Not seeming to mind that he didn't have even a stitch of clothing on, Alan held the door open while I wheeled my stuff into the room.

So this is how it was going to be. I had been looking forward to college with a mix of excitement and nervousness.

But a totally naked roommate? Fuck yeah!

I looked at the nude guy standing in front of me grinning at all of my luggage. He was short, really short, had to be less than 5'5'. He was blond. From head to toe. Mmm. He was thin like me but definitely more muscled. He had more chest hair and stomach hair and pubic hair than I had seen in a while.

I carefully kept my eyes away from his penis. I mean, come on, I'd known him all of about 15 seconds!

'So how was your trip?' Alan asked suddenly, interrupting the once-over I was giving him.

I looked at his eyes, they were green. Just like Andy's. Like little emerald marbles.

'My trip?' I asked.

'Yeah, your trip. Where'd you come from?'

I paused and tried to remember. Alan's voice was high pitched and had a distinctly southern accent to it. My mind flashed to George Bush. Republicans!

Uh oh.

'My accent a little too much?' he said, politely, slowing down the words so that I could understand him better. 'I get that a lot. I'm from Dallas. Dallas, Texas. Home of the Cowboys!'

'Cowboys?' I asked, wondering what on earth he could be talking about.

Alan smiled from ear to ear. His white teeth caught the sunlight and sparkled.

'Football, buddy boy! Don't you all have football where you're from?' With one arm, he playfully smacked my chest, his hand landing squarely on my left nipple. I wasn't really well-balanced and I fell backwards a half-step.

'Actually we don't,' I said. 'Just high school and college. I'm from Apple Valley.'

'Apple Valley?' Alan asked. He crossed his arms and put one hand under his chin. 'Where's that? I thought everybody had football.'

'Um, Apple Valley is in California, sort of between LA and Vegas. There are no pro football teams anywhere near us,' I explained, trying to sound like an authority on the subject.

Alan nodded and seemed to think about this.

'Oh yeah, right. The Rams left. The Raiders left. Now all you guys have are the Trojans and the Bruins.'

I scrunched up my eyes and tried to remember who the Trojans and Bruins were. I really had no idea. 'Um, yeah,' I said. 'Just the Trojans and Bruins, that really sucks.'

He motioned over to the bed behind me. 'That's your bunk, mine's over here.'

I looked behind me at the sad little twin mattress and box spring.

'Okay.' I said. Then I looked at his. He had already made up his bed. There was a patchwork quilt on top and a brown pillow. Sitting in the middle of the pillow was a stuffed penguin. He saw me looking at it.

'Don't mind my penguin, y'all,' Alan said. 'Sort of a good luck thing for me. It's from my girlfriend.'

'Okay,' I said.

I tossed my backpack onto my mattress and began to look around the room. There were two little Formica desks attached to the wall by the window. There were two very small closets on either side near the door and each of us seemed to have a shelf above our beds. Mine was barely hanging there on the bracket. Alan's seemed secure and he had placed some books and framed pictures on it. There was one picture of Alan sitting on the lap of some girl and there was another of a big family of people wearing cowboy hats.

'That's my girl, ain't she a peach?' Alan said, pointing to the picture of himself sitting on a young red-headed woman.

I stepped closer to have a better look. He looked like a dwarf next to her.

'Her name's Annie Sue,' he said with another big grin.

I smiled. Of course it is. How big is she actually?

'She's from Texas too.'

Of course she is. We don't name our people things like that out in California.

'Really?' I said, mustering as much sincerity as I could.

'That's why I'm here, actually. She goes to BU as well. Sophomore.'

'Hmm,' I managed.

'We're fixing to get married one of these days,' he explained. 'Maybe once we graduate.'

I backed away and sat down on my bare mattress. It squished down about 6 inches under my weight.

'Yeah, not the best,' Alan said, noticing my grimace. He shrugged his shoulders and I caught a glimpse of his penis for the first time as it bounced up and down in its nest of pubic hair.

On the small side. But then that probably made sense. Everything about Alan was on the small side.

Alan lay back down onto his own bed like it was a trampoline. There was no bounce though and his head hit his brown pillow with a dull thud.

