'How about this one?', I said spinning twice in the pirate costume. 'Sure if you want to win lame costume of the year.', my neighbor Kim said chuckling. I only speak to Kim when I have to, and in this case, I HAD TO. As you can probably see already, her level of criticizing is higher than those judges in those dance competitions, which is why I don't talk to her that much. She criticizes everything and everyone, but besides that, she is a very pretty red head. Her eyes are as blue as the reflection of the sky on a lake. She wears red lipstick that matches her hair. I guess she has reasons to criticize others. 'Well I'm not wearing anything then', I said frusturated. 'Oh lighten up', she said in a bitchy tone. 'Why should I lighten up when I don't have anything to wear to the damn costume party'. She thought for a minute or two and then came back to earth, 'I got it!', she yelled. 'got what?'. 'You're looking in the wrong place', she said. 'So where do we look?'. She grabbed me by my arm and almost shoved me in her car like an arrested criminal. We drove off to another store that looked nothing like a costume party. We got out her car and went in. As I entered I looked around and didn't see a single costume. 'I don't think this is a costume store Kim', I whispered to her since it was very quiet. 'Of coure it isn't silly', she said speaking in a normal tone. 'Who says costumes need to be in a bag to be considered costumes?', She said. Wow, she had a point. She walked up to the cashier. 'Well well well if it isn't Ms.Kimberly Dawn', the old wrinkled decent man said grinning. 'Hello Frederick.', Kim said looking at the place up and down. 'My my my have you upgraded your store?', Kim asked. Frederick ignored her, 'Are you here for another one of your costume parties that you assist every year?', he asked her. 'Nope... I'm too busy this year to be going to any parties, but my friend here is looking for a costume.', she said pushing me so he can take a look at me. 'Hmmm well help yourself to whatever you can find.', he said. 'Come on! We've got costume hunting to do!...', Kim said excitedly.

While we wandered down the store, I expected to see scary masks, or cheap false teeth for vampire. But instead I saw classy wigs and more like cultural clothing. We then started looking. 'Hmmm let's see what would fit you nicely?'... She picked out a beige indian looking rag, then looked around more and found a strap with white polka dotted feathers. She rushed me into the dressing room and told me to put it on. I came out a minute later. 'Hmmmm it's nice!... but I think we can do better.', she said. We looked around the store more, and found a mask. Not those cheap masks that have a deformed face, I mean like a "Zorro" mask, but made out of maybe leather. The mask was black, and thin as paper, it surrounded the eye area only. There was a paper that covered the sticky area. Kim peeled the paper off. 'Kim, don't you think we need to buy it first?'. 'Uhh, well how are we supposed to know if it's big enough for your eyes?', I gave her the point. She settled the mask on my eyes and she gasped. 'You...Look... HANDSOME, HOT, SEXY!!!', she said. 'Really?', I blushed. 'Yes really. Now to find you a shirt.', She pulled out a black dress shirt, a pair of black slim jeans, and a furry blue and gold cape. It took me about 5 minutes to change, and then I showed Kim... 'Wow! If I were three years younger I'd so make love to you right now, even the guys will be falling for you!', Kim was 20 and I was 17, so getting a compliment like that from her made me feel as hot as candle wax. 'And while you were changing, I found these!', she held a dark blue box, I opened it. There lied a pair of boots for men, black, and reached to below my knee. 'Alright, let's go', Kim said rushing. She put the stuff on the counter. 'That'll be $60', the cashier said. 'Oh god, I've been so excited about all this that I forgot how much I thought I was gonna spend', I said, pulling out a $20 bill. 'Oh please Carter, what do you think I work at a fast food restaurant?', she said pulling out the right amount of cash. 'Thanks Kim! I owe you big time!', I told her. 'You bet your ass you do!', she said with a wide grin.

Kim pulled over my driveway. 'Thanks Kim, I'll pay you later or tomorrow, but I have to get prepared for the party right now so.... bye' I said getting ready to get off her car. 'Wait, wait, wait! Do you really expect me to let you go to that party with that hair?'... 'What's wrong with my hair?', I said ruffling through it, Kim sighed for a good five seconds then got out the car and fast walked to the passanger seat and took me out by my arm and we made our way to my door, she pressed the doorbell, she pushed the right side of her hair behind her ear and made an angel face. My grandma opened the door, 'There you are Artie! Oh and our lovely neighbor is it?' Kim nodded, 'Yes Mrs.Stein' she said with a 'shy' voice. 'Well come on in sweetheart!', grandma told Kim. We went inside. 'Say, didn't you tell me one day that you'd give me a makeover Kim?', Grandma asked. 'Yeap, and I'll be glad to do it if you still want to Seth'... well, so much for shy Kim lasting more than five minutes. Grandma didn't seem bothered by Kim calling her by her first name, she actually looked happy. We then made our way up stairs. 'Do you have gel?' Kim asked sitting me in my own chair facing my mirror. 'Errrmm no.', 'well lucky for you, this weird girl always carries gel in her bag', Kim said taking out a small bottle of gel. I really misjudged Kim, although she may be criticizing, she is a sweet girl from the heart, I thought. She ran the gel through my hair, I started smelling the scent of lemon coming from the gel. She flattened my hair and pulled the front of my hair causing a bang to form reaching to my left eyelid. 'There, you now look like a real prince', Kim said smiling. It was true, I was drop dead sexy. Not to brag, but I was looking very handsome. 'The party is probably packed by now, we should get going before it gets even more crowded.' We made our way downstairs, I had put my 'costume' back on. 'Ohh who is this handsome young fellow?', My grandmother said. I blushed once more. 'Be careful now Artie, I don't want you getting into any problems understand?', I nodded. 'Oh and as your grandmother, I'm telling you no alcohol... but you as a teenager, might not listen to me, so if you so happen to drink, It better be little enough for you to walk straight and not talk like if your tongue is stuck on your throat. I dont wanna have to kick you out with the broom into the garage.', 'Yes grandma', I said. 'You have fun now.', she told me. And with that we drove off.

