It was sunday afternoon, Randy had called me to invite me to the movies along with his girlfriend. Yes, Randy is as straight as a needle. He and Meggan, his girlfriend, have been together since sophomore year! That's like about 3 years!! Thats a pretty long time if you ask me. Definetely longer than the girlfriends that Angelo has had. Angelo is exactly who you picture as an athletic fit guy that goes out with girls whose make-up looks like its been stolen from Clumzy the Clown and are more stupid than the barbies with a string attached on their backs. I guess what i'm trying to say is that Angelos relationships are pure crap. Besides, Meggan isn't ugly, her hair is nice and brown, she wears these glasses that make her eyes look like shiny green marbles, and her smile says "Im shy, but dont let my shyness fool you". Angelos girlfriends drag their words and on top of that smile like horses, its no wonder he dumps them every week.

'Soo... Is that a yes or no?', Randy said. I had forgotten he was still on the line. 'Uh, yeah, sure why not', I told him. 'Great, be at the movies at 6:00', and with that, he hung up. I've had girlfriends in the past, they all dumped me like a dog and said that I deserved someone "better", which we all know that's a lame excuse for 'I don't wanna be with you, youre a creep', although I never made it a huge deal when they broke up with me.

I put on a dark blue shirt and black jeans, I made my way down stairs but stopped at my grandmothers room first. 'Grandma, im going to the movies with Randy and his girlfriend, i'll be back okay?'. 'Okay dear, but dont stay too late', she said as she read her book. I went outside, it was such a beautiful weather. I walked to the movies, it wasnt really far, just about 4 blocks away. I got there and looked around for Randy and Meggan. I felt a grip on my shoulder, 'there you are' Randy said. 'Yeap, told you I wasnt coming late'. Meggan hid behind Randy, 'Hi Meggan' I decided to speak first since she was apperently too shy. 'Hi', she said smiling. 'Alright, lets go on in shall we?', we bought popcorn and a soda for each, we headed Inside, according to Randy we were watching a horror movie. We talked about things while the movie actually started, once it did we all hushed up. We were 20 minutes into the movie and I could already see Meggan in fear. 'Babe, are you scared?', Randy asked. 'No, im fine', she answered. 5 minutes later she flinched, Randy and I looked at eachother laughing because we both knew she was scared. He put his arm around her. They really did make a good couple. At some point I looked down at the people that were below us. I stared at a certain couple. The guy had brownish hair, his neck looked as hard as a rock, 'hey that guy looks like'... the guy turned to kiss his girlfriend, those gray eyes said it all, it was Angelo. I tried concentrating on the movie, but with Angelo there I was thinking more of throwing my bucket of popcorn over there

The movie had finished, I rushed Randy and Meggan out faster so we wouldnt see Angelo. 'Gee, whats the rush!' Randy asked. 'Oh nothing, I just have to get home to look after my grandma'. 'Well I can give you a ride' He said. I nodded in agreement, we hopped on the car and he drove home... 'Well here we are', I got off the car. 'Thanks for everything guys', I said... 'See you at school' Randy yelled out, they waved as they drove off. I went to my room and prepared my things for school. Right after, I fell asleep.

'So watcha' gonna do today?', Randy asked. "Well i'm going to go to my classes, do my classwork, listen to the lesson....', 'You dont saay, I meant after school you hard head' Randy said smiling that big smile that shows his nice straight teeth. 'Well, I have soccer.', I said. 'Isnt the love of your life the leader?', Randy said sarcastically. I smacked him in the head. 'Awww why'd you do that?' He said rubbing his head while laughing. 'Well why'd you have to ask such dumb questions?', 'I thought you liked him before' Randy said confused. 'BEFOORREE' I said with an obvious tone. 'Haha fine fine, im sorry'... 'it's alright' I sighed, 'lets get this day over with'.

It was after school now. I was in the field along with all the other guys.'Alright, we're going to exercise first' Angelo said. I was right infront of him, we were facing eachother.. he rolled his eyes, or atleast I think he rolled them. You know that face when someone stares at you for a while and then they blink hard and turn somewhere else? Yeah, thats the face. 'We're gonna start with cherry pickers.' Everyone whined, "wasnt that an elementary exercise?", someone yelled out. "That's what everyone thinks, yet they don't know just how much cherry pickers warm up the body", Angelo answered. Like I said, Angelo smart, girlfriends dumb. 'Now, at my count of 3...1,2,3!" Everyone bent over and started "cherry picking". Now remember I mentioned I was facing Angelo, so now that he has turned around you can imagine what i'm seeing, that perfectly shaped butt just inches away from my face, I felt my cock getting hard. CRAP! THEY'RE GONNA SEE IT! , I thought. Alright keep calm Carter, think of having sex with a dead decading body, yes! Thats it! My cock was lowering back to its normal condition. My eyes were shut, I kept doing cherry pickers, and I kept thinking of the dead decading body... 'Huffman!', I opened my eyes to see a mad faced Angelo, I realized I was the only idiot that kept cherry picking, Angelo shook his head.

