Monday after my classes I hurried over to the gym to get bundled up for track practice.

It had turned sharply colder overnight. Coach said we'd be going out for a long run no matter what. I wasn't too sure about how much I was going to enjoy running in below freezing temperatures.

Two hours later it was over.

My body was a Popsicle. I had somehow slogged through 10 miles, freezing my ass off along the banks of the Charles. I sat inside of the locker room peeling off layers of clothing.

I made a neat pile in front of my locker. A small, twisted heap of dri-fit, red and white BU Terrier stuff. Then I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed off to take a shower. There were quite a few little mountains of red and white along my path to the showers. Apparently, nobody felt much like folding up their stuff and putting it inside their lockers.

Even the inside of the gym was too chilly. I picked up my pace to a little jog. I really needed a shower, but I cared a lot more about getting warm than getting clean.

When I got there, they were full. Practically the whole team was already there.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who needed to get warm. All the guys were just standing there under the water, letting the hot ooze gradually into their bodies.

Todd, the team captain, was there too. He had both of his hands in front of his dick, making a little cup so his privates had their own personal little Jacuzzi. I smiled at him. He smiled back. Even though I was probably the only freshman that he was fucking, he was not about to step aside and give me his space in the shower.

So I waited.

It was actually a very nice show. Everybody was taking their time. Everybody seemed to be in a good mood, despite the cold outside. Maybe everybody was just glad to be back at college after the long winter break.

Todd was the only one of my teammates that I'd seen with a hard-on of course, but I had taken enough showers with the rest that I was already pretty familiar with every cock on the team.

Two down from Todd along the shower room wall was a super-star sophomore sprinter named Jamie. He was on the short side but he was all muscles. A total goof-off when he wasn't on the track, when Jamie ran he was all business. He had even shaved his head to increase his speed. We all loved to watch him go, and he hadn't lost too many races this season. Jamie lathered himself up with soap very slowly, obviously not giving a shit that I was standing in the middle of the room waiting patiently. If he noticed that I was watching him, he didn't seem to mind. When he looked behind him to wash his rear end, I took a step closer and fantasized about licking his scrotum. Jamie's dick was usually kind of short and thick, just like he was. I'd certainly noticed that when Jamie applied a little soap, things changed for him in the dick department in a hurry. I almost forgot I was cold watching him giving himself a good scrub.

On the other side of the room was Josh, one of my closer friends on the team. Josh was pre-med like me and we had a few classes together. Also like me, he was on the skinny side and had short blond hair with deep blue eyes. Plus he was adorned with a tiny patch of chest hair that he seemed to be leaving alone. Did I mention his cut abs? The two of us had spent hours and hours together developing his 6-pack. Mine unfortunately refused to show themselves, but I was convinced they were down there someplace. Josh's dick was too big for his body, and after months of studying him in the shower, I was convinced that he was a shower and not a grower; it didn't seem possible that his Johnson could get much longer or bigger when it was hard-if it did, Josh would surely faint. On the track, Josh couldn't quite make up his mind what events he wanted to run, so ran a few of them and he was pretty much bad at all of them. Coach kept him on the team though because of his attitude; he was practically the greatest guy in the world in my opinion. He was always happy, always willing to help out carrying equipment or fetching towels or whatever. Everyone liked Josh and he and I had hung out on campus a lot. I had made up my mind that someday soon I was going to out myself to Josh, and I wasn't going to be very surprised if he said the same to me in return.

Next to Josh was Bryan. Pretty average in the looks department, Bryan was a few years older than everyone else on the team and kind of already losing his hair; I think he had been in the Air Force or something to make some money before coming to BU. Bryan never liked to show off his body as much as the rest of the guys and seemed as if he always had a towel on or some clothes when he was in the locker room. In the shower, that was impossible, so Bryan tended to clean up as quickly as he could and then skedaddle back to cover up with something. I'd never really gotten a great view of his cock, but I did know that he was completely unshaved, his pubes a thick bush that kind of blocked out the sun from hitting his penis.

