'Wow... the girls are completely drooling over you Gray.', I said looking for one girl in the hallway that didn't have their jaw open with drool coming out. 'Hmm... you think so?', he said giving a smile. 'You know so!', I told him laughing at his sarcasm. 'Well... hopefully as the days go by, they will stop looking at me like a piece of fresh meat.', he said. 'Hmmm... I thought I made it pretty clear that I was gay.', he said raising an eyebrow. 'How do you expect for them to know you are gay when you act like a straight guy, you talk like a straight guy, and you are charming to girls like a straight guy.', I told him. 'So do you!', he came back at me. 'I know... but I announced that I was gay.', I explained. 'So did I.', he said. 'I just don't understand why the girls still look at me like i'm their prince charming.', he said giving a successful tooth showing smile. 'Oh come on, whether gay or straight... you still have the looks to make any girl go mad.', I complimented. 'So are you affirming that I'm handsome?', he said giving me a smile and locking his eyes on mine. 'Well... it's not debatable... you are obviously attractive..', I said. 'TO OTHERS.', I quickly added. 'So now you are saying I'm not attractive to you.', he kept teasing with that look that made me blush. 'Uhh I gotta go to my first period...', I said avoiding his eyes. 'Haha alright, see you after school?', he asked. 'Sure.', I told him. And with that, he made his way to his first period... As I enter first period I see everyone standing up... 'Alright! When I call your name, you must sit where I tell you.', Ms.Gwen said with a grumpy voice. 'Seating charts? Why?', I ask John, a nerdy-ish guy that is usually the only one that volunteers to present his writing to the class. 'Well, she says that she feels like she has told us too many times to stay on task when a substitute is in her place.', he says. 'But most of us think that it's her time of the month.', Jenny, a very wise and kind girl, adds. I can't help but laugh. 'Carter.', I hear Ms.Gwen call out. I look to where she is pointing and make my way to sit. 'Nancy', Ms.Gwen says pointing next to me. Great, just great.... Nancy isn't exactly my choice of coolest girls in class, the girl is too much of a.... well there's no other way to put it but... a whore. 'Hey Carter!', she shouted as if announcing that she was my partner. 'Hey', I gave her a fake smile. I notice Angelo sitting behind me... he raises his palm... which is his way of saying hi. 'Sooo... I hear you're good friends with the new guy.', Nancy interrupts. 'Gray?... well... yeah I guess you can say we are good friends.', I tell her. 'Hmmm too bad he's gay... Geezus hes shaped like a god!', she says. 'Yeah, he is.', I realize what I blurt out a second after. 'Do you think he's hot?', she asks. 'Well.... uhh... I guess?', I tell her. I hear a very loud and exaggerated cough behind me, and notice a very annoyed Angelo. Nancy doesn't notice it and continues asking questions about Gray. The bell rings, I get up, and then feel a hand grab my arm. 'Let's talk shall we?', Angelo rushes me out the classroom without me giving him an answer. 'Can I walk you to your classroom?', he asks. 'Hmmm, let me think... NO.', I say. He grabs my arm with another firm hold. 'Well that's too bad, because I'm in the mood to walk with you.', he says. 'What do you want Angelo..', I say rolling my eyes. 'to talk..', he says again. 'What about?', I ask annoyed. 'About the new guy.', he says. 'Well what do you want to know?', I ask him. 'Is he actually gay?', he asks. 'Yeah, unbelieveable isn't it? That hot piece of meat scores for my team.', I said, laughing at Angelos mad face expression. 'Oh come on Angelo! You are obviously jealous.', I teased him. 'Jealous? I already told you, i'm not gay. He can have you for all I care.', he says. 'Actually... I meant that YOU are jealous of HIM.', I cleared up. His face turned red. I laughed once again. 'Well, thanks for the walk man... see you some other time.', I told him. 'You mean after school... I work for you grandmother, remember?', he said tapping my head. 'Oh, right. well see you then.', I tell him. 'Do you wanna walk to your house together?', he asks before I enter class. 'No tha-', he cuts me off. 'Great! See you after school!', he says. What the hell was up with him...

I make my way outside of school. I remember that I had also told Gray that I would walk with him. It's been an every day thing actually. I look for Gray but end up finding Angelo instead. 'Ready to go?', he says. Before I could answer. Gray comes up to my side. 'Ready to go?', he asks. Angelo raises his right eyebrow. 'I guess we are all ready to go.', I say tring to make a joke out of it. They both, however, still have confused looks. 'Are we walking together or what?', I say. They both start walking...