'I just figure they don't want us sleeping too much anyway,' he said. 'We're supposed to go to class and study and drink beer and party our asses off. Who's gonna have time for sleeping?'

I looked over at Alan lying on his back nude, the entire length of him stretched out over just three fourths of the quilt. His body was cut, in all the right places, but he wasn't a mass of muscle like Joey had been. A very distinct tan line separated his abs from his hips, and then started up again just above his knees and went down to his toes.

In the untanned section of him, Alan's white penis sprung up out of his pubes and made a hard right turn toward my side of the room. Seemed like maybe it was on the long and slender side, like my old buddy Andy's, but it was a little difficult to tell through all that hair without getting a bit closer. Oh well, maybe another time...

'So do you play football?' I asked, giving him the benefit of the doubt. I had read someplace that everybody in Texas played football.

He chuckled and sat up on his bed.

'You bet! I'm a quarterback!'


He nodded his head and laughed out loud.

'Well, look at me,' he said.

I did. He was tight as a drum.

'Actually I wrestle. I don't have a scholarship at BU, but I'm definitely going to try-outs.'

'Really?' I asked. I knew absolutely nothing about wrestling. 'Free-style or Greek?'

He laughed again. 'Actually I'm free-style. But I believe the term is Greco-Roman.'

'Really?' I asked again, this time giggling myself.

'I would do sumo if I could,' Alan said.

I squinted my eyes and tried to imagine little Alan in the ring with a 500-pound sumo wrestler.

'I'd just wedge myself between his legs, shove my little head right up his ass, and he'd jump right out of the ring in like three second!'

We both fell back on our beds laughing.

A few minutes later, I looked over at Alan, still lying naked on his quilt, staring up at the ceiling.

'Um, Alan, if you don't mind me asking...' I started.

He looked over at me with raised eyebrows.

'Aren't you a little on the small side for a wrestler too?'

He sat up quickly on his bed. 'I wrestled 125 in high school, but I'm fixing to do a bit more growing, cowboy,' he said. 'Figure when I'm done, I'll be at least six feet or so.'

I looked at his tiny frame.

'Um, okay, that sounds good.'

'Hey,' Alan said. 'Don't be fooled by my pint-sized stature. I'm the sixth of seven kids in my family and I'm tough as a bull. Had to be. I had four other brothers!'

'A bull?'

'Shit yeah, cowboy, a big fucking, bucking rodeo bull!'

'Um, okay.'

We both stayed on our beds for a few more minutes. I alternated between thinking about where I should put my stuff and thinking about the naked roommate lying just a few feet away from me. Is this what college freshmen were supposed to do? Get to know each other from the ground up? On the first day?

Finally I got the nerve to ask. 'Um, Alan, what's the deal with doing push-ups in the nude? I mean, do you actually have any clothes?'

Alan sat up again, this time covering up his privates with his little hands. He got off the bed and grabbed some work-out shorts from his desk chair. They were white and speckled with those tiny black dots and had navy stripes down the sides. 'Sorry TJ, I should've put these on right away, I'm really sorry man. What a jug-head I am!'

I watched Alan as he turned away and slipped the shorts over his feet and quickly tugged them up to his hips. I got a great view of his hairless ass as he bent over.

Hmm. Body hair on the front side but nothing on the back side. That didn't make sense. I made a mental note to ask Alan about this curious phenomenon a few months from now when we knew one other a little better. Were his brothers the same way?

Once he was more presentable, Alan turned around and smiled at me.

'I'm really sorry, TJ, I didn't mean anything by it. Really.'

I shook my head. He was awfully cute. A tough little Texas spark plug, and blond to boot! He reminded me a little bit of my friend Andy from home, maybe combined with the cut pecs and abs of Joey. He certainly had Andy's attitude.

Alan probably was pretty tough, having to grow up in Texas and with all those brothers. I thought of what it might be like to live in a house with so many dicks and balls. I'd probably choose to be naked whenever I could as well!

Alan's white shorts had obviously seen better days. They were pretty scruffy with tiny rips on the waistband and even one just in front of his cock. All things considered, the shorts covered him up but they didn't leave much to the imagination. He might as well not have had them on at all.