And directly on my left were John and Jon. These two guys were juniors who bonded over their first name right at the beginning of their freshman season, ran their races together, and even managed to finish right next to each other pretty often. They were both Business majors I think. Plus, the two of them were both extremely hard workers and Coach was forever using them as an example of what the rest of us should aspire to. Jon put in at least 50 miles every week, rain or shine, snow or hail or whatever. I thought I could be good friends with either one of them if I had the chance, but they were so into each other that neither one really had time for anybody else; it was annoying but cute. John was a local black guy from somewhere in Boston with a perfect physique for a one mile runner, with nicely defined quads and great shaped calves, he also had just enough musculature in his upper body to balance him out and there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. He had the thickest dick on the team, a plump rocket that stretched out from his mid-section as if it was always getting ready to launch. Jon was an international student from Korea who was very slight at first glance, but 100% finely tuned muscle when you looked more closely. Jon spoke English with a fairly thick Asian accent, though he was gradually picking up all of John's vocabulary, using words and phrases that had to have come from the south side of the city. I hadn't really spent a whole lot of time staring at this Jon's dick, but standing here today I found it proportioned nicely and seemed to fit his body just right.

Six guys for me to keep a close eye on while I waited for a shower head to open up. I stood in the center of the room and settled in with a happy half-smile on my face, just enjoying the shower show. Under my towel, my own cock stirred, it was clearly paying attention too.

While I stared at the dick-fest before me, I wasn't paying any attention to anything else. Somebody snapped their towel at me. It hit me in the back of the leg. It stung. I turned.


Benny was a jerk. A skinny red-headed asshole who was a pretty fast runner. He knew it and he let everyone else know it too. All the time.

'Hey,' I said. 'Knock it off.'

It wasn't so much that I was against a good towel fight. I just didn't want to have a towel fight right now. Not when there was so much to see right in front of my eyes.

Benny paid no attention to my protest and started spinning his towel around again. With no towel, Benny was naked. His thin, dangly dick swung like a pendulum.

'Benny!' I said, raising my arms up in protection. 'Don't!'

He was smiling, ignoring me.

I blocked the towel with my hands. He pulled it back and snapped at me again. This one hit me on the side, just above my hip. Ow!

I whipped off my towel and quickly spun it into a rope.

I nailed Benny in the thigh with my first crack. He yelped and jumped back. Benny landed a few on me, I landed a few on him; some of them really fucking stung! I kept trying to get him to stop, but he wouldn't.

Finally, Bryan finished up and scampered off. He left his water running for me and I quickly darted under it, happy to be away from Benny.

Josh smiled at me when he saw me next to him. He had his hands on his ass, holding one cheek out while he used a karate chop hand to soap up the area. I smiled back, trying not to be so obvious about watching the lower half of his body. Josh's cock was a fat tube of pink flesh from top to bottom with only a dark red ring separating the shaft from the end. It didn't get thinner toward the tip.

If I ever decided to have sex with Josh, I was going to have to be on top; it didn't seem possible that he'd be able to slip it inside of me shaped like it was. But well, this was college right, and I supposed I could give it a try.

I sighed and put some shampoo on my head. As I lathered up my hair, I prayed that I wouldn't get an erection as the thought of trying to sit on top of Josh's dick danced around inside my brain.

After the suds cleared out of my face, I opened my eyes to the happy site of a bigger version of Josh's cock. Through some type of mental telepathy, he had clearly known I was fantasizing about getting fucked by him. And, like a good little penis, it responded just the way it was supposed to.

Our eyes met.

I couldn't help but look again at Josh's weenie, it was pointing outward from his crotch at a funny angle, as if it was trying to stand at attention. He followed my gaze.

We both smiled.

Josh made a face that basically said, 'What the fuck am I supposed to do about it here?'

I gave Josh a face that said: 'Well, if you can wait 20 minutes or so, I'll suck you off back in my dorm room.'

That settled, I began to wash the rest of my body.

As I bent over, I caught Todd's eye. He was just standing there letting the warm water stream over him, his hands still enveloping his dick and balls. His long brown hair was partly covering his face. He threw back his hair.

We watched each other hungrily.

Todd really had the ideal body for a runner. Big V-shaped upper body, narrow waist. Finely trimmed chest hair. Long, lean legs and nicely proportioned feet. When I grew up, I wanted to be just like him.