'Alright! We're gonna start with the game, we will be dividing each of you into teams, I'll be one of the leaders, and my buddy Darren will be the other, so let's get this started ' Angelo said as he took out a nickel. He threw it in the air, 'Call it Darren'. 'Heads', Darren said. Angelo landed the nickel on his hand. Angelo grinned, 'sorry bud.' Angelo stared at all of us... 'Alfred Darwin' he said. A guy with blonde hair walked to stand next to Angelo. Darren chose another kid. And it kept going for a minute. Angelo had three kids by his side, Darren had two. There were 9 of us left. Obviously Darren called me, and maybe it was just me but I thought I saw a sigh of relief in Angelo when Darren called me. Jerk, I thought.

We were all in the field, ready to play. 'Alright boys, let's play a fair game okay?', Coach said. All the guys in the field answered with a yes. With that being said, he blew his whistle. There was a whole lot of feet shuffling between Angelo and Darren, but finally it became clear that Angelo had gotten the ball, he was heading towards our goal when another kid took the ball away from him, but Angelo took the ball away from him in less than 5 seconds. He kept running to our goal, and right when he was about to kick it, I took the ball away. I ran towards the other goal, Angelo was running towards me like a mad bull. He was getting closer by the second, the goal was about 5 feet away, I took my chances and kicked the ball. GOOAALL!! My team shouted, all giving me high fives. We continued with the game, Angelo was furious, his eyebrows were taking over half his eyes. The ball was rolling and once again we were playing... Angelo ran at full speed and dodged everyone who tried taking the ball away. Like last time, he ran towards my directiom as if challenging me... I tried taking the ball away, but he quickly gave me a small but hard shove. I almost lost balance and fell. The other players eventually learned to take the ball away from him, but he always got it back so quickly. Once again, he came in my direction, again, I tried taking the ball away, this time he shoved me so hard that if it wasnt for Darren grabbing me by my arm pits I would have fallen head over heels.... literally. 'Woah, keep your balance Carter', Darren told me, he didn't see when Angelo shoved me. I got back up and in the game, Angelo had made a goal. The score was now 1-1. Angelo was dashing to our goal, and like all the other times, he came towards my direction, I could see it in his face that he wasnt going to let me ruin this for him, he was coming close, I noticed by his body movement that he was going to try shoving me again. I was tired of it. Angelo tried shoving me away with his arm but I quickly reacted and gave him a hard push, his feet then got tangled around the ball and he fell on his right arm with a hard thud. Everyone quickly ran towards Angelo and I. Angelo was shutting his eyes from the pain while wrigling on the grass. 'What happened Ang', coach asked. Angelo gave me a quick glance and then looked at the ground with a mad face... 'I.. I tripped on the ball by accident' ,Angelo told him. I held out my hand to him and he looked at me with the blink hard- look somewhere else face that I was telling you about. Fortunately coach had also offered his hand immediately after I had, Angelo tried giving him his right hand but quickly jerked it back as he let out a groan of pain. 'I dont think your arm is pretty good either', coach said. He helped him up with his left arm. In the locker room, all the guys dressed up, I stood there thinking if I should apologize or not. It was a war between my conscience and myself. 'Well he never apologized to me!', 'But youre not a jerk like he is, do the right thing and apologize' my conscience told me. The locker room was nearly empty . 'Urrghh fine, i'll go apologize to that heartless son of a bitch" I made my way to Angelos locker and immediately stopped breathing once I saw him in nothing but briefs. He was struggling to put his clothes on, but he was concentrating more on massaging his ribs, they were starting to look bruised. I remember coach telling us about the ice packs in his office, that we can get one anytime without having to ask. I ran to coachs office before Angelo saw me, and took out the coolest ice pack. I ran back to Angelos locker, he was still massaging his ribs. 'Ahem..' I said pretending to clear my throat. He stared at me for a second and concentrated on his ribs 'What do you want Huffman?', 'well I thought you might need some help with your injuries'. 'Oh i'm sorry, did you want another shot at me? Was that one not hard enough? Here, take your best shot', he said with his hands up as if he was praising the lord. I tried not to laugh, so I let out a big snort and giggled. 'Just leave me alone Huffman, you've done enough.' I raised the ice pack, 'I brought this', I handed it to him, he waited for 2 long minutes and then lightly tapped his ribs and let out an "aww" of pain. I snatched the Ice pack away from him. 'Good for nothing' I mumbled. 'What?' He said raising his voice. 'I said let me place the Ice pack on your ribs.' 'What the hell, first you push me and then you want to place an ice pack on MY body? I dont think so', he said while pushing my hand back. 'Thats the least I can do' I said continuing to try and place the ice pack on him. 'Damn it, I said no', he pushed my hand back. 'Stop being such a brat', I said trying to put the ice pack on his ribs. 'NO!', he said in a loud tone. I laid the ice pack fast and gently on his ribs. He let out loud groans of pain. It sounded more like moans to me. The ice pack wasnt so big, so the tip of my fingers touched Angelos hot warm soft skin. I nearly fainted, I could feel an erection coming. Sex with decading body, sex with decading body, sex with decading body, I told myself. I rubbed the ice pack gently on his ribs, he relaxed for a moment or maybe blacked out from the pain, but next thing I knew Angelo got up, held a tight grip on my wrist and said, 'I don't need your help' he threw my hand back. I looked as he walked away, he looks so hot with just briefs, I hated myself for liking him. Poor him, I hurt his ribs and broke his arm, why shouldnt he be mad? 'Well thats what he gets, nobody told him to get in my way'... 'If its a war he wants a war he will get...'



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