vhat are you doing in my shower?"

I sighed. "I'm not in your shower. I'm in the bathroom."

"Okay, fair enough. I am in the shower, not you. Vhat are you doing in my bathroom?"

"Uh, well, I heard you drop the soap...and I, well, I wondered if you needed any help."

Oh my god! That had to be the lamest thing I ever said.

"Hmm," Marco said.

Well, at least he was thinking about it. Considering my offer.

"Vhy vould I need help with the soap?"

I exhaled. A nervous laugh.

"Um, I'm not here to help you with the soap. I'm here to help you with something else," I said.

"Like vhat?"

This was stupid. I should just get out of here now! But my brain was clearly not in charge of the situation. Something else vas, or was.

"I thought maybe, you know, if you want, I could, like, sort of help you out, you know, with your dick." This all came out of my mouth very quietly. It didn't seem like an offer that he couldn't refuse.


"My dick?" Marco asked, his voice higher than usual.

"Yes. Do you need any help? You know, assistance?"

"I know the English vord for 'help,' Tee-chay."



"Well then, do you? Do you need any help?"

"Do you vant to put your mouth on my dick and give fellatio?"

I laughed.

"Yes, that is exactly what I want to do," I answered. "Is that okay?"

Pause again.

"Yes. I think yes. I vould like that."

Okay then, here we go. I took a couple steps forward and pulled slightly on the shower curtain. Bam! There he was! Just like that guy on TV who throws spices in things when he's cooking. Only this one was naked and wet. Fantastic.

"You sure don't make things easy," I joked. "I wanted to do this weeks ago!"

"You did? Vell, vhy didn't you just tell me?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, I just thought, well, you might not want..."

"Of course I vant. I vant very much. I like you Tee-chay."

I pulled back the shower curtain so that I could have an unobstructed view. Marco made no attempt to move closer to me, or to turn the water off.

I reached out with my hand and put it around his long penis. It was still soft. It felt very smooth in my hand. Like a hot dog with a pillow top. Marco watched me, but stayed put under the shower water. I tugged gently on Marco's cock and it grew inside my hands.

He smiled.

I bent down onto my knees over the ledge of the shower, trying to find the right angle to start off the fellatio. The water was spraying off of Marco's head and shoulders and I was getting wet. I looked up at him, hoping he'd realize that I was going to drown if I tried to suck him off under the shower water.

He didn't seem to appreciate my problem.

Oh well. This wasn't the strangest way I'd ever had sex. Not for a while, at least. I moved my head forward, then I my put my lips onto the tip of Marco's semi-erection. I gave the tip a lick and got a soap bubble on my tongue.


"Um, Marco, would you mind if we did this someplace else? I'm kind of getting drenched here," I said. I was drenched already.

"Drenched? I don't know this vord."

"Very, very wet," I said. "Too wet. Too wet to be able to give very good fellatio, that's what 'drenched' means. And that would be a shame, because I'm pretty good at it. Fellatio that is," I added with a smile.

"Oh," he said, finally getting the point.

Marco turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. He grabbed his towel and dried his head. I grabbed his other head and made it wet.

Balance! What a beautiful thing.

A minute or so later, I had Marco flat on his back on his bed, and his long Latvian hot dog deep down my throat. Just like me, he was a pre-cummer. The more I licked and slurped away, the more pre-cum seemed to come out. It looked and tasted like lightly salted bleach.

"Mmm," I said.


"Your pre-cum," I explained. "There's a lot of it!"

"Yes, this alvays happens," he said.

"It's okay, I like it."

"Good deal then," he said.

I cracked up. Marco trying to imitate one of our cool American guy sayings while I was trying to just give him a blow job struck me as very funny. Marco laughed too. His cock bounced up and down and I grabbed hold of it with my hand to steady it. It was a beauty. Long, yes, but thick at the best and a perfect taper out toward the Latvian tip. And soft, and white. It had to be the most suckable cock I'd had in my mouth in a while.

I plunged in again, this time managing to get nearly the entire thing into my mouth. I gagged and felt like he was poking through the back of my head.

"I like it," I said again as I came up for a breather.

"I know, you just said that," Marco said.

"No, that was about the pre-cum. This time I mean your wiener itself."

"My viener?"

"Yes, Marco. I really like your viener."

About five minutes later, Marco climaxed. I sucked him dry, swallowing every last Latvian morsel.

As we were getting dressed to go out and have something to eat, his dick never got soft. He wedged himself carefully into a pair of loose khakis, and then pulled a sweater down over his waist to hide the obvious bulge.

Of course I wasn't helping the situation any. I kept rubbing him through his pants whenever he'd get close enough to me to allow it.

"Stop touching it, Tee-chay," he finally pleaded with me. "If you don't, it vill never go down!"

I chuckled. Good. That was sort of the point.

We ate Thai food at this awesome place in Brookline, then headed back to Marco's apartment to do it again. I couldn't keep my hands to myself during our walk back, teasing him mercilessly by grabbing his crotch whenever nobody on the street was looking at us. Poor Marco was rock solid hard again by the time he unlocked his front door and the two of us fell inside.

I had his pants off of him in no time and his dick in my mouth almost immediately. And, for the second time in three hours, I gave Marco one of the two best blow jobs in his life.

"Vow," he said, after he came again. "I should learn to do that, you are very good."

"Well Marco," I said. "I think we can work out some kind of deal here. You're my English TA, so you teach me, I teach you. And we call it even. Then at the end of the semester, if all goes well, we both get A's, right."

"Right," he agreed with a grin. "This is good arrangement I think."

I cupped his balls in my hand as I nodded my agreement. Just like Marco's dick, they were soft too. Really, really soft! On the other hand, Marco's veenie was still hard!

Ah well, back to work!


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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