This kid may not have even realized it, but he was a walking and talking sex toy. All contained in a tidy package just aching to beg my forgiveness and let me fuck him in the ass!

'No biggie,' I said. 'It's not like I haven't seen guys without their clothes on before. You know, locker rooms and all that.'

Alan's face relaxed and he smacked me in the chest for the second time. This time it stung a little. I got the idea that he really was all muscle underneath his munchkin exterior.

'Oh really,' Alan drawled. 'Did you play sports in high school? In Apple River?'

I smiled. 'Apple Valley. And yeah, I ran track. They are giving me some money to run for BU also,' I said. I thought I shouldn't brag that the university had offered me a full athletic scholarship. I suppose it was still possible that I'd break my pelvis while I was pounding Alan's little behind and I'd never see one penny.

He socked me again.

'No shit!' Alan said. 'That's just great!'

I grinned. What could I say?

'Golly!' He whistled, stretching the word out by a few seconds. 'A full ride! Hot damn, you must be one hell of an athlete! Track! Which events?'

'Middle distance,' I said.

Alan whistled again. Perhaps he needed a bit more detail. 'Mostly the 800 and the mile,' I explained. 'And if they force me, I might even consider the 3000, but I sort of hate that event.'

He looked up and the ceiling and absently dug one hand into his shorts. I watched his hand disappear. This seemed like much more than a casual scratch. 'What's your best time in the mile?' Alan asked.

'4:22,' I said. 'Which nearly killed me.'

'That's really motoring, cowboy!'

I laughed. 'Yeah, and then I had to sit down for three hours.'

Alan laughed too.

The rest of the afternoon Alan and I spent getting to know each other. He helped me put away my stuff. I helped him look through a catalog of Math classes and decide which one might be right. Alan had absolutely no idea what he was going to major in and seemed to look at college classes as something to be endured. In the end, maybe about four years from now, they handed you this nifty diploma and then you went out into the world and made a ton of money. Exactly how he was going to fill the time between now and the end of our college career seemed to strike Alan as an inconvenience.

When all my stuff was in order and Alan had settled on a pre-calculus course for non-Math majors, I announced that I was going for a run.

As I pulled some shorts and a tank out of my drawer, Alan settled onto his bed and grabbed hold of his penguin. Once I was undressed and standing just in my underwear, I pretended to pause and study the waistband of my shorts.

'Man, you are a runner! Look at you, roomie! Thin as a rail, with long tight leg muscles to boot!' Alan said.

Involuntarily I blushed.

'Yeah, I sort of overdid it a bit this summer,' I said. 'I ran my ass off trying to wrangle a scholarship or something out of Harvard.' I shrugged my shoulders. I turned and faced Alan who was lying on his bed clutching his penguin to his forehead like a horn.'In the end, they turned me down,' I explained. 'That's why I'm here.'

'Harvard, huh? You must be pretty smart,' Alan said.

I shrugged my shoulders again and slid my briefs down from my hips. Alan's eyes were still glued to me and I half-turned, sort of out of modesty, sort of because roommates shouldn't just flaunt their cocks around each other, I thought.

At least on the first day.

In the end, Alan's green eyes never strayed from me. Standing there naked just a few feet away from him, I shifted around a second or two more than necessary. I knew from all the weenies I'd seen in high school that I had nothing to be ashamed of. I was a grower, not a shower, but still...

I watched Alan out of the corner of my eye as I pulled on my socks and laced up an old pair of running shoes. Not my favorites, I didn't want to get them dirty yet and I had no idea exactly where I'd be running.

When I was ready, I turned to face Alan and gave him a smile. He was still clutching his penguin and had its beak in his mouth.

'So...skinny roomie,' Alan started. 'My parents are in town with my little brother and we're going to grab a bite to eat in a while. Do you want to come with us?'

I looked at Alan's green eyes.

'They're all real nice,' he drawled. 'I'm sure they'd love to meet you. They asked me about a thousand questions about who you were when we all saw your name on the roommate list. Of course, I had no frigging idea. But that didn't stop them from pestering me to death anyhow.'

