I sat in my bed, remembering the things that happened earlier on today. Angelo referring to me as his 'best bud'.... or what if he meant Randy?... But that's impossible, they've hated eachother since as long as I can remember... and when I say as long as I can remember, I pretty much mean since the first day Angelo was new to this school, Randy has hated him. Before I could think this situation out any more, my cell rang.


'Sir, it's the pizza man calling, I'm sorry but I cant seem to find your address.'

'Wait, what? I didn't order any pizza'

I heard laughter after I said that.

'Why is it that you always have to pull a prank everytime you call me Randy?!', I said annoyed.

'Haha because you fall for it EVERY time'

'Whatever. So... What do you wanna talk about?' I asked.

'Well, I had nothing in mind... I just missed talking like old times, I feel like we've been seperated a bit ever since Meggan became my girl.'

'Yeah, I guess we have been seperated a little'

'Yeah..', he said, trying to find something else to talk about.

We were both quiet for a while, then in that moment, the thoughts came back.

Angelo, Randy, me.... 'best bud'? Well if i'm talking to him right now then I might as well try to solve this puzzle once and for all.

'Hey, Randy?'

'Yeah, I'm still here'

'Can I ask you a question?'

'Sure, shoot'

'Well I know you don't like him and maybe it's just a crazy idea of mine... but... have you and Angelo ever been friends?'

There was silence on the other side of the phone... and with the silence came after a long deep sigh.

'I never expected to tell this story again... but since you are my best friend and I can't lie to you, I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you.'

'As an elf once said, I'm all ears'

'Well... In middle school... me and Angelo were best friends..'

I gasped quietly, and mouthed 'What the fuck' to myself.

'I know right, shocking.', he said.

'Anyways, we were best friends. We hanged out together, we did almost everything together... until one time...'

'What happened?', I said literally on the edge of my bed waiting for an answer.

'Well this one time, I hopped into his bedroom window. We were used to doing that since the door in that age was banal. I didn't see him in his room so I thought of coming back later. I was about to jump out, but then I noticed a paper with writing on it, most likely a letter. The ink had an elegant dark red in it, and the writing was written in cursive. As I read the letter I was like 'Woohoo!, my boy is getting some' until I finished the letter.... To: Hayley Martin... now Hayley Martin was MY girlfriend, and may I also mention that she was my girlfriend for way longer than Angelo had been my friend at that time. So as I reacted to the letter, Angelo came out of his bathroom and looked at the letter then at me. His face had a 'I'm fucked' look. 'What the hell is this?!', I told Angelo. 'Look, I can expl-', 'No need to explain Angelo, you obviously are trying to get at my girlfriend... but look at me and now look at you, who do you think Hayley would pick?'... he stood there silent, knowing that she would obviously choose me... 'That's right, it wouldn't be that hard of a decision for her'... I crumpled the letter and tossed it at his chest.'

Before I could ask questions about his ex friendship with Angelo he interrupted again.

'Now, I know what you're thinking... Who in their right mind would choose Randy over that piece of candy over there!?! Well in middle school, Angelo was a total wimp, and I was the most athletic and popular kid of the school (not to brag). The only reason people even knew Angelo was because of me. To the kids those days, Angelo was just another bony geeky kid.'

'Well we can see how that changed..', I said.

'Yeah, after that day, I think Angelo might have looked at me as competition... he practically signed up for every after school sport...After our middle school graduation I noticed a big physical difference on Angelo, and as well as his attitude. He was no longer a shy, sensitive, and bony kid. He was the girls and probably even boys dreams. I'll admit I was jealous of him a bit. However those problems were about to get fixed when I noticed a moving truck in front of his house... after a while I noticed him and his parents taking stuff out and it kept going for the whole day until the last piece of furniture. His parents got on their own car and honked at Angelo signaling him to get in the car. I saw Angelo give a look at my window, we stared at eachother for a few seconds, then he simply left.'

'Wow.... so you guys have had quite a history together huh?', I said.

'Yeap, I was surprised when I saw him in the office of the school signing up to move here... Never in a million years did I think I would see him again, I barely even recognized him since he was so... well... built. Atleast a bit more than me I guess.'

'A bit?', I teased him laughing.

'Knock it off Carter', he tried sounding serious without laughing.

'Well... I have to do homework... so, see you tomorrow?'

'Yes sir, see you later alligator'

He hanged up... wow, I wanted a question answered and I get a life story. But wait, why did Angelo still call Randy his 'best bud'? Was he being sarcastic? Or is there another side of the story? So many questions! I put my work away and slept with all the questions on my mind...



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