We got to the party. 'Good luck prince charming', Kim told me. I nodded and exhaled deeply. I got off and said my byes to her. I walked to the door and opened it. The music was booming in my ears, I looked around for Randy and Meggan, people were dancing, making out, talking around me. A drunk guy angel tried having a conversation with me, 'You, sir, are on seeexx... seeee....', next thing I knew he fell face down on the floor. People around looked at him and then continued doing what they were doing, I decided to go with the flow and just step over the knocked out angel. I found Randy and Meggan afterwards, and they both gasped when they saw me. 'You look AMAZING', Meggan told me. 'Thanks' I said. Randy stared at me for a longer moment and then asked if it was really me. 'No, I'm Carters long lost twin brother... Of course it's me!', we all laughed. Randy was dressed as a cowboy and Meggan as a cheetah. Afterwards, we danced, drank a little, but it wasn't until later that I noticed Angelo. He was dressed as a zombie. stitches in his face, red eyeliner, and what so ever. Even though I was tired of seeing him everywhere I went, I wasn't going to let him ruin my night. We continued dancing the night away. A while later Meggan told us that she had to leave early but that Randy could stay. 'Nope, let's go I'm giving you a ride', Randy insisted. 'It's okay hun, I'll walk it with Carrie', Meggan said. 'You sure?', Randy asked. 'Positive', Meggan said giving him a peck on the cheek. Right after she left Darren and Sabrina decided It'd be a good Idea if we played spin the bottle. There were about twenty people left. But only six of us participated. Me and Randy joined the circle, then, the person I least wanted to see this night, joined us and sat next to Sabrina. He quickly noticed I had joined and said, 'Uhh excuse me, I'm gonna go get some punch', I knew he'd probably make that as an excuse to leave the game, which I was thankful, but then Sabrina just had to have an extra cup of punch with her. Angelo looked just as upset as I did. We started the game...

Darren spinned the bottle with all his might. We all watched as it spinned. It landed on this other guy, the dare for him was to stand outside butt naked in the cold for three minutes, and he succeeded. after a while, the game started getting sexual. the bottle picked Sabrina this time and she was dared to give Darren a lap dance, and boy did she do it good. They spinned the bottle again. I was focusing hard on a moth flying around the lamp for some reason until I heard, 'Carter!'.. 'Huh?', I responded. 'The bottle landed on you'. 'Uhh well what's the dare?', I asked. They thought real hard, 'what if he drinks water from the toilet?', someone said. 'Oooohh I have a better Idea!', Sabrina said. 'I dare you, Carter, to kiss Randell.' Everyone agreed. 'Errrmm I dont think so', I said. 'Oh come on Carter, just a kiss.'... Randell looked at me laughing, he obviously wasn't taking it seriously so why should I?... 'Are you up for it Randy?', Sabrina asked him. 'Sure, it's up to Carter though.' This was unbelieveable, Randy was taking this so easy. 'Come on carter, Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!..', soon the whole circle started chanting 'kiss' to us, except Angelo, he was just staring at us with the eyes of a tiger watching its prey. Randy leaned in a bit, then I leaned in a bit as well. It kept going inch by inch, until I could practically feel him breathing on me. We stood there thinking if we should kiss or not, all of a sudden a hand pushes my head into Randy saying 'Just kiss already!'. I feel Randys lips and the whole room turns into a blur...

His lips are softer than warm jelly. His nose lies on mine as well as his forehead. We don't move our lips, theyre just.... there, together... I come back to my senses and so does he... We look around to see our friends laughing their asses off, and some bowing telling us we are the masters of dares... Right after they finish laughing, they continued, before they could spin the bottle Angelo got up quite grumpy. 'Well I gotta go, It's getting late so, see you guys..' He said smiling, then he looked at me, and gave me a scowl. 'I gotta go to guys, see you guys at school.' I gave my goodbyes and left, hoping to probably catch up to Angelo, but I didn't. I walked home and thought about all that happened tonight. Could it be that Angelo was probably jealous when randy and I kissed? As if it even meant anything, they both are straight guys.... Right?......



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