'Great,' I said. 'I'd love to come to dinner. It's not like I have any plans or anything. Thanks for the invite.'

Alan tossed his penguin into the air and caught it behind his back.

'Sure thing, cowboy. You'll like them just fine. And at least they'll get to know you, see who's gonna be sleeping just a couple feet away from their precious darling boy.'

'Okay, darling boy,' I teased. 'I'll be back in a while. See ya''

'See ya''

I ran for about an hour along the Charles River, back and forth to Cambridge across some bridges that seemed to be conveniently placed just for my use. Just a light easy run since my legs weren't too sure of themselves yet. I passed about hundreds of other runners, some of whom looked me up and down and waved, some totally ignoring me. When I got back to the room I opened the door and wasn't totally surprised to find Alan on the floor. Doing exercises again.


'Good run?' he asked, not missing a sit up.


I tossed my shoes across the room, wriggled out of my sweaty clothes, and grabbed my towel. Walking out the door, I stopped.

'Um, do I need shampoo and stuff or do they have it there?' I asked.

Alan popped up instantly to a standing position. 'You gotta bring your own.' He picked up a zip-loc bag and handed it to me. 'Here, roomie, use mine.'

I looked at the bag.

'Are you sure? I mean, I can go to the store tomorrow and get some stuff.'

Alan smiled and pushed the zip-loc into my abs. 'Take it.'

He still had no clothes on and was standing only about eight inches away from me. For the first I had an appreciation for how short he was. The top of his head was just about as high as my nose and his eyes only came up to my neck!

'Thanks.' I said and closed the door behind me.

The showers were single stalls with dividers that ended about a foot and a half above the floor. There were little dressing cubes in front of each stall, and each one had a flimsy curtain hanging down. It wasn't exactly private, but it wasn't exactly public either. I considered my options and chose a stall down toward the far end. From what I could tell, at least two other showers were in use. There was a dark-skinned guy in a towel standing in front of one of the sinks shaving.

'Hi,' I said as our eyes met when I passed by.

'Hey, how's it goin'?'

I nodded and kept going.

Safely inside my shower cubicle under the warm stream, I closed my eyes and folded my arms across my chest. I stood there for a minute or so and let my thoughts run free.

Most of the time when I showered I thought about Joey. After all, he and I had met in the showers back during senior year in high school. I was really going to miss him this year. Too bad we had to be going to college on opposite sides of the country.

As I shampooed my hair I let my thoughts drift to Alan. I grinned to myself as I pictured him naked doing crunches on the floor, his fuzzy little body glistening with perspiration and a very determined look on his face.

A quarterback and a wrestler. Two very different athletes!

Joey was all raw muscle and big Italian bravado. Everything came easy for him.

Alan, on the other hand, probably worked a lot harder to get his body to where it was. Unfortunately the poor Texan was never born with the genes that Joey had. But Alan still seemed pretty cut, pretty strong. Wrestlers probably had to work out constantly.

I soaped myself up. First my chest and arms, then my abs, back and butt.

Washing up my dick and balls always gave me at least a semi-hard-on. Actually, just thinking about Joey and then my new roommate pretty much had me there already anyway.

The slick lather felt good on my cock. I closed my eyes.

With one hand I stroked myself up and down, while with the other I fingered the outside of my ass. It didn't take very long at all that my boner stretched out to every bit of eight and a third inches. I tugged on my nut sack and felt a little pre-cum ooze out from the top of my shaft.

At this point, jerking off was a foregone conclusion. Who cares if this was my first shower ever at college? With just a thin nylon curtain between my rock-hard erection and the rest of the guys in Shelton Hall. I mean, come on! Show me a college freshmen who did not actually do this!

'TJ, you in there?'


It was Alan.


'Which one are you in?'

'Um, I'm in here,' I said.

'Where's here?'

Did he mean to join me? On the first day? What kind of balls do guys have in Texas? Geez!

I looked around for something to hold in front of me. Something to hide my hard-on. I picked up the shampoo bottle and positioned it in front of my crotch.

'Down on the end,' I said, quietly.

The shower curtain swung open from the top. Alan stood outside the curtain peering in. His towel was around his neck and he had nothing else on.

