'Rise and Shine Artie!', my grandmother shouts. She opens the blinds. My eyes automatically squint when they come in contact with the sun. I sit up from my bed. I admire my biceps, bulging as I stretch. 'What time is it?', I ask her. '6:30... now come on, hit the shower while I iron your clothes.', she says taking my clothes and graduating gown downstairs. I would usually object her offer, but today I was in no place to object anyone for help.

I hop into the shower making sure I didn't forget a thing. Hmmm, clothes, shoes, tux, gown, cap... cap?... CAP! I finish up showering quickly to search for my cap. 'Grandma have you seen-', she held out her hand with my dark blue cap on it. 'Grandma, you are a life saver.', I tell her before heading out. 'See you at the ceremony dear.', she says before I close the door.

Thankfully, Kim offered me a ride to school yesterday. And like I said, I was in no place to object to any sorts of help. 'Ready to go?', Kim asks wiggling her car keys as she walks out her door. I nod my head and get on the car. She takes a good look at me and immediately fixes my physical flaws. 'Here, let me fix that tie for you.', she says while adjusting my tie in the correct position. I rush her to start driving. I get to school early (Finally for once in my life!). 'Good luck on your big day!', Kim says taking one final look at me for any mistakes. 'I'm coming to the ceremony with your grandmother okay?', she told me. I nod my head and enter school.

Since I was early, I decided to look for Randy. I eventually find him in a circle with his friends. 'Hey handsome.', he says leaning in for a kiss and hug. 'Hey.', I say giving him a shy grin. 'Ready for today?', he says raising an eyebrow as if he was actually asking. 'Yeah... and you?', I ask fixing his cap. 'Of course, for today, and the future.', he said raising my hand to his lips. I realized that he was talking about 'us' in the future. I blushed like always. Randy laughed. 'You blush for everything I say!', he said grabbing my cheek and pinching it. 'I do not!', I say stupidly, knowing that he was right. He laughed more and dived right in for a kiss. I close my eyes and enjoy his giving. But words can't explain the horror I feel when I open my eyes...

here I am kissing Angelo!!... the world around us is a blur... my immediate reaction was to push him away of course. He has a surprised look on his face. I shut my eyes tight and open them again, but instead of Angelo, it's Randy again. 'What the hell dude?', Randy says with a confused look. 'Sorry, I ummm... i'm a bit nervous about the ceremony.', I lie. He brushes his hand on my face. 'It's okay, there's nothing to worry about.', he tells me, forgiving me for my idiotness. He excuses himself to go to the office. Good, that gives me time for myself. First of all, why the hell did I just imagine Angelo and I kissing?! Was it because of the moment we had yesterday in the dressing room? Of course not! Why the hell would I imagine him if I hated what he did yesterday.... Or do I?... I erased the thought from my mind. It's probably because of how scared I am too confront him. I convinced myself to the idea and headed to class...

It was pure commotion in our homeroom. Students panicking on what to do. Not to mention it was practically an oven in here with the amount of students that were fitted. I decide on staying out on the hallway, but regret it when I spot Angelo. 'Ready?', he asks, gazing through my eyes. 'Yeah', I realize how glum I sound. He shuffles his feet around trying to find something to say. 'Listen... Carter... About yesterday-'

'Nothing happened yesterday.', I say with no sort of expression on my face. He has a confused look on his face. 'Well I think quite differently.', he says scowling. I give him a menacing look and make my way to a different direction. Who the hell does he think he is? I reach for a drink from the water fountain, since I have not been able to catch a bite or drink today. I feel a hand lay on my back and I quickly lift my head up from the fountain. 'Aw!', Gray shouts when my head hits his chin. 'I'm so sorry Gray!', I say tightening my lips so a laugh wouldn't escape. He grins despite me knocking his chin. 'Is this revenge for knocking you out with my locker door?', he asks while massaging his chin. I laugh. Remembering how that was how we met. 'So... nervous?', he asks. 'Well just a tiny bit.', I confess. He nods his head for understandment. Theres a moment of awkwardness between us. 'So... anything new?', I ask. He thinks for a minute on what to say, or whether to say it. 'Well, i'm going on a few dates with this one guy.', he says avoiding my gaze. I chuckle because of how nervous he is to say it. 'That's nice.', I say avoiding his gaze too. 'Well guess i'll see you on stage?', he asks. 'Yeah', I say giving a sigh of relief. He suddenly hugs me. I grin. It wasn't a hug of two guys that like eachother, but a hug of a real close friend. 'Good luck.', he says shooting two thumbs up as he walks away.

One hour before the ceremony. I speed walk to my class again to find all the students walking in a vertical line to get ready for the ceremony. I get in the line feeling more nervous now that we were on our way to the ceremony. We practically wait in a hallway for an hour, which might have been boring, but thanks to Darren who was acting like a clown the whole time, wasn't.... the time came. The names began being announced. One by one being called. Until it was finally my turn... walking across the stage felt magnificent. Sure getting my diploma and shaking the principals hand was special too, but walking across that stage was like finally getting to the safe side. I spot Kim and my grandmother just a few feet away, waving and taking pictures.

