I rinsed my face, the refreshing water wakes me up fully. I have survived half way through the hallway. Almost everyone glared at me as I walked through the hallway, but luckily, the restroom was feet away. I dried my hands and made my way back out. Here goes nothing...

The bell rang, I was the first one to come early to class... I was a bit nervous, especially since Angelo was still my partner for this period. My joy for writing class has vanished... thanks to that butthead. The class started filling up... and finally, the devil himself walked in. Once he sat down I scooted away dramatically making sure that he noticed. He gave me a scowl. The class proceeded with Ms.Gwen teaching us the meanings of poems. 'Poems can mean many different things to an individual... what something means to you, can mean something different to someone else', Ms.Gwen explained. 'I want you guys to write a poem, whether short or long, but it has to have a deep meaning to it.' We scribbled away, some were taking advantage of the 'no maximum or minimum stanzas', writing only about ten words in their paper. After about half an hour, most of the class had finished. 'Well now that most of you guys are done, you and your partner must decide on who will be reading their poem.', Ms.Gwen instructed. I avoided any type of contact with Angelo. I suddenly felt my chair being pulled closer. I looked down to find none other than the homophobe with his hand on my chairs leg. 'If we aren't going to speak to eachother personally, then so be it. But this affects my grade, and I can't afford a low grade.', he told me. 'I don't have any interest in talking to you. Not personally, not academically, not any way.', I told him avoiding eye contact with him. 'Well, that's too bad because I'm in the mood to spill my guts to you.', he said smiling. Ugh that jerk! How does he have the audacity to smile after what happened last night!?!... 'You ready?', he asked. I remained silent as I said I would. 'I'll take that as a yes.', he said clearing his throat, and then begun reading:

' I saw an angel... An angel that floated above the stars.'

'An angel unlike any other angel I have seen.'

'I saw an angel... An angel that looks at me with little hope.'

'An angel that makes my heart beat ten times faster than the usual.'

'But this Angel... this angel that has captured my heart... is guarded by its most strongest weapon... its confidence.'

'I saw an angel... the angel that has me floating in the clouds.'

He looked at me with a 'what do you think?' Face. I tried making small talk. 'It was...good', I said simply. 'Oh my god, he can talk', he joked. I ignored his dumb joke. 'One question though', I told him. He turned to look at me. 'And that is?', he asked. 'How many of these angels did you say there were?', I asked. 'I think the 'an' pretty much explains it.', he said. 'Are you sure its just one Angel? Because maybe its just me... but if im not mistaken. You have two angels under your wing.', I told him. Angelo stopped playing with his pencil. 'What are you on about Carter?', 'nothing, I should get back to work', I said grinning. 'Spill it! Or i'll slice you like a potato!', he mumbled agressively low enough so only I could hear. 'Well, do you remember the time when you went to the supplies store with your girlfriend, and, to be specific... the one with blonde hair?', I asked. He put his head down in shame knowing where I was going. 'Yeah.', he said in a whispering voice. 'Do I really need to continue for you to know where this is going?', I told him. He banged his fists on his desk. 'You don't know what you are talking about.', he said with killer eyes, I couldn't help but get turned on by that look. 'Maybe not, but even I, a 'faggot', knows better than to play with two girls.', If it weren't for the bell ringing, I could have sworn he would have punched me right there.

'So did he try anything?', Randy asked. 'Nope', I responded in the happiest mood that I have been since months. 'Woah, did you win the lottery or something? You seem a bit too happy.', Randy asked curiously. 'Better, I found Angelos weakness', I told Randy. 'Really? What is it?', he asked me curiously. 'I'll tell you sometime', I told him. 'Oh come on! Why not today?!', he asked. I laughed. 'Bye Randy', I told him. He gave me a short hug. 'What was that for?'... 'Well... it's a new way to say bye to friends', he said stuttering. 'Well bye...I guess', I told him. I went inside my house to find my grandma cooking. 'Is that you Artie?', she called out. 'Yeap, it's me grandma.', she came out of the kitchen. 'Guess what i'm making today', grandma said giving me a peck on the forehead. 'I give up, what?', I asked curious. 'Your favorite, chicken alfredo.', she said. 'Aww thanks grandma', I told her. I followed her to the kitchen. I took in the scent of the pasta, a delicious scent. 'Grandma, is it just me, or did you make more than usual?', I asked. 'Nope, I made more than usual', she answered. 'Did you see my stomach getting bigger?', I laughed. 'Haha no, but we are having a guest over.', she said. 'Guest?', I wondered. 'Well it was a day when you weren't here, a young man came by asking for work, so I took advantage of the opportunity, and well he's gonna do housework from now on... since I got a job as a cashier in Mrs.Clarks bakery shop.', 'Wow, where have I been all this time.', the door bell rang. 'That must be him.', my grandma said, rushing up with the food. 'I'll get it..', I swung the door open and couldn't believe what stood before me... my worst nightmare...

'Carter?!', Angelo looked just as shocked as I was. 'What are you doing here?!', he said. 'I live here, what are YOU doing here?', I asked. 'I was here for a job... but... I guess the lady moved to another home?'... 'that lady is my grandmother you fool, and shes been expecting you.'... 'well, do I wait out here or come on in?', Angelo asked. 'I never thought I would say this EVER to you but, come on in Angelo.' He came in just in time, my grandmother had set up the table. 'Sit.', I told him with hate in my voice. 'Okay.. don't get any happier about seeing me.', he said sarcastically. 'Why hello Angelo, how nice to see you again!', my grandmother greeted him nicely. I hated it. 'Mrs.Stein a pleasure to see you... and your grandson.', Angelo said shaking her hand. What a lie. We sat down and began eating. 'Grandma, did you know that Angelo goes to my school?', I told her. 'Oh really?, How is my grandson at school?', she asked Angelo. He looked at me, 'Charming... Very Charming.', he told her. 'Why if I had 5 thousand bucks for everytime he was nice, I would be a millionaire!', apparently my grandma didnt realize that he had just called me a jerk. We talked more over dinner. Finally it was time for Angelo to leave... 'Can you start working tomorrow?', grandma asked him. 'Sure', Angelo responded. 'Well se ya later Mrs.Stein...', he said while waving to my grandmother. 'Later Carter...', he said grinning. Oh how I HATED him!!



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