Of course.

In less than a second, my cock went from rock solid and pointing straight up to the sky to semi-soft and pointing straight in front of me.

Alan looked me up and down. There could have been no doubt for him what I had been doing. He grinned.

'Shampoo, cowboy. Can I have it now? It's the only one I've got'

Our two sets of eyes look down at the shampoo bottle I was holding feebly between my legs. I gave him a half-hearted smile and handed him the bottle.

'Thanks, works pretty good I reckon?' he said.

I shrugged and he closed the curtain.

Back in our dorm room a few minutes later, we both chose blue jeans and polo shirts. Mine was navy, Alan's was white. Probably to show off his tan. As I stood up to put on a belt, Alan studied my crotch.

I watched his eyes linger on the bulge my dick in my Levi's. They were a fairly old pair and the little hump my package made had caused the fabric to lighten up a little bit. After a moment, Alan must have seen me watching him. He raised his face and looked me straight in the eyes.

He nodded to my groin and pursed his lips.

'Very nice,' he mouthed, without making a sound.

My mouth dropped open, and the moment passed.

We were pulling on our socks when there was a knock on the door. Alan bounced up off of his bed to open it.

Alan's parents and his younger brother (the 7th of 7) all came in to our tiny room. Both his mom and dad were short like him, but clearly something extraordinary had happened to Alan's younger brother.

His name was Alex, and he was tall and muscular and looked like something out of a muscle work-out magazine. Alex had blond hair like Alan, but that was about where the resemblance stopped.

It was as if the parents knew that Alex was going to be their last kid and their very best genes came together to make something extra special.

'Mom, dad, Alex, this is my new roommate, TJ,' Alan said.

'We're very pleased to meet you,' Alan's mom said. She gently shook my hand.

'Yes, nice meeting you TJ,' Alan's dad said. He grabbed my hand with his big Texas paw and nearly crushed it.

'Hey,' Alex said. He looked into my eyes and then gripped both my hand and my forearm all at once.

I was putty.

After a few minutes of small talk, the five of us left for the restaurant. I positioned myself strategically, walking in the back so that I could steal glances at Alex's ass. It was perfect. He wore tight white cords that showed off the muscles in just the right away. I was totally awestruck and couldn't get enough of the guy.

Please let him be eighteen!

I chatted amiably with the mom while the three Texas men(?) walked ahead. I didn't really know where we were all going and I didn't really care anyhow. I knew I just had to get my hands on my roommate's brother. Somehow.

'So TJ, do you play any sports?' Alan's mom asked me.

'Um, well, I run,' I answered. My eyes were glued to the Texas butt-fest in front of me and I was incapable of uttering two syllable words.

'You run?' she asked. 'Really?'


Alex and his dad had on matching red Boston University t-shirts that they had clearly just bought. Probably hours ago. Alex filled his t-shirt out as if it was painted right onto his body. It looked fantastic and stopped at the very top of his pants. When Alex would raise his arms a bit while he was talking, the tiniest sliver of skin could be seen peeking out between the two.

On the other hand, Alex's dad was pretty good looking for a dad too. His red shirt seemed a size or two larger than he needed but there was still a hint of the strong muscles underneath. He wore blue jeans like Alan and I. Wrangler. Come to think of it, his ass was not too shabby either. I made a mental note to look at the front of him more carefully once we sat down to eat.

Holy smokes! What kind of crowd was I getting myself involved with here?

Dinner was steak, and it was really, really good. Despite the lust I was feeling in my heart-and in my dick-for my new roommates younger brother, I discovered that I was totally starving and I slammed every last bit of my food in no time flat.

So did Alan. So did Alex. Bless 'em both!

Somehow I managed not to drool on my plate looking across the table at Alex. Thank god for that! Everything about him was so damn sexy! Even the way he chewed turned me on. It wasn't too long after we sat down that my cock took over and I sat there with an uncomfortable hard-on through the majority of our meal.

After the plates were cleared and the server set down dessert menus in front of us, Alan's dad took hold of my forearm.

'TJ, Alan says you've got a full track scholarship. That's mighty impressive, congratulations young man!' he said.