After the ceremony, Kim runs towards me and gives me a tight hug. 'Woah! You're leaving me breathless!', I shout. She loosens up and takes more pictures. My grandmother gives me a peck on the cheek and gives me a hug aswell. 'You're gonna do great in college Carter.', she says. I can tell shes serious since she doesn't call me Artie. I thank her and give her another hug. I find Randy and congratulate him afterwards. 'Thanks', he says. 'But you know... theres another way you can congratulate me.', he says with a grin. I laugh and give him a kiss on the lips. 'So... are we going to the Afterparty?', I ask Randy. 'Yeap... so you better get ready... because im planning on taking you out to dance.',he says doing a lousy salsa dance move. I chuckle. 'Well ima go and start getting ready, see you later alright?', he says. I nod my head. As I walk around congratulating close friends. My eyes then meet up with Angelos. 'Congratulations', I mumble shaking his hand. 'To you too.', he said smiling. His grip doesn't get tighter, but his fingers explore my hand. I shake his hand off and scowl at him. He rolls his eyes, most likely annoyed by my stubborness.

Kim, my grandmother, and I talk about the ceremony all the way home. When we get there, I quickly take a second shower, since I was soaked in sweat... that graduation gown was not climate friendly. I dress in the new clothes I bought and head out with Kim. 'You look great Carter.', she says. My face flushes in red and I let out a barely audible 'thank you.' She drives off saying constant compliments that make me blush. 'Are we picking up Randy?', she cuts in. 'Nope. He said he was gonna meet me at the party.', I explain. She nods her head and makes her way to the party.

The party was said to be at Darren's house, so I instruct Kim where to turn. I know we are close when I hear the loud music echoing. 'I think it's hear', I say doubtfully. We remain seated for a couple of minutes when I see Sabrina and decide to go inside with her. I wave to Kim as she drives off. I look for Randy rapidly after we enter the party. I even catch some of our other friends from school, including Dakota, who I don't know whether to call a friend, stranger, or enemy. She seemed to be very happy with her friends regardless. When I finally find Randy, he receives me with open hands. We kiss for quite a while, before he drags me out to the dance floor. Very different from the last time we danced, I was actually having fun.

After hours of dancing, I head out to the front yard of the house to take in a breath of fresh air. Sweat surrounded my neck from the heat on the dance floor. 'You look like you're having fun.', I hear Angelo call out. I don't bother turning around to see him. He walks around to meet his eyes with mine. 'So, about yesterday-', he tries to continue, but I immediately cut him off. 'Nothing happened yesterday, so please, save your thoughts.', I say, tired of Angelo. 'Nothing happened? We made out, I don't think that's nothing.', he said looking directly at me. 'No, YOU made out with ME.', I cleared up. He raised an eyebrow to show his confusion. 'Besides, you forcefully made out with me.', I tell him. He starts getting grumpy. 'Well you certainly didn't look like you wanted me to stop.', he snapped. 'Oh because slapping your hand away didn't give you a clue?', I say sarcastically. He stays quiet. 'Or did I have to punch you straght in the face for you to get a clue?', I continue. Just when he is about to speak, Randy shows up. He glances at Angelo and then at me. 'Ready to come back inside?', he asks wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me back to the party. 'Was it not noticeable that Carter and I were having a conversation?', Angelo shouts behind us. I shut my eyes, I knew he was gonna say something idiotic. Randy turns around, 'of course It was noticeable, but I don't want you talking to my boyfriend.', he snapped. 'And why not?', he asked mad. Randy tries ignoring him and walking away, but not before Angelo speaks up again. 'It's like he's your prisoner.', Angelo adds. 'Oh i'm sorry, i'm just making sure none of my friends try writing a letter to my boyfriend...', Randy says. 'Do you know anyone like that?', Randy continues provoking him. Angelo starts mumbling, 'that letter wasn't meant for Hayley.', he says mumbling. Randy gave Angelo a dissappointed look. 'I tried helping her out so she wouldn't break up with you.', Angelo explained. 'Oh the lies!', Randy shouts! 'THEY. AREN'T. LIES!', Angelo said grabbing and shaking Randy by his shirt. 'All these years, i've been living with guilt on my mind... you don't know the pain I have sufferd.', Angelo says. I crossed my arms, feeling sorry for him... it looked like Randy was too, because suddenly, they apologized. 'Sorry.', Randy mumbled. 'What?', Angelo said raising his head. 'I'm sorry.', Randy repeats. We remain speechless for a while. Until Angelo leaves without a goodbye, he must be grumpy or sad based on the way he acted. 'Shall we go back in?', Randys cute face lights up. 'No, it's okay, I'll stay out here for a while.', I say feeling a bit glum. He respects my decision and leaves me alone for a while.

I sigh at the view of the stars in the purple dark sky. I wish I was a star. High up in the sky...no problems... no stress... just being radiant. Tonight, I saw a real change in Angelo. A change that lead to the most ugliest question ever... Am I completely crazy for Angelo?...

(Hey guys, as you guys know, this is the last chapter to this story, but im still brainstorming the second part. But please look forward to my upcoming story, The Rules of Friendship, new storyline, new characters, etc. I've been planning this story for quite a while. Im working very hard on trying to make the chapters longer too. Again, thanks for the supportive feedback - Robbie.)



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