The events of when Randy and Angelo confessed to me their love kept haunting me. I couldn't find a way to vanish these thoughts. 'Carter?', Grays voice brings me back to the present. 'Huh?', I blurt out. He squints as if trying to read my mind. 'You didn't hear a word I said, did you?', he says crossing his arms to his chest. 'Sorry... i'm just a bit stressed.', I say. 'Well you've been like that since I got here, what's the matter?', he asks. I remember the past moments with Randy and Angelo, making body contact with them. I shake my head along with the feelings brought to my body.

'Nothing', I say unconvincingly. Gray doesn't buy it, but he lets the subject go. 'So how was your trip?', I ask, trying to change the topic. 'It was alright, seeing my sister all grown was really shocking.', he said. He gave me an evilish grin. 'But the best part... was the Miami guys.', he says. I give him a light punch on his cheek. He laughs. 'Oh the men!.. it was like if I was in heaven!', he kept going on. I laughed and chased him all the way outside. I tackled him onto the dark green grass. I laughed even though I knew Gray didn't hit on any guys over there. My mood quickly went downhill. Gray didn't hit on any guys... and here I was making out with 2. I gave a deep sigh. 'You see! There is something wrong with you.', Gray says pointing at my face like a child. I give up on trying to hide it and just look down to hide my face of shame. 'Whats the matter Carter?', Gray asks worried. I stand up and turn away from him, avoiding his gaze. 'I did something that I shouldn't have done.', I confess. I hear him stand up and get close behind me. 'Well... what is it?', he asks curious. I don't respond. 'Did you steal?', he asks. 'What?! No!', I yell out. 'It was worth a shot.', he shrugs. He comes in closer and hugs me from behind. 'It's okay Carter.', he whispered in my ear. I took a deep breath. 'I...', I let my words trail. 'I... cheated on you.', I finally say. I feel his arms loosen up from the hug. 'You... cheated?', he asks as if he heard wrong. I stay quiet. 'With who?', he asks in a lower tone. 'Randy...', I tell him automatically. He releases his arms from my chest. 'Before... you say anything else... he wasn't the only one... I also cheated on you with Angelo. ', I told him. He shut his eyes as if he didnt want to hear me. He clasped his hands on his face and walked around. I didn't dare stop him, it was the least I could do. 'Did it mean anything?', he asked looking at the sky. The question caught me off guard.... DID it mean anything?

I was speechless as he waited for an answer. I tried saying that it meant nothing... but the words wouldn't come out.

It did mean something...

I was in love with Randy and Angelo....

Gray stormed off angrily. I ran to chase after him. 'Gray... wait!', I shouted. To my surprise, he stopped. 'I leave for ONE week, and you cheat on me with 2 guys?', he yells. 'I know I messed up... and i'm sorry!', I tell him. He proceeds on walking away. 'Can we still make this work?', I ask keeping up with him. He stops again. 'What do you think?...', he asked me. I knew it was a no. 'Exactly.', he said reading my mind. 'But you know what made me come to the decision of ending this relationship?', he asked. I stared at the floor. 'It wasn't that you cheated on me with 2 guys... It was that you actually HAVE FEELINGS for them.', he said. 'And as much as i'm dying to hug you right now... I can't...', he said softly. '... It's over Carter.', his voice was barely audible. He left walking with his head down. It's over... his voice repeated in my head. The thoughts of everything that just happened overwhelm me, and I feel tears poking out the corners of my eyes. I speed walk out of my house, to anywhere but here... I bump into just the wrong person ... Randy. 'Carter?', he says squinting from the sun in his face. My throat is jammed with words that I can't say out loud, so instead I ignore him and start running. 'Carter... wait up!', I hear him shout. I dash all the way to my place of calm. I release a sigh of relief when I get there... the swing. I sit on the small wooden chunk that can barely hold my weight. I rock myself back and forth... crying... hoping that this is just a bad dream. No. This is no dream... these are consequences to my actions.

I could hardly believe myself... Was I so in love that I was willing to drop a kind hearted boyfriend for two miserable jerks?

( Hey guys! Sorry that this along with the last few chapters that I've done have been quite small... but once again, I haven't had enough time to make them as long as you guys want... hope you guys dont hate me for it. -Robbie)



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