Well, if I couldn't really have sex with Josh or with any of the other of my teammates displayed naked before me right now, at least I could rely on Todd. Screwing around with my team captain was fun, he gave good head. Plus he liked to cuddle. Hmm, maybe

'Hey, TJ, you're not getting a hard-on are you?'

Benny's voice cut through the shower sounds. Fuck! I looked down at my dick. I was definitely getting a hard-on, but I didn't have one yet. I glanced quickly in Benny's direction, then I turned around and faced the wall.

'TJ!' Benny sang out again. He was taunting me.

'Fuck off Benny!'

He was laughing. I kept my body turned toward the wall and went about finishing up my shower.

'Uh, TJ, it's okay if you get an erection in the shower. It happens to me all the time, don't worry about it.'

It was Josh. I looked at him from under the water and grinned.

'Thanks Josh,' I said.

'It seems like a pretty nice one anyway, TJ,' Josh added.

I turned away and rolled my eyes. Josh was telling me that I had a nice erection. Thank you very much, I already know it's a nice erection. Don't talk to me about it or else it might never go back to normal.

I closed my eyes and tried to think about something other than my dick. Which, of course, completely does not work.

I snuck a peek at my mid-section. Not too bad. If I could get the towel around me quickly enough, I might avoid having the whole team see me hard. I needed to go and put some clothes on. Some dry warm clothes. And quickly.

Todd was still in the shower room when I left. He was toweling off, making a great big show of drying all the crevices on his body. I smiled as I walked up to him, my towel loose around my waist.

'Why so shy, TJ?'

I shrugged.

'You're not usually one to cover that up with a towel,' his eyes pointed to my crotch.

'I don't know,' I said. 'Just, you know, one of those days.'

I started to walk toward my locker. He threw his own towel around his shoulders and scampered after me. 'Hey TJ!'

I stopped. 'What?' It came out a lot more disinterested than I really was.

He hesitated and gave me a look.

'Hey, a couple guys told me about a place across town where they are looking for sperm donors,' Todd said. 'They pay. I was thinking of checking it out later this week. Do you want to come with?'


I don't know what I most surprised about. That there was a place that paid for sperm. That Todd was going. Or that he wanted me to go along with him. Since our last night together at his place a couple months back, he hadn't exactly been treating me like he liked me or anything.

Todd smiled and I melted. I loved his cute little grin.

'Really,' he said. 'They are always looking for young guys like us, you know, at the peak of our sexual prime and all.'

I thought about it.

'And they pay? How much?'

'I don't know, fifty bucks? Something like that.'

'For jizz?'

He nodded and smiled again. 'Sounds stupid, I know, but, well, what the fuck? If they are gonna give me money to beat my meat and cum into a test tube, then I'm all over it.'

'What do they do with it?' I asked.

'I don't know. Give it to ladies who want to have a baby.'

I thought again. 'Why would they want the sperm from a 19 year old college freshman? I thought they used Nobel Prize winners for stuff like that.

'They're too expensive,' Todd explained.


'We're cheap. These clinics know that guys like us are always short on cash. And, well, they're right. I could definitely use the dough.'

'Me too.'

Among other things, Todd and I had bonded last semester over being so poor. We both ate Ramen noodles several times a week. Fifty dollars would be really nice.

'Okay?' he asked. 'Do you wanna come with?'

'Okay,' I said. This sounded interesting.

'Cool. Only thing is, you can't masturbate for a few days before you go. They want there to be enough of it to fill up the tube. So lay off your weenie this week, and you should be ready to go by Friday or so.'

'I can't masturbate?' Maybe this wasn't such a good thing after all.


Todd got a concerned look on his face.

'You can do that, can't you? I mean, lay off little TJ until we get to the clinic on Friday?'

I thought again. Why did everybody like to call it 'little TJ?' I hated that.

I couldn't help stealing a glance at Todd's cock. It was just kind of hanging there, exposed for the entire world to see. Just inches away from my hand. 'Little Todd?'

'Okay, but I've sort of got a problem right now,' I said, thinking about the mental message I'd just relayed to Josh in the shower. I was hoping Todd knew exactly what I was talking about and would agree to let me do it one last time before I had to stop for the week.