I smiled. 'Thanks. I happened to run like the race of my life the day the BU recruiter came out to see us.'

'That's quite remarkable, your parents must be very proud of you,' Alan's mom responded.

'I ran a 4:22 in the mile. Then I collapsed in a heap on the track,' I explained.

'Was that a PR?' Alex asked.

His voice was hot and smoky and thick with sexual innuendo. Alex hadn't said that much during dinner, letting everyone else do the talking. But now we were on a topic that struck home for him.

'Yup,' I said, back in one syllable mode.

'What else do you run?' he asked. He had green eyes like his dad and older brother, only he seemed to be wearing contact lenses that gave them an extra sparkle. 'I mean, beside the mile.'

'What?' I asked.

'What other events do you run?'

'Um, the 3000,' I said.

'And the 800,' Alan added helpfully. 'Didn't you say you ran the 800 too?'

'Um,' I said.

Alex rescued me, and I fell in love with him immediately.

'The 800 is brutal,' Alex said. 'I used to run it too.'

'Oh?' I asked, raising my eyebrows about a mile and a half. 'You run track?'

'Alex has been All-State for the last 3 years,' his dad explained. 'Now he's focusing on the pole vault.'

'The pole vault?' I asked.

The image of Alex standing there on the runway scantily clad holding a ridiculously long pole in front of him with both hands was too much for me. A big drop of pre-cum leaked out of the top of my poor wiener.

'I have gone over 16 feet in meets at least a dozen times. I've been over 17 feet twice!'

'17 feet?'

Alex nodded, his blond locks waving back and forth.

'Up?' I asked again, still a little surprised.

All three of the Texas men at the table cracked up. Alex's dad gave my forearm a squeeze again, and somebody kicked me softly under the table. My erection gave a jolt that I felt all the way to the top of my head.

'I think if I can get to 17 and a half I can make All-American this year. And then maybe I'll get an athletic scholarship to college the year after,' Alex said, excitedly.

He smiled. Somebody paid a lot of money to an orthodontist, I thought to myself. Alex's teeth were even and white and straight, and when he smiled you could see most of them. Involuntarily I rubbed my tongue over my front teeth trying to clean them off.

'Wow.' I said.

'I just need to get my leg speed up a little,' Alex explained.

I swallowed. 'Do you want to go for a run tomorrow? I'm due for some sprints,' I said.

'Really? You'd do that? You'd take me out,' Alex asked with his Southern drawl. The words came out like a line from a song.

It was all I could do to keep myself from saying 'aw shucks.'

'Um, well sure,' I said. 'When are you guys supposed to be heading back home to Texas?'

'We're on a 6 pm flight tomorrow night,' Alan's dad said. 'If you boys want to go for a run, take all the time you need, we just need him back at the hotel by 3 or so.'

'Cool!' Alex said with a huge grin.

'Yeah, cool!' I agreed. 'Say...ten? I'll swing by the hotel and pick you up.'

'Deal,' he said, 'I'll be in the lobby in my running stuff. Waiting.'

Unless I was mistaken, the boy was positively beaming. I was pretty good with wind sprints. I'm sure there were a few things I could show him.

Dessert came and went. Alan's mom asked for a second cup of coffee, so I excused myself to visit the bathroom. It wasn't easy getting up from the table without everybody else seeing how much my dick was pushing out my jeans, but by shoving my hands into my pockets at the earliest possible second, I managed to get away without causing too much of a stir.

There were only two bathrooms in the restaurant, and both appeared to be locked. I looked up at the ceiling and waited.

After less than a minute, I saw Alan's dad walking over. In the low light of the restaurant, he looked like a slightly taller, slightly more hairless version of Alan himself. For a dad, he certainly hadn't fallen apart as he'd gotten older. He looked like he was pretty amazing shape.

'They both locked?' he asked unnecessarily.

I looked at him and nodded, then looked at the floor.

The door with the M on the outside opened up and a man and his son left. The boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6. That explained the wait. After they'd passed, I offered Alan's dad the chance to go in first.

He smiled and took a step toward the door. As he did he looped his arm around mine and dragged me inside. He locked the door behind us.