'So how was your day today?', Gray asks me. 'It was okay, a bit quiet, but it went quite well.', I respond. After a while of conversating with Gray, I forget that Angelo is walking with us. It isn't until we reach Grays house that I actually acknowledge Angelos presence. 'See you tomorrow right?', he asks me. 'Like always', I tell him. He gives me a sincere smile. He fist bumps Angelo and says bye. 'He seems like a cool guy.', Angelo said. Although it was true, I had the feeling that he hated admitting it. 'He definetely is... I've never met such a cooler guy.', I add to his comment. 'So you're saying he's cooler than me?', Angelo says some what serious, but I cant help but take it as a joke. 'Yes. That is exactly what i'm saying.', I say, adding more fuel to the fire. 'Oh really? In what ways exactly?', he asks. 'In MANY ways Angelo... for starters, his attitude is ten times better than yours.', I tell him. He shuts up. Obviously mad. 'You told me to tell you some reasons.', I say innocently. 'Whatever', he said. There goes that bad attitude. We get home and he instantly gets to work. I decide that it's best to leave him alone for now...

3 Weeks Later

'Best sequel ever!', Gray shouts. 'I totally agree!', I add. 'My favorite part was when the guy was shot by his girlfriend.', he says tossing the last popcorn in the bucket into his mouth. 'Oh please. The guy obviously let her kill him.', I say in defense. He laughs. 'It's too bad nobody had time to come with us.', I say. 'Yeah... but hey, why need anyone else when I'M here.', he said. I laugh. I suddenly bump into someone. 'Oops! Sorry.', I say. I turn to find a familiar face... Randy.

'Carter?', Randy asks as if he doesn't notice me. By his side is Dakota, smiling like always. 'Hey guys', I say awkwardly. The last time I spoke to Randy was 3 weeks ago. I wasn't even sure if we could even be considered best friends anymore. Now here we were, facing eachother awkwardly. 'Hi... we just finished watching a movie, and you?', he asked. 'Came with my friend.', I said pointing at Gray. He glanced at gray for a few seconds. 'Friends?', he asked again raising both of his eyebrows. As if asking if he was my boyfriend. 'Yeap.', I reassure him. He shakes hands with Gray, and so does Dakota. Although they both love eachother like a fairy tale couple, they both couldn't help but stare at Gray for a few seconds. I knew they were admiring him. 'Well, see you guys some other time, I say. 'Wait.', Randy stops me. 'Can we hang out sometime?', he asks. 'Sure, when?', I ask. 'How does Saturday sound?', he says. 'Sounds like a plan.', I tell him. 'Well see you then.' , he says. They wave goodbye and head their own way.

'Who was that?', Gray asks. 'My friend... best friend... or... atleast I think we are... to be honest, I don't know what we are now.', I say rubbing my face. 'It's okay, don't stress yourself out over it.', he says. 'Oh Gray, if only all the people in this world were as nice as you.', I say giving him a smile. He sort of blushes. 'Hey, can we sit infront of the water fountain?', Gray asks. 'Sure. I owe you that much.', I say. 'Don't be silly, you don't owe me anything.', he tells me. 'Of course I do! Any other normal person would have left at the thought of having to hear me everyday.', I say exaggerating. 'I don't... hearing you everyday is like my daily medicine.', he compliments. I blush. 'Carter...', he says. I look up at him to see his eyes exploring through my eyes. 'I want to ask you something.', he says, now staring at the water that flows out of the big fountain. I also get lost in the flow of the water, until I feel warmth laying on my knuckles. I look to see Grays hand above mine. He looks at me locking his beautiful eyes on mine. 'Will you be my boyfriend?..'

My heart raises with excitement, joy, happiness and all those beautiful feelings! 'Yes! Yes! A billion times yes!', I shout and jump up. He has a face of relief. He jumps up and gives me a tight hug... 'i've been wanting to hug you since the day we walked together.', he says rubbing his cheek on mine. I gasp. 'What about the hours before that?', I say jokingly. He laughed. 'You seemed like a stuck up kid at the time.', he says. I punch him lightly on his shoulder. 'Jerk.', I say chuckling. He grabs me by the waist and pulls me to a kiss that sends me out of this world. The warmth of his lips paralyzed me. The way he gently caressed my back was unexplainable. I wanted to enjoy every second of this... So this is what it feels to have a boyfriend...someone who isnt afraid to show their love to you... I smiled at the reality of this happening...

Gray was now officially my boyfriend!!..



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