Todd laughed. 'Right, I saw that,' Todd said. 'You and Josh were like totally cruising each other in the shower just now.'

'Cruising? I was not!'

'Yes you were TJ. Both of you looked like you wanted to jump each other's bones.'

'I did not!'

He laughed again. 'Okay, okay, whatever. Well, the answer is no. You can't have an orgasm for a few days. I think they count your sperm or something. And if there's not enough there, then you don't get the money.'

I gasped. How could they do that?

Again, I was thinking it over.

'Um, well can I at least give him a little blow job?'

Todd totally busted up now. As he laughed his head fell back and his dick jiggled. I almost grabbed hold of it to keep it steady. He kept laughing.

'Well, can I?' I asked again.

Todd's eyes got teary. He wiped them with his hand. 'Yes, TJ, you can suck his penis. If you must.'

'Good, okay then.'

'But he can't touch yours.'

I sighed. 'All right, I guess. For fifty bucks.'

Todd began to walk away, his perfect ass a sight for sore eyes. As he did, he made the universal sign for a phone call with his hand. 'I'll let you know exactly where and when once I find out later this week.'

'Okay,' I agreed. I made a phone sign back at him but he wasn't looking at me and he didn't see it.

Back at my locker I quickly got dressed, threw my mountain of cold wet running stuff into my backpack and headed back outside into the cold Boston evening. I forgot completely about my promise to suck Josh off and left without him.

When I got to my room, I wasn't surprised to see my roommate naked doing push-ups on the floor. This had gotten to be a pretty old routine by now. I'd even stopped watching. There were times when Alan would be doing something or other in the room without any clothes on and I'd just be studying at the desk. Neither one of us minded what the other was doing.

I barely said hello when I brought up the sperm clinic.

'Are you serious?' Alan asked. 'Jacking off for cash?' His Texas twang had a way of making it sound even more fun.

'Well, yeah, I guess. My team captain said he thinks they pay like fifty bucks or something.'

'Hmm, that's some serious green,' Alan drawled.

I nodded. 'So, do you want to go too?' I knew that Alan didn't really need the money. He would do it just for the chance to take his clothes off someplace else.


'You can't jack off for the rest of the week until we go.'

Alan gave it about half a second of serious consideration. He rubbed his chin. I didn't even bother glancing down at his nude body. I'd seen it so often I had it all memorized.

'Then, no,' he said.

He went back to doing push-ups.

'Really? That's it? You can't jack off all week and you're out?'

He nodded. No words required.

'Huh,' I said, more to myself than to Alan. There's quite a lot that I would do in this world for fifty dollars. And not cumming for a few days seemed like a small price to pay.

The rest of the week felt like it dragged on forever. Twice I'd caught Alan wanking off in his bed. It wasn't all that unusual for him to do that when I was around, but this week it seemed as if he was making a greater production of it than usual. He knew, of course, that I wasn't allowed to go anywhere near my own dick.

It all seemed so unfair.

Since I'd forgotten all about Josh when I left the locker room on Monday, I'd felt badly about it. The next day during practice I went up to him and offered him what I considered to be a great compromise.

'Come with us,' I said. 'Me and Todd are going to the clinic this Friday and you should come too.' I'd hoped my enthusiasm for the big event would win him over. It wasn't exactly a blow job that I was offering, but maybe it would be interesting enough for him to accept.

'Um, okay, sounds like a good idea.'

'Yay!' I said. This could really be fun. Me and Todd and Josh!

'This is for a good cause. I mean, I guess these women really need our help to make a baby.'

I stopped. A baby?

'All right, Friday then? Call me and let me know where.' He made the sign.

I made the sign back at him half-heartedly and then I sat down on the grass. Fuck. A baby? I was giving my cum to some girl who was going to use it to make a baby! Uh oh. I was going to be a father?

I was lost in this thought when Coach found me sitting on the grass.

'You okay, TJ? Need a breather?'

I looked up at him. No, I didn't need a breather. I was just thinking about what it would be like to have a kid, somewhere in the world that belonged to me.

He helped me to my feet.

'Thanks,' I said. 'I'm okay.'

Coach looked doubtful.

'No, really, I'm fine. I'm great.'

I did a couple jumping jacks to show him that I was all right.

