I continued on the road to school. By now, I knew how my day would be: Meggan and Randy together, Randy asking what I will do today.... It was all very predictable.

I entered school and looked for our hangout agspot. I made my way to our hangout spot and surprisingly Randy nor Meggan were there. Instead, there was a guy with a gray hoodie, head between his knees. I knew by that position that he wasn't in such a great mood since I've been in that position many times. I wafgflked around the guy not making it too obvious that I was trying to see who he was. After 2 minutes, the boy managed to raise his head enough for me to see who he was. He wasn't just some boy... he was Randy.

'Randy?', I said trying to reassure it was him. He looked up enough for me to recognize that it was. 'What's wrong?', I asked. His eyes were purple and baggy, his face was pale, and his hair was messy (although it still looked sexy, messy or not.) He looked at me with eyes of a sad puppy... He snatched me with his big strong arms and gave me the tightest hug. His warmth comforted me, I let out a soft moan off guardedly. I wondered if he heard it. 'I lost her', he said, his breath on the side of my neck sent signals to my brain making me go out of this world. 'I lost her'...

We broke up the hug. 'What are you talking about?', I asked curiously. 'Meggan...I lost her', he said leaning his head on the wall. The bell rang. 'Follow me', I told him tapping him on the shoulder.

I never skip school. But Randy was an exception. If he can't concentrate, then I can't concentrate. It isn't all that bad, besides today was a shortened school day. We ended up going to a park and talked about Randys issues with Meggan. 'So she broke up with me...', Randy finished off. 'Because you flinched when you didn't see her coming in for a kiss?', I asked. He nodded. 'And because I don't spend enough time with her.', he added. We remained silent for a minute. 'Well why don't you go talk to her and tell her that you can change?', I told him. 'I can't..... she moved.', he said putting his head back between his legs. 'What?! Moved schools or home.', I asked. 'Home.', he answered. We remained silent once again, this time longer. 'Hey! I have an Idea!', I broke the silence. He raised his head. 'Lets go visit her house.', I said. 'Ha Ha good one carter, i'm sure her house has alot to say.', he said in a sarcastic tone. 'I'm serious, I promise

you'll feel better after.', I told him almost pleading. He hesitated at first, but after insisting finally agreed.

We walked to Meggans house in silence. At this moment I understood Randys hurt. We reached Meggans house. The once bright orange and happy house now all of a sudden looked sad and lonely. We entered the house and sure enough, it was empty. So empty that our footsteps echoed off the walls. Randy observed the house, probably flashing back to memories. I gave him his time. I leaned on a window, but then felt something crush on the palm of my hand. I lifted my hand to find an envelope, 'To: Randy' it said. 'Randy!', I called out. Randy came downstairs and saw what I held in my hand. 'It's for you'. He opened it anxiously, and read the letter out loud. 'Dear Randy, I'm not sure if you'll ever get to read this, but if you were the guy I fell in love with, then i'm positive you're reading this. I just wanted to let you know that I will most definetely miss you and miss you everyday of my life. I will always hold on to the memories of our relationship, from

the laughs, to the happy times and this may be odd, but also the sad and bad times. I hope we can see eachother one time, and I hope Sacramento, California has guys as sweet as you. Below is an envelope for Carter, I trust that you will give him the letter WITHOUT reading it. Take care.

Love, Meggan.'

I looked at him. He handed me the letter. 'To: Carter (Private)', it said. I put the letter in my back pack. 'Are you serious?', Randy said. 'What?', I asked. 'You're not gonna let me read it?', he asked. 'Well it's private Randy, I don't know how private so I rather not., I told him. 'So you're listening to the girl that dumped my heart to the trash instead of me?', 'Tell you what, let me read it, if it isn't as private as I think then i'll let you read it.', I told him. 'Why can't I read it now?', he asked raising his voice getting frusturated. 'Because you just can't!', now it was my turn to get frusturated. 'Did you and Meggan have something going on?', Randy asked me, looking at me straight in the eye, he was actually serious.. 'What?!', I shouted. 'Is that why you don't want me to read the letter?', he took a step forward as if he were challenging me. 'I would never do that, are you crazy?!?', I shouted making the walls echo my voice. He shook

his head as if he was day dreaming. 'You're right, sorry, I don't know what I was thinking' , he said coming back to his senses. 'Damn right you don't, your girlfriend breaks up with you and all of a sudden you think I had something going on with her?', I shook my head and left slamming the door behind me. Leaving Randy in the house alone.

Funny how we went to the house to cheer Randy up and instead we come out fighting... I made my way upstairs... 'How was school?', my grandma asked from the kitchen. I had completely forgotten that I skipped school. 'It was good.'... She smiled. I hate lying to my grandmother. I kept on making my way upstairs and closed the door once I got in. I quickly took out Meggans letter and opened it. 'Dear Carter, by now you probably found out that I left to Sacramento. I will miss you just as much as Randy. I know we weren't best friends... but I feel like we always had fun together. Unfortunately, it just didn't work with Randy and I. But I know one person who can make him happier than I did.... and that's you. Yes, I've known since the second month that me and Randy were together that you had a crush on him. I can't believe Randy is too blind to notice by the way. Ever since the day I found out, I tried my best to make Randy happier than you made him... but as you can see I failed. Don't give up on him yet Carter. Take that blindfold off of him and show him just how much you care about him. Good luck.

Sincerely, Meggan.'

I... was... shocked. I dropped the letter and layed on my bed without a movement. All this time Meggan knew? But how could she have known when I didn't know that I liked Randy way back then. I wanted to stop chasing Randy at that instance. But she told me to keep on trying... what in the hell was I supposed to do...

(Sorry if I took so long with this chapter, I've been busy lately, but chapter 11 will come sooner, promise. -Robbie)



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