'No reason for either one of us to wait, TJ,' he said. 'We're both guys, we can go at the same time. Right?'


The bathroom was even more dimly lit than the restaurant. Inside there was a small toilet and a sink, along with a strangely out of place Adirondack chair.

Alan's dad maneuvered himself to the far side of the toilet and unzipped his pants. As his penis flopped out, he aimed it toward the bowl.

'Not shy are you TJ?' he asked. 'I don't suppose a talented high school athlete like you has never peed in front of another man before. Am I right?'


Not wanting to seem impolite, I edged up to the toilet.

I thought of my poor semi-hard dick, crushed beneath the fabric of my jeans for the past couple hours. There was no way I was going to be able to snake it through my underwear and the through the button fly. The only way out was if I undid my belt and opened up from the top.

Alan's dad had not actually started pissing yet. As I got closer to the toilet, it was clear why. The man's dick was hard.

What the fuck? But he had me now, and he probably knew it!

It had been one of those days, at this point I would probably have had sex with a Rottweiler. With my eyes glued on my roommate's dad's boner, my own half erection stretched out all the way to at least eight inches.

I flipped open my belt, popped my jean buttons and pushed down my boxer briefs in one easy motion.

Now we were just two guys standing over a toilet with hard-ons. Alan's dad looked at my erect cock.

'Mmm,' he said. 'I thought so.'

'What?' I asked. 'What did you think?'

'I thought it would be that big,' he said.

'You did? You thought about how big my dick was?'

'Um hmm,' he said.

He reached over and slid my jeans down my hips, letting my balls swing free.

Fantastic! I totally needed to get off with a member of this upstanding Texas family. This particular family member hadn't been at the top of the list these past few hours however.

Alan's dad's hand gently cupped my nut sack. He licked his palm and rubbed spit over the top of my dickhead. It made me shudder, and I spread my legs as much as the jeans around my ankles would allow.

He smiled.

He bent at the waist to go down on me. Just before his mouth encircled the top of my cock, he stopped and looked up at my face.

'Is this okay?' he asked politely.

I smiled and nodded. 'More than okay,' I answered. 'Suck my dick already!'

And he did.

I carefully held his head, trying not to pull too hard on his ears as he bounced up and down on the shaft of my cock. Just like his sons, he was blessed with beautiful teeth but he managed to keep them far away from my hard-on as swallowed the whole thing all the way to the base. As he stroked me with one hand, the other played with my balls or found the pucker of my ass.

'Aaaagh!' I said in a very loud whisper.

'Do it TJ, give it to me when you're ready!' he said.

So I did. He was clearly very good at this and it seemed like he really wanted to be able to suck off a college freshman so I felt obligated to give him what he asked for.

I came in his mouth in no time.

It seemed like the polite thing to do so I returned the favor.

Alan's dad's hard dick was thick and well-proportioned and tasted great in my mouth. There was a slight taper from the thickest part at the base up to the tip so I couldn't quite completely deep throat him, but I'd say that I got most of it in.

He pulled out of me when he came and shot a huge load across the toilet and onto the floor.

'Wow!' he said.

'Yeah, totally wow!' I said too.

He shrugged and we both admired the long trail of semen. I shoved my dick back inside of my jeans and did my best to button up.

'So do you all come like that?' I asked.

He smiled.

'You mean my sons?'

'Yeah, do Alan and Alex shoot big loads too?'

'You'll have to ask them.' He said matter-of-factly, tucking himself in so that he could be presentable again.

As I was washing my hands, I felt emboldened.

'So who's got the biggest dick? You? Alan? Alex?'

He shook his head.

'Not telling,' he said. 'But somehow I have a feeling you're going to find out.'

We left the bathroom and headed back to the table. They were all talking about Alan's class schedule and barely missed a beat when Alan's dad and I sat back down together. Nobody seemed to notice that we'd both been gone for quite a while.

After a minute or two of the conversation, a thought entered Alan's head. While Alex and his mother kept talking, Alan seemed to pause. Then he looked for a long time at me, then at his dad. He thinned his lips into a half smile.

I smiled back at him across the table, my best attempt at my own half smile.

'Long line,' I said.

'Um hmm.'


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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