'Okay then TJ, just take it easy. If you need a break, take a break! Capische?'

I capisched. Coach shook his head and walked away.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! A baby! That was, after all, what the danged stuff was designed to do!

By Friday morning as I made way to class, I thought my balls might explode from all the pressure inside them. This couldn't be good for you. To let sperm just sit there inside your nuts for days and days!

At the appointed hour, I met Todd and Josh just next to the library, right outside GSU, the student union. Todd handed me a Jamba Juice.

'Here,' he said, 'you're gonna need your strength.'

I took a sip. 'Thanks,' I said, 'but no strength needed here. As soon as I get in there, I'm gonna just touch my dick and cum all over the place.'

They both laughed.

'Me too,' Josh agreed. 'Laying off the tube steak this entire week hasn't been easy.'

Todd and I both cracked up at Josh calling his fantastic penis a tube steak. What was that anyway?

'Shit, are you kidding me? I didn't realize how often I think about sex! I could barely get through my classes without spooging in my shorts. Everything we talked about this week-protons and electrons, Robespierre and the Reign of Terror, prepositional phrases-fucking everything spoke directly to my penis! It was awful!'

They laughed again.

'There, there, sputnik,' Todd said. 'It'll all be over soon. You can spooge all over the inside of a nice, sterile plastic cup in just a little while.'

The three of us half-walked, half-jogged to the sperm bank over on Beacon Street. Twice I had to ask the guys to slow down and walk. All the bouncing up and down in my underwear was giving me a woody. Thank god it was pretty close!

When the three of us walked up to Reception, there was a very pleasant looking middle-aged woman behind the desk.

'How may I help you gentlemen today?' she said cheerfully.

'We're here to make a donation,' Todd explained. Why did we have to spell it out?

She looked down at the papers in front of her. She shook her head. 'Do you have an appointment?'

Todd pursed his lips. 'You have to have an appointment to make a sperm donation?'

The receptionist looked past Todd at his other two desperately horny friends standing behind him. 'Um hmm,' she said. 'That's the way we do things around here.'

Todd looked depressed. After all, this was his idea.

Josh stepped forward and spoke in an authoritative voice I'd never heard before. 'Um, miss, I mean, miz uhI mean, can't you just make an exception this one time. We've come quite a long way and this is our very first time. We didn't know the rules and we'd really like to help out s of the women who need, I mean the women who are unable to, I mean, well, you know, the women who can't have a baby without our help.' Satisfied he stepped back.

The receptionist looked at how we were dressed. Todd and I both had on BU sweatshirts under our winter coats. The school was just 3 or 4 blocks away. She smiled.

'College boys, eh?'

We three college boys looked at each other.

'Yup, college,' Josh answered for us.

'And you just want to do this as what, a humanitarian gesture?'

'Yup, we all agree that it's important to, you know, help out your fellow man, I mean, fellow woman.'

She smiled more broadly now. 'That's cute,' she said. 'Real philanthropists.'

'Yes, ma'am,' Josh agreed. 'That's what we are.'

'Broke too I bet?'

All three of us cast our eyes onto the floor. Between us, our running shoes probably cost more than five hundred dollars. Fortunately, Miss Snarkey here couldn't see over the ledge all the way down to our feet.

'Um, well, the truth of it is ma'am,' Josh cleared his throat. 'We would ordinarily be glad to perform this service for no money at all, you know, sort of a charitable contribution as it were.'

'Of your semen?'

'Um, yes ma'am.'


'Well, as it happens, all three of us are just a little down on our luck right now. We could use a few, you know, a few bucks, just to make ends meet.'

'Mmm hmm,' she said, egging Josh on.

'College is expensive nowadays, ma'am.'

'Yes it is,' she said. 'So are $200 Nike Airs.'

Josh opened his mouth to protest, but there really wasn't too much he could say. There was a long pause while Miss Snarkey sized the three of us up. We shifted uncomfortably in place and kept our eyes glued to the floor.

'Please!' Josh finally sang out. 'Please, please, please!'

She seemed to be thinking it over.

Todd cleared his throat to speak. 'Um, ma'am, perhaps you should know that we're all three of us track stars on a local university team.' This much was true.

