The next morning, while I was making my way to school, I thought about how I was going to look at Angelo from now on. What do I say? Do I apologize again? Do I avoid contact with him till the end of the year? Do I... 'Hi there, Randell Sparks, sir I feel as if we have met before' I was disturbed by a hand being held out for a shake. I looked up, and grinned at Randys' joke. 'What's the matter?', he asked. "Well, last practice while we played a game, it got intense, and well you know how competitive I am, so apparently I wasn't the only competitive one in there, Angelo is to, so one thing led to another then pushing and shoving started taking it's place, and at one point I pushed Angelo too hard that he got tangled with the ball and fell. So I offered my help while we were in the lockers by bringing him an Ice pack, I tried helping him, but he rejected it, and so now I guess he hates me even more.', 'Wow... I expected a 'Nothing" and instead got a life summary', Randy said laughing. 'Well geez friend thanks for your advice', I said sarcastically. He ignored my sarcasm, 'well what are you gonna do?', he asked. 'That's the problem, I just don't know...'

I entered my first period class and sat down. Out of all the classes I have, this period was the one I love the most. I can express my feelings to a paper, to something that wont say 'you have too many problems'. I thought about what happened yesterday in the soccer game, but decided not to write about it. I have to forget about the soccer game, forget about the past, and most importantly, forget about Angelo. I started writing on my notebook, I heard someone come in the class but didn't look up. I wasn't one of those persons that look up to see who came late, as if it mattered to them. I continued writing on my notebook, when my teacher announced something that left my mouth wide open.

'Alright guys, I want you guys to welcome Angelo Reed to our writing class, he's new (obviously).', 'Oh god why', I said slamming my head into my notebook which I probably said louder than expected because half of the class turned and laughed. 'You can sit there', Ms.Gwen said pointing at a seat behind me. 'So before you guys write in your notebooks...', Ms.Gwen interrupted again. I slammed my pencil hard on the desk, 'well that would have been nice to know before I started writing' I mumbled. 'I want you guys to take out a sheet of paper, and write a little bit about yourselves.' I wrote about my personality, my life as usual, what i liked, what I disliked. After we all finished Ms.Gwen told us to trade with our partners, my heart went up to my throat for a second, we usually just write and throw the paper away after we finish, Ms.Gwen calls it 'letting our soul be heard', and I always thought 'I don't think my soul will be heard by throwing it in that rusty trash can'. Anyways, we had to trade with our partners, which I thought was good for me since my partner Lisa Crow was absent that day, but boy was I wrong...

I heard that the reason why Lisa hadn't come to school was because she broke her glasses. Well before the day she broke her glasses, her mom bought her new shoe laces for her shoes, however, they were two sizes too big. Lisa ignored it, and put the laces on. The next morning, (which is today) Lisa was 10 minutes late for school so she skipped breakfast, while making her way to school Lisa didn't notice her shoe laces were untied and tripped, at that very moment a bicyclist whom was lost ran Lisa's glasses over with his bike. And to think, If Lisas mom would have bought the laces the right size, or if Lisa would have woke up 10 minutes earlier, or if Lisa wouldnt have skipped breakfast, or if the bicyclist wouldnt have gotten lost, what Ms.Gwen says next could have been avoided...

'Since neither you or Angelo have a partner, I want you guys to trade papers.' I smiled at Ms.Gwen and mumbled 'Bitch' after she left. I turned around and gave him my paper, he sat there not handing me his. I snatched the paper off of his desk and began reading it, but before I could begin the bell rang. 'Woops, must have lost track of time, your homework is to read your partners papers and then write a paper explaining what you liked or were shocked to know about them.' I left the class worried. I can't believe they made me trade papers with my biggest enemy. Today at practice, Angelo wasn't present. According to Darren he was too 'injured' to play. 'Pfft, too injured to play but never too injured to be a jerk' I thought. To be honest, I was excited to read Angelos' paper, my thirst to find out the humiliating and pathetic things he probably wrote about was taking me over. But first, I made my way to the store to buy some supplies. I looked around the shelves for pencils. Pencils, pencils, pencils, Pencils! I shouted while grabbing a pack. I looked throught the shelf to find a NON surprise. Angelo was there with what I assume his girlfriend? She loaded the basket with supplies. I wanted to leave and ignore Angelos presence but he's always there! Wherever I turn! His girlfriend was hot, I noticed when they made their way to the cashier. She was taking her wallet out when Angelo raised his hand with his wallet and took out the amount of cash she needed.

She smiled at him and gave him a peck on the cheek. Me, being the sneaky person I am, payed 4 cashiers away to avoid being seen. The 'lovely' couple made their way out. I was in such a hurry to spy on them that I told the cashier to keep the change. I walked slowly and keeped my distance from them, they didnt recognize me thanks to my hoodie. they stopped at a corner, i hid in a small bush and heard their conversation. 'You sure you don't want a ride?', the girl said getting on what I assume was her car. 'Uhhh no, but thanks, I told you I like walking'. 'Okay, love you babe'. 'Love you to', he answered, and with that she drove off. after 2 minutes I was going to leave but then I heard another girl. 'Hey babe', she said holding on to Angelos neck and giving him a long kiss. Oh My Geezus, I thought. Things just got interesting, I said grinning...



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