'And, um, well, TJ here is likely to break the NCAA record in the 8000 meter run.' This much was definitely not true. I was more likely to be chosen to pilot the next space shuttle.

'Is that so?'

She seemed to be softening. Oh well, I might as well go with the flow. I cleared my own throat.

'Um, yes ma'am. I mean, yes I'm very, very fast. I break records all the time. College records. State records. The NCAA record is just a matter of time for me. Like I said, I'm fast.'

'Well then, this is quite a special day for us here at the Sperm Bank, isn't it?'

I nodded. 'I suppose so, ma'am. Yes.'

'Any number of our ladies would be honored to have use of a sample coming from such a' She looked more carefully at me, trying to find the right word to describe what she was seeing.

'Liar, liar pants on fire' came to mind.

'Such a fine specimen such as yourself. I should say, a fine and very fast specimen.'

'Um, well, yes, you could say that?'

'So what do you say,' Josh was taking over again. 'Can we donate?'

Finally she rustled some papers on her desk and then handed us three clipboards with a few papers attached. 'Fill these out,' she said. 'Do you need pens?'

'Um, yes please,' Josh said. Todd and I just nodded. We needed pens too.

When the forms were complete and our snarkey friend behind the desk was satisfied that all of the legal requirements had been met, she directed us to go through a bright yellow door to her left and to wait in the chairs just inside. Somebody else would be along shortly to assist us, she said. All three of us heaved a big breath of relief when we finally got past her and the door was closed behind us.


Todd leaped up. His last name was Starr and he was being called to the task first. Josh and I silently wished him well as he was escorted further into the clinic to produce a sample. He was half way to making a baby for some poor baby-less lady. I could feel my throat tightening up.

Josh and I made stupid conversation as we sat waiting for Todd to finish masturbating into a cup. We had no idea how long we were going to have to wait. But after just five minutes, Todd came walking toward us, a funny grin on his face. There was definitely a fullness to his crotch. Yum.

'Well?' I asked him in a whisper.

'Well what?' he looked at me as if I was crazy.

'What was it like?' I whispered back.

'Well, I went in, sat down, whipped it out, jerked it, and shot my load into a cup. That was it.'

'That was it?' I asked, incredulous.

'Well, what did you think was supposed to happen?'

'I don't know, it just seems a little fast, that's all. Josh and I figured you'd be in there a while.'

'Why? I know what I'm doing. I'm very good at it. And you know, I was pretty fucking horned out after having saved up all this week.'


Josh's last name was Fischer. I guess I was going last. Shit!

Once again, I was left making dumb conversation-this time with Todd-while our track teammate was spanking his monkey in the room just a few feet away from us. It kind of felt like a surreal experience. Like I should see somebody jump out of a doorway and yell 'You're on Candid Camera' or something.

Like clockwork, Josh came back five minutes later with a similar fullness in his jeans. Yum again. He was grinning too.

'I spilled some, I think,' Josh said.

'Oh no!'

'Well, just a couple drops. I came gallons. It just kept gushing and gushing. I've never seen anything like it.'

There wasn't really an appropriate response for this. 'Um, well that's good I guess,' I said.

'It was fun, TJ, it's great to think we're getting paid to do this!' Josh whispered.

Finally my name was called. I jumped out of my skin. I was sweating. Reluctantly I followed the nice lady nurse to the door she indicated, accepted the little plastic cup that she placed in my hand, listened to her instructions as if she was speaking a foreign language, entered the room and locked the door behind me.

Inside I wasn't sure of how to start.

There were a few different places to sit. There was a toilet. Yuck. There was a little round stool with wheels on it. I don't know. What if I fall off? And there was an easy chair. It was bright orange and looked like it had been through a war or two. I sniffed the seat. Double yuck.

Well, maybe I could stand.

I undid my belt, opened my pants and let them fall to the floor at my ankles. Tentatively I put my thumbs under the waistband of my black boxer briefs and slid them slowly down my hips. I could see my reflection in the mirror over the sink.

My penis was as small as it has ever been. I gave it an absent flip with my fingers. Nothing.

This was ridiculous.

I cupped my dick in my hands and tugged. Nothing. I conjured up a couple fantasies. Alan in a sling with his legs in the air. Alex in a sling with his legs in the air. Me in the sling. Joey forcing his fat cock down my throat, choking me. Fucking Danny Leeman while his brother sucked his dick.

Nothing, nothing, nothing.

I checked my watch. How long had I been in here?

I flipped off the lights, maybe the surroundings were freaking me out, keeping me from getting hard. More tugging. More fantasies. Alan in a sling being slammed by his brother Alex. Me choking Joey with Danny Leemans cock while David sucked himself.

Nope. Not happening.

I needed help. Fortunately I'd brought along two friends and knew just where to get some.

Todd and Josh were pretending to be asleep when I walked out.

'Well, it's about time Sputnik,' Todd said, pointing to an invisible watch on his wrist. 'We thought you'd never get this done. What took you so long? I thought you were so dammed horny!'

I looked at them. I showed them my empty cup and smiled.

'What? You didn't do it? What the fuck?'

'I couldn't,' I answered quietly.

'Do you want to borrow some of mine?' Josh asked. 'I came a ton.'

I chuckled.

'Naw, that wouldn't be right. But thanks. Really.'

'So, what are you gonna do?' Todd asked.

I looked into his eyes. We'd spent many hours together since the start of the track season last summer. There was nobody in Boston I knew better. There was nobody I'd rather have help me make an orgasm into a cup than Todd. 'I need help.'

Todd grinned and jumped up out of his chair. 'I'm in,' he said. 'Been there, done that. Whatever you need freshman.'

Todd slipped an arm around my shoulder and we headed back down the hall toward the beat-off palace. As we got to the door, I looked back and saw Josh watching us. With one wave of my hand, I got Josh to stand up and walk down the hall to join us. He slipped in and closed the door behind him. Now there were two people to help me.

Okay. This should work.

Seconds later Todd wrapped his lips around the shaft of my dick and stuck his index finger into my ass. With his free hand, he directed Josh to grab hold of my hair and suck on one of my nipples. Josh quickly complied. I was totally neutralized and couldn't move a muscle.

It wasn't long before my cock was hard and Todd's talented mouth was furiously working up and down on my shaft. He pressed a second finger inside of me and pushed hard on my prostate.

'Ahh,' I moaned.

A gallon or so of pre-cum oozed from the head of my dick. Todd swallowed it easily.

Todd placed one of my hands on the outside of his jeans. I could feel him through the fabric. Even though he's just gotten off, he was semi-hard. As if on cue, Josh grabbed my other hand and placed it on the outside of his jeans.

Mmm. That felt nice.

'I told you that you had a nice erection, TJ,' Josh said. 'Very nice.'

'Thanks,' I said quietly.

'How big is it anyway?'

I couldn't really speak at this point. Why was Josh trying to have this conversation with me? Now?

'It's eight and a third inches,' Todd said, as he removed his mouth for a moment. 'I have no idea how he found a ruler that was marked off in thirds, but well, that's what it is.'

'Eight and a third! Holy shit!'

'Uh, guys, can we talk about this later?'

Todd smiled and went back to work. Josh did too. This was fucking amazing!

Todd slurped away. I was very close to cumming in his mouth.

'Don't you shoot in my throat, TJ' Todd said when he came up for air. 'You know why we're here, right?'

For this? Wasn't this why we were here? Wasn't this better than jacking off into a cup?

Josh placed his face over mine and kissed me on the mouth. His tongue swept over my teeth. Wow, what a great kisser!

Todd stuck a third finger into my butt.

And, well, that was that.

Josh held the cup over the top of my cock and Todd stroked me off into an incredible climax.


'Shhhhhhhhhh!' They said together.

Josh placed the upright cup on the sink and my semen sloshed to the bottom. I had never seen so much come out of me before. That ought to make dozens of babies!

One at a time, both Josh and Todd kissed me fully on the mouth. Todd's saliva tasted suspiciously like my penis; I let him be, it felt great to be man-handled by the two of them. I hoped we could do this again sometime.

'Okay, we're done here,' Todd said.

Josh put the plastic cover onto my cup of cum and tightened it carefully. He winked at me.

'Nice job, TJ,' Josh said.

'Thanks,' I said.

All this and fifty dollars too?! I would have done it for free.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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